Canadian Championships Live Blog | Senior Finals


Jade Chrobok, who qualified to the final in second place

Welcome to the live blog for senior women’s all-around and event finals at the 2018 Canadian Championships, held in Waterloo, Ontario!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

3:55 pm. Combined All-Around

1. Ellie Black 111.607
2. Isabela Onyshko 106.406
3. Jade Chrobok 105.647
4. Brooklyn Moors 104.440
5. Sophie Marois 104.238
6. Victoria-Kayen Woo 103.646
7. Haley de Jong 101.756
8. Jessica Dowling 99.614
9. Myrelle Morin 98.998
10. Hannah Scharf 98.464
11. Laurie-Lou Vézina 98.439
12. Madeline Straker 97.605
13. Megan Roberts 97.565
14. Megan Phillips 97.155
15. Eloise Monat 97.096
16. Emily Walker 96.930
17. Laurie Denommee 96.122
18. Kelly Johnston 94.587
19. Montana Fairbairn 94.438
20. Elizabeth Holmstrom 90.806
21. Shallon Olsen 80.241
22. Ana Padurariu 27.832
23. Victoria Jurca 23.466

3:53 pm. Day Two Standings

1. Ellie Black 56.199
2. Isabela Onyshko 54.516
3. Jade Chrobok 53.182
4. Brooklyn Moors 52.216
5. Haley de Jong 52.116
6. Sophie Marois 52.082
7. Victoria-Kayen Woo 51.832
8. Jessica Dowling 51.166

3:42 pm. Moors FX: The crowd lost their minds when she went onto the floor. Me in my home office: SAME. Front layout to double front, ugh, it’s super low and she stumbles it back, tries to save it and fights like hell but just can’t do it. 😦 Sits it. Podkopayeva is a little underrotated with a step. Good work on the 2.5 to front full.

3:38 pm. Walker UB: Front giant to piked Jaeger, Pak with some leg separation, feed froze throughout this so I missed a lot. Hit routine it seemed though.

Black FX: Hit opening pass, the 2.5 through to double tuck I believe, and then a front double full to punch front tuck, great. Good work on her leaps. Clean double full. Fantastic set. As if she does it any other way.

3:35 pm. Onyshko FX: Front tuck through to double full, great. Double tuck, bounce back, chest a little low. Solid double pike. Fab!!

De Jong UB: Stalder half to big straddle Jaeger, clean Pak, toe-on to Maloney to bail to toe full (a bit messy) to toe shoot, good cover on that toe full, double layout, a little too close to the bar, but controls it well, hop back.

Johnston BB: Side aerial. Good jump series, just some flexed feet. Back tuck with a step back and then a fall. Bent knees throughout her bhs loso. Switch to switch half, wobble. Side somi is good, and she hit the dismount.

3:34 pm. Straker UB: Hit her Jaeger, toe full, toe shoot, hit the dismount.

Vézina VT: I missed the entry, something with a pike half off, a bit messy and super short on the landing.

3:33 pm. Monat VT: Hit it but I didn’t see what.

Roberts BB: Fell on a leap at some point…I think I saw her get her flight series earlier on, also hit a side aerial, low double pike dismount, put her hands down at the end.

Woo VT: FTY, very clean and solid.

3:28 pm. Morin VT: FTY, mostly clean in the air, solid feet on her landing but her chest is pretty far down.

Holmstrom BB: Candle mount, good leap series, bhs loso is pretty solid, low punch front, fall. Little check on the full turn. 1.5 with a hop.

Olsen FX: Double double, jumps her feet together. Front tuck through to double tuck, little hop back. Piked full-in with a solid landing. Last pass I think is a triple and if so it’s the best I think we can expect to ever see her do it?! Could’ve been a double full but it was nice whatever it was.

Jurca UB: Ray to Pak, tucks her knees and falls. Back on for Pak (better this time) to Maloney to bail to toe shoot, clear hip to giant full, layout dismount stuck.

3:25 pm. Scharf VT: Good FTY, small hop.

Marois FX: High piked full-in, bounce back. FAB 2.5 to punch front. Triple full a little short but she whips it around. Not bad!

