Around the Gymternet: I think this line is mostly filler


“And I’m floating in a most peculiar way.” -David Bowie. Hey, it’s my newsletter; I do what I want.

Comp news

The Paris Challenge Cup happened, with Ellie Black and the ladies of France doing especially well despite everyone competing cold and with too much heft. Here’s Lauren’s always passionate play by play.

Elisabeth Seitz is your new German champ, and “lost control whilst showing boyfriend weird rash in embarrassing place” is apparently all the rage now in the gym turns world.

P.S. The worlds nominative teams have been released, including the U.S.’s, though questions abound regarding Jade Carey’s absence.

Other news

Klages will be tried. A judge ruled that there’s enough evidence against former Michigan State University head gymnastics coach Kathie Klages to move forward with a trial on Thursday. Klages has been charged with lying to investigators about when she knew about Larry Nassar’s abuse.

In other MSU news, former uni psychologist Gary Stollak will have his license removed after authorities found that he failed to alert them after learning about Larry Nassar’s abuse in 2004.

More worlds drama for India. After some controversy, India will be sending gymnastics to worlds, though Rakesh Patra boycotted trials after the selection criteria was changed without his prior knowledge. Dipa Karmakar also skipped trials after reportedly hurting her thigh.

Also from the Asian continent: North and South Korea might send a unified gymnastics team to Tokyo 2020.

Required reading

  • Sports officials are making lists of people barred for sexual misconduct. Big lists (The New York Times)
  • Valorie Kondos Field’s new book is a good read on many levels (Los Angeles Times)
  • Michigan State’s untouchable board of trustees (The Atlantic)
  • Sister Survivors and the importance of being believed (ESPNW)
  • Maggie Nichols: Olympic dreams, Larry Nassar and falling back in love with gymnastics (The Indianapolis Star)

Star status

Retirements. Great Britain’s Megan Parker announced her retirement. Next stop: coaching!

Upgrades. Trinity Thomas is doing a Biles, and Viktoria “retired” Komova posted an old (?) video of her doing a triple tuck off bars.

Injuries. Coline Devillard is out of worlds with an ankle injury, as is Eythora Thorsdottir, who needs more time to recover from a hand injury. Slovakia’s Barbora Mokosova will likely also miss worlds due to injury.

Staying social

Meet Justice. She’s the seeing eye dog school dropout (stairs are hard, girl) just trying to make a difference at MSU’s Sexual Assault Program.

Safety not guaranteed. Ukraine’s Nazar Chepurnoy’s gym has cracked-and-glued-together parallel bars. Please, somebody send them some new equipment, stat.

Ah, bite me. Aliya Mustafina celebrated her birthday as one does: With cupcakes with her face on them.

Since you asked…

Is Nebraska on the up and up? When will we know for sure who’s on the worlds team? You visited the oracle with a baby for sacrifice, and she hath spoken.

Last words

This may have been the shortest ATG of all time ever…lucky for me, since I’m sick af.

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4 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: I think this line is mostly filler

  1. About competing “cold” at the Paris World Cup. I think you didn’t know that the competitors came straight out of the warm-up hall when they had to compete. They weren’t just sitting in the arena and waiting. They had to qualify one by one and only came into the arena once it was almost their turn. In finals, they came to greet the judges and then they could go back to the warm-up hall.


  2. Feel better soon! I’m also sick AF…I’ve had some sort of horrendous head cold sinus plague thing for a week. No more. Going to the doctor tomorrow. Not responsible for my actions if I don’t get something stronger than Alka-Seltzer out of it.

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