Around the Gymternet: All men must die. But we are not men.


Survivors Sterling Riethman, Larissa Boyce, and Kaylee Lorincz

“Would say ‘momma i made it’ but she was probably about 4 million of these views.” -UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi, after a video of her floor routine went viral.

Comp news

The Cups: Here are your 2017-18 Individual Apparatus World Cup winners.

Rosters: Please tell me if you know something I don’t.

Commonwealth Games: MAG, WAG

Tokyo World Cup

Jesolo: Brazil, Canada, China, FranceGermany, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Russia, USA, Venezuela

Pac Rims: Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Taipei, USA MAG (April 8 camp for WAG)

The state of Michigan State

The arrest: Michigan State University’s former dean of osteopathic medicine and Larry Nassar’s former boss William Strampel was arrested on Monday on charges of felony misconduct in office and criminal sexual conduct, along with two other misdemeanors.

Four former students allege that Strampel sexually harassed or assaulted them while in office, and investigators say they found pornographic images on Strampel’s computer, as well as a video of Nassar “treating” a female patient. Other students have since come forward with stories of Strampel’s pattern of “creepy” behavior.

The two misdemeanor charges relate to his actions during and after the 2014 Title IX investigation of Nassar, including allowing Nassar to return to work before the investigation had ended and failing to enforce protocols that he put into place after the investigation.

Survivors respond: Rachael Denhollander, Lindsey Lemke, John Manly (attorney), Morgan McCaul, Aly Raisman, Sterling Riethman, Jamie White (attorney), and others have responded to the charges.

The suits: Lawsuits filed by over 200 women against MSU, Twistars, and USA Gymnastics are set to return to mediation. At the same time, MSU renewed a motion on Wednesday to have the suits dismissed, as did Twistars.

Social spying: MSU paid a public relations firm over $500,000 in part to monitor the social media accounts of survivors and others in relation to the Nassar case. Survivors like Larissa Boyce and Amanda Thomashow are not happy.

  • Former athletes say that two MSU athletic trainers who knew about Nassar almost 20 years ago still have their jobs.
  • Now, most of the voters in the state think MSU’s board of trustees should step down.

Other news

The investigation: Police documents that include details of the 2016 investigation of Larry Nassar have been released. The docs describe Nassar’s Google search histories, as well as interviews with Nassar and others.

Geddert: Allegations have surfaced about abusive coaching tactics of former Twistars and 2012 Olympic head coach John Geddert. Former gymnasts have come forward with harrowing stories of emotional and physical abuse at Twistars.

They also say that Geddert and Nassar protected each other against allegations of abuse, and Geddert was allowed to continue coaching after a letter from a former Twistars coach detailing his behavior was sent to USAG in 2013.

The ranch: Martha and Bela Karolyi claimed in a May 2017 deposition that they had no knowledge of Larry Nassar’s abuse, and that they had little to do with the day-to-day operations of the training camp.

Martha also said that Nassar did not come to camp much, that she had minimal interaction with him, and that he was hired by USAG.

IGC backpedals: In response to outcry following a new policy that gymnasts wear shorts or leggings to workouts, International Gymnastics Camp released a statement saying it would be recommended, not required, and that the intention behind the policy was not to victim shame.

  • Indystar journalists won a major journalism award for their investigative work on the Larry Nassar case.
  • An Illinois coach accused of sexual abuse remained a coach for decades.
  • Mihai “the only good one left” Brestyan commented on Nassar at the Commonwealth Games, saying he is “so very angry.”
  • In unrelated news, Marian Drăgulescu and Andreea Răducan have reportedly made up after he alleged that her election as head of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation was unlawful.

Required reading

  • Strampel’s behavior explains why Nassar wasn’t dealt with more aggressively (The Atlantic).
  • Mattie Larson tells Vice about her experiences at the Ranch (also featuring Miss Val and Jess O’Beirne).
  • Law enforcement needs to investigate USAG and the U.S. Olympic Committee for its handling of abuse allegations in the same way prosecutors handled Strampel (Washington Post).
  • MSU head gymnastics coach Kathy Klages defended Nassar four months after he was fired (The Detroit News).
  • Congress needs to provide oversight of the USOC (The Wall Street Journal).

