The World Championships Women’s Master Team List

This morning, the FIG released the nominative rosters for the 2018 World Championships, to be held beginning October 25 in Doha, Qatar.

With just under a month to go, several federations have also announced their teams, and we’re expecting many more to become public in the coming weeks. A full list of all teams is below, and we’ll change the “nominative” status to official once the rosters are announced by each federation.


Confirmed by Janna Mouffok’s Instagram on October 22.


Confirmed by Ayelen Tarabini’s Instagram on September 1.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Australia on October 15. Folino, who was on the nominative roster, is injured and withdrew from the selection process. Both Mizzen and Munteanu were injured in training prior to leaving for Doha, and they were replaced by Modaro and Nedov. No alternate will travel with the team.


Confirmed by Austrian Gymnastics on September 27. Mörz replaced Kickinger, who was originally on the nominative roster. As of October 24, Männersdorfer withdrew due to injury.


Confirmed by Marina Nekrasova on Instagram Stories on October 22. As of October 6, Inshina has decided to retire from gymnastics and therefore will no longer compete at worlds.


Confirmed by the Belarusian Gymnastics Association on September 22. Netsiazhenka replaced Harodnaya, who was originally on the nominative roster.


Confirmed by Gymfed on October 9. Julie Meyers is the alternate.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed by the Confederaçao Brasileira de Ginastica on October 12. Hypolito, originally on the nominative roster in the alternate position, is no longer on the team. Anna Reis is now the alternate.


Confirmed by Laney Madsen’s Instagram on June 11. As of October 18, Madsen is no longer on the roster for those confirmed to compete. She confirmed on Instagram that she suffered an ankle injury in training and is returning home.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Canada on October 1. Onyshko, originally on the nominative roster, was not named to the final team. Marois was the alternate, but was named to the team following an injury to Dénommée in training.


Confirmed by Raegan Rutty on Instagram on October 18.


Confirmed by Simona Castro on Instagram on October 19.


Confirmed by Gymternet China on October 9. Du Siyu is the alternate.


Confirmed by Gymternet China on October 22. Fu Chih-Yi is the alternate.


Confirmed by the Federacion Colombiana de Gimnasia on October 18. Avendaño, originally on the nominative roster, was replaced by Pardo.


Confirmed by the Federacion Deportiva de Gimnasia y Afines de Costa Rica on October 18. Alvarado, originally on the nominative roster, did not end up competing in Doha.


Confirmed by Hrvatski Gimnasticki Savez on October 16.


Confirmed by Anastasia Theocharous on Instagram Stories on October 20.


Confirmed by Aneta Holasova on Instagram Stories on October 15. Kristina Brabcova is the alternate.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed by Suomen Voimistelulitto on October 11. Murto has withdrawn due to injury and was replaced by Isabella Ahlblad, who is the alternate.


Confirmed by Federation Francaise Gym on September 25. Leanne Bourgeois is the nominative alternate, and Lea Marques, Morgane Osyssek, and Sheyen Petit are also on the training squad as potential alternates.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


As of October 4, the Deutscher Turner-Bund has confirmed Bui, Scheder, Seitz, and Voss as members of the team. As of October 9, Griesser has been confirmed as the fifth member and Carina Kröll is the alternate; Schäfer, originally on the nominative roster, has withdrawn due to a foot injury.


Confirmed by British Gymnastics on September 27. Lucy Stanhope was originally the alternate, but as of October 11, Emily Thomas has replaced an injured Stanhope in the role.


Confirmed by the Greek Gymnastics Federation on September 28. Maja was the alternate but replaced Plyta on the team following podium training.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed by Magyar Torna Szövetseg on October 18. As of October 16, Devai was forced to withdraw due to injury. Dalia Al-Salty is the alternate.


Confirmed by Fimleikasamband Islands on September 19. Sigridur Bergthorsdottir was originally the alternate but she has since been replaced by Andrea Orradottir.


Budda Reddy and Karmakar were both on the nominative roster as it was released, but the governing body in India changed the qualification procedures, and reportedly neither Budda Reddy nor Karmakar wanted to take part. As of October 20, I have confirmed that India has not registered any gymnasts for worlds.


Confirmed by Akurat on September 4.


Confirmed by Gymnastics Ireland on September 20.


Confirmed by Ofir Netzer on Instagram Stories on October 22.


Confirmed by Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia on October 13. Linari, originally on the nominative roster, has unfortunately withdrawn from contention due to a knee injury sustained in training on October 3. She was replaced by Lanza, and on October 12, Basile replaced Meneghini. Caterina Cereghetti is the alternate.


Confirmed by Danusia Francis on Instagram Stories on October 20. Williams, originally on the nominative roster, ended up unable to participate.


