2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Qualifications Subdivision 2

Welcome to the live blog for the second subdivision of men’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

1:13 pm. Team Standings After Subdivision 2

1. Russia 258.402
2. Netherlands 245.663
3. France 241.203
4. Belgium 236.644
5. Romania 234.121
6. Finland 233.045
7. Belarus 232.429
8. Austria 223.787

All-Around Standings After Subdivision 2

1. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 87.098
2. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 84.572
— David Belyavskiy, Russia, 83.332
3. Andrei Muntean, Romania, 80.224
4. Loris Frasca, France, 78.899
5. Andrey Likhovitskiy, Belarus, 78.866
6. Jonathan Vrolix, Belgium, 78.830
7. Julien Gobaux, France, 78.531
8. Oskar Kirmes, Finland, 78.331
9. Maxime Gentges, Belgium, 78.082
10. Bram Louwije, Netherlands, 77.798
11. Dzianis Sanuvonh, Belarus, 76.899
— Noah Kuavita, Belgium, 76.599
12. Rasuljon Abdurakhimov, Uzbekistan, 75.598
13. Elias Koski, Finland, 75.465
— Antoine Borello, France, 75.199
— Franz Card, Finland, 74.231
14. Matthias Schwab, Austria, 74.065
— Raman Antropau, Belarus, 73.898
15. Abdulla Azimov, Uzbekistan, 72.897
16. Rafael Szabo, Romania, 70.565
17. Wei An Terry Tay, Singapore, 66.165

1:03 pm. Bart Deurloo NED PH: Oh god so far this is going so well, tbt to his balls injury at American Cup in 2017. No balls injury today!! That was solid and the whole team was basically screaming at him to hit.

1:01 pm. Bram Louwije NED PH: Hit routine! Nothing major to call out about it; his form and swing look better than anyone else on the team so far.

Andrey Likhovitskiy BLR FX: 2.5 to front full, layout side pass, I missed some stuff in there but I think he hit it all, finished with a 2.5.

Dennis Goossens BEL SR: Good from what I saw at the beginning. Great control on his handstands. Just a step back on his dismount.

12:59 pm. Yahor Sharamkou BLR FX: Triple back, dayummm!!! Excellent body position! Front full to double front, short on the pass after that, big hop back on the double double, double arabian to finish.

Oskar Kirmes FIN HB: Kovacs is good, ooh, stalder Tkachev! So rare in MAG hahaha. Can I just call it a Ricna? He’s doing WERK right now and this whole meet has been great for him IIRC. Huge floaty full-twisting DLO. Good job.

12:56 pm. Dzianis Sanuvonh BLR FX: Hit his first pass, then a front double full to barani and a 2.5 to front layout, stuck and very nice form. Step back on his triple full to finish. Really great work.

Jonathan Vrolix BEL SR: I missed Noah’s routine, looks like he hit from the E score. Jonathan is mostly good, just gets a bit arched in some handstands, good landing on the dismount.

Vinzenz Höck AUT VT: Kaz full, a little crazy, step to control the landing.

Elias Koski FIN HB: Great routine! Hit everything.

Casimir Schmidt NED PH: Everything going well for him so frar, just some little form things. Legs split apart a bit wildly before he travels but hit routine!

Severin Kranzlmüller AUT VT: Solid kaz. Wasn’t expected to vault…went over Sereinig I think?

12:55 pm. Franz Card FIN HB: Yamawaki, one-arm pirouette, then a one-arm giant, stalder half, hit the dismount.

Frank Rijken NED PH: Fell early in the routine but I didn’t see where.

Matthias Schwab AUT VT: Solid kaz full.

12:51 pm. Oh god I’m getting tired. ONE ROTATION LEFT! But 2389234 more subdivisions today.

Russia with a seven point lead over the Netherlands after five, and the Netherlands seven ahead of France.

12:48 pm. Maxime Gentges BEL PH: Arena to himself. SCARY. Really high swing if that makes sense, pirouette handstand into flairs then scissors, muscles handstand a bit after that but he has good control. Travels well across the horse then backwards, legs come apart slightly near the end, muscles into the dismount but hits! Good work under pressure.