Fairbairn BB: Wobbled on a leap early on. Punch front tuck is a bit low and to the side, fall. Clean side aerial. Double tuck dismount with a step.

Denommee UB: Maloney to bail, some leg and ankle sep throughout. Muscled a cast on the low bar and came off. On, it was on a front toe-on, tries it again and has the same problem, can’t muscle up out of it. Back on for a van Leeuwen, caught her release, late giant full, Moors dismount with a step.

3:23 pm. Chrobok FX: Whip whip through to double tuck, little hop. Good work. 2.5 comes up a little short but she corrects and gets the punch front out of it. Solid double full. Excellent double pike! YAS JADE?!?!?! She was fab this entire championships, went eight for eight!! I loved seeing her get thrown into the Commonwealth Games at the last minute, ROCKING IT, and now she’s like a whole new person. Good for her.

Dowling UB: Hit her first release and then a low-ish Tkachev, giant full, clean Pak, nice Maloney to bail (arched a tiny bit) to toe shoot, full-in with a step. Good work!

Phillips BB: Solid bhs loso, also saw a good side somi, deep landing on the 1.5 dismount.

3:20 pm. Leading After Rotation 3

1. Ellie Black 42.266
2. Isabela Onyshko 41.016
3. Jade Chrobok 39.916
4. Megan Roberts 39.500
5. Brooklyn Moors 39.383
6. Haley de Jong 39.250
7. Sophie Marois 39.216
8. Jessica Dowling 38.000

3:19 pm. Victoria-Kayen Woo got an 8.9 E score for that floor routine and LAWD I BELIEVE IT.

3:17 pm. Black BB: Switch mount to switch leap to immediate switch half, good, double spin to full spin is also solid. Bhs layout is no problem, connects to a straddle jump, form is wonky and she wobbles after. Side somi is good. Shoutout to the random child who just SHRIEKED for no reason. Double pike is good, little hop back. Aside from that straddle jump that was good, also I just realized her punch fronts are gone?

3:15 pm. Woo FX: Big clean double layout to start. 2.5 looked stuck! That was lovely. Stuck the double pike! DAAAAAAYUM VICTORIA. The crowd was FEELING THAT too.

Roberts UB: Catches the straddle Jaeger no problem, Pak is a a little jerky, toe full to toe-on to Maloney is clean, bail to toe shoot comes up a little high but no problems, short handstand before her double tuck, step back.

3:14 pm. Onyshko BB: Bhs tuck full, YAAAAAS! GETS IT!!!! The crowd’s like YAS PLEASE. Full Y turn to full turn is lovely and effortless. Switch to side aerial to split jump to wolf jump, great, mostly fluid in those connections. Switch ring, a little low on the landing. Front aerial is solid. Switch half to ring jump, YAS, some flexed feet but damn!!! This is the most calm and confident I’ve EVER seen her. Double full jumped into her salute, SO SO SO SO SO GOOD.

3:12 pm. Monat FX: Double tuck with a stumble forward but I don’t think she put her hands down. Double pike stumbled to her back. I think her last pass was a front tuck through to double full, the strongest of her set.

Holmstrom UB: Hop change to straddle back, back up to high bar, for a giant full, double tuck stumbled forward.

De Jong VT: Second vault is a handspring front pike, better pike shape than usual, hop forward.

3:10 pm. Fairbairn UB: Pak, clear hip to clear hip full, a little muscled throughout, extra kip cast after that before her front toe-on half, toe-on to toe shoot, double pike with a couple of steps.

Olsen BB: Front aerial, bhs loso loso is solid, switch to switch half to split jump isn’t bad at all. Switch ring, couldn’t see the back leg from this angle. , big wobble on her Onodi but she fights it and stays on. Illusion turn, bent her knee throughout and wobbled at the end. Double pike with a step.

De Jong VT: DTY, super low and crunched, two big steps, maybe OOB.

3:08 pm. Morin FX: Love her opening choreo. Double arabian, looks like she’s got it but then lands super far back on her heels with fully straight legs and doesn’t have a prayer, sits it. 1.5 to front full with a couple of steps over. 2.5 with a slightly weak landing, big step.

Straker VT: FTY, big hop back, mostly good in the air though.

