Pacific Rims Live Blog | Subdivision 3

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision three at the 2018 Pacific Rim Championships! Refresh your browser every few minutes for the most recent updates, which will appear on the top.

10:42 pm. Apparently since Argentina and Cuba aren’t on the Pacific Rim, they’re not eligible for medals, so even though Martina Dominici placed third, I believe the bronze will go to Haley de Jong…we shall see! That would be a huge deal for Haley!


1. Grace McCallum, United States, 54.850
2. Morgan Hurd, United States, 53.300
3. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 51.050
4. Haley De Jong, Canada, 50.150
5. Jimena Moreno, Mexico, 49.700
6. Talia Folino, Australia, 49.000
— Sophie Marois, Canada, 49.000
8. Ayelen Tarabini, Argentina, 48.850
9. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 48.500
10. Charlotte Ryan, New Zealand, 46.950
11. Simona Castro, Peru, 46.700
12. Paulina Campos, Mexico, 45.500
13. Nicolle Castro, Mexico, 45.250
14. Isabella Brett, New Zealand, 45.200
15. Heika Del Sol Salas, Costa Rica, 44.900
16. Maia Fishwick, New Zealand, 44.500
17. Mariana Andrade, Costa Rica, 43.550
18. Martina Castro, Peru, 43.100
19. Marcia Vidiaux, Cuba, 43.050
20. Hsiu-Ju Chuang, Chinese Taipei, 42.500
21. Denisse Grijalva, Ecuador, 40.900
22. Jordan Chiles, United States, 40.600
23. Angela Perez, Peru, 40.550
24. Tamara Ampuero, Chile, 39.300
25. Ginna Escobar, Colombia, 36.750
26. Luciana Alvarado, Costa Rica, 35.650
27. Yurany Avendaño, Colombia, 35.050
28. Ana Karina Mendez, Peru, 31.600
29. Marcela Sandoval, Colombia, 21.850
30. Lo Yu Ju, Chinese Taipei, 15.600
31. Kate McDonald, Australia, 13.200


1. Jordan Bowers, United States, 53.600
2. Kayla DiCello, United States, 53.100
3. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 52.200
4. Sunisa Lee, United States, 51.450
5. Emma Spence, Canada, 49.500
6. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 48.650
7. Miriana Perkins, Australia, 48.150
8. Elena Chipizubov, Australia, 48.000
9. Luna Fernandez, Argentina, 47.900
10. Olivia Araujo, Argentina, 47.300
11. Sabrina Cortes, Colombia, 46.750
12. Sidney Stephens, Australia, 46.550
13. Daniela Briceño, Mexico, 46.550
14. Lucia Esposito, Argentina, 46.550
— Kate Sayer, Australia, 46.550
16. Karla Navas, Panama, 46.500
17. Paulina Vargas, Mexico, 46.000
18. Marisa Miranda, Mexico, 45.850
19. Martina Palamara, Chile, 45.600
20. Imogen Paterson, Canada, 45.350
21. Camila Montoya, Costa Rica, 45.200
22. Fabiola Diaz, Peru, 44.650
23. Paula Arevalo, Colombia, 44.500
24. Aaliyah Escoe, Costa Rica, 44.100
25. Hillary Heron, Panama, 43.950
26. Renata Merino, Chile, 43.800
27. Brissa Portillo, Peru, 43.750
28. Jonti Matthewson, New Zealand, 43.200
29. Daniela Jimenez, Ecuador, 42.050
30. Nathaly Boloña, Ecuador, 41.950
31. Nadya Chacon, Peru, 40.800
32. Yiseth Valenzuela, Colombia, 40.700
33. Monserrath Mora, Ecuador, 39.650
34. Laura Rodriguez, Panama, 37.750
35. Sofia Casella, Chile, 35.900
36. Genesis Gibson, Ecuador, 29.100

10:17 pm. Someone said Morgan was limping off the floor but I didn’t see that…hopefully (again) she’s okay?

10:15 pm. Bowers, USA, FX: Double front, little step forward. Hit the second pass, I only saw the landing but it looked great. Front double full to punch front, great. Double pike, step back. Great work.

