The NCAA Gym Skim | Week 3


Sydney Snead, Georgia

The weekly NCAA gymnastics update featuring the must-know moments and top stats from every meet all in one place.

Florida 197.500, LSU 197.425 [Results]

Florida started out the meet not super tight on bars, giving away tenths there and on vault where they were all power but still lacked some finesse. But while they came into the halfway point behind the host team LSU, they more than made up for it with brilliant beam and floor rotations. We got the return of Alyssa Baumann on both events after her injury a week prior, and freshman Trinity Thomas continues to be a stud, upping her all-around score by nearly two tenths from her debut to finish a close second behind Sarah Finnegan, who was once again LSU’s rock, beginning the meet with a perfectly stuck FTY.

Landings were better overall for the Tigers, though the first half of the vault lineup was better than the second half. They came back to stun on bars, though beam and floor weren’t quite as solid as they needed, including some short passes and hands down for Lexie Priessman on the latter, so they were unable to fend off the visiting Gators, taking the first home loss in years. Props to Christina Desiderio for opening beam with a gorgeous set, though, and Reagan Campbell was a huge standout at this meet for what she did on beam and floor.

AA: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 39.700
VT: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.925
UB: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, 9.975
BB: Rachel Gowey, Florida, 9.925
FX: Sarah Finnegan, LSU, & Trinity Thomas, Florida, 9.950

Utah 197.150, Oregon State 195.500 [Results]

The Utes continued to show clean, consistent work on vault and floor, with MyKayla Skinner yet again proving to be one of the best in the biz, sticking her DTY for the third week in a row in addition to looking fantastic on the other three to help Utah get a road win. The team fought back from an uncharacteristic beam fall from MaKenna Merrell-Giles with the rest of the lineup looking fabulous, and I especially loved Adrienne Randall’s lovely routine there and on floor. Oregon State unfortunately ended up counting a fall on beam, but floor was phenomenal for the team, from Mary Jacobsen’s gorgeous Swan Lake opener down to Savanna Force’s near-perfect set that earned a 9.925 for the title.

AA: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 39.625
VT: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.975
UB: MyKayla Skinner, Utah, 9.925
BB: Maela Lazaro, Oregon State; Cristal Isa, Kari Lee, & Adrienne Randall, Utah, 9.850
FX: Savanna Force, Oregon State, 9.925

Oklahoma 197.000, North Carolina 195.150, Ball State 193.600 [Results]

Though Oklahoma was without Maggie Nichols here, as Nichols deals with a bruised heel, the team got off to a fantastic start on bars and beam where several of the subs – like transfer Karrie Thomas – more than proved their worth. Unfortunately, nerves got to some of the newbies on floor, causing them to count a fall, and some landings affected the overall vault total, but there were some incredible individual standouts throughout, including all-around champ Brenna Dowell, who crushed her beam set (and tbh should’ve outscored Anastasia Webb there, who was lovely, but had mistakes that made her score not really compute). Olivia Trautman continues to be killer on floor, Carly Woodard put up a gorgeous beam set, and Jade Degouveia stepped it up on vault and floor.

UNC made little improvements in energy and dynamic from event to event that saw them capitalize on a fantastic floor performance, with Khazia Hislop a standout there and on beam, while Rylie Dewhurst was excellent on bars and beam, and both Madison Hargrave and Mikayla Robinson had the team’s back on vault and floor. For Ball State, floor was also a standout, with a host of 9.775s in addition to a 9.825 from Kaitlyn Menzione, who had a solid day aside from a fall on bars. I loved the beautifully-done no-salto handspring front double full from Arden Hudson, and Lauren Volpe and Rachel Benoit were both standouts for me on beam.

AA: Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma, 39.625
VT: Brenna Dowell, Oklahoma, 9.925
UB: Anastasia Webb, Karrie Thomas, & Nicole Lehrmann, Oklahoma, 9.900
BB: Anastasia Webb, Oklahoma, 9.950
FX: Olivia Trautman, Oklahoma, 9.975

Alabama 196.900, Georgia 196.875 [Results]

Though the Bama/Georgia rivalry is no longer what it once was, paling in comparison to the current Florida/LSU madness, we got a taste of the days of yore with this back-and-forth battle on Friday night that saw Bama get the win by a quarter of a tenth. Though Georgia was behind coming into the final rotation, showing little struggles throughout the meet, they had some fantastic moments, including an overall brilliant performance from Sydney Snead and an incredible bars debut from Megan Roberts, and it looked like if floor went their way, they were going to take the win.

