Around the Gymternet: Make it pink

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“Lilia Podkopayeva is the best all-around gymnast of all time. Unlike most great all-arounders, Lilia had no weak event. She had difficulty and captivating artistry on all four events. Lilia was also the queen of front tumbling. In this essay I will” – I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure Twitter user @catalinasbars just invented a new major.

Comp news

The American Cup happened. And it was so very American. Team USA went 1-2 for both the men and women, with Yul Moldauer defending his American Cup title ahead of Sam Mikulak and Ma Yue, and newcomer Leanne Wong taking the women’s title with an incredible performance (ahem, 3.5 twists) that put her ahead of Grace McCallum and Ellie Black. Winners took home a block of sliced, heavily processed cheese. Live hits.

There were only seven dudes. That’s because Marcel Nguyen withdrew (presumably because of his head), and Kenzo Shirai also withdrew with an ankle injury.

But what about the drama? Right. In NBC news, Nastia’s done with those goddamn polos, we didn’t see as many routines as we’d like, and Tim Daggett forgot that we could hear him throughout the entire Olympic Channel broadcast.

Meanwhile, the FIG’s Twitter account horrifyingly mixed up Leanne Wong with Kara Eaker, leading at least one fan to wonder if they could be brought to Tokyo as one person to get an extra bite of the apple.

Jesolo happened. Sunisa Lee topped the air mattress podium for the seniors, followed by Liu Tingting and Emma Malabuyo, though I’m sure by morning they’ll find themselves on even ground. Meanwhile, everyone’s excited about Konnor McClain doing a real, live layout on beam and taking the junior all-around title with a whopping 56.167.

Russia’s juniors won the team competition, and junior Viktoriia Listunova took the floor title with this routine that’s making the rounds. Giorgia Villa withdrew due to injury. Live hits.

What else happened. The Nastia Liukin Cup (results), and English Champs (results).

Two more things. Thais Fidelis replaced Anna Julia Reis as Brazil’s rep at Birmingham, and here are your new elites from February.

NCAA corner

OU beat UCLA. In perhaps the biggest sporting event of the century, Oklahoma beat UCLA (in front of a record home crowd of over 10,000) 197.775 to 197.575, eking out the win after being tied in the third rotation, and making KJ do this. Maggie Nichols sat out of the all-around, doing bars and beam.

Kyla “Kayla” Ross started out with a “perfect 20” on bars and vault, ending the night with a 39.850, and Katelyn Ohashi of Rolling Stone fame got another 10 on floor. Also, some people took issue with Miss Val’s rules. Live hits.

LSU beat Georgia. They got a 197.900. Lexie Priessman scored a 10 on bars, and Sarah Finnegan also got a 10, on beam. They later celebrated by going out and collecting frogs (?). LSU, you do you.

Other meets. Utah (psst: read about their seniors) got a season-high 197.975 against Michigan, and Florida beat Arkansas with a 197.225. Week 9 results.

Injuries. Anna Glenn is out with a patellar tendon injury, and Shani Remme suffered a career-ending ACL tear. Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well.

Other news

FIG official doubts survivors. Liubou Charkashyna—the president of the FIG’s athlete’s commission—said in an interview that she does not believe that sex abuse in sports happens in “the amount of specifically the sports cases that have been thrown at us,” and that “this is America, they know how to make money.”

Dvora Meyers says Deadspin has reached out to the FIG for comment.

New fund set up. Michigan State University has set up an interim fund to replace the Healing Assistance Fund, which was frozen in July and is still under investigation for potential fraud.

Meanwhile, MSU’s board is considering opening an independent investigation into how Larry Nassar was able to thrive at the university for so long.

Star status

Romania. It’s in trouble. They only have five seniors right now, and Ponor’s screening her calls.

Injuries. Latalia Bevan of Wales had surgery. It went well; in fact, she gave it two thumbs up.

Comebacks. Laurie Hernandez showed off a bhs loso on beam.

Upgrades. Sydney Morris has a new dismount: a laid-out double double. Also, Colin Van Wicklen was spotted doing a Dowell full out.

Staying social

“Her dad is topless.” This is the only thread that matters.

Dreams come true. Rhys McClenaghan thinks this talented gymnast deserves a spot on the Olympic team, as do I.

Max, Jr. is here. Max Whitlock had a baby. Congrats, Max! Just don’t tell my husband, whom I’ve convinced that baby-making isn’t possible right now because of climate change.

When I was at Harvard. Elizabeth Price is going to Harvard for master in Design Engineering program; here’s how you can help her get there.

Last words


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