The NCAA Gym Skim | February 16


Sarah Finnegan

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LSU 198.075, Missouri 196.025, George Washington 195.650, Arkansas 195.575 [Results]

In their first of two meets this weekend, LSU picked up a season-high on Friday night only to smash it by a tenth two days later. At this Missouri quad, the top-ranked SEC program showed up without a single weak spot to capture the title by over two points, one of their most seamless meets of the season across all events. Sarah Finnegan was the queen of the night, posting the weekend-high all-around score of 39.775 after a pair of 9.95s on beam and floor and then a 9.975 for her flawless beam set, while Myia Hambrick — the other queen of “almost but never getting a ten” along with Finnegan — got another 9.975 on floor, her fourth in a row after 9.95s in the first three weeks of the season. In addition to these two, Lexie Priessman continued her bars fierceness with a 9.95, and Sami Durante opened the bars rotation with a 9.925.

Missouri was safely in second despite counting a fall on bars. Britney Ward looked great on vault and even better on beam, getting a 9.95 on the latter, while Madeleine Huber was a standout on vault and bars and Kennedi Harris stood out on vault and floor. GWU also counted a bars fall with both all-around stars Jillian Winstanley and Cami Drouin-Allaire missing their routines, shockingly, but both more than made up for it elsewhere as Winstanley put up a 9.9 on vault, a 9.925 to lead beam, and a 9.875 to lead floor while Drouin-Allaire shared the vault title with her 9.925 there in addition to matching Winstanley’s 9.875 on floor, and Liz Pfeiler brought in a pair of 9.875s on vault and beam while also topping the team off on bars with a 9.775. Arkansas, less than a tenth behind GWU, was fourth after counting a fall on floor, though we saw excellent work from Amanda Wellick on her three events while Michaela Burton brought in solid scores on beam and floor.

AA: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 39.775
VT: Cami Drouin-Allaire, GWU, and Myia Hambrick, LSU, 9.925
UB: Lexie Priessman & Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.950
BB: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.975
FX: Myia Hambrick, LSU, 9.975

Florida 196.950, Georgia 196.125 [Results]

I was really hoping Georgia would make this their meet of the year as they faced Florida at home, but alas, counting a fall on bars left them unable to challenge even though the Gators went on to count a fall on beam, with the Gymdogs beating them both there and on floor. With only five still in the vault lineup, Georgia was at a deficit there, and bars was much weaker than usual, though they were able to finally get Emily Schild into the mix even if it wasn’t an ideal set. Things picked up on beam, though, with all scores to count between a 9.8 and a 9.85 high from Marissa Oakley, and they were once again blessed to have Sabrina Vega as the anchor to get them past a fall from Rachel Dickson in the five-spot. And floor, still fielding only five, was excellent, including a perfect 10 from Sydney Snead and ending with a 9.925 from Vega.

Florida started out the meet with a gorgeous bars rotation, where Amelia Hundley picked up a 9.925 and Alex McMurtry anchored with a 9.975. She then got a 9.925 on vault and floor, though she unfortunately fell on beam to keep from picking up what could’ve been an insane all-around score. Rachel Gowey also unfortunately fell on beam, though the team was nearly a point ahead of Georgia at that point and despite two falls already in the rotation, the Gators had no problem testing out Nicole Webb in the anchor spot instead of putting in one of the usuals. Alyssa Baumann ended up leading this event with a 9.9, a score she matched on floor, which was led by Rachel Slocum, who was also fantastic on vault with a 9.9 while Alicia Boren led vault with a 9.95.

