2019 International Gymnix Live Blog | Junior Cup

Welcome to the live blog for the Junior Cup at the 2019 International Gymnix, held in Montreal, Canada!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 54.532
2. Olivia Greaves, United States, 53.666
3. Skye Blakely, United States, 53.332
4. Noémie Louon, Belgium, 52.432
5. Lilly Lippeatt, United States, 51.932
6. Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, 50.999
7. Kaylen Morgan, United States, 50.798
8. Jutta Verkest, Belgium, 50.032
9. Clara Raposo, Canada, 49.365
10. Chloe Trisic, Australia, 49.231
11. Rébéka Groulx, Canada, 48.966
12. Shizuku Sonezaki, Japan, 48.599
13. Samantha Olivier, Australia, 48.598
14. Nonoka Momii, Japan, 48.365
15. Charlotte Beydts, Belgium, 48.265
16. Rachael Riley, Canada, 47.865
17. Lea Marie Quaas, Germany, 47.566
18. Tiana Odessa, Australia, 47.465
19. Maily Planckeel, France, 47.432
20. Sophie Barbelet, France, 46.899
21. Catalina Santos-Moran Diaz, Germany, 46.799
22. Umi Kawaguchi, Japan, 46.199
23. Olena Edmeades, Australia, 45.964
24. Paula Vega Tarrago, Germany, 45.665
25. Livane Masse, France, 45.565
26. Lola Laurent, France, 44.565
27. Lona Häcker, Germany, 44.065


1. United States 159.463
2. Belgium 154.530
3. Canada 154.463
4. Australia 146.060
5. Japan 143.163
6. Germany 141.963
7. France 140.463

8:50 pm. 14.500 for Olivia’s bars!! Seals silver with her, a big jump from fourth after the third rotation.

8:47 pm. Olivia Greaves, United States, UB: Hop change to piked Jaeger, nice air and shape on that. HUUUUGE Church, then a Downie!! Fab. Pak, nice, van Leeuwen, clean, lovely handstand before toe-on to stalder full RIGHT in handstand on the bar, into a full-in, brilliant routine especially after the earlier rotation nonsense! Seriously lovely.

8:46 pm. Shizuku Sonezaki, Japan, FX: Tucked full-in, 1.5 to front layout, good on both. Excellent triple full! All three of these juniors had triples. Big Popa. Hit the last pass. Good routine!

8:45 pm. Skye Blakely, United States, UB: Toe-on to Ricna to Pak, very clean! Just tiny foot things. Van Leeuwen, a little crooked, toe half to front giant half, stalder to stalder full, bends her arms in the middle of it and kind of falls over but stays on, full-in with a hop back. Oooooof.

8:42 pm. Lilly Lippeatt, United States, UB: First time seeing her up close, she looks sooooo mature compared to last year when she still looked wee!! She actually looks like a mini Olivia from where I sit. Weiler half, arched over, Tkachev (possibly with some sort of root skill before it, I didn’t see the entry) to Pak, Maloney to bail, ugh, catches it with her body bent in half and legs askew, tries to keep going but gets quite crooked and has to fight to get it back. It takes a minute. Full-in with a hop.

Tiana Odessa, Australia, FX: FTY, I couldn’t see the landing, looked like a little bounce. Second vault is a layout, really nice hollow shape on that. Solid!

Nonoka Momii, Japan, FX: I missed the beginning. Triple full, steps back. 2.5, little stumble forward OOB.

8:41 pm. Samantha Olivier, Australia, VT: Solid tucked FTY!

8:38 pm. Chloe Trisic, Australia, VT: Yurchenko layout, little hop back.

Kaylen Morgan, United States, UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, huge air but way too close and has to hip circle around it. Still, she makes it look like it was meant to happen! That was an AMAZING cover. Van Leeuwen, then a straddle Jaeger, but she falls. Ugh. A little muscled on her blind change to double front, little step back.

Umi Kawaguchi, Japan, FX: Double tuck, good! Triple full, slightly shy on the rotation but good try. Hit her last pass.

Olena Edmeades, Australia, VT: Another Yurchenko layout, this one is a little cleaner.