10:12 pm. Hurd, USA, FX: I think beam put her too far in the hole to get the win here (she only got a 10.4), but hopefully she hits this well! Double double, a little lower than normal, but otherwise it’s a good landing. Double layout is great, little slide back, good leap after that. Front layout front double full to stag, EXCELLENT. Leap series is great. Selling the choreo like a queen. Double pike, little lunge back.

10:10 pm. Spence, CAN, VT: FTY, solid, small hop back.

McCallum, USA, FX: Tucked full-in, a little low and buckled but not bad. Excellent front layout front double full to front tuck. Triple full is way under and she has to bounce it around basically, double tuck to finish is solid, small bounce.

Perkins, AUS, UB: Tkachev, Pak, both nice. Stalder to toe shoot, giant full, double tuck with a hop forward.

10:08 pm. McDonald, AUS, UB: Maloney to clear hip to Tkachev to Pak, nice! Van Leeuwen is clean, toe full, a little late, and a high full-in with a hop sideways. Best routine of the bunch.

10:06 pm. Chiles, USA, FX: 1.5 through to double arabian, NICE, little bounce. Double layout, casual, little bounce back. Next two passes looked like a double pike and a double tuck, hit both easily, though the first of the two was a little short.

Folino, AUS, UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, fell on something after that. Back on and caught her Jaeger.

Cortes, COL, BB: Good flight series, front aerial, finished with a double tuck, bent her knees in one of the back handsprings into it, but solid landing, just a small bounce.

Marois, CAN, VT: DTY, pretty good, just crooked with a hop to the side OOB. Second is a tsuk full with a hop back, a little wild in the air.

10:01 pm. Lee, USA, FX: Ugh, did I miss the first pass? I saw from the double arabian, steps forward, 1.5 to front full after that is good. Hit the double tuck.

Sayer, AUS, UB: Casual Weiler half from this teeny tiny one, Maloney to stalder to Ricna, nice! Short handstand before Pak (leg sep), toe shoot, bends her knees, and then dead hangs a bit after and bends her knees again before coming off. Back on for a toe full, can’t quite get it over the bar, arches and falls again. Back on for toe on, then double pike, low with a hop forward.

Paterson, CAN, VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a step, good!! She skips back to her team, very happy about that!

De Jong, CAN, VT: DTY, YAY, SHE GOT IT AND IT LOOKED GOOD!!!!!!!! Much bigger than I’ve ever seen her do it, great power and she looks SHOCKED and so happy LOL bless her heart. Bounces back out of it. She’s all smiles while waiting to do her second vault…handspring front tuck I think. Hit with a bounce forward.

10:00 pm. Woo, CAN, VT: Clean FTY, hop back. They have her listed as “Victoria Kayer” LOL.

Chipizubov, AUS, UB: Inbar to blind change to straddle Jaeger, bent elbows but not nearly as close as some of the others today, Pak is clean, stalder full is very late, short handstand before stalder half, arched over before toe on to toe shoot, also caught super close. I’ve never seen so many close catches in my life as I have here today. Double back dismount is a little low with a step.

Allaire-Bourgie, CAN, VT: Clean FTY with a step.

9:58 pm. Valenzuela, COL, BB: Off on her flight series. Goes for big amplitude on her switch side but falls backwards. Omg part of her choreo is her like, with her hand over her eyes looking as if she’s searching for someone, bless. Front full dismount.

DiCello, USA, FX: Ugh, I missed the beginning, I hate when rotations start and there’s no warning. Hit her thir dpass and a big double tuck with just a little slide back to finish.

Stephens, AUS, UB: Inbar to inbar full a little late, blind change to Jaeger caught SO close, practically on her face, Pak with some leg sep, toe shoot, double pike with a step back.

9:54 pm. Morgan looks fine warming up floor!!!! Thankfully it was just a sting, it looked a lot worse when she landed.

