The NCAA Gym Skim | January 25


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Iowa 196.000, Maryland 195.350 [Results]

Iowa was HOT this week, putting up an incredible 196 on the road against Big Ten rival Maryland. Despite coming in without top contributor Clair Kaji, who was injured last weekend, the Hawkeyes showed up prepared and confident, overcoming falls on two events to count 20-for-20 hit routines, showing their best work on bars and beam.

Charlotte Sullivan stepped up in a big way here, winning the all-around with a 39.3, her personal best, thanks to four excellent routines, including a Ray on bars, a small hop on her Yurchenko half, and a lovely and precise beam set that featured a fluid front aerial to back handspring, a side somi, and a stuck double full. Nicole Chow stepped up as a last-minute all-arounder as well, with her strongest performances on bars and beam, nailing her layout series and gainer pike there for a 9.9, and I was also impressed with Melissa Zurawski, who contributed some of the team’s stronger scores on bars and floor, while Lanie Snyder was captivating on floor with a 9.9 for her routine that included a front through to double tuck and a solid double pike to finish.

Maryland continues to rely on three fantastic all-arounders — Kirsten Peterman, Audrey Barber, and Alecia Farina — who led the team with strong work on most events, and highlight routines also came from Morgan Bixler with a lovely FTY on vault and Karrie Thomas, who was a strong contributor on bars, beam, and floor, selling her choreography on the latter while also showing off high, powerful tumbling.

AA: Charlotte Sullivan, Iowa, 39.300
VT: Maria Ortiz, Iowa, 9.825
UB: Charlotte Sullivan, Iowa, 9.875
BB: Nicole Chow, Iowa, 9.900
FX: Lanie Snyder, Iowa, 9.900

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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