8:32 pm. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, FX: Here we gooooo queen! Little bounce back on her double tuck. Hop back on her double pike. Switch leap to switch full. This choreo sequence is so perf it’s the header photo for this blog. Front full, little skid back. Double L turn to BEAUTIFUL double pirouette. Big switch half into the center of the floor for her ending pose. Lovely job as always. Someone’s gonna defend her title!!

Lona Häcker, Germany, BB: Good wolf turn. Very clean side aerial. Punch front pike, a little low but solid. Good jump series, front aerial, ugh, fall!! Back on to hit the dismount.

8:29 pm. Noémie Louon, Belgium, UB: Love this routine so much. Maloney to Pak, very clean. Lovely handstand before van Leeuwen. Toe-on, blind full, blind change to piked Jaeger, HUGE! Beautiful. Little step on the dismount.

Catalina Santos-Moran Diaz, Germany, BB: Love her opening choreo sequence. Switch to split leap. Little bobble on a side aerial. I missed a few parts but overall this was very strong and she had nice presentation. Front layout dismount.

Clara Raposo, Canada, FX: Super fun routine. Tucked full-in, a tad low, beautiful double arabian. Ugh, crashed her double tuck right at the end. UGHHHH. QUEEN WHY. Her ending choreo sequence is so fantastic, she’s such a performer. Literally smiled getting up after smashing her whole body on that fall.

8:27 pm. Rébéka Groulx, Canada, FX: Tucked full-in, a little forward, step. Little hop back on her arabian double front, good! Double tuck with a bounce back OOB.

Lea Marie Quaas, Germany, BB: Solid flight series and side aerial. Transverse straight jump full, fall back. 😦 Double full with a hop.

Jutta Verkest, Belgium, UB: Stalder to blind full, blind change to piked Jaeger, nice. Bail, some leg sep, to toe shoot, high double tuck with a step back.

8:26 pm. Sophie Barbelet, France, VT: Yurchenko layout SUPER close to the table.

Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, UB: Toe full, blind change to straddle Jaeger, very nice. clean Pak, Maloney to bail, very clean, to toe shoot, double tuck with a little step, fab job!

Maily Planckeel, France, VT: Yurchenko layout, more distance than the last one got!

8:24 pm. Lola Laurent, France, VT: Yurchenko pike, stumble back.

Charlotte Beydts, Belgium, UB: Short on her bail. That’s really the only problematic part…oops, until the high double tuck, which she sits. 😦

Paula Vega Tarrago, Germany, BB: Off on her bhs loso. 😦  And again on her side somi. 1.5 dismount with a little hop.

Rachael Riley, Canada, FX: Tucked full-in, low chest and a step. 2.5 to front tuck, wild legs but right into the corner. Good double tuck. Double full clean with a step back.

Livane Masse, France, VT: Yurchenko pike, a little short. These little French gymnasts are SO tiny.

8:21 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 41.099
2. Skye Blakely, United States, 39.866
3. Lilly Lippeatt, United States, 39.299
4. Olivia Greaves, United States, 39.166
5. Noémie Louon, Belgium, 39.066
6. Kaylen Morgan, United States, 38.532
7. Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, 37.666
8. Charlotte Beydts, Belgium, 37.599

8:16 pm. Tiana Odessa, Australia, FX: Think she went for a ring full at the beginning! I was straight-on though so had zero look at her actual back leg. High double pike, great! 2.5 to front tuck, little step forward OOB. Switch ring to switch half, fab. Double full, wild on the landing, leg comes up but saves it. Full L turn to full pirouette. Double tuck, step back. Good work!

8:14 pm. Shizuku Sonezaki, Japan, BB: I think she fell early on. 😦 Gets her triple flight series around,  a little wobbly, front aerial. Went wild on something after that and touched the beam but didn’t fall. Japan is really good at saves. A little short on her triple full rotation but love that she has a triple full off beam.

Olena Edmeades, Australia, FX: Double wolf turn, nice. Cartwheels up to the corner for her first pass, Double tuck, short but saves it from putting her hands down. 1.5 to front lay, super low but stands up out of it with no problems. Front full, some knee form, nice double full!

