2018 Birmingham World Cup Results

The 2018 Birmingham World Cup was held from March 21 through March 22 in Birmingham, England.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 Angelina Melnikova Russia 14.433 13.866 12.666 13.500 54.465
2 Margzetta Frazier United States 14.166 14.200 12.133 13.433 53.932
3 Alice Kinsella Great Britain 14.166 13.600 12.600 12.733 53.099
4 Jade Chrobok Canada 13.800 12.866 12.400 12.300 51.366
5 Hitomi Hatakeda Japan 13.633 13.900 10.600 13.000 51.133
6 Vera van Pol Netherlands 13.333 13.366 12.133 12.200 51.032
7 Liu Jieyu China 13.366 11.800 11.166 12.500 48.832
8 Sarah Voss Germany 14.466 10.966 10.366 12.333 48.131

27 thoughts on “2018 Birmingham World Cup Results

  1. It’s going to be interesting to see who replaces Amy Tinkler in the Commonwealth team. I guess Taeja is the only real option now.


  2. I’m happy Melka is doing well, but give her a break! Also, where’s Elena Eremina? Is she injured?
    Why aren’t they giving Seda and Eremina the same slave treatment


  3. On Melkas second pass she had a false start… then completed it… I know in NCAA thats .3… and we know how legit NCAA scoring is… In elite whats the deduction for it?


    • Taken from a youtube comment…. I’d think at least .5 because the whole rhythm of the routine was deducted and in NCAA that’s a .3 — So she wasnt deducted for it with that score?


      • Well it depends on what her d score was, subbing in the double layout for the piked full in does increase her start value, and her first turn combination was definitley completed ( and beautifully so). That first pass was a tenth landing, her double layout without the false start was a .3, the stagger landing on the punch front to double back was another .3 and then 2 tenths on the double pike… so that’s .9 alone for landings, plus .5 for false start, which means 1.4 just on non-form tumbling deductions, which gives 8.6 to work strictly on form (form in the air, splits, positions coming out of spins). Her spins and leaps were pretty solid and her form on the last two tumbling passes were fine, so if her difficulty was 5.8-6.0 I can see 13.5 being a reasonable number.


        • She had a 5.8 D and 7.7 E which is somewhat reasonable. And if she was overscored, it def wasn’t the worst overscoring of the day (ahem, Alice almost everywhere but I’ll let her have that because she performed so well under pressure and Alice isn’t usually someone who gets these kinds of gifts lol).


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