However, when Rachel Baumann put her hands down on her second pass in the opening routine, the team did their best to fight back from it and ultimately put up three 9.9+ totals, but Sabrina Vega was just a hair shy of her usual perfection in that anchor spot, keeping her score just below what the Gym Dogs needed to come out on top.

Bama, meanwhile, looked just okay on bars (aside from Emily Gaskins, who was flawless there and on beam), but they came back and improved from event to event with more attention to detail than Georgia showed, and their beam rotation looked better than it has all season, with the 9.925 from Lexi Graber sealing the win. Other standouts for Bama included Shallon Olsen on vault and floor, and specialist Alonza Klopfer with her steady leadoff beam set.

AA: Sydney Snead, Georgia, 39.600
VT: Sydney Snead, Georgia, & Shallon Olsen, Alabama, 9.900
UB: Alexa Al-Hameed, Georgia, 9.925
BB: Sydney Snead, Georgia, & Lexi Graber, Alabama, 9.925
FX: Sydney Snead & Rachel Dickson, Georgia; Ariana Guerra, Alabama, 9.925

Washington 196.525, Arizona 195.650 [Results]

Washington had a fantastic meet on the road last week, with beam an absolutely outstanding event from start to finish, as leadoff Malory Rose kicked them off with a 9.9 and the team saw another 9.9 from Madison Copiak – who was stellar on vault and bars as well – and then a 9.95 from Evanni Roberson. The team was solid overall, coming back from a bars fall and a few other more minor mistakes, but overall the team looks to be smoothly sailing into the 2019 season, with Brenna Brooks another highlight on bars and beam while Maya Washington was unstoppable on bars, beam, and floor. Christina Berg was Arizona’s standout this week with fantastic routines on bars and floor, but the team was held back a bit by some weak vaults, keeping them from getting to the 196 mark despite an overall solid effort. Other standouts included Sydney Freidin on beam, Maddi Leydin on bars and floor, and Courtney Cowles on beam and floor.

AA: Maddi Leydin, Arizona, 39.150
VT: Madison Copiak & Geneva Thompson, Washington, 9.800
UB: Madison Copiak, Washington, & Christina Berg, Arizona, 9.900
BB: Evanni Roberson, Washington, 9.950
FX: Christina Berg, Arizona, 9.900

Denver 196.175, Central Michigan 193.250, Texas Woman’s 190.200, Sacramento State 190.150 [Results]

With absolute rockstar performances on bars and floor, this was almost a 197+ meet for Denver, though unfortunately the team ended up having to count a couple of beam mistakes, holding them back a bit. Lynnzee Brown (who was incredible across the board), Alexis Vasquez, and Kaitlyn Schou were fab on this event, however, and though the normally unshakeable Maddie Karr was one of those falls, she was incredible on her other three events, nearly getting a 10 on bars in addition to posting a 9.9 on floor. Mia Sundstrom also stepped it up with fab bars and floor routines, and pretty much everyone else did exactly what they needed to do. It was a shame about beam, but the Pioneers are looking ready to take on the best of the best at this point in the season, and even with the beam fall, they still managed a top-ten score in week three.

Central Michigan finished second in this quad, counting some mistakes on most events, with vault and bars the strongest. Sierra Demarinis was great on vault and floor, Kennedy Rae Johnson was a standout on vault and bars, and Skyler Memmel put up a great routine on beam. Texas Woman’s and Sacramento State battled it out for third place, and it was the D2 program that got the victory thanks to strong work especially from Bria Northrop and Erin Alderman, while Sac State counted a couple of falls throughout the meet, though Alexis Belkoff had a pretty solid day on her three events.

AA: Lynnzee Brown, Denver, 39.475
VT: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.850
UB: Maddie Karr, Denver, 9.975
BB: Kaitlyn Schou, Denver, 9.950
FX: Lynnzee Brown, Denver, 9.925

Ohio State 196.075, Penn State 194.850 [Results]

I was so surprised to see Ohio State not only with such an incredible meet this week, but on the road at Big Ten rival Penn State! The Buckeyes were on fire from start to finish, showing consistent and clean work on all four events and counting only minor errors into their totals. Janelle McClelland was solid to bring in some of the top scores on vault and floor, and though there were several mistakes from top contributors like Olivia Aepli, Jamie Stone, Jenna Swartzentruber, and Amanda Huang, the team was able to come back from each and every one, making this a hard-fought battle with a happy ending. Penn State, meanwhile, counted a fall on beam, but Sabrina Garcia was lovely there as well as on bars and floor, Lauren Bridgens was fab in the all-around, and both Melissa Astarita and Kourtney Chinnery helped out in a big way on vault and floor.