12:46 pm. Jonathan Vrolix BEL PH: I missed most of it but he hit!

Vinzenz Höck AUT SR: Caught snippets of this and it was really solid!

12:42 pm. Noah Kuavita BEL PH: He’s had a 900 year wait for Luka’s score. I didn’t see Luka’s routine…but it got like a 4 E score so I’m guessing it wasn’t cute. Noah starts with a little scissor element then gets into his swing, hip angle isn’t quite there but he’s trying, loses his rhythm and comes off. Back on to finish the second half, way muscles the dismount.

Oskar Kirmes FIN PB: Hit routine, looked good from what I saw.

Bart Deurloo NED FX: Whip half to double front I think? Was that right? Or front layout and I’m drunk. Hit the second pass, then a 2.5 to barani, stuck cold. Arabian double front, little hop. Excellent!

12:40 pm. Casimir Schmidt NED FX: Hit his first two passes, I wasn’t paying attention, then a 2.5 to front full I think (or front double full, I missed the beginning). Double full side pass. Hit the pass after that, then triple full with a tiny bounce back. Solid set.

Matthias Schwab AUT SR: Arms gave out when he was in a handstand but he muscled out of it. Hit the full-in double tuck dismount.

12:39 pm. Elias Koski FIN PB: I only saw the dismount, a piked double back, short on it and he somersaults forward out of it.

12:37 pm. Franz Card FIN PB: Solid start, piked double back with a hop.

Frank Rijken NED FX: Solid double front. Front double full to front full is solid. 1.5 to barani side pass. 2.5, basically stuck, just some windmill arms.

Raman Antropau BLR HB: Bent his knees after catching his first release. Good straddle Tkachev half. Beautiful full-twisting DLO dismount, stuck.

12:35 pm. Bram Louwije NED FX: Oh he’s tall AF, or looks it on floor. First pass has some leg issues, hits lovely double arabian after that though, solid landing. Hit routine.

Dzianis Sanuvonh BLR HB: Good work from him. Legs together on everything. Went for the triple back but sat it.

12:34 pm. Epke takes over as high bar leader with a 14.4 to Tin’s 14.3!

12:30 pm. Jonathan Vrolix BEL FX: Front layout to double front, little stumble, then a hop forward on his piked double front. 2.5 to barani is good. 1.5 to front full, clean and stuck. Hit the end from what I could see.

Epke Zonderland NED HB: Endo half, huge Cassina to Kovacs, Kolman, knees are a little loose on his two tucked releases, good front giant work, stalder to hop full, double double layout with a tiny bounce in place. WOOOOOOT.

12:27 pm. Bart Deurloo NED HB: Hit the beginning pirouette stuff, then a great Cassina, Kovacs, Kolman, Yamawaki, stalder to hop full, and a double double with a step, the Dutch crowd is VERY happy with that. Super confident and aggressive set.

Heikki Saarenketo FIN VT: I missed what he did for his second vault but he just had a little hop back on it, maybe a handspring Rudi?

12:24 pm. Luka van den Keybus BEL FX: Double front half-out, low with a step. Hands down behind him after his front layout to double front. Hit the pass after that, and everything else at the end.

Frank Rijken NED HB: Front full pirouette, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, smooth, 1.5 pirouette, one-arm pirouette, hop full, full-twisting DLO with a step.

Heikki Saarenketo FIN VT: Kaz 1.5, hop forward, really solid!

12:21 pm. I’m going to mostly ignore Croatia on rings since they all have like 2.0 D’s here.

Maxime Gentges BEL FX: Hit his opening pass, 2.5 to front layout, a little low but gets it around. I think the rest was hit but I missed some of this.

Franz Card FIN VT: Just a kaz full, decent, step back.

Bram Louwije NED HB: I missed the beginning of this, but everything I see is okay, clearly some weaknesses in his form, full-twisting DLO with some loose knee and a hop.

Elias Koski FIN VT: Kaz double, tentative landing, step to the side.

