2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Qualifications Subdivision 5

Welcome to the live blog for the fifth subdivision of men’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:41 pm. That’s it for now! I’ll come back in like an hour with the standings but you can find them on the FIG website…it’s still Russia in first, Netherlands second, and Switzerland third…this Rotation, Ukraine jumps to fourth and Spain to fifth, ahead of France! Uhhh, the Euros bronze medalists aren’t going to make the team final. IT HURTS.

9:37 pm. Abad ESP HB: So I wasn’t typing through his routine but it was solid, he’ll be thrilled with that and with his day in general!

I missed all of Sweden on pommels and some of NZ on floor. 😦 I legit could not tell Oleg and Igor apart from this distance and I was like wait who just sat WHAT? lmao. Rough life.

9:34 pm. Radivilov UKR VT: I believe he meant to do the Dragulescu but he ends up sitting the Roche, like, he had no prayer with that block and landed it right on his butt. Depressing. Won’t do a second vault.

9:33 pm. Diallo ESP HB: Big layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle half, aggressive on all three, Endo half, DDLO dismount, solid.

Zakutney CAN PB: Had a couple of noticeable form breaks but good dismount.

9:31 pm. Verniaiev UKR VT: Dragulescu to start, not his best with a big hop back. Kaz double, really tucked coming off the table, and pratically still rotating into the mat, step back to control it. Messy but again, the D could get him through. Hmm. He’s currently 5th though. We’ll see.

9:29 pm. Hryko UKR VT: Kaz 1.5, rotates it but doesn’t get the height to flip the layout around well, super seated/buckled landing that he jumps up out of.

Paterson CAN PB: Pretty sure he hit this, nothing majorly wrong with it that I saw.

Dyson NZL FX: Front lay front full, double tuck with a tiny hop. 1.5 to barani is stuck. Double full. Big step forward on his last pass but didn’t see him go OOB.

Mir ESP HB: Big Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, catches with one arm and has a really hard fall. 😦 Gets back up and rechalks though. Back on for a Tkachev, some other stuff I didn’t type through, and a double double layout with a step back.

9:26 pm. 13.5 hours later and WE’VE REACHED THE LAST PAGE OF THE START LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koudinov NZL FX: Front layout to double front, a tad short, just a hop back. 2.5 to barani. I missed the rest.

Vasylenko UKR VT: Kaz 1.5, underrotated quite a bit and I can’t see OOB lines from here but I’m 99% sure it went out.

Mosa QAT SR: Did saltos up to a straddle planche but he went a bit too far and ended up doing an upside down V, it was adorable. Hit the rest and the dismount.

Lopez ESP HB: I missed a lot but he didn’t come off, floaty DLO full with a hop forward.

9:24 pm. Igor took over the rings lead! Team is still Russia, Netherlands, and Switzerland, with Ukraine right behind the Swiss.

9:21 pm. Radivilov UKR SR: Everything I saw from the beginning was good. Planche position is nice but maybe a bit quick. Handstands are solid. Triple double I think for his dismount, a tiny bit shy in the rotation but landed well.

Only a 13.366 for Oleg on rings, never his best event but he could’ve used a better score there…though wasn’t expecting anything crazy with his shoulder issues.

9:19 pm. Abad ESP PB: BEAUTIFUL set, stuck the dismount, A+++

Vanström SWE FX: Hit what I saw, finished with a triple full, a little rough around the edges but rotated it well.

Ellis NZL HB: Yamawaki, Kovacs is great, blind change to front giant to Weiler kip, nice, full-twisting DLO with a small step.

9:16 pm. Hryko UKR SR: Everything I saw was decent, double double dismount with a step.

Lidbeck SWE FX: Good first couple of passes. Hits the rest very well, solid triple full to finish and he’s pumped.

Dyson NZL HB: HUUUUUUUGE Kovacs holy crap, but no prayer of catching that, I don’t think his hands touch. Back on, idk what that was, did he balk a Kovacs the second time? Just kind of let go and then regrasped. The rest is great, so unfortunate about that mistake.

KILL ME I missed Oleg on rings.