AA: Lauren Bridgens, Penn State, 39.300
VT: Jamie Stone, Ohio State, 9.850
UB: Sabrina Garcia, Penn State, 9.950
BB: Olivia Aepli, Amanda Huang, & Jamie Stone, Ohio State, 9.850
FX: Janelle McClelland & Jamie Stone, Ohio State, 9.875

Michigan 195.975, Michigan State 194.050 [Results]

I was bummed to see Michigan not at a hundred percent in their home opener for 2019, especially after a relatively strong start on the road, but despite giving up a few little things like landings on vault and floor, handstands on bars, and checks on beam, there were lots of standout moments, like almost everything Natalie Wojcik did (though sadly she didn’t stick her otherwise perfect vault this week), Emma McLean’s stuck vault and fabulous beam, and Olivia Karas’ huge sets on bars and floor. Michigan State had some very strong moments throughout their meet aside from having to count a couple of falls on beam, but I loved Gabriella Douglas’ floor, Tristan Brown and Jessica Ling on bars, and Ashley Hofelich bringing it on vault and floor.

AA: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan, 39.325
VT: Emma McLean, Michigan, 9.900
UB: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan, 9.900
BB: Natalie Wojcik, Michigan, 9.950
FX: Olivia Karas, Michigan, & Gabriella Douglas, Michigan State, 9.875

Auburn 195.825, Missouri 194.975 [Results]

With both Auburn and Missouri crushing it in the earliest weeks of the season, I was hoping this would be a huge blowout, but both teams ended up struggling a bit on beam. Auburn was far enough ahead on the other events to not let it affect their score too much, though, and we got standout performances from Drew Watson in the all-around, Derrian Gobourne on vault, bars, and floor, and frankly everyone on bars in what was a start-to-finish excellent rotation, led by Samantha Cerio with a 9.9. Missouri was a bit weaker than they’re capable of on vault and bars, though Britney Ward had a solid vault in addition to crushing it on beam, and we also got a few great bars performances, especially from Aspen Tucker and Becca Schugel, while Tucker and Mary Nicholson were the standouts on floor.

AA: Drew Watson, Auburn, 39.200
VT: Gracie Day & Derrian Gobourne, Auburn, 9.875
UB: Samantha Cerio, Auburn, 9.900
BB: Britney Ward, Missouri, 9.850
FX: Derrian Gobourne, Auburn, 9.875

Minnesota 195.475, Iowa 194.350 [Results]

Minnesota made it through a mostly mistake-free meet on the road against Big Ten foe Iowa, with Lexy Ramler impressing on all of her events while Ona Loper was almost just as good, and Ivy Lu was gorgeous on bars, with additional strong performances coming from Tiarre Sales on bars and beam, and from Paige Williams on vault and floor. Iowa was held back by a rough opening rotation on vault, where the judging was quite tight even for the best in the lineup, but they brought it back for good performances on the other three events, where we saw Charlotte Sullivan stand out on bars, Clair Kaji bring in a 9.9 on beam, and Bridget Killian looking strong on beam and floor.

AA: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota, 39.450
VT: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota, 9.825
UB: Ivy Lu, Minnesota, 9.875
BB: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota, 9.950
FX: Lexy Ramler, Minnesota, 9.825

Boise State 195.400, Southern Utah 194.325 [Results]

After an explosive home opener in week two, Boise State ended up counting a fall on bars this week to stay below a 196, but they still showed strength overall, and I loved seeing Courtney McGregor step up to win the all-around with fantastic routines on all four events. Sarah Means was also outstanding on bars and beam, Isabella Amado was solid on beam and floor, Alexis Stokes was great on bars, and though Shani Remme had a super uncharacteristic bars fall, she was her usual fab self on the other three events, and led the team with top scores on beam and floor. Southern Utah actually came into the final rotation about a half point ahead of Boise, but a disastrous floor rotation compared to Boise’s fantastic beam held them back by over a point in the end. Standouts for SUU included Molly Jozwiakowski on vault and floor, Karley McClain on all four events, Hannah Nipp on bars and beam, and Shylen Murakami on bars.

