Around the Gymternet: Gymnastics is canceled.


“We celebrated by buying chocolate and having a big chocolate party.” -Former Romanian gymnast Dana Beck on how her team reacted when the Karolyis left the country for good.

Comp news

Verification: Seventeen U.S. women performed at a verification camp at Louisiana State University on Sunday, and three were assigned to upcoming world cups: 

Jordan Chiles will be heading to the Stuttgart World Cup, Margzetta Frazier of spin-split fame will go to Birmingham and is also the alternate for the American Cup, and Trinity Thomas will go to Tokyo, using her Time-Turner to continue pursuing diving. In other news, Jade Carey did a Moors and made it look easy.

Melbourne: History was made over the weekend at the Melbourne World Cup. Here’s a recap, and the full results.

Gymnix: Canada will host Germany, Belgium, Team Italy, Japan, and Russia at International Gymnix from March 8-11. Meanwhile, Russia has named its team for Jesolo.

Commonwealth Games: Team England, Team Canada, Team Scotland, and Team Wales have all been named for the Games, to be held in April.

What’s happening

Speaking out: Thirteen U.S. former gymnasts and coaches spoke with the Associated Press about the physically and emotionally abusive culture at USA Gymnastics, alleging in part that they were forced to train with injuries, starved, and shamed for showing signs of puberty.

Listen to Aly: Aly Raisman, in Australia (see: koala) for the Melbourne World Cup, hopes that other countries’ governing bodies will learn from USAG’s errors. She also says that her former coach, vacuum gold medalist and new Australian team coordinator Mihai Brestyan, had no knowledge of the abuse.

Brit firing: British Gymnastics has dismissed men’s national head coach Eddie van Hoof. Van Hoof was suspended for misconduct in November.

VIP status: Very Impressive Person Rachael Denhollander was recognized at the Kentucky State Senate on Thursday for her fight against sexual abuse.

Chow heads home: Smiling man Liang Chow will now be overseeing team selection for Team China.

The state of Michigan

Hiring and firing: Former Michigan Chief Justice Bob Young Jr. has been brought in to help MSU with investigations regarding its handling of the Larry Nassar case. This includes three new lawsuits which have been introduced since February 17. He’ll be paid $640 an hour.

MSU’s vice president for legal affairs has called it quits. Meanwhile, the school is still on the lookout for a new president, and three survivors are calling on MSU Trustee Dan Kelly to resign because of his history representing schools in sexual abuse cases. MSU also formed a work group aimed at addressing how the school handles sexual assault.

Who do you work for: Attorney General Bill Schuette claims that Bill Forsyth, the special prosecutor hired to investigate MSU’s handling of Nassar’s abuse, is working independently, though Forsyth’s contract states that he works for Schuette.

On Tuesday, Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley called on Schuette to rewrite his contract with Forsyth so the investigation can be independent.

The law: Several bills regarding how sexual assault is handled on campus will be introduced in the Michigan Senate on Monday, with several survivors in attendance.

Required reading

  • Sports Illustrated photographed 41 survivors, all in black.
  • Larry Nassar’s enablers need to be held accountable (The Undefeated).
  • The Karolyi Ranch was the “perfect environment for abuse” (The Dallas Morning News).
  • High performance and health were mutually exclusive for USAG, but they don’t have to be (Forbes).
  • Sexual abuse is not just a gymnastics problem, and athletes say the USOC deserves blame for prioritizing winning over welfare (Chicago Tribune).

Star status

Moving on: Ashton Locklear has left Everest Gymnastics.

British eyes only: Ellie Downie will miss the Birmingham World Cup and the Commonwealth Games due to an ankle injury. Meanwhile, Becky’s on the up and up.

French twists: France’s Juliette Bossu is injured and will be down for the count for 3-6 months. Compatriot Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos is training a Moors on floor and a Ray dismount on bars.

Russian, rush out: Maria Paseka had back surgery in December, but may be returning as early as May. Meanwhile, Elena Eremina won’t start training for another six months after her recent back surgery.

NCAA corner

Toga! Toga! Here are recaps of recent college meets.

Gymnastics is canceled: Florida senior Kennedy Baker tore her Achilles tendon on floor and will be out for the rest of the season, likely ending her career.

Your future: Thirty-six impressionable Junior Olympic gymnasts have qualified to the 2018 Nastia Liukin Cup, to be held on March 2.

Now in theaters: Former Oklahoma gymnast Chad Crumley makes an appearance in Black Panther. I haven’t seen it, but apparently you can look for him in a casino fight scene.

Because you asked…

Why did it take so long for Larry Nassar to get fired, and will USAG survive? Lauren’s got the 411.

Staying social

Stay happy, Mac: McKayla Maroney rejoined Twitter, and it’s so good to see her smile.

Ice Ice baby: Gabby Douglas hilariously outperforms Kevin Hart at slowly descending into an ice bath.

She’s magic: Morgan Hurd has joined the Hogwarts gymnastics team, and Team USA is sad to see her go.

The chosen ones: Kelly Simm is so adorably excited to go to Commonwealths, as is Scotland’s Sofia Ramzan. Pip pip!

Who’s your daddy: John Roethlisberger spoke to his son’s class about the Olympics, just like his father before him.

Mini wardrobe: Simone Biles’ dog has a WCC uniform, which begs the question, does she have an outfit for literally every occasion?

Ob.sess: When she’s not busy appearing on Family Feud, Laurie Hernandez is debuting her clothing line for J.C. Penney.

Last words

Hey it’s me. I’ve got nothing to say.

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