12:19 pm. Team situation after three rotations right now has Russia 5.6 points ahead of the Netherlands, and then Romania another five points back from the Dutch.

12:15 pm. Noah Kuavita BEL HB: Wild on his Kolman, couldn’t catch it and flew back onto the mat. Back on for a layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half SOMEHOW CAUGHT SIDEWAYS BASICALLY LOL oy, muscles through some pirouette work, stalder, hit his DDLO dismount with a step back.

12:14 pm. Filip Ude CRO PH: Had a really nice routine going but then couldn’t muscle up the dismount and kind of crashed the handstand onto the horse, MY SOUL IS CRUSHED. He’s had such an incredible year. 😦

Casimir Schmidt NED PB: Hit routine, solid double front dismount.

12:11 pm. Oskar Kirmes SR: I only saw the dismount, looked like a 2.5-twisting double tuck? Cool if so. Solid set.

Andrey Likhovitskiy BLR VT: Shewfelt, kinda runs out of it like “who cares.”

Epke Zonderland NED PB: I missed Frank Rijken before him but Epke’s routine is EXCELLENT, solid double pike dismount to cap it off.

Luka van den Keybus BEL HB: Yamawaki, tucks his legs in the middle of it, weird arm positions on his Rybalko, full-twisting double layout with a hop.

12:08 pm. Fabio Sereinig AUT FX: 2.5 to barani, legs get a little loose. Hit his second pass, then a front full to front half, again with the really loose knees. His lines were so nice on HB but he’s kind of like “who cares” here. Double full side pass.

Yahor Sharamkou BLR VT: Kaz 1.5, step forward, looked okay in the air.

Maxime Gentges BEL HB: I missed his first release but flew off on his Kovacs and had a really really hard fall on his back. Takes a second to get back up but he’s fine.

Robert Seligman CRO PH: Here we gooooo! His hand movement is SO QUICK AND PRECISE. Has a little moment where his hips come close to the horse but he gets his control back quickly, ugh, but then loses it and he’s off…weird, was that his dismount? I doubt it but he bows and is like “bye.”

12:07 pm. Bran Louwije NED PB: Good start for the Dutch. Wild legs on his piked double back but hit routine.

Dzianis Sanuvonh BLR VT: Roche stuck COLD DAAAAAMMMNNN that was lovely!!!!!!!!! His chest position, everything FAB.

12:05 pm. Severin Kranzlmüller AUT FX: Double front, a bit low, step forward. Something into a barani after that, then a layout.

Leonardo Kusan CRO PH: Oof, came flying off the side at one point, looks depressed af.

Franz Card SR: Solid set, piked double front with a hop forward.

Jonathan Vrolix BEL HB: Hit his release that I saw, good pirouette stuff, double double layout with a step.

12:04 pm. They put Russia back to a two-rotation score while this current subdivision is also at two rotations, and Russia has a six-point lead ahead of the Netherlands with Belgium actually not far behind the Dutch at the moment.

12:01 pm. Juho Kanerva FIN PH: I missed most of this but what I did see looked good. Simple dismount but looks happy with it.

12:00 pm. Luka van den Keybus BEL PB: Good pirouette work to handstands! He does a bunch and they’re all clean. Tucks his knees a bit on his piked double back.

Vinzenz Höck AUT HB: Crushed this set! Really solid work throughout, double lay full dismount. HE ALSO HAS THE BEST MUSTACHE. What we really care about here.

11:56 am. Oskar Kirmes FIN PH: Really clean and confident swing. Russians are especially strong. Tucks his knees a tiny bit near the end as he gets tired….then muscles into his dismount, a hit routine.

Fabio Sereinig AUT HB: Huuuuuge Yamawaki! Endo half, his lines!!! YAS. Straddle Tkachev, stalder to stalder half, TRIPLE BACK!!!!!!!! BUT SAT IT. UGHHHHHH.

Anton Kovacevic CRO FX: Omg he has a front pike to back tuck god bless. Just a layout after that. Barani to end. Again, easy, but love seeing them work as a team.

Maxime Gentges BEL PH: Saw bits and pieces of this, looked hit from what I saw.