AA: Sydney Snead, Georgia, and Alicia Boren, Florida, 39.475
VT: Alicia Boren, Florida, 9.950
UB: Alex McMurtry, Florida, 9.975
BB: Alyssa Baumann, Florida, 9.900
FX: Sydney Snead, Georgia, 10.000

Alabama 196.925, Kentucky 196.375 [Results]

Despite counting a few weak sets on beam, the Crimson Tide had an otherwise strong day at home, with bars a standout for the program. The team reached a 49.550 after a pair of 9.9s from Kylie Dickson and Kiana Winston, a 9.975 for Shea Mahoney’s best set yet, and a 9.925 from Mackenzie Brannan in what was the last routine of her career, though we didn’t know it at the time. Only a couple of days later, she ruptured her Achilles, and as a senior a couple of weeks past the redshirt deadline, Brannan knew she was done. It’s heartbreaking, as she was a quiet but deadly threat for this team over her four years at Bama, from her first meet as a freshman to her final meet as a senior. As someone who loved her style from the very beginning of her elite career back in 2009, and continued watching her thrive as she moved back to J.O. before beginning college, I was devastated to hear the news but hope she’ll enjoy her new role with the team, supporting them from the sidelines as they continue to compete for her and for her brother for the rest of this season. We’ll miss you, Mack.

Bars aside, we saw some solid sets on vault from Nickie Guerrero, who was a highlight throughout the entire meet with a trio of 9.9s, including one on beam which overall was pretty rough to take in. Winston was also a solid contributor there, and floor saw a solid finish from this team thanks to a pair of 9.875s from Abby Armbrecht and Maddie Desch on top of Guerrero’s score.

Kentucky’s meet was strong, though the ladies dealt with some rough landings on floor and a weaker-than-usual bars rotation, leaving them unable to come close to upsetting the host team. Mollie Korth and Alex Hyland were both killer in the all-around, going 39.55 and 39.5, respectively, as Korth led the team on vault, bars, and floor while Hyland picked up the slack with a 9.925 to lead the team and take the title on beam. Other solid work came from Sidney Dukes on beam and floor, Ella Warren on bars, and Katie Stuart on vault and beam.

AA: Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 39.550
VT: Lexi Graber & Nickie Guerrero, Alabama, 9.900
UB: Shea Mahoney, Alabama, 9.975
BB: Alex Hyland, Kentucky, 9.925
FX: Nickie Guerrero, Alabama, and Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 9.900

Boise State 196.875, Utah State 194.900 [Results]

What a killer meet from Boise State, where the team reached their season high thanks to both Shani Remme and Courtney McGregor, who reached a 39.5 (not only her personal career-best but also the best all-around score for a sophomore in school history) to win the all-around, vault, and bars titles in addition to doing some of her strongest work on beam while also crushing it on floor. The team also saw excellent work from Ann Stockwell on vault, bars, and floor, lovely work from Sarah Means on bars and beam, and solid sets from Alex Esmerian on beam and floor, the latter an incredible rotation for the team overall, as they reached a 49.475.

Utah State unfortunately struggled on bars, fielding only five gymnasts in that first rotation forcing them to count Madison Ward’s 8.85 in the middle of the rotation on top of a couple of other weak sets. They moved on to fight through a couple of struggles on vault, and then finished with excellent work on both floor and beam, the latter of which saw a 9.925 from Autumn DeHarde, who won the title in addition to leading the team with a 9.9 on floor. Other great routines at this meet came from Emily Briones on beam and floor, and specialists Brittany Jeppeson on bars and Taylor Dittmar on beam.

AA: Courtney McGregor, Boise State, 39.500
VT: Courtney McGregor, Boise State, 9.900
UB: Courtney McGregor & Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.900
BB: Autumn DeHarde, Utah State, 9.925
FX: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.950

BYU 196.625, Southern Utah 196.075, Denver 195.975 [Results]

It was a season high for BYU at home, with the team posting a 49.05 or better on each event to finish with a huge 49.375 on floor thanks to a stellar rotation from start to finish. Shannon Evans led the team with her solid work on all four events, including a career-high 9.95 to win the floor title. I also loved what we saw from Jill van Mierlo in the all-around, with floor her standout event as well, and other shout outs go to Avery Bennett for her 9.875 to lead vault, Haley Pitou with solid marks on vault and bars, Abby Boden with two of the top scores on bars and beam, and specialist Kyleigh Greenlief for her 9.875 on floor.

