2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 3

Welcome to the live blog for the third subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

3:38 pm. Feher HUN BB: Lovely side aerial to straddle jump. Arena to herself btw! Little check on the full Y turn. Bhs loso is steady and clean. Front aerial, little check, to split jump to wolf jump, wobble on the back tuck. Switch leap to side somi, big wobble and she’s off. 😦 😦 😦 So good until then. Front full dismount. Ugh, she was SO CLOSE!

3:34 pm. Pyon PRK FX: THIS MUSIC AND CHOREO AISDFJA;SDKFLASDFJL;AD I’M DEAD. HORSES WHINNYING AND LASERS!!!!!!!!! Hit the first pass and was a little short on the second. Hit the rest.

Martins POR UB: I wasn’t typing during this but she hit everything I saw, including a piked Jaeger,

3:29 pm. Böczögö HUN BB: Side aerial, little break. Switch to split ring, little bobble. Split the beam on her switch ring UGH. Hit the double back dismount with a step.

Ri PRK FX: Hit her opening pass. Clean triple to punch front I believe after that. Just quietly stands in the corner for 45 minutes before her 2.5, which was lovely in the air. Low knee on her switch ring. Nice double tuck, jumps into a lunge.

Pitrez POR UB: Ankle sep on her front giant, leg sep on her Gienger, bail to toe shoot, hit routine!

3:26 pm. Kovacs HUN BB: Split leap to front aerial, great! Bhs loso with a little bobble. Split leap to switch half. Great routine.

Voss GER VT: DTY, a little short, step to the side, but not bad!! She’s gotta be happy with that day.

S. Kim PRK FX: Solid tucked full-in. Triple full, tries to punch front out of it but she’s short and underrotated, lands on her back. 😦 Too bad, I love this kid and wanted her in the AA final. 2.5 to front tuck. HORSE NEIGH. Always a great sound to have on floor.

Dias POR UB: Caught her release then a bail, clear hip to toe on to toe shoot. Has MAG giants into her dismount. Step forward.

3:25 pm. Seitz GER VT: FTY, very clean, solid landing.

3:23 pm. W. Kim PRK FX: Her music is wild. Very 80s video game. 2.5 to punch front tuck. Sat her double tuck. Crashed the double pike. 😦

Bui GER VT: FTY, super.

Makra HUN BB: Side somi is good, then a transverse split jump half. Hit the dismount.

Scheder GER VT: FTY, a little buckled but solid. Clean in the air.

Marianito POR UB: Bail, legs apart, some form breaks throughout, just a layout dismount.

3:15 pm. Diana Varinska finishes with a 50.465 AA. Mostly a good day aside from bars. The bars score kills me.

Radivilova UKR FX: Switch ring half I believe. 1.5 through to triple full, a little underrotated and messy in the air. Arabian double front, low with a stumble back. I believe she hit the rest.

Pyon PRK BB: Front aerial, little wobble, full turn. Had a fall at some point, then hit a really solid punch front. Low set on her double tuck, stumble forward, hands possibly down.

Feher HUN UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, really clean van Leeuwen, blind change to Endo to piked Jaeger, nice! Double pike, nearly stuck. Great work!

3:13 pm. Varinska UKR FX: Something (1.5? front tuck?) through to a double full. Bounce back on the 2.5 to front tuck. Stuck the double tuck.

W. Kim PRK BB: Hit her flight series well, then a switch leap to front aerial, gorgeous. Effortless switch half. Oh god a huge wobble on a full turn after all that. Stumble on her double pike.

Böczögö HUN UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Pak, a little jerky on the catch but nothing too bad, stalder half to stalder to toe shoot, blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, hit the dismount.

3:12 pm. Pitrez POR VT: Yurchenko layout, a little messy, hop back.

3:10 pm. Osipova UKR FX: Nice piked full-in! Tucked full-in is also solid. Switch full to tour jeté full, nice. Solid front tuck through to double tuck. Good double pike to finish.

S. Kim PRK BB: Ugh, fell early on but I missed where. Back on for side aerial loso, wobble. Hit the rest and the dismount.

Martins POR VT: Really nice FTY.

Pirouette to Maloney to Pak, nice, van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger, bent her knees in half just for fun on a handstand, double tuck dismount.

3:08 pm. Makra HUN UB: Hit the opening series, then a nice Church! Another release after that, then a bail to toe shoot, really strong, double pike, low and seated, stumble back. Not bad aside from the dismount.

Dias POR FX: Goes for an FTY but is too low off the table and crashes it.

3:05 pm. Fedorova UKR FX: 2.5 is superb. A little short on some of her leaps. 1.5 to front layout. Good landing on the third pass.

Jon PRK BB: Front aerial, split ring jump, weird back leg and a little bobble, sheep jump, does a simpler jump series after that. Hit her flight series. Check on the switch ring. Check on the side somi. Step on the punch front. Front full with a step.

Marianito POR VT: Handspring front tuck, good.

