All-Around World Cup Rosters Set


2018 world champion Grace McCallum will headline the American Cup for the United States

As of today, the FIG has confirmed the rosters for all four all-around world cups to be held in 2019, which begins with the American Cup on March 2, followed by the Stuttgart World Cup from March 16-17 and the Birmingham World Cup on March 23 before concluding with the Tokyo World Cup on April 7.

Each year, the top eight teams at the previous world championships or Olympic Games receive priority invitations to send individual athletes to the all-around world cups. If a team turns down its invitation, the next team down the line is invited instead to ensure eight competitors in both the men’s and women’s competitions at the world cup events (there’s also an optional wildcard spot for the host country in each discipline).

Gymnasts collect points at each world cup that contribute to their series ranking, and at the end of the four-meet series, the top federations overall are eligible to win additional prize money. Next year, in addition to the series title and prize money, Olympic qualification will also be on the line, with the top three federations in each discipline earning individual spots at the 2020 Olympic Games.

A full list of competitors for all four world cups in 2019 is available below. Note that all spots are technically nominative and subject to change, though some countries have confirmed their gymnasts’ participation. We’ll make updates as any changes come along, and look out for our previews for each world cup as we get closer to each event!

Christian Baumann (Switzerland)
Bart Deurloo (Netherlands)
James Hall (Great Britain)
Ma Yue (China)
Samuel Mikulak (United States)
Yul Moldauer (United States
Marcel Nguyen (Germany)
Petro Pakhniuk (Ukraine)
Kenzo Shirai (Japan)
Ellie Black (Canada)
Kim Bui (Germany)
Lee Yun-seo (South Korea)
Lu Yufei (China)
Grace McCallum (United States)
Mai Murakami (Japan)
Célia Serber (France)
Sanna Veerman (Netherlands)
Leanne Wong (United States)
Frank Baines (Great Britain)
Artur Dalaloyan (Russia)
Bart Deurloo (Netherlands)
Teppei Miwa (Japan)
Akash Modi (United States)
Marcel Nguyen (Germany)
Petro Pakhniuk (Ukraine)
Sun Wei (China)
Eddy Yusof (Switzerland)
Simone Biles (United States)
Kim Bui (Germany)
Lorette Charpy (France)
Hitomi Hatakeda (Japan)
Zsofia Kovacs (Hungary)
Aliya Mustafina (Russia)
Ana Padurariu (Canada)
Carolyne Pedro (Brazil)
Pauline Schäfer (Germany)
Elisabeth Seitz (Germany)
Christian Baumann (Switzerland)
Brinn Bevan (Great Britain)
Allan Bower (United States)
Bart Deurloo (Netherlands)
Joe Fraser (Great Britain)
Kazuma Kaya (Japan)
Jamie Lewis (Great Britain)
Nikita Nagornyy (Russia)
Petro Pakhniuk (Ukraine)
Sun Wei (China)
Nile Wilson (Great Britain)
Alec Yoder (United States)
Kim Bui (Germany)
Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos (France)
Ellie Downie (Great Britain)
Thais Fidelis (Brazil)
Leah Griesser (Germany)
Carolann Heduit (France)
Nagi Kajita (Japan)
Liu Jieyu (China)
Riley McCusker (United States)
Aliya Mustafina (Russia)
Anna Reis (Brazil)
Victoria-Kayen Woo (Canada)
Nestor Abad (Spain)
Bae Ga-ram (South Korea)
Bart Deurloo (Netherlands)
Nikita Ignatyev (Russia)
Lin Chaopan (China)
Samuel Mikulak (United States)
Giarnni Regini-Moran (Great Britain)
Kenzo Shirai (Japan)
Wataru Tanigawa (Japan)
Ellie Black (Canada)
Thais Fidelis (Brazil)
Morgan Hurd (United States)
Ksenia Klimenko (Russia)
Carina Kröll (Germany)
Lee Yun-seo (South Korea)
Liu Jingxing (China)
Carolyne Pedro (Brazil)
Elisabeth Seitz (Germany)
Angelina Simakova (Russia)
Aiko Sugihara (Japan)
Asuka Teramoto (Japan)

As of February 18, Alec Yoder has withdrawn from Birmingham and was replaced by Alan Bower. As of February 22, Nile Wilson has withdrawn from Birmingham due to injury and was replaced by Joe Fraser. As of March 1, Anna Reis has withdrawn from Birmingham and was replaced by Thais Fidelis. As of March 2, both Marcel Nguyen and Kenzo Shirai have withdrawn from the American Cup due to injury. As of March 5, Pauline Schäfer has withdrawn from Stuttgart and was replaced by Kim Bui. As of March 11, Angelina Simakova has withdrawn from Tokyo and was replaced by Ksenia Klimenko. As of March 12, Elisabeth Seitz has withdrawn from Tokyo and has been replaced by Carina Kröll. As of March 15, Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos and Kim Bui have withdrawn from Birmingham and were replaced by Carolann Heduit and Leah Griesser. As of March 20, Thais Fidelis has withdrawn from Tokyo and has been replaced by Carolyne Pedro. As of March 22, Brinn Bevan has withdrawn from Birmingham and was replaced by Jamie Lewis.

Article by Lauren Hopkins


20 thoughts on “All-Around World Cup Rosters Set

  1. so looks like US is sending their top 4 AA to the four AA cups. Whats the chance they will sweep all 4 first? I think Grace will have her hand full at AC if Mai doing full difficulty like worlds. Might be the first competitive scam cup in a long time….lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Looking at the fields for each, I think definitely Simone in Stuttgart and most likely Morgan in Tokyo will win if they hit. Riley’s got a bit of a challenge in Birmingham with Mélanie and possibly Aliya but she’s definitely capable. As for the American Cup, it’s a toss-up. Grace is very solid, but so is Mai. And Leanne could flourish or falter in her senior international debut. That event does favor Americans but Mai could definitely pull a win there, and be the first non American since 2001(!) To win the AA American Cup.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Damn these rosters are stacked! Especially Stuttgart! The world cup series is certainly shaping up to be an event to watch! Very exciting! I honestly hope Aliya does well in her events and bumps up her difficulty, even a little bit. As an American, she’s one of my favorite gymnasts to watch.

    Liked by 2 people

    • He was probably hoping to get all four because there’s a good chance he’ll end up as one of the top series athletes (along with Bart Deurloo) meaning he’d get a pretty excellent salary for his work across all four, since most other countries are sending a bunch of different athletes rather than just one. He and Bart stand to get a nice bonus for that so I’m sure it’s partly due to that.


  3. I’m confused. I thought the whole point of having Leanne and Grace do American Cup was because the other 3 wanted to have more time for upgrades or something. Is a few weeks really making that big of a difference? Or did they change their minds?


    • Yeah. THAT 1 will easily be the closest and mist exciting. Im super jealous. Funny, as i was reading through the rosters of each, i thought to myself,”hmmm if i could go to just 1 of these, it’d be Birmingham.” have a wonderful time. Will be looking for your comments under videos and articles during & after the event. 🙂


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  5. its disappointing to see Romania not taking advantage of any of these international AA meets for Denisa Golgota (pretty sure they were qualified to send somebody to all-but Birmingham but they declined)


    • Denisa seems to have some issues with her knees, and Ioana Crisan is recovering after an ankle surgery. I think these are the main reasons why we don’t see Romania present in WAG lately.


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