The NCAA Gym Skim | January 21

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The daily NCAA gymnastics update featuring the must-know moments and top stats from every meet all in one place.

A list of links to full results and next week’s schedule is available here.

Oklahoma 197.525, Iowa State 194.975, Texas Woman’s 191.425 [Results]

I love that for Oklahoma, this wasn’t actually close to their best, and many floor routines lost out on picking up big scores due to various landing deductions and other errors, and yet they still managed to get the second-highest score of the season thus far…second to their road score last Monday at Georgia.

Maggie Nichols returned to the all-around with the third-best score of the week after an incredible performance that included a step on her Yurchenko 1½, a gorgeous bars set,  an excellent beam with a solid flight series, punch front, and stuck 1½, and statement floor set that isn’t yet at full difficulty — she went for a double tuck as her opening pass instead of a piked full-in — but looked strong nonetheless. Brenna Dowell once again killed her Yurchenko 1½ on vault, and I wish she was later in the lineup so she could actually get the 10s she deserves, freshman Anastasia Webb continues to build her star power with fantastic work on all four events, and AJ Jackson has a killer floor performance that included a tucked full-in, front full, and double pike.

Iowa State got off to a strong start on bars, led by Haylee Young and Hilary Green, both of whom had lovely double layouts to cap off their routines. Unfortunately, as they moved to beam the team was forced to count a fall, and there were a few stumbles there as well, though the team got back on track for an excellent finish on floor and then vault, with Meaghan Sievers a standout on both, her handspring pike half looking excellent, and I loved seeing Ariana Orrego step it up with a solid floor performance for the team.

DII Texas Woman’s started out the meet super strong on floor and then vault, but went on to count a fall on bars as well as three falls from Erin Alderman on beam, who just looked to be slightly off on her side aerial and flight series, and she finished with a stuck gainer full. Fielding only five athletes meant they had to count Alderman’s 7.925, a bummer as she is generally a top contributor, and brought in one of the high scores on vault, though Mallory Moredock and Schyler Jones brought the rotation back under control with excellent routines of their own. Moredock had a fantastic day on her three events, Jones fell on bars but was otherwise great, and I loooved Alyssa Kelly’s bars set.

AA: Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 39.625
VT: Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma, 9.925
UB: Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 9.950
BB: Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 9.925
FX: AJ Jackson, Oklahoma, 9.925

George Washington 195.575, West Virginia 195.400, Towson 194.000 [Results]

This was a fantastic and entertaining meet that was close right up to the very end between the top two teams, though visiting GWU managed to edge out WVU by almost two tenths as WVU faced a few lineup changes in the absence of Zaakira Muhammad. GWU got off to a comparatively weak start on bars, mostly due to handstands and a few steps on landings, but the team instantly picked up the pace for the remaining three events, floor being a highlight. Cami Drouin-Allaire had the top scores on vault with her big FTY and on floor with a big double pike, front full to front layout, and solid double tuck, and Jillian Winstanley was the leader on bars with a big Gienger and stuck full-in as well as on beam, where she had a slight check on her front aerial to front toss, but moved through the rest with no problems, hitting the double full with a tiny bounce. I was also happy to see Alex Zois step it up on all four events, and Sara Mermelstein had an excellent floor set in addition to contributing on vault and beam.

Maybe the bars judges were a little rude at this meet, but this was also WVU’s weakest event, though there was nothing really troublesome about any of the routines…they just seemed to be really hammered on things like steps and short handstands. Otherwise, WVU did a great job despite no Muhammad there to lead on most events, with Jordan Gillette stepping it up with great routines on bars, beam, and floor, Jaquie Tun hitting one of her best FTYs basically ever, and Abby Kaufman performing consistently as an all-arounder. Most impressive was definitely Kirah Koshinski with her huge double layout, 1½ to front layout, and double pike for a 9.9, and though her landing on her Yurchenko 1½ was a bit squatted, it was a huge vault and still earned a 9.8. I also am obsessed with McKenna Linnen on beam, where she has a lovely front aerial to front aerial to back handspring, and on floor, where her beautiful routine earned a 9.85. Erica Fontaine was another favorite of mine, dismounting beam with an awesome gainer 1½ (I can’t remember the last time I saw one!) and a super fun and engaging floor routine that also added a 9.85 to the team’s total.

