Top Canadians Return for Elite Canada

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Ellie Black, Ana Padurariu, and Brooklyn Moors

The annual Elite Canada competition, which brings together senior, junior, and novice competitors hoping to qualify for High Performance status and Canada’s national championships, takes place this weekend, and the field includes just about every top senior gymnast you can imagine.

All five members of the 2019 world championships team that qualified for the Olympic Games are expected to compete, including Shallon Olsen, who will come up from Alabama on a mini-break from college gym as she multitasks her sophomore season with attempting to make her second Olympic team.

Ellie Black, Ana Padurariu, Brooklyn Moors, and Victoria-Kayen Woo will also be there, with Black, Padurariu, and Moors all using this meet to help them prepare for the all-around world cup series beginning next month. 2019 worlds alternates Isabela Onyshko and Rose-Kaying Woo are on the roster as well, as are 2018 worlds team members Sophie Marois and Laurie Denommée, 2018 Youth Olympic Games medalist Emma Spence, and 2019 junior world championships team member Okeri Katjivari, who will make her senior debut in Calgary.

Notably missing is first-year senior Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, who suffered a knee injury at nationals last year and is still recovering. The hope is that we’ll see her at nationals this summer, though if she can get back quickly enough, she could possibly be in the mix for Pac Rims or Pan Ams, either of which would be an important meet for her as senior experience will be crucial in her preparation for contending for the Olympic team.

In the junior field, 2019 junior worlds team members Clara Raposo and Cassie Lee should be at the top of your list, as should last year’s junior national champion Rébéka Groulx, who was too young to take part in Györ. I also really enjoy Sydney Turner, Alexa Tucker, and last year’s novice champion Alicia Wendland, who moves up to the junior field this year.

In the novice group, Victoriane Charron is going to be difficult to beat. The 2008-born gymnast is an absolutely brilliant performer, placing third in the novice division at nationals last year and then going on to win the espoir title at Tournoi International in France. A Gym-Richelieu kid, she follows in the footsteps of the Woo sisters and Groulx, all known for their elegance and poise at the national level, and she could very well become the “next big thing” for Canada in the coming quad.

The competition begins Friday morning with the first day of novice competition, followed by the first day of senior competition in the evening. On Saturday morning, the juniors get their first round in, while the novice gymnasts wrap things up in the evening, and on Sunday, the juniors and seniors have their final competition, which will act as both the all-around and apparatus finals.

You can watch the competition live on FloGymnastics, and scores will be available on the LiveMeet Mobile app. A full list of competitors is below.