Confirmed by the Japan Gymnastics Association on July 13. Miyakawa, originally named to the team, has withdrawn due to personal reasons. Yuki Uchiyama has taken her place on the training squad and as of October 11, she has been named the alternate. As of October 27, Sugihara has withdrawn due to a back injury and the team will compete just four gymnasts in qualifications as Uchiyama did not travel to Doha.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed by Aida Bauryzhankova and Yekaterina Chuikina on Instagram Stories on October 18.


Alina Circene and Anastasija Dubova both confirmed on their respective Instagram Stories on October 22.


As of October 18, Vostruchovaite is no longer registered to compete.


Confirmed by Ang Tracie on Instagram Stories on October 21.


Confirmed to us by the Federacion Mexicana de Gimnasia on August 23.


Confirmed by KNGU on October 8. Sanna Veerman is the alternate.


Confirmed by Gymnastics New Zealand on August 3. As of October 18, Todd is no longer registered to compete.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed by Turn Kvinner on October 12. Juliane Tøssebro is the alternate.


Nominative. As of October 9, Orrego has withdrawn from the competition.


Confirmed by ENA Paramus on September 4.


Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska and Marta Pihan-Kulesza confirmed on their respective Instagram Stories on October 21.


Confirmed by the Federação de Ginastica de Portugal on October 22.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed by Federatia Romana de Gimnastica on October 19. Laura Iacob is the alternate.


Confirmed by TASS on October 17. Daria Spiridonova is the alternate.


Confirmed by Andjela Djurdjevic on Instagram Stories on October 22.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed by the Slovenska Gymnasticka Federacia on October 19. Takacova, originally named to the team, withdrew due to injury.


Confirmed by Tjasa Kysselef on Instagram Stories on October 21. As of October 9, Hribar has replaced Zabukovec.


Confirmed by the South African Gymnastics Federation on October 22.


Confirmed by Yun Na-rae’s Instagram on October 20. Yang Se-mi is the alternate.


Confirmed by the Real Federacion Española de Gimnasia on October 16. Andrea Carmona is the alternate.


Confirmed by SVT Sport on October 3.


Confirmed by the Schweizerischer Turnverband on September 25. Fabienne Studer is the alternate.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24.


Confirmed by Tutya Yilmaz on Instagram Stories on October 22.


Confirmed. Kateryna Shumeiko is the alternate.


Confirmed by USA Gymnastics on October 12. Ragan Smith has replaced Jones following the worlds selection camp held on October 11, and was named the alternate following podium training.


Oksana Chusovitina confirmed on her Instagram on October 21.


Confirmed at podium training as of October 24. Tran has withdrawn from the competition.

84 thoughts on “The World Championships Women’s Master Team List

    • PLEASE can she hit beam in qualifications and make the final? I don’t care if she medals or not, I just want her to be at her best! (also she had a super disappointing worlds last year with that injury).


    • Maybe because Jade has only been showing a DTY so far in competitions, and Grace and Shilese both have very good ones, and are better AAers. Grace’s floor is only a few tenths lower, maybe the same if Jade gets hammered with artistry deductions, which she should.

      Or maybe Tom Forster still does not understand Olympic qualification, in which case we have bigger problems.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Olympic quals thing would be an issue for sure, but if it’s really about the DTY and artistry deductions… She’s still the #2 scorer on those events even with her faults, she won both events at Pan Ams, plus, she does have an Amanar, she did it in PT for nationals. She also scores .5 better than Grace and .7 better than Shilese on floor. She is too much of an asset to us to leave behind.


      • “Or maybe Tom Forster still does not understand Olympic qualification, in which case we have bigger problems.”

        USAG is a dumpster fire even when not taking the cultural problems and sex abuse into account…


  1. While there are some I was hoping would be there (Thorsdottir, pre-retired/not retired Komova) between this year and last year this quad is actually showing some of my favorites worlds nominative rosters in a while.


    • Coline is injured…the Jade decision is probably going to be related to how they want her to qualify (e.g. as an individual) and I heard Canada’s worlds camp was a mess, not sure if Brittany was there or not but if she was, it’s possible she just wasn’t ready?


    • I don’t know why they did it, just that they initially said athletes could qualify as specialists but then they said anyone wanting to go to worlds had to do the AA which makes zero sense because like, none of their athletes are known for the AA? Like, Dipa does the AA sometimes but she’s not a top AAer by any means. Most would’ve been fine doing the AA with notice but because they initially said specialists, everyone dropped half of their events and now they have no time to prepare a full AA program so they’re all just withdrawing. So stupid of the federation.


  2. I just cant see why jade is not on the list…. I still cant believe tom does not know the rules… wtf are they thinking??