Towson got off to a great start on beam, despite an unfortunate fall from the normally phenomenal beam worker Mary Elle Arduino, who wobbled on her flight series and had an epic fight to attempt to save it. Arduino scratched from the vault and floor lineups after that, and so the team was only able to field five on each, though they fought through with no falls and also managed to put up a solid rotation on bars, getting over an early fall to finish strong. I loved Tyra McKellar on every event, with bars a highlight featuring a big Pak and a stuck double front, Gabriella Yarussi and Melissa Temkov had superb beam sets, and Cortni Baker impressed with a huge stuck FTY on vault.

AA: Cami Drouin-Allaire, GWU, 39.225
VT: Cami Drouin-Allaire, GWU, 9.875
UB: Jillian Winstanley, GWU, 9.850
BB: Jillian Winstanley, GWU, & Melissa Temkov, Towson, 9.825
FX: Kirah Koshinski, WVU, 9.900

Bridgeport 193.275, Brown 191.250 [Results]

DII Bridgeport got the win over DI Brown, fighting back from a fall on bars and fielding only five athletes on vault thanks to a solid beam rotation and excellent work on floor, where the second half of the rotation included a huge 9.8 from Gabrielle Kistner followed by a pair of 9.825s from Kelly Aycock and Maya Reimers. Reimers also contributed strong scores on vault and beam in addition to kicking off the bars rotation with a good set, Kathryn Doran was excellent on bars, and Lauren Ramirez led the team on beam.

For Brown, vault was a bit of a struggle, and the team had to count some weak scores on bars as well as a fall on floor, with beam the standout rotation for this team on the road. Alyssa Gardner led them on vault with a 9.7, Emma Hansen anchored bars with a 9.725, Julia Green was the strongest on beam with a 9.775, and the top floor performance came from Anya Olson with a 9.65.

AA: Maya Reimers, Bridgeport, 38.850
VT: Alyssa Gardner, Brown, 9.700
UB: Kathryn Doran, Bridgeport, 9.825
BB: Lauren Ramirez, Bridgeport, 9.800
FX: Kelly Aycock & Maya Reimers, Bridgeport, 9.825

Cornell 192.500, Southern Conn. 189.825, Cortland 185.150 [Results]

Cornell came out on top at this tri-meet that combined teams from all three divisions. The DI program had to count a fall on beam, but otherwise showed up with solid routines, and had an outstanding rotation on bars, where the always awesome Kaitlin Green anchored with a 9.8 following a 9.825 from freshman Amy Shen, who competed all four events and will do huge things for this program over the next four seasons. Another highlight was Maci Prescott on vault, and floor specialist Claire Haklik was excellent on her event, contributing a 9.725.

For DII Southern Conn., Alexandra Lesperance led the team on vault, the always incredible Kathleen Aberger was excellent on bars, beam, and floor, and Cadi Borsellino was a standout on bars and floor, and for DIII Cortland, the top scores came from Sidney McConnell on vault, Arianna Turso on bars, and Emma Schulz with a huge 9.825 on beam and 9.725 on floor, super impressive for this level of competition.

AA: Amy Shen, Cornell, 38.875
VT: Maci Prescott & Amy Shen, Cornell, 9.725
UB: Amy Shen, Cornell, 9.825
BB: Emma Schulz, Cortland, 9.825
FX: Emma Schulz, Cortland, Claire Haklik, Cornell, & Kathleen Aberger, Southern Conn., 9.725

West Chester 191.725, Ursinus 186.800 [Results]

DII West Chester took down DIII Ursinus by five points on the road on Sunday, thanks to great work on bars and floor as well as strong end-of-the-lineup beam routines that balanced out some weaker performances earlier on. Jessica Meakim lent her talents with an excellent vault, Melanie Wojewoda and Myranda Marshall led the team on bars, Yolanda Nodarse and Sarah Boyd turned the beam rotation around with a 9.75 and 9.8, respectively, and the top work on floor came from Meakim and anchor Emily Loughery.