3:06 pm. Phillips UB: Maloney to Pak, giant full, blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, not close and she falls. Hit the dismount.

Marois BB: Solid flight series and also hit everything after that but I wasn’t typing. Side aerial is clean and she hit the dismount.

Denommee VT: FTY, big and clean with a little hop. Second vault is a handspring front pike half, knees are super bent throughout.

3:04 pm. Scharf FX: Piked full-in, sat it OOB. 😦 Triple spin is good though. Front tuck through to double tuck, close to stuck. Double pike into a controlled lunge.

Dowling VT: FTY, a little messy with a step.


3:00 pm. Moors BB: Okay I missed almost all of this because they didn’t say beam started?! Literally every other event is still doing a touch lol. I saw from her side somi, which had some wobbles but she moved her arms to dance through them which was lovely. Hit the Rudi dismount. I’m assuming she hit everything else because I didn’t hear any GASPS or noise at all.

Vézina FX: Double pike and second pass are both good. 1.5 to finish. Lovely performance as always. They had a ‘best choreo’ award for the juniors and I hope Vézina wins that for seniors. BUT OH WAIT BROOKLYN EXISTS TOO.

Johnston UB: Hit her release. Down to the low bar, toe full, came off after that. Back on for toe-on, double tuck stuck.

Chrobok BB: Big switch to switch half, SUPER solid side aerial loso!! Like as good as it’s ever been done. Double spin, little bobble that she turns into something dancey. Double pike with a step. That was fab and she looks thrilled.

Walker VT: Hit whatever it was but I missed most of it but the landing.

2:56 pm. Leading After Rotation 2

1. Ellie Black 28.233
2. Isabela Onyshko 26.883
3. Montana Fairbairn 26.766
4. Jade Chrobok 26.516
5. Megan Roberts 26.500
6. Kelly Johnston 26.183
7. Sophie Marois 26.116
8. Megan Phillips 26.083

2:52 pm. Onyshko UB: Clear hip full with some crazy legs that she turns into a toe-on for her Maloney into a Tkachev, GREAT cover, those legs were helicoptery and nuts but she was like “I’m staying on, ladies and gentlement, and btw, I meant to do that, it’s a stylistic choice.” Hindorff, Pak to toe-on to van Leeuwen, toe half to front giant to double front, little bounce.

Monat BB: Double wolf turn, a little tentative but makes it through. Wobble at the end of her side aerial loso. Side somi. Sissone to wolf jump. Solid double full to finish.

Straker FX: Double layout with a step OOB. Double pike, a little deep with a hop forward. Front layout into a stuck front full, nice finish.

2:48 pm. Holmstrom VT: Yurchenko layout, hop back, nothing super wrong with it.

Denommee FX: Double layout full-out with a step back, great. Double layout, GOOD! She usually is great on the first and then super low on the second but tonight t’s fab. Front tuck through to stuck double pike! This was her best floor ever I think.

Morin BB: I only really saw her flight series (some soft knees), and then she had a hop forward on her 1.5 but everything I kinda saw out of the corner of my eye was hit, no falls.

Marois UB: Maloney to Bhardwaj, messy toe half, blind change to straddle Jaeger, double front dismount with a step. Some clean-up bits in there for sure but she cranked out a hit routine.

2:46 pm. Dowling FX: 2.5 to front tuck is good. Short on the double pike, chest down a bit. Deep double tuck.

Scharf BB: Wobble on bhs loso, steps back to control it. Punch front is good. Solid side aerial and hit a leap series after that. Good side somi. Double pike to her knees. 😦 I feel like she either has AMAZING days or bummer days, and today is a bummer day after Thursday’s amazing one.

Fairbairn VT: Solid FTY.

Chrobok UB: Caught her Tkachev, stalder to bail I think after that, toe on to toe shoot, giant full, blind change to front giant to double front, super deep, almost to her knees but she steps up quickly out of it.

2:42 pm. Walker FX: Stuck double tuck, that was very nicely done! But then she sits the double pike. Step on the 1.5.

Johnston VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a step back.