8:11 pm. Chloe Trisic, Australia, FX: Clean double tuck. I think her music is from Everest. At the beginning anyway. 2.5 is beautiful!! A little low coming out of her third pass into a punch front tuck. Hit the last pass, I believe a layout full.

Olivia Greaves, United States, VT: Big solid FTY, very clean.

Nonoka Mimii, Japan, BB: Hit her mount. Bhs bhs, misses the beam after the second one and does a layout down to the floor. Same. Sissone to split jump. Hit the dismount.

Skye Blakely, United States, VT: DTY, I couldn’t see her landing at all which means she probably got some distance since that’s where I’m blocked! Second vault is an FTY with a big hop back. This time she landed in my blind spot, and then bounced back OUT of it.

8:10 pm. Kaylen Morgan, United States, VT: Big FTY.

8:05 pm. Lilly Lippeatt, United States, VT: Big FTY, she’s really improved on her power there!

Umi Kawaguchi, Japan, BB: Side somi, big break at the hips but holds it. Side aerial, little check. Short on her bhs loso but good fight again. Straight jump full. Back tuck. Double full dismount. Really solid fight throughout that.

Samantha Olivier, Australia, FX: High double tuck, step back. Good leaps. 2.5, leg form and a little stumble. Front tuck through to double full is good!

8:01 pm. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, BB: Front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half, fab. Aerial is clean. Super solid bhs loso loso. Beautiful double spin. Little wobble on her side somi. Transverse split jump half. I think she wanted to connect those two. Switch to switch half to back handspring, fantastic. Lovely double full with a hop back. Beautiful.

Maily Planckeel, France, FX: Good double pike! Little bobble. Sat her 2.5. 😦 Layout third pass. Good double full to finish.

Every hour or so a guy walks buy me holding a bowl of sliced oranges. It’s very weird?????

7:58 pm. Clara Raposo, Canada, BB: Bhs loso, little adjustments but very nice. A skill that I missed into a bhs, then something into a back tuck. Front aerial, hit the dismount, fab job!!

Sophie Barbelet, France, FX: Very nice double pike, just a tiny bobble. L hop full to split full, not quite there in her split. 1.5 to front tuck to stag. Excellent double full.

Paula Vega Tarrago, Germany, UB: Very nice Jaeger! Toe-on to toe shoot. Double tuck with a little hop.

7:57 pm. Catalina Santos-Moran Diaz, Germany, UB: Off on her release, clear hip is a bit short, toe shoot, blind full, layout dismount is clean.

Charlotte Beydts, Belgium, VT: Very clean FTY! That was nice.

7:54 pm. Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, VT: Huuuuge FTY, a little low on the landing though.

Lea Marie Quaas, Germany, UB: She fell on absolutely everything in warmups. Pray for her. Blind change to front giant to big straddle Jaeger, good! Bail, legs apart but good, into a clear hip to toe on to toe shoot. Toe front half with a step. Not bad considering her warmup!

Rachael Riley, Canada, BB: Solid flight series! Switch leap into something that she wobbled on but stays on the beam. Full turn is good. Off on a side somi I believe. Or whatever she did was an acro skill that ended up facing sideways. 2.5 dismount, leg form and a step, chest forward.

Lola Laurent, France, FX: Sat her double pike. Swan Lake music. Lovely choreo down into a split. OMG the swan choreoooooo tears forever. Full Y turn. Front lay front pike gets a little rough form-wise. Switch ring is nice, into a ring leap. Excellent and lovely! Just the tumbling could use some fine-tuning.

7:53  pm. Jutta Verkest, Belgium, VT: Yurchenko layout, I couldn’t see the landing.

Lona Häcker, Germany, UB: Hit routine, ended with a tucked toe-front half with a lunge forward.

Rébéka Groulx, Canada, BB: Good front aerial. Solid bhs loso. She reminds me of a combo of Shawn Johnson and Ana Padurariu. Side somi, little bobble. Hit the rest, very solid.

Livane Masse, France, FX: Double tuck, bounce back. Nice switch ring. Front layout front pike.

Noémie Louon, Belgium, VT: Missed this!