SUU fought through counting a fall on beam to hit otherwise excellent sets, looking like they might actually get the win had the beam issues not happened. Madison McBride led the team on vault, also putting up two of the top numbers on bars and floor, while Kirsten Yee and Madison Howlett led the team on bars, Hannah Nipp was the strongest on beam, and all-arounder Autumn Jorgensen brought in the best score on floor with her 9.9, also contributing top scores on her other events to reach a 39.4 total.

Denver, a consistent top ten team this season, unfortunately counted two falls on beam in addition to a couple of weaker-than-usual floor performances, leaving them unable to contend for the title, though Maddie Karr delivered with strong routines on each event to pick up four titles, including a near-perfect 9.975 on vault, a 9.9 on bars, a 9.95 on beam, and a 9.925 on floor to win the all-around with a 39.75, one of the best scores in the nation this season. Mia Sundstrom was also excellent, with a mistake on floor but otherwise putting up lovely work on bars and beam to earn a pair of 9.9s, while Claire Kern was excellent on bars, and Kaitlyn Schou brought in excellent work on beam and floor and Nikole Addison, who fell on beam, contributed two of the top scores on vault and floor.

AA: Maddie Karr, Denver, 39.750
VT: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.975
UB: Maddie Karr, Mia Sundstrom, & Emily Glynn, Denver, 9.900
BB: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.950
FX: Shannon Evans, BYU, 9.950

Auburn 196.575, Rutgers 194.225 [Results]

It was another excellent meet for Auburn this week as they continue to fight to improve their rankings after a slow start to the season. Abby Milliet was again on fire, bringing in 9.9s across all three of her events, taking the titles on each with her beam a highlight for me. The team had no falls or major issues all night, with other strong performances coming from Gracie Day on vault and Drew Watson on all of her events to win the all-around title, while beam specialists Allie Riddle and Meredith Sylvia were excellent in their performances to contribute a pair of 9.825s.

Rutgers counted a couple of weak sets on bars and then vault to start out, fielding only five athletes on both events, but they had no falls and were able to pick things up with strong rotations on both beam and floor. Makenzey Shank had an excellent day, leading the team on bars, beam, and floor with solid sets across the board (her beam was especially nice!) while the top score on vault came from all-arounder Belle Huang, who was pretty good on all four aside from not looking her best on bars.

AA: Drew Watson, Auburn, 39.225
VT: Gracie Day, Auburn, 9.875
UB: Abby Milliet, Auburn, 9.900
BB: Abby Milliet, Auburn, 9.900
FX: Abby Milliet, Auburn, 9.900

Oklahoma 196.425, Nebraska 196.175 [Results]

It’s crazy to see the Sooners this far down the list, but every team has a bad day, and if a ‘bad day’ for the Sooners means a 196.425, I’m sure there are plenty of teams out there who would love to have a bad day. Competing at home, the Sooners put up a solid vault rotation followed by lovely work from every competitor on bars, but leadoff beam performer Stefani Catour unfortunately had a fall, which definitely threw off the rotation as the normally solid Nicole Lehrmann had a fall of her own midway through the rotation followed immediately by another one from Natalie Brown in her season debut.

Anastasia Webb and Maggie Nichols were able to close out the rotation without too much damage done, Nichols earning a 9.95 to win the title before also winning the floor title with the same score in a rotation that was back to normal with no major mistakes. AJ Jackson anchored there with a 9.925 after also putting up solid work on vault and bars earlier in the night, while Brenna Dowell was excellent on the same events, sharing the vault title with Alex Marks, and on bars, three Sooners tied for the title after bringing in 9.925s, with Webb and Catour getting there early in the rotation while Lehrmann picked up one of her own in the five-spot.

Nebraska also picked up two bars titles of their own, as both Taylor Houchin and Sienna Crouse earned 9.925s to wrap up a rotation that started off a bit weak but concluded nicely, and the team was able to take that momentum to vault, where Crouse was again a standout with a 9.925 to take the title. The team slowed down a bit on floor once again, though fought past a fall to put up a pair of 9.875s from Crouse and Grace Williams at the end of the rotation, and they finished with a solid beam rotation, where Williams stole the show with her aggressive, solid anchor set for a 9.875.

