The Commonwealth Games Men’s Master Team List

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Team Australia, from left: Christopher Remkes, Michael Tone, Michael Mercieca, Mitchell Morgans, and Luke Wadsworth

With the Commonwealth Games beginning in Gold Coast, Australia next week, we’ve got a full list of everyone expected to compete thanks to our awesome editor Jessica Taylor Price! Everything should be pretty much settled by now, with most teams having already arrived at the athlete’s village, but we’ll update you if any further changes are made.

A full list of teams set for the competition is below.


  • Michael Mercieca
  • Mitchell Morgans
  • Christopher Remkes
  • Michael Tone
  • Luke Wadsworth

Confirmed by Gymnastics Australia on February 28.


  • Zachary Clay
  • Rene Cournoyer
  • Scott Morgan
  • Cory Paterson
  • Jackson Payne

Confirmed by Gymnastics Canada on February 22.


  • Irodotos Georgallas
  • Ilias Georgiou
  • Marios Georgiou
  • Michalis Krasias
  • Neofytos Kyriakou

Confirmed by Gold Coast 2018 on March 29.


  • Dominick Cunningham
  • James Hall
  • Courtney Tulloch
  • Max Whitlock
  • Nile Wilson

Confirmed by Team England on February 21.


  • Ashish Kumar
  • Rakesh Patra
  • Yogeshwar Singh

Confirmed by Indian Express on March 8.


  • Reiss Beckford

Confirmed by Sports Max on March 14.


  • Daniel Lee

Confirmed by the BBC on December 21.


  • Phay Xing Loo
  • Fu Jie Tan

Confirmed by Gold Coast 2018 on March 29.


  • Robert Honiball

Confirmed by the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation on March 7. 


  • David Bishop
  • Ethan Dick
  • Devy Dyson
  • Kyleab Ellis
  • Michael Koudinov

Confirmed by Gymnastics New Zealand on February 5.


  • Oke Fakiyesi

Confirmed by Gold Coast 2018 on March 29.


  • Ewan McAteer
  • Rhys McClenaghan

Confirmed by Belfast Live on January 11.


  • Frank Baines
  • Hamish Carter
  • Kelvin Cham
  • Daniel Purvis
  • David Weir

Confirmed by Scottish Gymnastics on February 14.


  • Hoe Wah Toon
  • Aizat Bin Muhammad Jufrie
  • Timothy Tay
  • Yeo Xong Sean

Confirmed by Gold Coast 2018 on March 29.


  • Joseph Fox

Confirmed by Trinidad & Tobago Newsday on March 23.


  • Joshua Cook
  • Jac Davies
  • Benjamin Eyre
  • Iwan Mepham
  • Clinton Purnell

Confirmed by Welsh Gymnastics on February 26.

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