AA: Courtney McGregor, Boise State, 39.150
VT: Sarah Means, Boise State, 9.875
UB: Shylen Murakami, Southern Utah, 9.875
BB: Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.900
FX: Karley McClain, Southern Utah, & Shani Remme, Boise State, 9.850

Kentucky 195.275, Arkansas 193.875 [Results]

Both Kentucky and Arkansas faltered on Friday night, with Kentucky shockingly falling apart on beam, normally their top apparatus, while Arkansas struggled on bars and beam, though both teams had fantastic floor rotations. For Kentucky, Mollie Korth, Sidney Dukes, and Katie Stuart were more or less on their game, though all three had some minor hiccups on beam, and Ella Warren returned to the lineup with a great set on floor. For Arkansas, Sydney McGlone was a standout on vault and floor, Sophia Carter brought in a 9.9 on floor, and both Michaela Burton and Kennedy Hambrick brought it on beam.

AA: Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 39.200
VT: Mollie Korth, Kentucky, 9.900
UB: Mollie Korth, Katie Stuart, & Cally Nixon, Kentucky, 9.800
BB: Kennedy Hambrick & Michaela Burton, Arkansas, 9.800
FX: Alex Hyland, Sidney Dukes, & Mollie Korth, Kentucky; Sophia Carter, Arkansas, 9.900

UC Davis 195.225, Seattle Pacific 192.625 [Results]

UC Davis got an MPSF road win against D2 Seattle Pacific even with a depleted roster, fielding only five athletes apiece on vault and floor. Every gymnast who competed was at a super strong capacity, led by Kelley Hebert on vault and floor, Aya Suzuki on bars, and Sara Liddle on beam, with beam the team’s best event overall as every gymnast posted a 9.8 or better. Seattle Pacific also had a relatively strong meet led by the incredible Darian Burns, who had the top scores on every event but floor (including three 9.8+ totals, impressive for D2!). We also saw a 9.8 from Miyuki Matsune on beam, and Kayla Chan was a standout on floor while Sienna Brane was great on bars.

AA: Kelley Hebert, UC Davis, 39.200
VT: Darian Burns, Seattle Pacific, 9.800
UB: Aya Suzuki, UC Davis, 9.850
BB: Sarah Liddle, UC Davis, 9.850
FX: Kelley Hebert, UC Davis, 9.875

UIC 195.200, Bowling Green 194.825 [Results]

UIC continues to be on a roll with a huge road win against Bowling Green. With especially fantastic rotations on bars and floor, the team surged past a 195 even despite counting a fall on beam with several standouts across all four events. Kayla Baddeley was stellar on vault, beam, and floor, Alisa Sheremeta was excellent on bars and floor, and Riley Mahoney led the team on vault and beam. BGSU had a fantastic meet of their own, though they couldn’t get past counting a couple of bars falls, keeping them from what was looking like a 196+ meet. I was happy to see great routines from Anna-Maria Kanyai and Leslie Delgado on that event, though, while Jovannah East was fantastic on beam and floor, and Taylor Worthington was great on vault and beam.

AA: Mikailla Northern, UIC, 38.500
VT: Riley Mahoney & Kayla Baddeley, UIC, 9.850
UB: Serena Baker, UIC, 9.875
BB: Jovannah East, Bowling Green, 9.950
FX: Jovannah East, Bowling Green, & Alisa Sheremeta, UIC, 9.900

Illinois 195.075, Maryland 194.950 [Results]

The Illini had a close win at home against Big Ten rival Maryland on Saturday, struggling a bit in the anchor spots on vault before then also counting a low score on beam, though they were able to come back and fight for the win with a great floor rotation that saw a 9.85 from Karen Howell, who had a strong all-around performance, followed by a 9.875 from Kylie Noonan to wrap things up. Rae Balthazor was a standout on vault and bars, and Haylee Roe made for a fantastic early lineup choice on both beam and floor. Maryland started out strong on bars and vault, but a weak floor rotation ended up holding them back a bit. Even though they still had the lead going into the final rotation, their solid beam rotation couldn’t pull them into the lead, though they had some remarkable sets there, including a pair of 9.825s from Kirsten Peterman and Tiara Wright. Audrey Barber was also great on beam in addition to putting up solid bars and floor scores, and Alecia Farina was excellent on bars.

