2019 European Championships Live Blog | Event Finals Day 1

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2019 European Championships, held in Szczecin, Poland!

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1. Anastasia Iliankova, Russia, 14.833
2. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 14.533
3. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 14.400
4. Anastasiya Alistratava, Belarus, 14.366
5. Jonna Adlerteg, Sweden, 14.300
6. Lorette Charpy, France, 14.100
7. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 13.766
8. Sanna Veerman, Netherlands, 12.366


1. Denis Abliazin, Russia, 14.966
2. Marco Lodadio, Italy, 14.966
3. Vahagn Davtyan, Armenia, 14.933
4. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 14.900
5. Courtney Tulloch, Great Britain, 14.766
6. Samir Aït Saïd, France, 14.733
7. Artur Tovmasyan, Armenia, 14.700
8. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, 13.933

3:32 pm. Anastasia Iliankova RUS UB: Great handstand before Shang, Tweddle to Ezhova is also solid, just some leg form issues in the Ezhova, Chow to Pak to van Leeuwen is pretty clean, short hanstand before good toe full to full-in, almost stuck. Maria Paseka is jumping up and down, she’s so happy, and for good reason, that was excellent.

14.833 (6.3 D, 8.533 E)!

3:30 pm. Vahagn Davtyan ARM SR: Great on the maltese at the start, into an iron cross, clean. Swinging a bit on a handstand before his double pike to maltese, solid iron cross after that, planche has his feet angled above his head, arched and muscled on a handstand after that. Great landing on the dismount.

14.933 (6.1 D, 8.833 E)

3:27 pm. Sanna Veerman NED UB: Chow to Bhardwaj, a little crooked and some leg form, Maloney is good, to a solid Pak, tries to connect out of it but doesn’t get her toes on the bar and has to fly off. Doesn’t bother with the next transition back to the high bar so she’ll lose some D, just jumps up there for her piked Jaeger, toe full to full-in with a little hop in place.

12.366 (5.5 D, 6.866 E)

Unrelated to Sanna but my start list from earlier today has Anastasia Iliankova and then Angelina Melnikova in that order, and the updated start list had them swapped which seems weird because isn’t the order decided with a draw based on qualification rankings?

3:25 pm. Igor Radivilov UKR SR: This rings field is INSANEEEE and he’s just gonna add to it. High planche to start, a little angled on his maltese, into a nice iron cross. Good handstand, double pike up to a handstand really low in the shoulders from here, maltese after is better than the first I think. Another high planche, arched on a handstand after but corrects, hand down on his double double. UGHHH.

13.933 (6.3 D, 7.633 E)

3:22 pm. Anastasiya Alistratava BLR UB: Short handstand before lovely inbar to inbar full, Maloney is nice and high to a beautiful Pak, her leo is AMAZING FYI. Beautiful van Leeuwen. Excellent handstand beofre a toe half, a little muscled, into a piked Jaeger. Blind change to double front half-out with a step forward. She’s SOOOOOO GOOD.

14.366 (5.8 D, 8.566 E)

3:20 pm. Marco Lodadio ITA SR: Excellent maltese position. Double tuck is very tight into a nice double pike to iron cross, almost no movement. Nice high planche! Swings through to an iron cross. Beautiful handstand near the end OMG. Double double with a baby hop. That was insanely good.

14.966 (6.3 D, 8.666 E)

3:18 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS UB: Lovely inbar full to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen!! Just slight leg sep on the van Leeuwen. Inbar half, a little form break, into a good piked Jaeger, short handstand before a giant half, toe full is late, into a full-in, a little low with a hop forward. Not the best near the end but the opening sequence was great.

14.533 (6.1 D, 8.433 E)

3:16 pm. Courtney Tulloch GBR SR: Great start to his routine, his transitions are so fluid and flawless. Got a little muscly in an early handstand, and he swings forward quite a bit in his iron cross. Great on his planche. Considerably arched in a handstand after. Double double dismount with a tiny hop.