    Lauren, please get to the bottom of this for all of us… pleeeese


      • I get wanting to earn a nominative spot to ensure that she definitely has a spot in 2020 given USA’s depth but like, she’s pretty much a lock anyway since she has a realistic chance of getting two medals which puts her a step above the other specialists USA has who are likely to get two per countried in their single event by Simone + the other team all arounders

        Liked by 1 person

      • Interesting… so it seems this is more of Jade & her dad/coach wanting this route instead of USAG wanting this route? I find that a bit baffling. At the same time, I can understand wanting to go to the Olympics at any cost and so guaranteeing yourself as a specialist is the way to go. On the other hand, I think it sucks she’s giving up her chance to do team, and to defend her silver medals on VT and FX at worlds.


    • So now jade and her dad is now the director? i like jade but how can tom even allow this to happen?

      I guess i should pretend not to care.. i mean i am not jade who is throwing away a set of 2018 worlds medals…. whatever then…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. While I’m sad for her, and I know the US list is *only* nominative, maybe this means Ragan will finally consult with another doctor and/or a surgeon to deal with her ankle(s) so she can start really healing sooner rather than later.

    Also, unrelated, has Aly said anything official regarding if she is going to return to training again? I just re-watched some Rio clips, and if she timed it right for another peak, I can’t help but think she’d still be extremely competitive on a team of 4 all-arounders!


    • She’s said that Tokyo is no longer her priority, that her new priority is to help and advocate for survivors. She also mentioned in the midsummer that she hadn’t worked out in months. So it’s pretty much 99% looking like she’s not going for it, and even if she had a sudden change of mind and did. she’d have to do basic conditioning just to get back to where she was, then do heavier conditioning to get back to a place where she can do routines, and even then there’s a chance that she simply wouldn’t make the cut because it would all have to happen in less than a year and half which isn’t feasible. Had it not been for Nassar and everything that went down then she looked in amazing shape in Rio and still looked like she had room to grow, but it wasn’t meant to be.


  4. Jade Carey and her dad have already decided to withdraw from 2018 Worlds selection in order to use World Cups for a nominative spot to the Olympics. She’s not in the line-up for the Worlds selection camp, so she’s officially not going to Worlds.

    I’m surprised the US is allowing her to use this option, considering it is a nominative spot (aka the US has no control over this spot).


    • But I don’t get how Jade and her dad/coach KNOW that USAG is going to send her on the World Cup circuit to represent USA and achieve a nominative spot they have no say in? At the end of the day, isn’t every international assignment the decision of Forster? If he only wants non-nominative spots (that he ultimately controls who fills them at the Olympics) can’t he technically just NOT send Jade on any World Cup assignment? Am I completely off-base? Can Jade and her dad just be like, “well, we’re going no matter what” – I thought you needed your country’s “permission” to represent them?


      • You do need their permission. I think this is a great deal of stupidity on her father’s part because they don’t have to send her so she could miss out, and on Forster’s because if they do decide to send her then it smacks of favoritism. Why her? Why provide her with a guaranteed spot? UGH.


        • WHAT IF SHE GETS HURT? should be tattooed on everyone’s forehead who interviews Forster. Does he actually know USA loses a spot in Tokyo if Jade qualifies through the Apparatus Cup and then gets injured and cannot compete?! Team qualifying is non-nominative – every young woman who competes for USA in Doha knows they aren’t guaranteed a spot in Tokyo (expect Simone, which is a different conversation). This just doesn’t sound at all like the M.O. of USAG. Maybe it’s too early to judge Forster and his selection methods, but this just seems so… weird.


      • According to Forster, USAG “support[s] Jade’s and Brian’s goal of earning a nominal spot through the apparatus World Cup process.” ( So it looks like they will definitely be sending her. I can see why Jade would want to go this route (secure her own spot), but why USAG is willing to do it is the real question at hand.


        • This reeks of either Forster either not actually understanding which spots are nominative vs non-nominative, or being some weird gesture by Forster/USAG to ‘turn over a new leaf’ and give the gymnasts a bit of autonomy – as I type this I am floored that ANY country with more than one elite gymnast capable of filling a specialist role beyond the team would want to do nominative qualification – since the nation loses the spot if the gymnast withdraws or is injured…


        • Sorry to double-comment, but after re-reading your link… Forster is quoted as saying “…a nominal spot…” and oh my god nominal and nominative have like, the opposite meaning. I get that he easily could have been misquoted or mispronounced ‘nominative’, but nominal literally means “in name only” which is eerily similar to non-nominative (or, “Jade Carey” qualified, but it’s hers “in name only” and actually belongs to the federation).

          As odd as this may seem, props to Jade and her dad for seeking out a route to secure her spot that does not involve her becoming a citizen of another country *cough* Belarus *cough*


        • This makes no sense. So that means the US is only going to go for one other individual spot via continental championships or AA world cups, when they could easily get two that way. By allowing Jade to pursue a spot via apparatus cups, they are gambling on her not only earning a spot but staying healthy. If she gets injured they do not get to replace her with another US gymnast. Why risk losing a spot?