9:50 pm. Bowers, USA, BB: Back to back triple and double wolf turns, both looked really nice, bhs loso loso is solid, front…aerial? walkover? handspring? her hands looked low so I could really tell on this tiny screen, into a front tuck, off on a front aerial after that? Good jump series when she gets back on. Switch ring was meh. Double pike with a step and her chest a bit low.

Paterson, CAN, FX: Hit the opening bits, I didn’t see what, just that she landed. Ugh, my feed froze for the rest of it…everything I saw was good but I missed a significant chunk. (Apparently I missed a lot because she got a 9.2)

9:44 pm. Escobar, COL, UB: Goes for a blind change but loses her hold on it and muscles DOWn out of it, weirdly, and then just comes off. Just gonna start it over from the beginning, caught the Jaeger this time but came off again right after. Everything when she got back was hit but messy, bent her knees through her giants even.

Allaire-Bourgie, CAN, FX: Goodness I love this routine so much. Hit the double pike with a step. Double tuck with a couple of steps back but saves it from going OOB. She was so close! Clean double full.

Hurd, USA, BB: Standing full is great. Wobble on side aerial, switch leap, solid bhs loso, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, really nice, punch front with a wobble, looks like she’s gonna fall but she just kinda sits it on the beam, CASUAL. Obvs still a mistake but a VERY classy one. Side split half. Little wobble on the full turn. Switch leap, low back leg, piked full-in, SO low coming off the beam and she crashes it and looks hurt, I CAN’T. WITH THIS.

9:42 pm. McCallum, USA, BB: Nice hold on her candle mount. Side split half, a little short, side aerial loso, little check at the hips, switch to front aerial, little check, sissone to full turn, love that series, good double tuck with a little bounce back.

COL, UB: Hindorff to Pak, back up to the high bar, straddle Jaeger, bail to toe shoot,  full-in with a little bounce, very nice work. Bows to the crowd after.

9:40 pm. Lee, USA, BB: Wolf turn, looked like she grabbed the beam to steady it at the end but made it part of her choreo? Huuuuuge and hilarious wobble at the end of her layout series, fights for no less than one year, that was epic but will be at least half a point because it was sheerly ridiculous. Bless her heart. Hit a leap series after that and then her triple series with the loso was good. Double pike, chest low, pulls it back and stumbles backwards.

De Jong, CAN, FX: I missed almost all of this during the drama of Sunisa’s routine…saw that her first pass was wild, but she had a solid double arabian and double tuck to finish.

9:39 pm. Cortes, COL, UB: I’M ALREADY OBSESSED WITH THIS KID AFTER HER VAULT AND FLOOR. Shaposh, peels off backwards onto her stomach, UGH WHY GOD WHY. Back on for blind change to huge straddle Jaeger, bends her knees when she catches, good bail, toe shoot, giant full, low but far double tuck, hop forward. So much promise, I’m very excited about her.

9:37 pm. Folino, AUS, VT: Huge FTY, hop back.

Woo, CAN, FX: Big stuck double layout! GORGEOUS. That was her best ever!! Obsessed with her choreo and passion involved with it. Mostly solid on her leap series. Front tuck through to 2.5, ankles are messy in the air but a good landing. Double pike with a hop back.

9:34 pm. Marois, CAN, FX: Stuck piked full-in, great! Hop L full to switch half, interesting and well-done dance series. Superb 2.5 to front layout. Lovely triple full in the air but underrotated and she has to step on the landing.

Chiles, USA, BB: Full turn, wobble, good bhs loso, hit the jump series after that, just wobbled at the very end, switch to switch half, good, hopped back on the dismount.

Perkins, AUS, VT: FTY with a large hop back.

Sayer, AUS, VT: Very nice FTY. Great landing.

Arevalo, COL, UB: Chow to bail to toe shoot, nice, clean handstand before stalder half to piked Jaeger, very nice! Layout flyaway with a half twist for the dismount, good landing.

9:32 pm. Stephens, AUS, VT: Clean Yurchenko layout.

DiCello, USA, BB: Triple wolf turn, gets wobbly at the end and she has to grab the beam. Hit an acro skill into a jump, wwitch ring, low back leg, bhs loso loso, a little hip check, front aerial to ring jump, not near 180, good double full with a hop.