14.766 (6.5 D, 8.266 E)

3:14 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: Great handstand before Maloney to clear hip, arches it way over but good control back into the Galante, doesn’t miss a beat. Big lovely Pak. Good handstand before the van Leeuwen, great handstand before tie inbar half to front giant full, tentative on that but gets through it, full-twisting double layout a little low, lunge forward. She doesn’t look super pleased but like, it’s the third day of competition in a row for some of the women here, and she had kind of a huge night last night.

13.766 (5.6 D, 8.166 E)

3:12 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS SR: Nice maltese to start, into a great iron cross, two salto skills into an iron cross, doesn’t reach the position super steadily and kind of swings out of it before getting into position for real, some handstands are a little shaky, others are PERFECT. Double double stuck cold. Lots of incredible moments there, and then some iffy ones.

14.900 (6.0 D, 8.900 E)

3:10 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA UB: Lovely handstand before Maloney to Tkachev, nice toe point! Another great handstand before her Ricna to Pak to Chow half, BEAUTIFUL!!! Shuffles over for blind change to front giant to front giant full, almost right in vertical, to double front with a tiny hop. GOD SHE IS SO SO SO GOOD. Remember when they took her out of the EYOF final so Elisa Iorio, who didn’t qualify, could go in her place? NOT ANYMORE. #CryingForever

14.400 (6.0 D, 8.400 E)

3:08 pm. Artur Tovmasyan ARM SR: So many Arturs. Very clean on his first series, especially love the maltese to iron cross. Great handstand before his double tuck to double pike to maltese, Planche arches a bit on the handstand after that, full-twisting double layout with a step back.

14.700 (6.1 D, 8.600 E)

3:06 pm. Lorette Charpy FRA UB: Chow half, nice toe half to piked Jaeger, short handstand before Ricna to Pak, clean on both of those skills, short before van Leeuwen as well, but that is also good. Toe full, good, stuck the full-in very nicely, just lifts her right foot a tiny bit.

14.100 (5.7 D, 8.400 E)

3:04 pm. Samir Aït Saïd FRA SR: I missed the very beginning, a little crooked on his planche, and got a little bobbly in a handstand, double pike to double tuck to planche, excellent, lowers into an iron cross. Some really nice handstands at the end, then a little hop back on his dismount.

14.733 (6.1 D, 8.633 E)

3:02 pm. Jonna Adlerteg SWE UB: Great handstand before her Shang, good. Pak, not connected out of it, but still nice on its own, excellent handstand before shaposh to Bhardwaj, another perf handstand before her Maloney to clear hip full, legs come apart and she goes a bit crooked but nice getting back under control into the Tkachev, dismounts with a double layout, tiny bounce back. JONNAAAAAA!!!! Some little fights and hesitations in there, not as aggressive as day one but still great.

14.300 (6.0 D, 8.300 E)

3:00 pm. Denis Abliazin RUS SR: Really nice maltese! Body line is perfectly straight. Dobule tuck to double pike to planche, excellent transition. Swings through to an iron cross, nice there as well. Good form in a handstand after that, second handstand is arched but he slowly pulls it upright, and then dismounts with a laid-out double double, step there, but that was pretty great overall.

14.966 (6.1 D, 8.866 E)


1. Maria Paseka, Russia, 14.516
2. Coline Devillard, France, 14.450
3. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.316
4. Asia D’Amato, Italy, 14.233
5. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 14.133
6. Denisa Golgota, Romania, 14.116
7. Sara Peter, Hungary, 14.066
8. Teja Belak, Slovenia, 13.249


1. Max Whitlock, Great Britain, 15.533
2. Cyril Tommasone, France, 14.800
3. Vladislav Poliashov, Russia, 14.600
4. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 14.466
5. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 13.866
6. Brinn Bevan, Great Britain, 13.400
7. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 13.200
8. Marios Georgiou, Cyprus, 13.000

2:48 pm. Ellie Downie GBR VT: Huge DTY, great leg form, really the hop back is the only big issue, it looks like a 0.3 hop from here.

14.400 (5.4 D, 9.000 E)

Second vault is the Lopez, excellent off the table, flares it out, hop back.