AA: Karen Howell, Illinois, 39.125
VT: Rae Balthazor, Illinois, 9.800
UB: Mary Jane Otto, Illinois, & Alecia Farina, Maryland, 9.875
BB: Kirsten Peterman & Tiara Wright, Maryland, 9.825
FX: Kylie Noonan, Illinois, 9.875

New Hampshire 194.925, Pittsburgh 193.725, Bridgeport 193.575, Temple 191.850 [Results]

At the UNH quad last Friday, the host team came away more than a point ahead of the competition, struggling a bit in the opening rotations but putting up a killer beam rotation before finishing strong on floor. The entire beam lineup was super solid, going 9.85+ for every single routine, including a pair of 9.9s from Hannah Baddick and Emma Winer, who was also great on floor, as well as a 9.925 from Courtney Bondanza. Additionally, Lauren Diggan had a solid meet on bars and floor, while Nicole O’Leary topped the program on vault.

EAGL rival Pitt ended up second, also showing some weak landings on vault in addition to a rough bars lineup where they fielded only five gymnasts before going on to count a fall on beam, but there were some great beam sets in the mix from specialists Kiley Robatin and Brittany West, while Lucy Brett was solid there and on bars and floor, Haley Brechwald was great on vault and beam, and Alecia Petrikis hit well on vault and floor. D2 Bridgeport came close to toppling Pitt, but a rough floor rotation took them out of the running. Their standouts included Delaney Cahill on beam, Maya Reimers on beam and floor, and Maritza Futch on vault and bars. With falls counted on bars and beam, Temple ended up last, but they saw some great individual work, including from all-arounders Monica Servidio and Ariana Castrence, as well as from India Anderson on floor, Jaylene Everett on vault, and Daisy Todd on bars.

AA: Monica Servidio, Temple, 38.800
VT: Nicole O’Leary, New Hampshire; Haley Brechwald & Alecia Petrikis, Pittsburgh, 9.800
UB: Kathryn Doran, Bridgeport, 9.850
BB: Courtney Bondanza, New Hampshire, 9.925
FX: Emma Winer & Ava Watkins, New Hampshire, 9.850

Nebraska 194.850, Rutgers 194.325 [Results]

It was a weak road meet for the normally solid Nebraska, which saw some rough vault landings and a fall counted on beam to get them under a 195, though they still managed to snag the win over the host program. Taylor Houchin was as good as ever, and the team also got a stellar beam from Megan Schweihofer while Makayla Curtis was great on vault and beam, and Sarah Hargrove did solid work on bars and floor. For Rutgers, this meet was a bit of an improvement, but beam still proved to be an issue with a fall counted there to hold them back from taking advantage of their guests. Michelle Amoresano did strong work on all four events and fellow all-arounder Belle Huang was exceptional on three of her events, but had a fall on bars. Also standouts were Jenna Rizkalla and Riahanah Ali on floor, with Ali tallying a 9.925 to tie Huang for the title.

AA: Taylor Houchin, Nebraska, 39.450
VT: Belle Huang, Rutgers, & Taylor Houchin, Nebraska, 9.800
UB: Taylor Houchin, Nebraska, 9.900
BB: Megan Schweihofer, Nebraska, 9.900
FX: Riahanah Ali & Belle Huang, Rutgers, 9.925

West Virginia 194.750, Air Force 193.675, Cortland 180.475 [Results]

Though the score might not suggest a great meet for West Virginia, they actually were great overall, though bars and beam judging were a little tighter than they’re used to. Kirah Koshinski was a force on vault and floor, freshman Esperanza Abarca continues to lead off the bars rotation with a flawless routine that won the title here, Rachel Hornung was fab on vault and beam, and Jaquie Tun put up some great scores on vault and floor.

Air Force had an overall good meet aside from some mistakes on bars, with standout performances from Heidi Sand on vault, Anna Salamone on vault and bars, Cam Barber on beam, and Tyler Davis on floor, and D3 program SUNY Cortland had a pretty rough day on bars and beam, though they put up some great numbers on vault and floor, including big scores from Rachel Filipski and Emma Schulz on both.