Spence, CAN, FX: Piked full-in, bounce back. 1.5 through to 2.5, little step, great! Good work on her leaps. Great double back to finish. Fantastic work!

Chipizubov, AUS, VT: Clean Yurchenko layout with a large step back.

9:28 pm. Finally seeing Talia Folino’s scores…12.3 BB and 12.0 FX.

9:27 pm. Jordan Bowers leads the junior all-around after two rotations with a 27.95, followed by Kayla DiCello with a 27.8, and Sabrina Cortes with a 26.0.

Junior rotation two scores…Bowers UB 13.85, DiCello UB 13.35, Cortes VT 14.0, Allaire-Bourgie BB 12.8, Lee UB 10.65, Chipizubov FX 12.35, Sayer FX 12.2, Spence BB 11.75, Arevalo FX 11.55, Valenzuela VT 11.85, Perkins FX 11.2, Stephens FX 11.9, Patterson BB 11.45

9:26 pm. Morgan Hurd leads the senior all-around after two rotations with a 29.25, followed by Grace McCallum with a 27.8 and Ginna Escobar with a 25.850.

Senior rotation two scores…Hurd UB 14.6, McCallum UB 13.4, Escobar VT 13.5, Avendaño VT 12.8, De Jong BB 11.65, Marois BB 12.9, Woo BB 11.85

9:23 pm. Paterson, CAN, BB: Candle mount, leans back out of it a bit too early, wolf jump full, fights through a wobble, bhs loso is solid, good full turn, switch half, a little shy, to back tuck, good connection! Wobble out of side aerial. Switch leap, little bobble, split jump to wolf jump. Hit the dismount.

Chiles apparently jammed her finger which is why she’s skipping bars.

9:21 pm. No bars for Jordan Chiles, guessing she’s just here for her stronger events.

Allaire-Bourgie, CAN, BB: Front aerial, split jump to tuck half, clean bhs loso, lovely double spin, just a little wobble, YAAAAS goes for a side somi to immediate side split half!! Wobbles and doesn’t quite get the split, but THIS IS ALL I WANT IN THIS SIDE JUMP CRAZE. Hits a series after that, leaps into a bhs, good, and then hits the dismount.

Folino, AUS, FX: Big tucked full-in, hit the pass after that as well, I just saw the landing. Double pike is low and forward, big step out of it.

9:17 pm. De Jong, CAN, BB: Off on side somi, hit everything after that, big wobble on side split half, good double tuck.

Lee, USA, UB: Straddle Jaeger, Nabieva (really stretched!!!), Pak, not connected, also not connected to Maloney out of it, but connects Maloney to Gienger, stalder to toe full, legs come apart and she has to muscle through it, this is a big fight and it’s gonna lose more than a fall, tbh. Deosn’t come off but the fight makes her quite tired…hits the full-in dismount a bit low.

Sayer, AUS, FX: Hit first pass, then a high clean double tuck, good landing. Good front full, just a couple little form things. Double pike, knees buckled but stuck basically, just stands up out of it.

9:15 pm. Woo, CAN, BB: Wobble on her flight series, good front aerial to jumps, side somi, double spin, a little overrotated but good save. Switch to sissone, 2.5 dismount has a big wobble and large step back on the landing.

Chipizubov, AUS, FX: Double pike, high, step back OOB. Solid double tuck. Hit the last pass, something (front tuck? 1.5? I missed it but something like that) into a layout full.

Hurd, USA, UB: Komova II to stalder full to Tkachev, great, Ricna to Pak, toe shoot, inbar half to front giant half, inbar full to full-in, bounce back. Great routine!

9:14 pm. Bowers, USA, UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, good! Piked Jaeger, blind change to straddle Jaeger, full-out stuck! Good for her!

Stephens, AUS, FX: Double pike basically stuck, a little buckled on the landing in the pass after that. Good double tuck to finish.

9:12 pm. Marois, CAN, BB: Candle mount, bhs loso, little bobble, hit a punch front after that, switch to switch half, short with a wobble. Wobble on front aerial, hit the dismount.