Star status

All things British: Taeja James has replaced Amy Tinkler on England’s Commonwealths team, and Charlie Fellows is “heartbroken.”

Meanwhile, Amy Tinkler hopes to be back for in time for Euros this summer after injuring her ankle at the Birmingham World Cup.

Injuries: Malaysia’s Tracie Ang unfortunately has had to withdraw from Commonwealths with a hip injury.

Recoveries: Sam Mikulak is taking things easy on his first day without ankle tape since his Achilles injury last year, only competing a front double to front double tuck like some kind of pleb.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian star Oleg Verniaiev might be ready in time for Euros, Ashton Locklear has worked her way back up to giants, and Dipa Karmakar will spend a month in Russia to train for the Asian Games.

Upgrades: Giulia Steingruber is training an Yurchenko double back because why the hell not?

In other “Because she wasn’t doing enough already?” news, Nina Derwael is training a double double dismount on bars.

NCAA corner

Regionals! Here are your regionals selections.

Do it: Who wants to see Bowling Green’s India McPeak do a standing full at regionals? MEMEMEMEMEME

Everything Ebee: Elizabeth Price is in Stanford’s Home of Champions because duh.

Fantasy: Congratulations to the fantasy gymnastics postseason qualifiers!

Gymdog bummer: Georgia freshman Ashley Foss announced her retirement from the sport due to injury.

Staying social

Prep time: Team Wales is ready for Commonwealths, as is Team Australia, Team Scotland, and Team England. Meanwhile, I’m here for England’s training leos.

TL;DR She wins: Laurie Hernandez was nominated for the backflip box jump challenge, which is a thing.

Beautiful, supple: You wish you could fall the way Eythora Thorsdottir falls on her pak.

It’s a bird it’s a plane: The next time you have impostor complex, remember that Morgan Hurd wishes she had superhero abilities.

GD update: Gabby Douglas is a fan of this girl’s diorama tribute, but has yet to comment on mine. She also has some inspo for you this Women’s History Month.

Because you asked

Are things weird between North Korean gymnasts and gymnasts from other countries? Hint: It’s no Thanksgiving dinner.

Last words

The ‘Net hath spoken, and Iordache is a Hufflepuff. What about Simone Biles?

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20 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: All men must die. But we are not men.

    • Adding this just in case – I don’t mean she’s impulsive or bold in a *bad* way but those are qualities I’d associate more with Gryffindor


      • That was exactly my thought too, Simone is Gryffindor through and through, no thought required! She’s too outgoing, has a slight disregard for the rules (I mean, Amy pulled her out of camp for a year), and is just so apologetically Simone!


  1. Valar Morghulis!

    And Larry Nassar must not be a Game of Thrones viewer/ASOIAF reader or he’d know how Arya Stark deals with child abusers and be grateful he gets the US justice system instead.

    Just saying.

    Also, Giulia Steingruber is awesome.


  2. What does it take to get a board of trustees ousted? It seems like everyone’s voted no confidence in them except themselves!

    Also, Simone is definitely a Gryffindor!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Must be an error for Pac Rims:
    Cuba is not in the Pacific Ocean and will not be competing at Pac Rims.
    They will be competing at PAGU in Peru in June.


  4. Ugh to all of the Geddert stuff. What an absolute nightmare he must have been in the gym and the perfect example of how a culture like that results in injuries and basically PTSD for the gymnasts being verbally abused. It’s heartbreaking to hear about NCAA gymnasts who arrived in college with nothing but distrust for their coaches (and the need to hide injuries) because all they knew was abuse. I’d be interested to hear Jordyn’s perspective on his coaching and in the manner of some abusers, she might have escaped the worst of his wrath because she was the best of the best and obviously uber-talented from a young age. Mind you, I think his bloody-mindedness cost her a position in the all around at the 2012 Olympics because he wouldn’t change her beam routine when the connections weren’t being recognised by international judges, believing he knew better.

    I’m glad Geddert’s career as a coach is over for all intents and purposes and I hope his gym goes broke and he rots.


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