The Commonwealth Games Master Team List


Team England, minus Taeja James, who arrived a few days late. From left, Kelly Simm, Georgia-Mae Fenton, Alice Kinsella, and Lucy Stanhope.

With the Commonwealth Games beginning in Gold Coast, Australia next week, we’ve got a full list of everyone expected to compete thanks to our awesome editor Jessica Taylor Price! Everything should be pretty much settled by now, with most teams having already arrived at the athlete’s village, but we’ll update you if any further changes are made.

A full list of teams set for the competition is below.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Australia on February 28.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Canada on February 22. Jade Chrobok replaced Rose-Kaying Woo after Woo was injured in warmups at the Stuttgart World Cup.


Confirmed by Cayman Compass on February 12.


Confirmed by Gold Coast 2018 on March 29.


Confirmed by Team England on February 21. Lucy Stanhope replaced Claudia Fragapane after Fragapane ruptured her Achilles in training and Taeja James replaced Amy Tinkler after Tinkler was injured in warmups at the Birmingham World Cup.


  • Nicole Burns

Confirmed by the Isle of Man Gymnastics Association on January 4.


Confirmed by Indian Express on March 8.


  • Rachelle Flambard
  • Bonita Shurmer

Confirmed by the BBC on December 21. 


Confirmed by The Star on February 15. As of March 27, Geanie Ng has replaced Ang Tracie, who has withdrawn due to a hip injury sustained in training.


  • Sana Grillo

Confirmed by the Malta Independent on March 6.


Confirmed by Gymnastics New Zealand on February 5.


Confirmed by Scottish Gymnastics on February 14.


Confirmed by Gold Coast 2018 on March 29.


Confirmed by Team SA on March 19.


Confirmed by Gold Coast 2018 on March 29.


Confirmed by Welsh Gymnastics on February 26. Rebecca Moore is the traveling alternate.


14 thoughts on “The Commonwealth Games Master Team List

    • I’ll have a preview, but the Malaysians (Yueh and Farah) should make some finals, as should the South Africans (especially Naveen), Stella of NZ, Colette of Singapore, and Aruna of India (her vaults are very well done and she should def be in that final). It’s not a super strong field on the small-program side and unfortunately most of these gymnasts will be in the 10-11 range on most events, but still a good experience for all.


  1. Just a little bit of squeeing, but I just got off a long haul flight to Brisbane that also had the Welsh team on it (or so someone pointed out to me, they were a few rows down). Also so so excited to see Ellie Black live! I’m a local here so it’s nice to have something to watch that doesn’t involve going halfway across the world.

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