2:59 pm. Varinska UKR BB: Bhs bhs layout, big check but hangs on. Switch ring is solid. Switch to sissone. Full turn. Front aerial to split ring jump. Stuck the double full. Happy for her there after bars but not finals-worthy.

2:58 pm. S. Kim PRK UB: Maloney to Gienger, toe full to Tkachev is a little low, clear hip half to straddle Jaeger, Pak, Ray to high, full-in, college stick. North Korea looks GOOD AS HELL.

2:56 pm. Seitz GER FX: 1.5 through to double tuck, hop back. Good double pike. Hit the last pass.

Jon PRK UB: Shaposh half, clear hip half to piked Jaeger, toe full right on the bar to Tkachev to Pak, very nice. Shaposh to Gienger. Stacked! Great handstand before her double layout dismount, stuck! This was fab. 13.566.

2:53 pm. Bui GER FX: Double layout! Bounce back. Little bounce on the double tuck. 2.5 to front tuck comes in a little low. Hit the last pass. Good work.

Radivilova UKR BB: Side aerial is good. Front aerial, wobble, front handspring to side somi, OOOOOH. Wobbled on the somi but I LOVE that. Check on the full turn. Low set into her double pike, no prayer of it getting around. 😦 Sat it.

2:51 pm. W. Kim PRK UB: Hit routine, double layout with a step at the end. I’m going to record the screaming in a second. It’s SO GOOD.

2:49 pm. Voss GER FX: Tucked full-in, solid. Hit the second pass. Stuck the 1.5 to front full cold. Ugh, 2.5 has a stumble to the side, not sure if her hand went down.

Kovacs HUN VT: Really nice FTY!

Osipova UKR BB: Came off early on. 😦 Hit her side somi. Really great dance elements in there. Switch half. Hop back on the double tuck.

Peter HUN VT: Solid and clean front pike half!

2:48 pm. Pyon PRK UB: Good Tkachev. stalder to toe shoot. Double layout stuck. All of these girls have the shrillest voices, I’m crying, they scream every single thing in unison and are so noisy, I’m obesssed.

I missed the first Hungarian vault…

Böczögö HUN VT: Hit her FTY well.

2:45 pm. Still so hella impressed with Germany on beam, I can’t get over it.

Griesser GER FX: DEXTERRRRRR, so excited for this. Lovely double tuck. Her front attitude double spin is lovely. Now I wanna binge Dexter all week. 1.5 to front full, oof, crashes the full. Ring leap into the corner. Hit the last pass. Shame about the fall, this was lovely. Wolf turn and then poses right in front of the judges.

Fedorova UKR BB: Hit everything I saw. Side somi was good. Hit the dismount.

2:42 pm. Radivilova UKR UB: Chow to Pak, toe half to toe shoot, toe-on to blind change to front giant full to straddle Jaeger, good. double front with a step back. Valeriia and Yana were cheering her on throughout that while Diana just sobbed quietly in the corner. Kill me!

2:40 pm. Sorry, lost wifi, was dealing with trying to set it back up…only a 10.533 for Varinska. 😦

Three 13+ beam scores for Germany is like…impossible. What a rotation.

2:38 pm. Martins POR FX: Hit her opening pass. Solid routine.

Scheder GER BB: Side somi, transverse split jump half, chest way low but she holds it. I missed the beginning but she looks happy when she hits her dismount.

Ri PRK VT: FTY, not that great or powerful, but hit.

2:36 pm. Varinska UKR UB: Hindorff to Pak, catches the Pak with pretty shady form and drops to the mat. Looks at her coach like what the hell. Poor kid. Back on for the Maloney to clear hip full, only gets it halfway around and has to start her swing again, Tkachev half to Jaeger, catches the first a bit low and awkwardly and then faceplants the Jaeger. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 This is a bummer.

Pyon PRK VT: I missed her second vault…out of a 5.8 and she got a pretty low E. Rudi probably.

2:34 pm. Marianito POR FX: Lovely opening to her routine and I lvoe her music so much. Double tuck, little bounce. Hop back on the double full.

Griesser GER BB: I caught it from the side somi. Hop on the 1.5, fully hit routine!! She’s VERY happy. Leah and Sarah hitting at worlds QFs is all Germany could’ve dreamed of. 13.033

Pyon PRK VT: Another solid DTY. Landing could use work but it’ll help their score a great deal.

2:31 pm. Voss GER BB: Good flight series! Side aerial, little check, switch to switch half, check but holds it. Chest forward on her side somi. 2.5, lunges out of it, but she hit!!!! All I’ve wanted in life is for Sarah Voss to hit beam in a major competition. 13.133!!

Kim PRK VT: Solid DTY! Step back. The guys in the crowd are shrieking. Good for her. Goes for a freaking Cheng for her second vault!!! THAT’S a surprise. It’s hella rough though. Lands it but it’s a mess.

Dias POR FX: Popa in the corner before her first pass, a double tuck, step back. 2.5 with a step forward. Hit the last pass with a great high chest.