14.233 (5.2 D, 9.033 E)

Average 14.316

2:46 pm. Oleg Verniaiev UKR PH: Good at the beginning but came off literally right before his dismount. LE SIGH.

13.200 (6.2 D, 7.000 E)

2:44 pm. Coline Devillard FRA VT: Handspring Rudi, excellent block off the table, excellent rotation, even her leg form is much tighter than usual!! That was fantastic, just a step back.

14.800 (5.8 D, 9.000 E)

Putting up the DTY for the second vault, we’ll see if she does it…she needs to! And she does!! And it’s good! A bit crooked, lands it with one foot OOB and she takes a small step but if she’s not the champion today I’ll take the judges outside for a little fight.

14.100 (5.4 D, 8.800 E, -0.1 ND)

Average is a 14.450, literally 0.066 back from Paseka which is WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG. I guess the judges will never stop rewarding Maria Paseka for almost killing herself on her Cheng, but no, cat makeup is what’s wrong with gymnastics.

2:42 pm. Brinn Bevan GBR PH: Perfect handstand to start. Hips could be straighter. Bends in half in the middle of his handstand pirouettes but muscles back up to handstand, good fight but that’ll be a hit. Finished well.

13.400 (5.5 D, 7.900 E)

2:40 pm. Sara Peter HUN VT: DTY, excellent, little hop back. IDK HOW SHE GOT SO GOOD WITH THIS VAULT SO FAST. She looks incredible!!! A month ago she was crashing it. She seriously looks great, she’s had the best leg form so far, and her hips are just a little soft throughout but GOD she’s great here.

14.533 (5.4 D, 9.133 E)

Handspring front layout half with a hop back, some slight pike down in her hips but it’s not super severe. Very very very clean in her leg form coming off the table.

13.600 (4.6 D, 9.000 E)

Average 14.066

2:38 pm. Marios Georgiou CYP PH: Clean in his scissor elements and single pommel work. Hits his foot on the horse when coming down from his handstand pirouettes and he’s off. CRYING FOREVER. Back on for his flairs which are huge and insane, LOVE. Clean work into his dismount.

13.000 (5.6 D, 7.400 E)

2:36 pm. Teja Belak SLO VT: Handspring front layout full, tucks her knees pretty severely, and she’s pretty seated in the landing unfortunately. She came into the final in medal contention but I think she’s lost that hope sadly.

13.933 (5.4 D, 8.533 E)

Second vault, she was supposed to do the DTY, goes for the 1.5 instead and sits it. UGHHHHHHHHHHH.

12.566 (5.0 D, 7.566 E)

Average 13.249

2:33 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS PH: Our new pommel horse king lmao. Nice start into handstand and his one-arm swing gets applause. Nice and high in his single pommel work. Gets a bit low when he starts with his traveling elements. Overall a great routine for him though. Watching him get “good for him” at pommels is like watching Aly Raisman get “good for her” on uneven bars and I’m here for it.

14.466 (5.9 D, 8.566 E)

2:31 pm. I think though Denisa Golgota wanted to do the handspring front layout half, they may have credited her with a tsuk full because she started twisting early off the table FYI. She actually put up the number for the front FULL, but only did the half…and then they gave her a 4.8 D which would mean tsuk full so…

2:30 pm. Asia D’Amato ITA VT: Big DTY, knees got a little soft there, step back at the end.

14.300 (5.4 D, 8.900 E)

Lopez is solid, even flares it! Maybe not a ton of distance to be a bit picky.

14.166 (5.2 D, 8.966 E)

Average 14.233

2:28 pm. Cyril Tommasone FRA PH: Gets the first handstand without any muscle up but is a bit arched. Quick hand work when working on both pommelsA little low to the horse and his hip angle could be better but overall an excellent routine.

14.800 (6.2 D, 8.600 E)

2:26 pm. Denisa Golgota ROU VT: DTY, actually beautiful coming off the table, loses some leg form in the second twist so her ankles are a bit crossed but it’s not bad and her landing is solid, right down the middle.