McCallum, USA, UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, a little low but good, Pak, hit the dismount. Mostly good, just some hesitations and weak form throughout.

Valenzuela, COL, VT: Crashed FTY.

Cortes, COL, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, really nice! Little hop forward.

9:08 pm. DiCello, USA, UB: Clean toe full to Maloney to Pak, clean van Leeuwen, clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, solid, stalder half, a bit short, full-out, a little wild, step back. Great start!

Spence, CAN, BB: Candle mount, good. Front aerial, good jumps after that, bhs layout is solid, good side somi, little bobble, hop back on the double full. Looks VERY celebratory! 🙂

Perkins, AUS, FX: I may have missed the beginning of her routine. Switch half, Double pike, a little low, a couple of steps, double tuck, stumbled OOB, good double full to finish.

9:05 pm. More scores! Juniors…Lee VT 14.5, DiCello VT 14.45, Bowers VT 14.1, Allaire-Bourgie UB 12.95, Chipizubov BB 12.5, Sayer BB 12.15, Spence UB 12.1, Cortes FX 12.0, Perkins BB 11.7, Arevalo FX 11.55, Patterson UB 10.9, Stephens BB 10.15, Valenzuela FX 11.15

Seniors…Chiles VT 14.7, Hurd VT 14.65, McCallum VT 14.4, Escobar FX 12.35, Avendaño FX 11.9, De Jong UB 11.3, Woo UB 10.8, Marois UB 9.9, no Australia BB scores for some reason

9:03 pm. Trying to catch scores but they come up and disappear so quickly!!

That’s that for the first rotation.

9:01 pm. Allaire-Bourgie, CAN, UB: Clean handstand before Maloney to Pak, nice! Another great handstand before clean van Leeuwen, giant full to blind change to piked Jaeger, good. Stuck full-out cold! DAMN ZOÉ.

Folino, AUS, BB: Hit the beginning from what I could see, leg up on her layout series, good jumps, punch front is solid, front aerial, little bobble, Double pike, chest down a little but solid landing.

Valenzuela, COL, FX: Double pike, knees a bit buckled on the landing, solid double tuck, hit the last pass.

Marois, CAN, UB: Maloney to Bhardwaj, arms are a little bent when she catches, toe shoot, good correction on the handstand before her blind change to straddle Jaeger, a little wonky in the air, archy handstand before her giant full (leg sep), blind change, more form issues, gets no lift off the bar into her double front which she sits. That was a workout.

8:57 pm. Bowers, USA, VT: DTY, a little messy in the air, lunge back.

Woo, CAN, UB: Maloney, legs come apart in a half pirouette after that and she tries to correct but can’t, jumps off. Clear hip full, arched handstand before her bail (leg sep) to wonky toe shoot.

Chipizubov, AUS, BB: Bhs bhs layout, good! Wobble on punch front. Switch to split leap, nice front aerial to split jump, ring jump, lovely double full dismount. I didn’t see any falls, what I saw was all good, but I may have missed some of her interior work. But what I did see was great.

Avendaño, COL, FX: Excellent 2.5 to front tuck. Double tuck, lunge back. Good last pass.

8:54 pm. De Jong, CAN, UB: Stalder half to Jaeger, way too close to the bar, tries to grab it but falls. Good Pak. Maloney to bail to toe shoot, huuuge double layout with a bounce.

McCallum, USA, VT: DTY, lunged back out of it. Second vault is a cool Yurchenko half-on tuck half off.

Sayer, AUS, BB: Bhs loso, little bobble. Good leap series.

Escobar, COL, FX: Didn’t see the beginning. 1.5 to front full is EXCELLENT and stuck. Lovely switch ring to tour jeté half. Hit the last pass.

SCORE UPDATE: 14.65 for Hurd and 14.45 for DiCello on vault. Spence gets 12.1 on bars.

8:51 pm. Hurd, USA, VT: DTY, mostly solid in the air, a little forward on the landing with a scoot back.