AA: Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 39.600
VT: Sienna Crouse, Nebraska, 9.925
UB: Anastasia Webb, Stefani Catour, & Nicole Lehrmann, Oklahoma, and Taylor Houchin & Sienna Crouse, Nebraska, 9.925
BB: Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 9.950
FX: Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma, 9.950

Iowa 195.775, Ball State 194.825 [Results]

The ladies of Iowa fought through some adversity to finish strong on Friday, coming back from a couple of rough spots to end on a high note with a solid floor rotation. Maria Ortiz led the team on vault and Melissa Zurawski came through for a 9.875 on bars to hold them afloat, with everyone else in that rotation stepping it up to keep them from counting Charlotte Sullivan’s fall. I don’t know what happened to Rose Piorkowski on beam, but the junior who has been excellent on this event this season must’ve cut her routine short, as she got just a 1.0 total score, so we hope she’s okay but thankfully her teammates rallied in her place. Though most of the scores to count were in the 9.7 range, all-arounder Nicole Chow picked up a 9.85 to lead the rotation, and she also nailed her floor set in a strong final rotation that also saw a 9.8 from Sullivan and a 9.9 from Lanie Snyder.

Ball State had a solid meet throughout, giving up some tenths on vault landings, but otherwise showing consistency from gymnast to gymnast on each event. Bri Slonim was again outstanding on vault, and she also put up one of the team’s best sets on beam, while Baylee Bell was solid on beam and floor, Jordyn Penny was a standout on vault, bars, and beam, and specialist Tia Kiaku led the team on floor with a 9.825.

AA: Nicole Chow, Iowa, 39.250
VT: Maria Ortiz, Iowa, 9.850
UB: Melissa Zurawski, Iowa, 9.875
BB: Nicole Chow, Iowa, 9.850
FX: Lanie Snyder, Iowa, 9.900

Minnesota 195.725, Northern Illinois 195.025, Lindenwood 193.600 [Results]

Minnesota was at a bit of a lull this week overall after counting a fall on floor on top of a couple of weak performances on beam, but flawless miss Ivy Lu was effortlessly brilliant on both of her events, bringing in a 9.975 for her to-die-for bars as well as the first perfect ten of her career for seriously one of the most fluid and clean sets I’ve seen in NCAA. She’s heaven, and while a couple of falls early in the season hold her back in the overall rankings on this event, her excellence on bars has made her number one in the country and I’m here for it.

In addition to Lu, Minnesota also saw great work from Ona Loper on vault, beam, and floor, though their fellow freshman and usual standout Lexy Ramler had a couple of struggles on beam and floor this week, but she was still able to put up a 9.925 on bars. Hannah Hitchcock was strong on vault and bars, and specialists Rachel Rowland and Paige Williams also looked great on their events, which are bars and floor, respectively.

NIU wasn’t far behind the Gophers, giving away some tenths on vault after a fluke fall from the typically awesome Katherine Prentice (who remained typically awesome on her other three events, leading the team on beam) but otherwise showing up for a strong meet that included top performances from Ashley Potts in the all-around, Anna Martucci on floor, Allison Richardson on bars, beam, and floor, and both Amanda Bartemio and Cinny Lamberti on vault.

For host team DII Lindenwood bars and beam proved to be a struggle, as the team counted falls on both, though they showed some improvement on vault and also put up some good routines on floor, with standout performances from Kierstin Sokolowski on vault, bars, and floor, Ryan Henry on bars, beam, and floor, and vault specialists Aleah Leman and Jordan Boogerd.