9:13 pm. Lopez ESP PB: Hit routine, slide on the double pike dismount, but overall really strong.

Cournoyer CAN VT: I think Zakutney crashed his vault before this. Rene does a Roche with an OUCH of a step back, that knee twist just tore MY meniscus.

Rumbutis SWE FX: Good twisting from him, especially on his Randi. He’s a small bean! Stuck double full.

Koudinov NZL HB: Hop change into his front giants then his piked Gaylord, Gaylord, Yamawaki, straddle Tkachev, hop full, DLO full-out with a step. Great job from him.

Morgan CAN VT: Handspring front double full, excellent!

9:11 pm. Paterson CAN VT: DTY, step back, good control.

Idesjö SWE FX: Think he did a triple full, then front layout or front full or something to barani or Rudi (I tell you I never see the entries, IT’S A HARD LIFE). Ends with a 2.5.

Dick NZL HB: Layout Tkachev, looks like he’s winding up for another relase but he ends up slowing his swing and doing giants again. Winds up again for a straddle Tkachev, double double layout with a step, good work. Big smiles!

9:09 pm. It’s back to Russia and the Netherlands in first and second! Then Switzerland, Belgium, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Spain, and France.

9:04 pm. Idesjö SWE HB: Yamawaki, Kolman, some leg separation but catches, Kovacs, great, hop to L grip before a stoop half, hop full, full-twisting double layout, LOVELY. Step.

Morgan CAN SR: L sit, presses to Maltese, nice. Arches over quite a bit on a hanstand after that, double front to a Maltese to iron cross, clean and steady, planche is held well, double double is super open, legs are a bit loose though.

Vasylenko UKR PH: I believe he hit…he hit when I was looking, anyway.

Dyson NZL PB: Only saw the dismount, a stuck piked double back!

9:01 pm. Verniaiev UKR PH: I also missed Hryko’s pmomels. UGH. Oleg is doing okay, he looks a little labored, ugh, then bends his knees and comes off. WHYYYYYY. I’m depressed.

Koudinov NZL PB: Held one handstand with bent elbows for like 20 years but didn’t come off! The rest goes much better, really fluid movement. piked double back with a little hop.

8:58 pm. Zapata ESP VT: Solid DTY.

Dick NZL PB: Really nice work from him, just a noticeable muscled handstand but good work. Just a hop on the dismount.

Lidbeck SWE HB: Tkachev, stalder to blind change to Endo, full-twisting double layout with a step back.

Lopez ESP VT: Roche, super low butt-grazer but stands up out of it quickly.

Mir ESP VT: Excellent kaz 1.5.

I missed Petro Pakhniuk’s pommels but looks like it wasn’t great.

8:56 pm. Mosa QAT FX: Hit his opening pass. I missed most of the middle, saw the last pass, a 2.5 with some leg issues and a big step.

Abad ESP VT: Kaz full, not bad.

Paterson CAN SR: hit routine, solid 1.5 double tuck.

Vanström SWE HB: Omg he has the tiniest little manbun I’ve ever seen. I missed a lot of this but think he hit it all, big floaty DLO full at the end.

8:51 pm. Zakutney CAN PH: I almost don’t want to watch but he’s good right? Scissor elements, back and forth between single pommel and the horse, travels forward and back, everything is good, then he tucks his legs right before his dismount, but uses every ounce of strength to pull them tight and kick his heels up over his head to get the handstand. At least he stayed on. Oh, he gets back on and does the dismount again because the way he did it before, it wasn’t going to count I guess? So…a fall I guess. 😦

8:47 pm. Idesjö SWE PB: I caught the end of this, hit routine with a bounce on the double front dismount.

Clay CAN PH: Gets really high in his swing and shows off nice lines, but he’s a bit too high maybe and isn’t in the right position, kind of just flies off. Legs come apart while he’s traveling and he rolls onto his back before falling off. I think this is like the 6th fall for Canada on pommels…in three routines. 6th or 7th. 😦 😦 😦 Back on to travel again, steadier this time forward and backward, finishes strong.