Spence, CAN, UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak to toe on to van Leeuwen, solid! Arched over a handstand but did a great job to correct it before her Jaeger, just a hop on the dismount. Solid set.

Stephens, AUS, BB: Good jump series to start, but fell after that, I missed the skill though. Side aerial with a little step back. Little wobbly at the end of her full wolf turn. Nice extension on the side split half. Way underrotated the double full, crashed it over to the side without getting it fully around.

Arevalo, COL, FX: Hit the opening pass. Good 2.5 after that. Clean double full, step back. Another solid set.

Chiles, USA, VT: Solid DTY, biggest air of the bunch. Second vault is a tsuk full, great form, little bounce.

8:48 pm. Lee, USA, VT: DTY, some crossed ankles, but great landing!

Paterson, CAN, UB: Piked Jaeger, good, Pak, some flexed feet. Van Leeuwen, giant full, OH GODDDD her double tuck was SO close to the bar she CAUGHT HER FEET ON THE BAR IN THE FIRST FLIP LAWD, crashed to her stomach but gets up fine. EEK.

Perkins, AUS, BB: Full wolf turn, nailed the flight series and jump series. Front aerial with a big wobble, hands down. Side somi is good. Hit the dismount.

Cortes, COL, FX: Solid tuck full-in to open. Fab double pike! She has a really dynamic round off back handspring. Front tuck through to double full. Hit the last pass. She was FAB, and the crowd went nuts after every single tumbling pass.

DiCello, USA, VT: DTY, nice! Again with some crossed ankles but solid landing.

8:45 pm. Touch warmups are starting now, so expecting the competition in about three or four minutes!

8:35 pm. The third and final subdivision of today’s all-around and team final at Pac Rims will feature the United States, Canada, Australia, and host team Colombia.

Martina Dominici leads the senior all-around going into the final subdivision with a 51.050, while her teammate Abigail Magistrati leads the juniors with a 48.650.

Athletes are (finally) marching out now!

16 thoughts on “Pacific Rims Live Blog | Subdivision 3

  1. I wish I understood why anyone does a piked full-in off beam! Melnikova and Hurd would be so much better off going back to their old dismounts. It’s not even worth more than the full-in for Morgi!


  2. Is this the final? or they still have one more day? lol no one in comments mentioned Grace winning? Like who cares. She beat the world champ. Just another day. lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t find Grace’s win very strong. She hit when needed (that’s always interesting for a team competition) but you know…it was not an amazing performance. I really thought she has a lot more to show than routines with average D-score, we will see at Classic and Championships what she has in store. It will be needed to get a spot on the World team, because we all know that gymnasts wants to peak at this time, and not before.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Both wins were as a result of Hurd falling.
          Still, it is a confidence boost for McCallum.
          Sarah Janzti is an amazing coach and I am sure will peek her for Worlds. I could see her beating out Chiles for a spot, especially if she unveils her Amanar (it’s ready to go) at Nationals.

          Liked by 2 people

  3. So impressed by Grace, get it girl!

    Also side note, I’m watching some gymnastics compilation videos on youtube as I’m writing this and one video contained a bunch of Maroney vaults and I’m legit drooling. I know they’re incredible but yet every time I’m in complete amazement. She really will be iconic forever.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I miss her Amanar so much 😦 really I just miss seeing tons of well executed Amanars from the US. The 2012 quad is my absolute favorite because they had so many gymnasts capable of doing it safely and securely.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. McCallum looked pretty solid! Her coach mentioned upgrades are coming so I’m wondering what’s in the works. I think she has around 5.4D on both beam and bars, so maybe something extra here? Her tkatchev is pretty low so maybe not a ricna or similar release. Maybe another LOSO in her beam series or a harder beam dismount?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG! I also LOVED Sarah Jantzi’s legit MN/ND accent!!!! She truly has some *AAAH-some COH-ching*! I TOH-tally talk like this after speaking with family back home. LOLZ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Y que fantástica la juvenil Sabrina Cortes! Un poco triste que no podía subir al final del suelo pero que emocionante que logró un lugar para la viga y el salto! Presenta su mortal atrás agrupado en la viga como pluma!

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