11:55 am. Tin Srbic CRO FX: Front double full to punch front, big hop forward OOB. 2.5 to front full, hop. Double full.

Noah Kuavita BEL PB: Good salto work from him…gets nice height! Pirouette got a bit wild, solid double front half-out.

I didn’t see Frank Rijken vault…maybe they’re just putting up three?

11:53 am. Jonathan Vrolix BEL PB: 1.5 pirouette was nice. Just some little form things throughout…but overall nice! Piked double back with a step.

Bart Deurloo NED VT: Kaz 1.5, tentative big step forward on the landing.

Elias Koski FIN PH: Tucks his legs a bunch. Really fighting through though. Slows at the end before his dismount but muscles through and hits.

11:51 am. Filip Ude CRO FX: I missed the beginning. Actually only saw the double full at the end. I think he has a generally pretty easy routine? He’s really here for pommels but hey, might as well do what you can to try to make Croatia more of a team than just a group of specialists. I like that they’re really working on the team component even though some of their events have no D.

Bram Louwije NED VT: Kaz full, a little wild, step back.

Franz Card PH: Messy legs throughout but a hit routine.

Lukas Kranzlmüller AUT HB: Great Kovacs. Hit routine.

11:47 am. Moving to the second rotation….highlights from that were Tin Srbic on high bar for sure…and Oskar Kirmes on floor, I loooved his set.

11:43 am. Bram Louwije NED SR: Saltos into the L sit were a bit rough, swinging and arched in a handstand after that, 1.5 twisting double tuck with a step.

Heikki Saarenketo FIN FX: 2.5 to front full, looked like it lacked control a bit. 1.5 to Rudi with some messy legs and a hop. Triple full a little shy and crunched on the landing.

Andrey Likhovitskiy BLR PB: I didn’t see most of this but he had kind of a wild fall at one moment which is a shame. This is his event and he had a real shot at the final.

Severin Kranzlmüller AUT PB: Clean routine, double pike dismount.

11:40 am. Noah Kuavita BEL VT: Roche, a little seated in the landing, hop, some cowboying in the air.

Oskar Kirmes FIN FX: Front lay front double full, good landing. Double front, a little far back on his heels but no problem correcting it. 2.5 to barani is clean. Solid 1.5 to front full. Hit side pass.

Bart Duerloo NED SR: Looked pretty good from what I could see. One complaint was that on his straddle planche, his hip angle looked awkward so his legs were much higher than his chest.

Tin Srbic CRO HB: Straddle Tkachev, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, catch looked a little high, layout Tkachev half, stoop full to front giant to Endo full, stalder, full-twisting double layout stuck with his chest a bit down. Glad to see him back and looking great!

11:38 am. Vinzenz Höck AUT PB: Hit everything I saw in the routine but then stumbled back his double pike dismount quite a bit.

Anton Kovacevic CRO HB: Yamawaki, good layout Tkachev, full-twisting double layout with a hop

Elias Koski FIN FX: Double arabian, front full to front double full, nice, 2.5 to barani is stuck cold.

Casimir Schmidt NED SR: Front double tuck to double pike to L sit, a little weak in the transition to the sit but not too bad. Good dismount.

Jonathan Vrolix VT: Roche, big wild hop forward.

11:36 am. Franz Card FIN FX: A little wild on his first two passes. Got better for the one after that. Finishes strong with a front full I believe.

Filip Ude CRO HB: Made it through his routine but then sat the dismount.

Frank Rijken NED SR: Solid set, stuck piked double front dismount.

Luka van den Keybus BEL VT: DTY, step back.

11:33 am. Finland starts on floor, Belarus on pommels, Netherlands on rings, Belgium on vault, Austria on p-bars, and Croatia on high bar!


3 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Qualifications Subdivision 2

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  2. The Croatians performed vaults with a 1.8 difficulty and ended up with scores > 10, which is better that some scores with a 5 D score. Also Tin Srbic had a 4 point deduction on PB: I don’t know what he did to get that since I was watching the Dutch on PH.
    The Dutch were very good, so happy to see them in such a good position.


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