Moors UB: Shaposh to Bhardwaj, some leg stuff but caught it less crooked than in the past! Toe full, missed the van Leeuwen again, UGH. She just didn’t get the timing quite right either day and ends up a little short. Back on to try it again and catches this time, clear hip to blind change to Khorkina, bends her knees at the release, Moors dismount with a step back.

Vézina BB: Hit the mount, it was acro, I didn’t see what though. Wobble on her flight series. Switch to side aerial to split jump to sissone, a little wobbly but hit. Hit everything else I could see until her side split jump half, fall. Hit the dismount.

Phillips VT: Pike front half with a step, not bad.

2:39 pm. De Jong FX: 1.t through to triple full, GREAT actually!!! Double arabian, a tad bit low but good job standing it up. Double tuck with a little bounce.

Woo BB: Candle mount, maybe comes out of the chest stand a little early. Clean flight series. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, really nice. Had a big wobble on something there that I missed, but hit everything else well, 1.5 dismount was clean.

Roberts VT: Solid FTY.

Black UB: Maloney to Hindorff, Shang, hop change to piked Jaeger to split-leg Pak, van Leeuwen with tucked knees, giant full, tucked toe-front half, stuck! The Pak and van Leeuwen were OOF CITY but everything else was solid, and for someone who isn’t a bar worker, she GETS WORK DONE on this event.

2:35 pm. Leading After Rotation 1

1. Ellie Black 14.300
2. Brooklyn Moors 14.050
— Jade Chrobok 14.050
4. Sophie Marois 13.950
5. Isabela Onyshko 13.850
6. Megan Phillips 12.933
7. Montana Fairbairn 12.866
8. Haley de Jong 12.800

This is just those doing the all-around, and reminder that their total scores will combine with their day one scores but I can’t do math that fast so just know that Ellie likely still has a monstrous lead.

2:33 pm. Padurariu UB: She did a full set in warmups that was SO insanely gorgeous. Inbar half to piked Jaeger, inbar piked Tkachev, great, inbar to bail to stalder to Ray, super steady, great handstand before giant full, high and clean full-in with a little bounce on the landing. She’s fab, what can I say?

2:32 pm. Olsen VT: Does the Lopez for her second vault, also excellent on the landing but not fab in the air/especially right when she comes off the table. Well, congrats 2018 Canadian vault champion!

2:29 pm. Olsen VT: Excellent DTY. Great landing. Gorgeous.

Morin UB: Maloney to Pak, lovely. Van Leeuwen, some ankle stuff, caught her release, high clean double tuck dismount with a little step.

Denommee BB: Looked like she fell on her mount? Whoops. Just a split too. Wobbled on flight series, good switch to switch half. Front aerial, check into a jump. Side somi. Off on a side split jump half. Full turn. Side aerial. Double pike dismount, step back.

Fairbairn FX: Good 2.5 to front tuck. Hit the second pass. Little hop on the double pike.

2:25 pm. Marois VT: DTY, a little messy in the air and shy on the landing, step forward. The second vault looked better but I missed what it was.

Scharf UB: Toe full, a little late, shaposh with leg sep to Pak, fell on something after that. 😦 I wanted her to get a super high ranking. Piked Jaeger, double pike dismount with a step.

Dowling BB: Candle mount, I loooove that she was leading beam after day one. Good wolf turn, a little check at the end of her triple flight series, front aerial, switch leap, wobbled on a leap after that. Also got a little wobbly on something before her dismount but stays on…and hits the dismount with a step bck.

Phillips FX: Front through to double tuck, good. Hit the second pass. 2.5 to finish I think, good.

2:22 pm. Johnston FX: Good double tuck, step back. Hopped on the second pass. Double full with a hop.

Vézina UB: Low Tkachev, clear hip to toe half (a little messy) to Ezhova, nice! Toe on to hecht, giant full, clear hip to back tuck dismount, crashed it.

Walker BB: Switch to switch half, good side somi. Little check on the bhs loso. Switch ring, big break but holds it. Big wobble on side aerial but fights it again and stays on. Double full with a big hop back.

Chrobok VT: Yurchenko 1.5, a little tentative on the landing, step forward to control it.

2:19 pm. Roberts FX: Dos Santos with a step forward. Piked full-in with a step back, OOB. Double tuck, solid landing. Double pike to finish with a great landing.