8:46 pm. Cournoyer CAN PH: Gets on and immediately comes off, just bends his knees and can’t straighten them. Cory Paterson before him only got a 3.666 E which like YIKES what happened. Back on for some good work, just muscles before the dismount.

Radivilov UKR FX: Hit his opening pass, then a front full to double front with a tiny hop. Hit third pass then arabian double front. I missed some stuff after that until the tucked full-in, two hops back on the landing.

Zapata ESP SR: Lovely saltos to the iron cross. Hit the dismount well.

8:44 pm. O’Connell-Inns NZL VT: Kaz full, step back to control it, but tons of power!

Rumbutis SWE PB: Hit routine, bounce on the double back pike landing.

8:43 pm. Verniaiev UKR FX: Caught it from the front double full to barani, 2.5 to front full is a bit sloppy, Randi is a bit shy. Just not his best right now sadly. Wild triple full with a hop back. Mmmmmm.

Abad ESP SR: Good routine, hop on the dismount.

8:41 pm. Ellis NZL VT: Second vault is a Cheng (I only know the WAG name SORRYYY), mostly solid again from what I could see. Not as tight as the DTY though.

Al Dyani QAT HB: Yamawaki, everything else is really precise, super deep inbar work, Endo is lovely, his lines are really nice. Slowly rotated DLO dismount needs some buckling and a hop but he made it through! Crowd is thrilled for him.

8:40 pm. Hryko UKR FX: Hit his first pass but sat the second one out of bounds. Randi I think is really nice. Triple full to finish is good.

Ellis NZL VT: Solid DTY!! Great in the air, strong landing.

8:37 pm. Vasylenko UKR FX: Double double stuck cold. Front double full to front full. Randi with a big hop to the side. 2.5 to barani. I feel like half of those are wrong, I always miss the entry to a skill and never know if it’s forward or backward.

Mosa QAT HB: Good Tkachev, then straddle half, Endo full into the widest L grip I’ve ever seen and he has to hop off. Got back on and finished strong.

Mir ESP SR: Hit routine, really solid.

8:35 pm. Aaaand say bye to that Ukrainian lead. Russia is now five points ahead of them, haha. Ukraine second, Netherlands third, Switzerland fourth, and Belgium fifth after the second rotation.

8:34 pm. I missed all of NZ on rings I realized… 😦

8:31 pm. Morgan CAN FX: Hit everything at the beginning, maybe a little weak in his form attention to detail? Also looked like he had a foot OOB. The rest went better after that.

Pakhniuk UKR HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half to front giant work, very aggressive there, big Yamawaki. Stuck his DLO full.

Abad ESP PH: Really nice handstand flairs down into his flairs, excellent routine for him!!

8:30 pm. Cournoyer CAN FX: Double double, double front, big lunge back, the rest looked okay, step back on the full-in dismount.

Verniaiev UKR HB: Caught a release then bent his legs when going back up into handstand, good cover though, didn’t break his swing, but he may have missed stuff, hop full, Endo to Endo half, DDLO with a hop forward.

Thierno Diallo ESP PH: Hit routine, I didn’t see much even though I PROMISED.

8:28 pm. Rumbutis SWE VT: Great DTY!

Al Dyani QAT PB: Another hit set! Looks thrilled.

I’ve missed whatever Spain has done on pommels so far. I’ll try to catch the next guys.

8:25 pm. Mosa QAT PB: Good set! Clean double pike dismount with a hop.

Zakutney CAN FX: Front lay to double front, great landing. Double double, baby hop. 1.5 to front full also great. Has a weird low 2.5 that he tries to get into a barani but it’s a bit rough. Double arabian to finish.

Hryko UKR HB: Straddle Tkachev half, straddle Tkachev, stalder half, a little late, hop change to front giant to Endo full pretty solid on the bar, Endo half, DDLO dismount looks good.

Lidbeck SWE VT: Kaz full, hop back.

8:23 pm. Paterson CAN FX: Hit his first pass, then a SUPER high double arabian, a little overrotated, hop forward, 2.5 to barani, 1.5 to front layout. Stumbled back triple full last pass quite a bit.