Osipova UKR Chow to Pak, pirouette on the low bar before her Maloney, almost dead hangs but gets it back, low Tkachev, front giant half, double pike, high, hop forward.

2:29 pm. Jon PRK VT: FTY, good start.

Fedorova UKR UB: Maloney to Pak, hit some transitions after that as well, nice bail, Jaeger is good, solid layout dismount.

2:28 pm. Pitrez POR FX: Double tuck with a bounce. Double full, hop back. Step out of the front full.

Seitz GER BB: Punch front, little check. Bhs layout, pretty piked. Hit the side somi a little forward. Switch leap to wolf jump, Side aerial, pretty solid. Punch front full with a step. 11.7 damn.

2:22 pm. Martins POR BB: Gets to go again! Nails the bhs bhs loso this time around! Big applause for her. Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump is perfect. Check on the full Y turn. Lovely tour jeté half. Side aerial. Solid. Split leap to side somi, chest forward this time so she doesn’t make the same mistake as last time falling back. Slow on the switch to switch half and she puts her hands down then falls. 😦 Really unfortunate circumstances for her but glad she tried to fight through. Double full with a hop.

2:16 pm. So the lights went off in the middle of Filipa Martin’s beam I guess…tbh I didn’t know they went off at all until someone told me.

1:57 pm. Well, there’s a power outage…about half the power in the building is out. Expect delays. 🙂

1:50 pm. Martins POR BB: Bhs bhs loso, big wobble and tries to hold on but she falls. 😦  Nice full Y turn. Tour jeté is a nice touch. Split leap to side somi, off again!!!! GOD. She’s been injured this year so I know she’s not at full strength but I’m bummed. Switch to switch half is good. Double full, good landing.

1:47 pm. Bui GER UB: Blind change right off the bat to piked Jaeger to Pak, good, Maloney to Bhardwaj, great, aggressive on the van Leeuwen, she missed that in the touch, full pirouette to Gienger, high stuck full-in, OH THAT WAS NICE. PLEASE make the final. 14.066, why don’t these judges lover her as much as I do.

Böczögö HUN FX: Hit the first pass and then the double front. Layout full into a lovely split jump. Tour jeté half is also super precise. God she’s so good. I thought after 2016 she’d be done but she looks better now than she did then, by quite a bit. Excellent double pike to finish. 12.766

1:44 pm. Seitz GER UB: Maloney to Ricna, hop change to front giant to piked Jaeger, Downie to Pak, van Leeuwen, she’s werkin it!! Toe full, almost right on the bar, to full-in, a little low with a hop. 14.566

Kovacs HUN FX: Double layout, gets it around. Tucked full-in, little bounce. Really nice work on her leap series even if she doesn’t have a ton of difficulty there. Front full, super squatted with a shuffle forward. 12.633

Marianito POR BB: Love her mount. I didn’t see a ton of this but what I saw looked good! But only a 5.466 E so guessing I missed all of the worst parts. 9.966

1:42 pm. Dias POR BB: Hit her mount, switch to straddle jump, solid bhs loso, little bobble at the end but otherwise good, side somi, big switch half with a wobble, double full with a hop back.

1:40 pm. Peter HUN FX: Triple full! Nice, little bounce back. Hit the next two passes. Solid routine.

Scheder GER UB: Inbar full to Komova II to bail to toe full, arches it over with messy ankles, toe half to van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger is a bit low but she still grabs the bar, low full-in with a hop. Well, she got through it.

1:39 pm. Radivilova UKR VT: FTY, clean and basically stuck. Really solid vault rotation for them! 13.5

1:38 pm. Varinska UKR VT: Brought it with a solid stuck Yurchenko 1.5!! 13.966

1:35 pm. Feher HUN FX: So excited for her! Double pike, bounce back. Good double tuck. Hit her third pass and some solid leaps. Great start!

Pitrez POR BB: Switch leap onto the beam. Then a switch to split leap. Fell on something after that.

Griesser GER UB: Maloney to bail, a little crooked, to stalder full to Ray, good. Piked Jaeger, solid double front!! Good for her.

Osipova UKR VT: Yurchenko 1.5, hop forward, looked mostly good.


6 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 3

  1. There was a massive storm outside, like tons of rain for 15-20 mn, hence the blackout I guess. Last week there were floods. It hasn’t rained that much in Qatar in years.


  2. I love the North Korean teams! The MAG team supporting the WAG team from the stands, especially during the floor routines. 😍😍 These floor routines had musics from another time, they reminded me of opening tunes from 80s/90s TV shows mixed with some Jane Fonda aerobics videotapes. That was quite deliciously vintage.


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  4. ” THIS MUSIC AND CHOREO AISDFJA;SDKFLASDFJL;AD I’M DEAD. HORSES WHINNYING AND LASERS!!!!!!!!! ” Ahahaha dead! and so confused without knowing the routine ahaha.

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