AA: Ashley Potts, Northern Illinois, 39.175
VT: Ona Loper, Minnesota, 9.900
UB: Ivy Lu, Minnesota, 9.975
BB: Ivy Lu, Minnesota, 10.000
FX: Ona Loper, Minnesota, 9.850

Sacramento State 195.400, San Jose State 194.050, Seattle Pacific 189.200 [Results]

Sac State finally picked up first place on Friday night, coming back from a season of injuries to put up four solid rotations to finish over a point ahead of local rival SJSU at home. Led by all-arounders Annie Juarez and Caitlin Soliwoda, the team also saw great work from Courtney Soliwoda on bars and beam, Jennifer Brenner on floor, and Jackie Sampson on bars, beam, and floor.

SJSU counted a couple of falls on beam to keep them from being able to contend against the host team, with both all-arounders falling victim to that event, though we saw solid work from both Stephanie Relova and Chelsey Andrada on beam, while Kaprece Nadonza led the team on vault, Kaitlin Won led on bars, and Taylor Chan led on floor.

For SPU there were a number of struggles across nearly every event, with beam the standout as Itzia San Ramon reached a 9.75 and Miyuki Matsune was solid for a 9.8. On vault the top earner was all-arounder Darian Burns, who also posted the high on bars and hit beam but then fell on floor, where where San Ramon and Kylie Reese were the standouts.

AA: Annie Juarez, Sacramento State, 39.200
VT: Kaprece Nadonza, San Jose State, 9.825
UB: Jackie Sampson, Sacramento State, 9.875
BB: Caitlin Soliwoda, Sacramento State, and Chelsey Andrada, San Jose State, 9.875
FX: Jennifer Brenner & Annie Juarez, Sacramento State, and Taylor Chan, San Jose State, 9.850

Whitewater 187.875, Oshkosh 185.375 [Results]

With one of her strongest all-around performances this season, junior Lisa O’Donnell led Whitewater to the win at Oshkosh on Friday, though the team itself wasn’t really in top shape, counting a couple of falls on beam as well as a weak performance on vault to finish with one of their lower scores this season. With O’Donnell topping the team on vault, bars, and floor, the latter coming with a huge 9.75, we also saw strong work from Kate Mierow on her three events, including the top beam score of 9.425, while Franchesca Hutton was a standout on beam and floor.

For Oshkosh, beam was the strongest event, though the team struggled surprisingly on vault and floor, leaving them unable to take advantage of Whitewater’s mistakes. Amanda McBrayer led the team on vault, Baylee Tkaczuk led the team on bars where we also saw great performances from Bailee Hardy and Kasandra Stamopoulos, who also was a top contributor on beam, which was led by Marisa Scholtens while specialist Bailey Finin brought in the team’s high of 9.525 on floor.

AA: Lisa O’Donnell, Whitewater, 38.250
VT: Lisa O’Donnell, Whitewater, 9.475
UB: Baylee Tkaczuk, Oshkosh, 9.675
BB: Marisa Scholtens, Oshkosh, 9.525
FX: Lisa O’Donnell, Whitewater, 9.750

La Crosse 187.500, Stout 186.350 [Results]

As with Whitewater, La Crosse struggled this week, putting up a season-low team score and dropping from first to second in the DIII rankings. They still got the road win more than a point ahead of Stout, however, thanks to great work from standouts Dani Barmore and Sam Weyker on vault, Brooke Kachinsky and Lauren Wilson on bars, Barmore and Weyker on beam, and Weyker and Wilson on floor, which was the overall strongest event for the team, which struggled a bit on bars and beam.

Floor was also the strongest event for Stout, which counted a full lineup of hit routines to end on a high note after some falls on bars and beam. Sierra Beaver led the team with a great all-around performance, also bringing in the top scores on bars and floor for the team, while Kenzie Hyde led them on vault and we saw strong beam work from Brooke Terry and Chelsea Gray.

AA: Sierra Beaver, Stout, 37.950
VT: Dani Barmore, La Crosse, 9.550
UB: MacKenzie Nicholson, Stout, 9.675
BB: Jessica Ahrens, La Crosse, 9.675
FX: Sam Weyker, La Crosse, 9.675

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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