AA: Tyler Davis, Air Force, 38.875
VT: Kirah Koshinski, West Virginia, 9.950
UB: Esperanza Abarca, West Virginia, 9.800
BB: Rachel Hornung, West Virginia, 9.825
FX: Tyler Davis, Air Force, & Kirah Koshinski, West Virginia, 9.850

Northern Illinois 194.675, Eastern Michigan 194.300, Western Michigan 192.000 [Results]

NIU got the win at home in a pretty close battle with Eastern Michigan, going clean for all four rotations and overcoming falls on bars and floor. Anna Martucci ended the day for the Huskies with a standout routine on floor, and we also saw great work from Cinny Lamberti on vault and beam, Morgan Hooper on bars and beam, and Mia Lord with a 9.875 to anchor beam. Eastern Michigan had fantastic work from the whole squad on floor, but lost the meet with a weak beam rotation, though we saw a standout all-around performance from Jada Rondeau, who led the team on every event but beam, where Caitlin Satler had the top score of 9.675. Western Michigan had a tough meet on beam and floor, counting a few falls across both events, but bars was excellent for the squad as a whole, seeing a 9.8 from Amelia Mohler, who also led beam, and a 9.825 from Stacie Harrison, while Rachael Underwood led vault and Morgan Spence led floor.

AA: Jada Rondeau, Eastern Michigan, 39.000
VT: Jada Rondeau, Eastern Michigan, 9.800
UB: Jada Rondeau, Eastern Michigan, & Stacie Harrison, Western Michigan, 9.825
BB: Mia Lord, Northern Illinois, 9.875
FX: Jada Rondeau, Eastern Michigan, 9.875

NC State 194.600, William & Mary 192.150, Towson 191.975, Cornell 191.725 [Results]

NC State got three wins on the road at this quad meet, finishing a solid two points ahead of the rest of the field despite counting a fall on beam. Drew Grantham had a solid meet from start to finish, including a 9.8 to anchor floor and a 9.825 on vault, while Maggie Tamburro was beautiful on bars, and Alexa and Paris Phillips were solid on vault and floor.

The rest of the teams were pretty close coming in for the remaining spots. W&M ended up coming second, getting past a rough vault rotation and some weak beam sets to show some fab floor sets, with Samantha Sakti shocking with a near-perfect set to get a 9.925. Towson came in a close third, counting falls on beam and floor in addition to some weak sets on vault and bars, though we got great work from Ally Wesoly on bars, Emerson Hurst on beam, Mary Elle Arduino on beam and floor, and Cortni Baker on vault and floor, and Cornell finished fourth, looking a bit rough on bars, but we got a standout routine from their leadoff Kelsy Kurfirst, while Miranda Lund topped beam and Samantha Henry had a huge set on floor.

AA: Drew Grantham, NC State, 39.175
VT: Drew Grantham, NC State, 9.825
UB: Maggie Tamburro, NC State, 9.900
BB: Emerson Hurst, Towson, 9.875
FX: Samantha Sakti, William & Mary, 9.925

BYU 194.575, Utah State 193.875 [Results]

In an always tough conference and state rivalry road battle, BYU got a big win over Utah State, coming up a bit short compared to their debut this year after counting some mistakes on beam. Shannon Evans was rock solid on vault and floor, Natasha Marsha was fab on bars and beam, and Briana Pearson was a standout on floor. Utah State also had beam as their downfall, and aside from a few iffy routines throughout, they managed some good individual performances, especially from all-arounder Madison Ward, Autumn DeHarde on beam and floor, and Grace Rojas on bars and beam.

AA: Madison Ward, Utah State, 39.225
VT: Shannon Evans, BYU, 9.875
UB: Natasha Marsh, BYU, 9.775
BB: Madison Ward, Utah State, 9.800
FX: Madison Ward, Utah State, 9.875

Lindenwood 194.550, Winona State 183.950 [Results]

The host team Lindenwood defeated Winona State by over ten points, putting up a pretty solid performance, including huge numbers from Courtney Mitchell on all events but floor, where Breanna Franklin led the team with a 9.8 and Aleah Leman wasn’t far behind. Jordan Boogerd was fab on vault and bars, and we also got great work on bars and floor from Taylor Colwell. The D3 program Winona State had some low numbers on bars, where specialist Alexis Burton had the best routine with a 9.375, but otherwise they remained consistent, and saw great work from Kaitlyn West on vault, beam, and floor, Kelly Johnston and Natalie Koehler on beam, and Kennedy Utz on floor.