For Ursinus, bars was a struggle and they had to count some mistakes on beam where they’re generally quite excellent, though there were tons of individual standouts throughout the meet. On vault, Heather Brubaker led the team in the anchor position, Amanda Palladino had a massive 9.7 on bars after an otherwise weak rotation and came back to also top the team on beam with a 9.675, and Eleanor LaFountain was excellent on floor, anchoring the rotation with a 9.75 to win the title.

AA: Heather Brubaker, Ursinus, 36.200
VT: Jessica Meakim, West Chester, 9.700
UB: Myranda Marshall, West Chester, 9.800
BB: Sarah Boyd, West Chester, 9.800
FX: Eleanor LaFountain, Ursinus, 9.750

Illinois State 188.825, Alaska 186.150 [Results]

Illinois State had some bumpy routines and quite a few falls that brought down their scoring potential on bars, beam, and floor, but overall I was impressed with a high level of talent from many of their gymnasts, especially all-arounder Gabrielle Cooke, who anchored three events with excellent routines, including a solid FTY on vault, a Maloney and giant full to double tuck on bars, a lovely full attitude turn on beam, and a nice high double tuck, excellent double full, and Rudi to finish for a huge 9.875. I was also impressed with Anna Marema’s clear hip to Deltchev and full-in on bars, and I thought Alyssa Wiggle had a great day on her three events, making for a solid lead-off on beam and floor.

Alaska, fielding only five athletes on bars, got off to a rough start with several falls counted into their total right off the bat. They picked things up with a solid second half of the vault rotation, and the team had lots of impressive work on floor despite counting a fall, but they sadly finished counting a few falls on beam to end their day. Kendra Daniels was an awesome competitor for this squad, anchoring floor with solid tumbling for a 9.725 and showing great potential on beam with a side aerial to side aerial series (hello Sanne Wevers!), a full L turn to beat jump, and a solid dismount to bring in the high of 9.675 there. Kaylin Mancari and Isabelle Fox were also fantastic on floor, with Fox anchoring vault with a great Yurchenko layout half, and Mackenzie Miller was lovely on bars with a big Jaeger, bail, and giant full to double tuck.

AA: Gabrielle Cooke, ISU, 38.875
VT: Gabrielle Cooke, ISU, 9.775
UB: Anna Marema, ISU, 9.750
BB: Kendra Daniels, Alaska, 9.675
FX: Gabrielle Cooke, ISU, 9.875

Brockport 188.375, Ithaca 186.950 [Results]

With a solid bars rotation and an excellent group of routines on floor, Brockport managed to beat host team Ithaca by over a point on Sunday. All-arounder Stephanie Mager was on her game across the board, bringing in some of the team’s top scores on all four events, while Miranda Shaine led the team on bars and Candis Kowalik was excellent as the anchor for beam and floor, notching a 9.7 and 9.775 for her brilliant work.

Ithaca was weakest on bars and had a fall on beam, but otherwise this was a strong day for the team, with leading performances from the fantastic Carolyn Nichols with her front-front-front vault and stellar floor routine in the anchor position on both, while Danielle Mauffuid led the team on bars and leadoff Paige Landes was excellent on beam. But perhaps no one was as happy to be out there and competing as Rachel Lee, who missed the 2016 and 2017 seasons after battling cancer. Lee performed an exhibition routine on beam, making her return to competition after nearly three years away with a brilliant set that scored a 9.4, which would’ve been the third-best of the rotation had it been in the lineup. According to Ithaca, she “was mobbed by her teammates and received a standing ovation from the crowd upon sticking her dismount.” Welcome back, Rachel! Your commitment is astounding!

AA: Stephanie Mager, Brockport, 37.875
VT: Carolyn Nichols, Ithaca, & Stephanie Mager, Brockport, 9.525
UB: Miranda Shaine, Brockport, 9.650
BB: Candis Kowalik, Brockport, 9.700
FX: Candis Kowalik, Brockport, 9.775

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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  1. Nichols can’t win AA this year. She’ll have to wait next year or her senior year. This needs to be Elizabeth Price’s year. Not want. Need. The only one who can win AA at champs this year other than Price that wouldn’t get me upset is MAYBE Kyla Ross, but otherwise its all about Price.


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