Vasylenko UKR HB: Hit what I saw at the beginning. And throughout. DDLO, fully tucked in the second flip. Has to fix his ladning.

8:22 pm. Ukraine moves into first ahead of Russia by half a point but…Ukraine has to make it through the rest of the meet so slow your roll on that excitement if you’re screeching like I just did for a second.

8:18 pm. O’Connell-Inns NZL PH: Clean work on his scissor elements. Single pommel, goes from one right to the other which is cool. Travels forward and back with zero problems, muscles into the handstand and lands it.

8:16 pm. Pakhniuk UKR PB: Hit routine, I didn’t see the majority of it but what I did see looked good.

Dyson NZL PH: Comes down a little hard after his scissors, legs are a little close to the pommel horse throughout but he fights through all of his near-misses and finishes strong.

8:14 pm. Verniaiev UKR PB: Wasn’t as tight at the beginning and had a couple of arched handstands but he got into the groove as he went along, super high double front half dismount with a step. He’s clearly brilliant here so those mistakes will barely hurt him.

Zapata ESP FX: Double front 1.5 I believe is what he opens with, right? It was good. Front lay to double pike, hit, front double pike half out, his hurdle is SOOOOOO WEIRD I love it. Double front tuck half-out, then a double full side pass. 2.5 to front full. I saw the landing of the last pass but not what he did, looked like a DLO maybe? People are going nuts for him and for good reason, he was fab.

Cournoyer CAN HB: Huge Yamawaki, muscles out of Endo, layout Tkachev, another release after that, double double layout with a step forward.

8:12 pm. Abad ESP FX: I missed the first two passes but he hit both, 3.5 to front full I think after that, damn. Low arabian double front, step forward. Seemed to hit the rest.

Idesjö SWE SR: Stumbled back and sat his double double dismount.

Paterson CAN HB: Caught his releases, two connected, his Yamawaki hangs in the air for 45 minutes, floaty near-stuck DLO full. DAMN CANADA. They brought it on HB.

8:10 pm. Hryko UKR PB: His pirouettes are always right on top of the bars in perfect handstand. UGH, but then elbows bend like crazy when he transitions to the single rail hold. Good cover, and hit the dismount.

8:07 pm. Al Dyani QAT VT: Kaz full, hop back. Good work!

Vasylenko UKR PB: Struggles on a couple of handstands early on. Hit the rest.

Mir ESP FX: Doulbe front half-out, front full to front double full, double double with a hop. 2.5 to barani I believe after that…I didn’t type through the rest but he hit it.

Clay CAN HB: Big layout Tkachev, Ricna (I legit don’t know the MAG name for that), quick and confident L grip work, stuck the DLO full dismount cold!

8:04 pm. Lopez ESP FX: Double front, hop forward. 1.5 to front double full, little steps out of it. Arabian double front with a slight hop. Also hit the pass after that and the side pass. And the last pass! 2.5 I think.

Koudinov NZL PH: Hit everything I saw.

Vanström SWE SR: Good hold on his iron cross. Wobbly transition on saltos through to L sit. Hit the dismount.

Zakutney CAN HB: Solid layout Tkachev half and then layout Tkachev, also caught a straddle and straddle half. Hit the dismount.

7:58 pm. Subdivision 5 about to start! Spain! New Zealand! Sweden! Qatar! Ukraine! Canada!


4 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s Qualifications Subdivision 5

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  2. You have my admiration for being able to report all this live and type it on your site after a short night on a plane. 5 subdivisions with 6 events, that’s a lot to watch… and to miss. Oliver Hegi and Alexander Shatilov are 2 favorite of mines and they were always competing at the same time, each at the opposite side of the arena…
    so massive thanks!
    I think it’s indeed over for the French. With the Chinese, Japanese and Americans tomorrow, it will be very hard to remain in the top 8. The PH problems were fatal. Too bad because they started quite well with the HB and FX. Maybe they’ll get a couple of event finals (Tomasone on PH, Loris on VT maybe).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, I’m always trying to watch 6 guys at once and in those mixes there are usually at least like 6 I want to be watching, hahaha. It’s hard! I just try to get a little bit from everyone but always end up missing a bunch.


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