AA: Courtney Mitchell, Lindenwood, 39.075
VT: Courtney Mitchell, Lindenwood, 9.800
UB: Courtney Mitchell, Lindenwood, 9.900
BB: Courtney Mitchell, Lindenwood, 9.850
FX: Breanna Franklin, Lindenwood, 9.800

Iowa State 194.150, Illinois State 191.275 [Results]

Iowa State fought past a fall on floor to get the win over Illinois State last week. Sophia Steinmeyer was a top performer on vault and floor, Madelyn Langkamp stepped up on bars and floor, and specialist Grace Woolfolk crushed beam. Unfortunately, top all-arounder Meaghan Sievers had a fall on bars and some mistakes on beam, but she was killer on vault and floor to lead the team on both. Illinois State had a rough start to the meet here, counting two falls on bars before then seeing one athlete get a zero for her attempt on vault. They came back for some solid scores on floor, and then finished with beam their best rotation, where Kylie Meyer put up a 9.8. The team also saw a 9.825 from Meredith LaRoche on vault as well as a solid set of 9.725s from Savannah Remkus and Alyssa Wiggle on beam.

AA: Gabrielle Cooke, Illinois State, 38.600
VT: Sophia Steinmeyer & Meaghan Sievers, Iowa State; Meredith LaRoche, Illinois State, 9.825
UB: Madelyn Langkamp, Iowa State, 9.800
BB: Grace Woolfolk, Iowa State, & Kylie Meyer, Illinois State, 9.800
FX: Meaghan Sievers, Iowa State, 9.825

Yale 193.775, Pennsylvania 192.350 [Results]

Yale won an Ivy battle against Penn at home last week, showing a great team performance on floor, while the individual standouts included Rebecca Chong on vault and floor, Jessica Wang on bars, Jade Buford on bars and beam, and Kiarra Alleyne on floor, where the team counted nothing lower than a 9.750, nearly reaching a 49 team total. Penn gave up some tenths on beam as the weakest spot but was overall pretty consistent, and saw big scores from Sydney Kraez on vault and floor, Allison Frommer on bars, Natalie Yang on beam, and Jordyn Mannino on floor.

AA: Jade Buford, Yale, 38.850
VT: Sydney Kraez, Pennsylvania, 9.825
UB: Jessica Wang, Yale, 9.850
BB: Natalie Yang, Pennsylvania, 9.825
FX: Rebecca Chong, Yale, 9.850

San Jose State 193.225, S.E. Missouri 189.800 [Results]

SJSU got the win on the road against SEMO last week, putting up a killer floor rotation that saw a 9.8 from Jasmine Henley and a 9.9 from Taylor Chan, who also led the team on vault and bars. Chelsea Andrada was the best for the team on beam, and we also saw great bars work from Stephanie Relova, as well as solid sets from Carli Orcutt on vault, bars, and floor. SEMO more or less fell apart on bars, getting a 9.5 from Anna Kaziska and a 9.575 from Allyson Bell as the only two scores above a 9.0, and there were some iffy spots on vault and beam, though the team came together for a strong final rotation on floor, seeing big routines from Gabrielle Adams, Kenna Skepnek, Mackenzie Slee, and Kaziska with a big 9.9.

AA: Taylor Chan, San Jose State, 39.150
VT: Gabrielle Adams, S.E. Missouri, 9.775
UB: Taylor Chan, San Jose State, 9.825
BB: Anna Kaziska, S.E. Missouri, 9.825
FX: Anna Kaziska, S.E. Missouri, & Taylor Chan, San Jose State, 9.900

West Chester 188.925, Ursinus 183.125 [Results]

West Chester, a D2 program, faced the D3 team Ursinus on Sunday, getting the win with some steady work throughout, culminating with a great rotation on floor. For West Chester, Jessica Meakim had an incredible day, putting up great work on vault and bars before then winning the floor title with a huge 9.825, while Ashley Duke led the team on bars, Sarah Boyd and Yolanda Nodarse were excellent on beam and floor, and Rose Fanara was solid on floor. For Ursinus, bars was a bit weak, but the team had great work on beam and floor, with top all-arounder Eleanor LaFountain great on both, while Autumn Snape was a beam standout, Kaylin Knapsack was solid on floor, Lindsay Rush led vault, and Emma Gable posted the top bars score.