Lillian Bate, Dynamo
Ellie Black, Halifax Alta
Kyra Cato, Calgary
Laurie-Ann Demers, Gymnamic
Laurie Denommée, Gym-Plus
Jessica Dowling, Dynamo
Jordyn Ewing, Halifax Alta
Rachel Grenke, Capital City
Jillian Hutchings, Campia
Piper Johnson, Calgary
Okeri Katjivari, Brandon Eagles
Mégane Kokiw, Laval Excellence
Chloé Lorange, Gymnix
Sophie Marois, Gym-Fly
Valérie Menezes, Gymnacentre
Éloïse Monat, Équilibrix
Brooklyn Moors, Dynamo
Myrelle Morin, Gymnix
Chelsea Murray, WIMGYM
Shallon Olsen, Omega
Isabela Onyshko, Vancouver Phoenix
Ana Padurariu, Gemini
Imogen Paterson, Flicka
Amanda Pedicelli, Équilibrix
Charlise Radenchich, Revolution
Rachael Riley, Bluewater
Audrey Rousseau, Équilibrix
Quinn Skrupa, Brandon Eagles
Emma Spence, Dynamo
Mia St-Pierre, Gym-Fly
Annie Pier Theriault, Viagym
Leah Tindale, Dynamo
Kiera Wai, Manjak’s
Emily Walker, Marian
Rose-Kaying Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Victoria-Kayen Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Caitlyn Yip, Springers
Saki Yoshida, Gadbois
Evie Astle, River Valley
Charlie-Ann Barbeau, Équilibrix
Jayne Carvell, Flicka
Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence
Marisa DeGroot, Calgary
Julia Gillies, Québec Performance
Reese Grolla, Calgary
Rébéka Groulx, Gym-Richelieu
Makenna Guidish, Flip City
Athena Hutchinson, Club Aviva
Bailey Inglis, Gemini
Amy Jorgensen, Marian
Jordis Kliewer, Twisters
Jenna Lalonde, Ottawa
Kahlyn Lawson, WIMGYM
Cassie Lee, Manjak’s
Natasha Lopez, Futures
Éva-Rose Lupien, Gymini
Ava Lee MacLean, Norfort
Ella Mayerhofer, WIMGYM
Avery McCoy, Norfort
Rylee Miller, Can-Am
Marie Millette, Marian
Nyla Morabito, Niagara Acrobats
Elizabeth Noble, TAG Sports
Kiora Peart-Williams, Futures
Maya Peters, Manjak’s
Jordanna Phillis, Vancouver Phoenix
Malayna Ramos, KIN Gymnastics
Clara Raposo, Manjak’s
Samantha Reitsema, Flip City
Mikhayla Rosenow, Twisters
Jenna Sartoretto, Futures
Grace Slaunwhite, Titans
Sofia Spadafora, Rose City
Ava Stewart, Gemini
Virginie Therrien, Gadbois
Jenna Timmons, Calgary
Aurélie Tran, Gymnix
Alexa Tucker, Dynamo
Sydney Turner, TAG Sports
Alicia Wendland, Revolution
Jada Yip-Janniere, Oakville
Maya Zonneveld, Revolution
Holly Andrews, Halifax Alta
Cassia Aucoin, Norfort
Gabrielle Black, Milton Springers
Samantha Blair, Ortona
Béatrice Boivin, Gymnacentre
Chloe Callo, Shenderey
Victoriane Charron, Gym-Richelieu
Veronica Clouet Ivan, Milton Springers
Freya Cope, Kanata
Lindsey Corbett, Équilibrix
Brooklyn Coutu, Shenderey
Aaliyah De Sousa, Flip City
Viktoria Duchesne, Omega
Kennedy Fast, Twisters
Charlie Fleury, Québec Performance
Sienna Fretwell, TAG Sports
Delaram Ghasemi, Norfort
Selena Gonzales, Vancouver Phoenix
Gabriella Graniero, Oakville
Alyssa Guerrier-Calixte, Laval Excellence
Maddison Hajjar, WIMGYM
Braylynn Hawthorn-Harper, Futures
Zoe Hounsell-Gill, Shenderey
Élodie Langevin, Gym-Fly
Kayla Lawrence, Gym-Fly
Tahanna Raven Lo, Futures
Aime MacNeil, Milton Springers
Elena Metz, WIMGYM
Becca Mitchell, TAG Sports
Janelle Nagle, Titans
Orlia Ngomsi, Dreams Gym
Évelyne Nobert, Laval Excellence
Zaria Olanrewaju, KIN Gymnastics
Sophie Patterson, Club Aviva
Jayce Ratté, Gymnamic
Amy Robins, Rose City
Kaitlin Roopnarine, Futures
Jada Roussin, Marian
Lucy Samudio, Vancouver Phoenix
Tegan Shaver, Unigym
Megan Skinner, Cygnus
Anastasia Smolev, Omega
Zoe Tsaprailis, WIMGYM
Ella Wetteskin, Calgary
Tessa Zhang, Titans
Evandra Zlobec, WIMGYM

Edit: The start lists posted today on the LiveMeet app do not include Shallon Olsen as participating on Friday, but as she has an Alabama meet that night, I think it’s possible that we can see her do something similar to what Brittany Rogers did in 2016, which was to compete in college on Friday, fly out to the event on Saturday, and then compete exhibition routines in Sunday’s finals.

Okeri Katjivari is also not included on the start lists for Friday.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

7 thoughts on “Top Canadians Return for Elite Canada

    • I just checked Flo and even their articles are subscription-only now. Which…SIGH.

      Just found the start lists on the LiveMeet app, though! (Search it on your mobile app store, it’s also how live results will happen.)

      For day one of the senior competition, Ellie and the Woos start on vault, Brooklyn starts on bars, Onyshko on beam, and Ana on floor. Shallon’s not on the start list, so I’m thinking she probably has to compete for Bama on Friday and then will just come back for exhibition routines on Sunday? That’s what Brittany Rogers did in 2016.


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