        • So I am confused at to whether or not Jade getting injured after earning a spot actually regulates the US to just one extra spot. Say Jade earns herself a nominative spot, and then someone also goes to world cups and is one of the top three point finishers. And then the US also goes to contiental championships and has someone finish in the top two. that’s tree potential spots, and now obviously they can only use two of them. So when/if Jade gets injured her nominative vault spot goes to the next highest vault finisher, but then the US suddenly can use one of its other previous finishers to still have two spots.


  5. OMG…. sorry i didn;t read further before making my earlier comments…. OMFG!!! i can’t believe usag is actually endorsing this decision for jade!!! As much as i dont like what martha and her camp did and i am not ever advocating she should be the director again unless she like do a thousand apologies to everyone, but i can guarantee you this would ‘ve rightly never happen in 2016!…


  6. I think Jade withdrawing is a huge opening for Emma Malabuyo to sneak in.
    We all know that Simone, Riley, and Morgan (formerly Jade as well) are next to locks, but the other three spots are fairly open at the moment.
    Kara Eaker and Grace Mccallum are looking like good options right now, but one spot is still up for grabs.
    Shilese would be a great non-traveling alternate, but the only event she would be top three on would be vault, where we could just sub Morgan in and be perfectly fine.
    Emma, on the other hand, has the potential to be top three on both beam and floor, in addition to providing a TF worthy DTY. She could definitely take Grace Mccallum´s team final spot and relegate her to alternate. It’s a toss up.
    I also think Trinity Thomas is in the conversation for one of the six. I don’t think she’ll make the five person team, but an alternate position for bars and floor is definitely a possibility.
    Also, maybe Jordan Chiles and her Amanar?
    MY team: Simone, Riley, Morgan, Kara, Grace (Alt: Emma)
    VT: Morgan, Grace, Simone
    UB: Morgan, Simone, Riley
    BB: Riley, Kara, Simone
    FX: Grace/Kara?, Morgan, Simone


  7. For those wondering about Jade – she and her coach/dad decided to decline the invite to world selection camp and choose to qualify individual to 2020 Tokyo through the World Cup series.


  8. Re: Jade Carey, I’m copy/pasting my question from another site because I’m lazy but really want to understand:

    I’m going to aside the US team’s/US individual gymnasts’ interests for a minute. I know this is all a competition and that it’s not “unfair” for someone to qualify according to the rules. But from an equity perspective… am I correct in feeling that this would feel “unfair” to gymnasts from smaller programs, i.e., this is not in the spirit of why the new qualification system was put in place? Like would… I don’t know… Dipa Karmakar for example be going “crap, I really needed this chance and now I’m probably going to be edged out from a gymnast from the US who likely would have made it anyway”?

    I’m not trying to blame the Careys or even USAG… a competition is a competition, and it’s not like FIG can make a rule and be like “oh but if you’re a big program, pretty please don’t come to this competition!!” I’m just looking for clarification as to whether my interpretation is correct, or if these spots would have always likely gone to gymnasts from big programs anyway.


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  10. Uh it had better be Schafer on the German team! I get that she isn’t at full strength but how the heck can you leave her behind? Without her, beam becomes just as weak as floor and vault for the Germans! Their only okay event would be bars.


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    • I hope Lucy’s okay though. And funny that of all the Welsh girls, Emily’s the one who ends up getting to worlds and not Latalia and Maisie!!! DAMN YOU INJURIES. I was really hoping this would be Latalia’s year.


    • I’m late to this, but seems like GB has MORE injuries. Taeja apparently has a broken hand or finger (I read that somewhere, can’t remember where). Lucy is injured, severity unknown. Maisie? Who knows. When she’s healthy I can’t see Emily Thomas outscoring her and she wasn’t at worlds trials.


  12. So sad we won’t be seeing the following gymnasts at worlds:
    Larisa Iordache
    Giulia Steingruber
    Eythora Thorsdottir
    Coline Devillard
    Elisabeth Seitz
    Pauline Schäfer
    Lucy Stanhope
    Tabea Alt
    Sae Miyakawa
    Dipa Karmakar (maybe)

    Any others I missed that won’t be going who you wish you would see there this year?


  13. And now Boglárka Devái is out?!? What??? NOOOO!
    She had a legit chance at making vault finals, and a small chance at possibly medalling depending how things went, but just to see her in finals would’ve been great! This sucks. ☹


    • Woohoo! USA gymnastics just announced the team: Biles, Hurd, McCallister, McCallum, and Eaker. Smith is the alternate.
      Looks like Simone & Morgan & Riley are all going for the AA.
      I really want it to be Simone & Morgan, but I’ll be okay with either Morgan or Riley earning that second spot just as long as neither of them get it because of mistakes the other one made. We’ll see…


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