De Jong BB: SOLID triple flight series. I missed some after that but the side split half was great. Front aerial, good jump series, dismounts with a double tuck, hops it back.

Woo UB: Shaposh, clear hip…eep. Full I think? She kind of just flew off. Back on for bail to toe shoot, clear hip half (late) to piked Jaeger, double layout to finish is nice.

Moors VT: She sat a couple that I saw in warmups. Looked pretty frustrated. Just does the handspring layout half here instead of the full, which is a smart choice. It’s pretty clean and solid.

2:17 pm. Black VT: Handspring front layout full, still really seated but not as bad as Thursday, a little piked throughout as well.


2:15 pm. Holmstrom FX: Good double pike. 1.5 to punch front is clean. Just a layout to finish, clean and good landing.

Straker BB: Little check on full turn. Feed froze after that…all of them did. When it comes back, switch to split jump to back tuck I think. Bhs layout with a little step back. Everything else I saw was good. Big wobble on the front toss though. 1.5 dismount with a hop.

Onyshko VT: Clean FTY, little hop.

Monat UB: Giant full, blind change to front giant to big straddle Jaeger, misses her hands, fall. Back on for bail to toe shoot. Small step back on the full-in dismount.

2:13 pm. Touch warm-ups are underway and should be done in the next couple of minutes. Check back at about 2:15 ET!

2:11 pm. Athletes are marching out now! Isabela Onyshko, Ellie Black, Brooklyn Moors, Jade Chrobok, Sophie Marois, and Shallon Olsen are competing in Olympic order beginning on vault. Victoria-Kayen Woo and Ana Padurariu are in the group starting on bars. We’ll be following everyone but the focus will be this top group.

2:05 pm. Welcome back for the final day of competition at Canadian Championships! As a reminder on Thursday, the queen Ellie Black led qualifications by three points with a 55.408, followed by Jade Chrobok in second, who out-performed several top contenders after an excellent day with a 52.465, and then Brooklyn Moors in third with a 52.224, overcoming a fall on bars in the first rotation to climb back up the rankings.

This year, Canada is actually adding the scores from the two days of qualifications together, so these three will have a leg up over the rest of the competition when it comes to getting on the podium, but not too far behind are Sophie Marois in fourth place with a 52.156, Isabela Onyshko in fifth with a 51.890, Victoria-Kayen Woo in sixth with a 51.814, Hannah Scharf in seventh with a 51.031, and Laurie-Lou Vézina in eighth with a 50.757.


11 thoughts on “Canadian Championships Live Blog | Senior Finals

    • I’m always amazed by them, like no, she isn’t the cleanest always but she has such a great level of difficulty and she does pretty much all of it remarkably well!


      • Do you think ger taking out her punch front on beam is permanent? It seemed to me like it was causing her the most problems, and costing her medals and a 5.8D score without it still seems competitive to me.


        • Yeah, I’m wondering if it’s permanent or just so she can keep things a bit easier for meets where she doesn’t need it…but either way, her D is obviously more than high enough without it.


  1. In my opinion, Brooklyn needs to redo her bar routine. The Bhardwaj is way to messy and the van Leeuwen is really inconsistent. If I were her coach I would do toe full+chow+pak, Maloney+bail+stalder full+ray (Hecht up ray, not release), giant half (or giant 1.5)+Markelov, Moors dismount. Brooklyn seems to learn new connections and skills fairly quickly so maybe she’ll show up at worlds and nail her current routine, but right now it just isn’t working for her.


    • I agree. As things stand (assuming no further injuries of course) the best team would be Black, Moors, Onyshko/Padurariu (AA), Onyshko/Padurariu (UB, BB), Olsen (VT, FX) Alt: Rogers, Chrobok. If Padurariu is still limited to Bars only by worlds I would put Rogers in that spot since she can still get those same low-mid 14s on Bars and would be a good built in alternate on the other events. I think that Black and Moors are locks, and Olsen is also pretty safe since she’s probably their best chance at a medal and almost a shoo in for an event final at the very least. If she goes to Alabama in the fall rather than coming in for the spring semester or deferring until after the olympics then that could potentially be a question, but I think she’s going.


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