7:48 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 27.566
2. Lilly Lippeatt, United States, 25.866
3. Shizuku Sonezaki, Japan, 25.833
4. Olivia Greaves, United States, 25.733
5. Noémie Louon, Belgium, 25.666
6. Rébéka Groulx, Canada, 25.533
7. Skye Blakely, United States, 25.333
8. Rachael Riley, Canada, 25.166

7:43 pm. Skye Blakely, United States, FX: Double layout, nice in the air, a tad short with a little bounce back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Tucked full-in, solid landing. Front double full to front tuck, step forward OOB. Fell on something like, on the floor after that? A turn I’m assuming, I was looking at Tom Forster to see if he was enjoying the routine and saw him and Maggie Haney jump back and yell “OHHHHH” hahaha. Well. Hit the last pass, at least.

7:41 pm. Olivia Greaves, United States, FX: I missed her first pass but saw that she hit it, good 2.5 for her second! Good double pike, little hop. Switch ring through to switch half. Jumps around another half. She does the Friends fist-bump gesture as choreo LOL love. Great double tuck. Solid routine.

Tiana Odessa, Australia, BB: Off on her punch front mount. Hit some skills after that, front aerial, split ring jump, good! Switch half, very nice extension, tiny bobble. Leg up and off again on her punch front. Clean double full dismount.

7:40 pm. Omg Lilly’s skill that I missed was a back full straight into a double tuck!!!!

7:39 pm. Olena Edmeades, Australia, BB: Front aerial into a jump, bhs loso, solid! Very nice side aerial. Grabs the beam 3/4 of the way through her double wolf turn. Transverse split jump half. Clean double full with a bounce in place. POTENTIAL!!!!

7:37 pm. Lilly Lippeatt, United States, FX: Great piked full-in to start. Ooh, something into a double tuck, a front lay half maybe? I didn’t see the entry, just that she did it STRAIGHT to the double tuck. Awesome. Front full for her third pass. Double pike, hop back. Great work!

Shizuku Sonezaki, Japan, UB: Crazy legs on her van Leeuwen, piked Gienger with some leg form, bail to toe shoot, a little close, blind change to front giant half, blind full, legs come apart, gets her swing back for the giants into her triple full layout dismount, love it!! Good rotation this time, it was a little short in warmups.

7:35 pm. Umi Kawaguchi, Japan, UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, some foot form issues, clean Pak. Full-out a bit too low, basically to her head but she’s still smiling.

Samantha Olivier, Australia, BB: Hit her mount. Bhs loso, wobble but saves it. Also short on a side-facing skill, wobble on a front aerial. Double tuck, low chest, step.

7:33 pm. Nonoka Momii, Japan, UB: Big straddle Jaeger. Clean toe shoot, blind full, double layout with a step back. Great start.

Chloe Trisic, Australia, BB: Wobbled on an early acro skill before her transverse half jump. Hit the dismount.

Kaylen Morgan, United States, FX: Double tuck, tiny bounce. 1.5 to front pike is also good. Double full, some leg form but I only say that because it was really close to me so I could actually see it. If it was on the opposite side I would’ve been like “GREAT DOUBLE FULL!!” because I’m fully blind.

7:32 pm. Elena Davydova just said “you type so fast and know all the skills, great job!!!!!” because she watched me that entire first half of rotation two.

7:28 pm. Livane Masse, France, BB: Bhs loso, check at the hips.  Nice leap series. Transverse split jump half, maybe 90 degrees. Side somi, chest practically at the level of the beam, but fights and holds on! Hit the dismount.

Jutta Verkest, Belgium, FX: Good double pike, stepped back but wasn’t sure if she went OOB. Black Eyed Peas, bless. Lots of cutesy hand choreo. Double wolf turn is clean. Front full with a step forward. Her choreo into the corner before her last pass is a fantastic sequence. Double full to finish, solid.

7:27 pm. Rachael Riley, Canada, UB: Toe-on to toe half, some leg separation, to front giant to piked Jaeger, legs totally apart. Pak with leg separation. Good handstand before stalder half to toe shoot, quite low but she somehow gets it…into a bit of a dead hang though. Has to re-cast. Blind full, and finishes with a double tuck, lunge forward. Well, compared to Elite Canada this was amazing, so happy to see her at least fight through it and hit.