AA: Eleanor LaFountain, Ursinus, 37.175
VT: Lindsay Rush, Ursinus, 9.425
UB: Ashley Duke, West Chester, 9.575
BB: Sarah Boyd, West Chester, 9.675
FX: Jessica Meakim, West Chester, 9.825

Centenary 188.100, Eau Claire 185.725 [Results]

Centenary put up a great performance at home on Saturday, led by all-arounders Kendall Sanders and Tavia Smith, who were top earners on nearly every event. The team also saw excellent work from Navia Jordan on beam and floor, Cami Bea Austin on beam, and Elizabeth Sander on beam and floor. Eau Claire struggled a bit too much on beam to keep up with the host team, but Jordan Ehde was fab on the event, tying for the title, while we also saw great work from Ashley Benes on vault, Hannah Lewis and Megan Fayler on bars, and Amelia Moorehouse on vault and floor.

AA: Tavia Smith, Centenary, 37.800
VT: Ashley Benes, Eau Claire, 9.575
UB: Tavia Smith, Centenary, & Hannah Lewis, Eau Claire, 9.625
BB: Navia Jordan, Centenary, & Jordan Ehde, Eau Claire, 9.600
FX: Navia Jordan, Centenary, 9.700

Stout 187.575, Whitewater 186.000 [Results]

Stout fought past some beam mistakes to get a huge win against Whitewater, which came up a bit short due to some beam and bars mistakes of their own. For Stout, vault and bars were the strongest events, with a pair of 9.55s from Shadae Boone and Brooke Terry to top the vault field, while Sierra Beaver put up a 9.65 and Mallary Dick put up a 9.7 on bars. Britney Wolfe and specialist Chelsea Gray were strongest on beam, and Wolfe also performed super well on floor, where another pair of 9.55s from anchors Boone and Mikala Bugge helped the team end on a high note. For Whitewater, Blaisee Wilson had an incredible meet, hitting a 9.7 on bars and a 9.725 on floor, huge for D3. It was also a solid meet for Abigail Missiaen on vault, Erika Briscoe on vault and floor, Bailey Fitzpatrick on bars, and Franchesca Hutton on beam and floor.

AA: Blaisee Wilson, Whitewater, 37.575
VT: Abigail Missiaen, Whitewater, 9.650
UB: Mallary Dick, Stout, & Blaisee Wilson, Whitewater, 9.700
BB: Franchesca Hutton, Whitewater, 9.575
FX: Blaisee Wilson, Whitewater, 9.725

La Crosse 186.700, Hamline 180.850 [Results]

La Crosse showed a pretty solid meet on Friday night, with its strongest performances on bars and beam, though floor also went well for the team. Megan Hawkins led them on vault with a 9.4 in the anchor position, Brooke Kachinsky and Dani Barmore packed a one-two punch at the end of the bars rotation with a 9.625 and 9.675, respectively, Ally Blixt anchored beam with a 9.625, and Emma Grant matched that score as the anchor on floor. For Hamline, bars was pretty rough at this meet, with just one score above a 9.0, but the team looked great overall on beam, where Katie Viles and Meghan Webb led the team, and we also saw great work from Webb and Darby Slater on floor, while Webb also led the vault rotation.

AA: Kacey Mortenson, La Crosse, 36.500
VT: Megan Hawkins, La Crosse, 9.400
UB: Dani Barmore, La Crosse, 9.675
BB: Ally Blixt, La Crosse, 9.625
FX: Emma Grant, La Crosse, 9.625

Oshkosh 183.825, Gustavus 179.450 [Results]

With strong performances on vault and floor, Oshkosh managed an impressive showing at home on Saturday, just showing some weaknesses on bars here, with Kaira Hammond’s 9.35 the team’s best score. Olivia Keller was great on her three events, with her 9.6 on beam her best, all-arounder Emily Gilot was solid on vault, and there were several solid scores on floor, with Bailey Finin leading the team with a 9.425. The floor title actually went to Amanda Malo of Gustavus with a 9.5, though the team struggled a bit too much on bars and beam, leaving them unable to surpass a 180. Sophia Redding was the strongest on vault, Malo and Redding were best on bars, and the top beam scores went to Brooke Merila and Katy Trunk.

AA: Emily Gilot, Oshkosh, 36.500
VT: Emily Gilot, Oshkosh, 9.600
UB: Kaira Hammond, Oshkosh, 9.350
BB: Olivia Keller, Oshkosh, 9.600
FX: Amanda Malo, Gustavus, 9.500

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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