7:26 pm. Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, FX: This nutso version of Burlesque with 30 hours of Xtina screaming, god bless!!!! High double tuck, wobbly arms on the landing. Wobbly thorugh her wolf turn. Front full with a little step. Switch full, does it like a switch half, then brings her legs together and completes the twist. Good double full to finish, just some ankle form at the end.

7:24 pm. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, UB: Maloney to Pak, lovely form. Great handstand before van Leeuwen, excellent handstand before clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, nice height on that and the pike is great. Toe full is a little late, full-out basically stuck. Fantastic routine.

Sophie Barbelet, France, BB: Came off on something after her front aerial. Nice switch half. Clean double full with a hop back.

7:21 pm. Lea Marie Quaas, Germany, VT: I missed this.

Catalina Santos-Moran Diaz, Germany, VT: Also missed this. I think both did Yurchenko pikes though.

Clara Raposo, Canada, UB: Super clean Pak. Stalder half, a little late, muscles through her clear hip full. Double layout dismount, hit, maybe a tad piked.

Lola Laurent, France, BB: Love her mount. Onodi, check. Solid flight series, bends over in her side aerial after and comes off. 😦 Double full with a lunge back.

Noémie Louon, Belgium, FX: Bounce back on her first pass. Excellent leaps. Good double full.

Lona Häcker, Germany, VT: Handspring front pike, good.

7:17 pm. Paula Vega Tarrago, Germany, VT: Yurchenko pike with a hop.

Rébéka Groulx, Canada, UB: Piked Jaeger, good, Pak, minor leg sep, clear hip, double front, good routine. Head judges are questioning whether she’s allowed to wear the thick heel protectors she has on because they might be too thick.

Maily Planckeel, France, BB: Hit what I saw! Really solid bhs loso.

Charlotte Beydts, Belgium, FX: Double tuck, a tad short, step forward. The rest was hit. Had lyrics from Grease in her routine but like, the womp bomp-a-loo-bomp lyrics so I guess they don’t count because they’re nonsense words?

7:13 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Rachael Riley, Canada, 13.966
2. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, 13.700
3. Nonoka Momii, Japan, 13.633
4. Shizuku Sonezaki, Japan, 13.433
5. Umi Kawaguchi, Japan, 13.166
— Clara Raposo, Canada, 13.166
7. Lilly Lippeatt, United States, 12.766
8. Rébéka Groulx, Canada, 12.733

7:09 pm. Skye Blakely, United States, BB: Love her mount. A tiny bit wobbly through her triple wolf turn. Excellent standing full, tiny bobble, gets applause. Super solid bhs loso. Perf front tuck, but she does it into a straddle jump, doesn’t get the jump quite there, and then stumbles on the landing, falling. 😦 😦 😦 Switch to switch half to back tuck is great. Front aerial into a split jump to a split jump half, check. Wolf jump to sissone to side aerial. This is stacked, could see her 100% still making the final with the fall. Double pike, chest isn’t bad, just a tiny step.

7:07 pm. Kaylen Morgan, United States, BB: Triple wolf turn, gets it! side somi, wobble. Off on bhs loso. Nice split leap to front aerial, side aerial is also clean. Lovely extension on her transverse split jump half. Comes in a bit low for the double tuck but gets it around, chest just down and a small step.

Samantha Olivier, Australia, UB: Inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, nice! Pak, some leg sep. Maloney to toe half, late there, stalder to stalder full, also quite late, good landing on her double tuck dismount. Tons of promise!

7:03 pm. Olivia Greaves, United States, BB: Hit wolf turn, front aerial, solid on her bhs loso. Random back tuck with a little bobble. Wobble on her switch leap, split jump to straddle jump, low on the latter. Side aerial, she missed this a million times in warmups, breaks at the hips here but stays on. Couldn’t see if she put her hand down though. Double tuck is nice, step back.

Tiana Odessa, Australia, UB: Toe half to front giant to piked Jaeger, almost a layout, but she falls. Pak, leg sep, off again after that.

Nonoka Momii, Japan, VT: FTY and Yurchenko layout, again really solid on both like Shizuku before her!

7:02 pm. Chloe Trisic, Australia, UB: Toe full, a little late, short handstand before toe shoot, a little close to the bar, blind change with nice form into a piked Jaeger, good! Hit the rest including a high full-in, good work!

Shizuku Sonezaki, Japan, VT: FTY and a Yurchenko layout, not bad on either.

7:00 pm. Umi Kawaguchi, Japan, VT: FTY, hit, bounce on the landing.

Olena Edmeades, Australia, UB: Caught her release and a Pak but then rested on the low bar. Muscled a cast again after that before finally getting her rhythm back. Legs apart a bit on a blind full, covers it well, double pike dismount.

Lilly Lippeatt, United States, BB: Bhs bhs layout, solid! Just some leg form. Transverse straight jump full with a bobble, hit jumps. Side aerial, switch leap to split leap, double pike is a little short, pulls her chest back but has a little stumble to hold it up.

6:55 pm. Santos-Moran Diaz, Germany, FX: Switch half into the corner. High double pike! Just a bounce back. Clean double tuck, bounced back. Switch leap to tour jeté half, some flexed feet but overall very nice. Popa. Double L turn. Front full, legs get a little tucked but she gets the landing. Her music ends with a series of cars honking.

6:52 pm. Jutta Verkest, Belgium, BB: Solid double wolf turn. Really nice extension on her leaps. Tiniest adjustments on bhs loso. Side somi, a bit too far back in her shoulder angle, tries to pull it up but she can’t, fall. Layout full dismount.

6:50 pm. Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, BB: Good back handspring mount. Bhs loso almost solid, just corrects a bit on a little wobble. Switch leap, big wobble on something near the end, good sissone to wolf jump. Hit the dismount.

Rachael Riley, Canada, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, a little low on the landing but not bad!

Sophie Barbelet, France, UB: Nice piked Jaeger, open double pike dismount with a bounce.

Paula Vega Tarrago, Germany, FX: She is the most adorable tiny human on the planet. Double tuck, bounced back OOB. Hit her 1.5 to front full with a bit of a bobble. Good 2.5. She has potential!

6:48 pm. Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Canada, VT: Big FTY, decent on the landing.

Livane Masse, France, UB: Similar difficulty level as the routine before hers, high double tuck but she sat it.

6:46 pm. Rébéka Groulx, Canada, VT: FTY, really close to the table, good landing.

Lola Laurent, France, UB: Stalder to toe on, jumps to high bar, blind full with some leg separation, blind change with the same, a couple of front giants in there, low double pike with a step.

Noémie Louon, Belgium, Bb: Back handspring mount, nice. Big wobble on her flight series and then on a transverse jump. Clean front aerial. Just a layout full dismount.

Lona Häcker, Germany, FX: Double tuck, stumble back, sat it. Clean double full. Little stumble on a leap. Sat her last pass.

6:44 pm. Clara Raposo, Canada, VT: Hit her FTY with a little stumble back.

Maily Planckeel, France, UB: Stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, good, and the rest was nice, hit routine!

Charlotte Beydts, Belgium, BB: Good bhs loso. The rest was great, very clean and solid.

Lea Marie Quaas, Germany, FX: Hit her opening pass. Her music started with an EAR-PIERCING WHISTLE and there are like, bird calls that are equally headache-enducing throughout. God bless. Second pass was a 1.5 to punch front I believe, also hit her front full. Double full, legs are basically crossed at the thighs, doesn’t seem super aware of her landing.

6:42 pm. Touch warm-up is underway, just about ready to go!

6:36 pm. Finally starting with the Junior Cup!!!

Canada and Japan start on vault, France and Australia start on bars, Belgium and the United States start on beam, and Germany starts on floor.

So many screams for local girl and reigning champion Zoé Allaire-Bourgie when she’s announced!

7 thoughts on “2019 International Gymnix Live Blog | Junior Cup

  1. Blakely The Younger fell on her butt out of her wolf turn. A shame, because she has a really charming routine. I am sure she has tons of success ahead of her.


  2. just letting you know that the title says “senior cup” instead of “junior cup”. thank you so much for live blogging a ton of events for those of us that can’t watch.


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