14.500 (5.4 D, 9.100 D)

Second vault is a handspring front layout half, very clean for the most part, and solid!

13.733 (4.8 D, 8.933 E)

Average 14.116

2:24 pm. Max Whitlock GBR PH: Muscled up and didn’t get even close to handstand at the start of his routine, eep. Handstand pirouette transition into the falirs was nice and slow and steady, overall he seems to be working slowly and calmly throughout. Some hip angle issues near the end, but good work throughout, hit the dismount.

15.533 (6.9 D, 8.633 E)

2:22 pm. Maria Paseka RUS VT: Cheng, it’s a mess, super piked hips, tucked knees, legs in a straddle on the entry, chest at her knees on the landing, and she’s still in motion when she approaches the mat, so the rotation kind of flies her to the side, big lunge off the side practically onto the podium. BUT SHE STOOD IT UP SO NO PROBLEMS THERE. NONE AT ALL.

14.200 (6.0 D, 8.500 E, -0.3 ND)

Amanar for the second vault, straddled entry and soft knees but stuck the crap out of it!

14.833 (5.8 D, 9.033 E)

Average 14.516

2:19 pm. Vladislav Poliashov RUS PH: Muscled into a handstand at the beginning. Nice one-arm swing into his flairs. He’s nice and high in them as well! Travels in flairs too. Very nice work. Hip angle closes near the end, but solid dismount, great routine.

14.600 (6.0 D, 8.600 E)

2:17 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS VT: DTY, legs are a bit weak as always but only in the second twist, the first was quite nice! Hop back.

14.333 (5.4 D, 8.933 E)

The Lopez for the second vault, legs were mostly okay, a little bouncy on the landing, kinda bounces right into her salute though. I can’t really see distance from here!

13.933 (5.2 D, 8.733 E)

Average 14.133

2:14 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR PH: TIME FOR MY FAVORITE EVENT. Legs are a little messy in his scissors at the start but once that’s over with he looks good. A little low to the horse. Good handstand pirouette down into his flairs. Nice transition into his dismount, great work! Not as smooth as the top guys will be but good job for him.

13.866 (5.6 D, 8.266 E)


1. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 15.100
2. Artem Dolgopyat, Israel, 14.900
3. Dmitrii Lankin, Russia, 14.800
4. Benjamin Gischard, Switzerland, 14.500
5. Alexander Shatilov, Israel, 14.466
6. Rayderley Zapata, Spain, 14.466
7. Ahmet Önder, Turkey, 14.100
8. Nicola Bartolini, Italy, 14.066

1:57 pm. Rayderley Zapata ESP FX: 1.5 to piked double front, excellent! LOVE his hurdle so much I’m so happy I’m seeing it in person. Piked double front half-out, great. Double front half-out little hop. Arabian double front half-out, he’s a bit short and flies forward but doesn’t put his hands down so A+. Hit the double full side pass. 2.5 to front full is excellent. Double layout, large step back. Love his power so much.

14.466 (6.1 D, 8.366 E)

1:54 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS FX: Front full to Randi, little scoot back. Front layout to piked double front, knees a little soft and he’s a tad low…but he stuck it. Double double stuck cold, very nice there. 2.5 to front full, a little crooked coming out of it, hops back to his line to get into the corner for his side pass, a 1.5 to Rudi, good landing. Ends with a triple full, hop back. Mostly good but I think a couple of his landings were just slightly off…don’t think he can take the lead but should still be solidly in medal contention.


15.100 (6.2 D, 8.900 E)

1:50 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR FX: Double double layout with a hop. Front double full to barani, not bad. Double double with a hop. 2.5 to front full, a little unsure of the landing there, hop forward to control it. 1.5 to Rudi, little step back. Tucked full-in, way underrotated, lunge forward.

14.100 (5.9 D, 8.200 E)

1:46 pm. Dmitrii Lankin RUS FX: Triple back out of a roundoff, casual. Hop back. OOB. 3.5 to front full, great. QUAD, damn, a little shy with a slide on the landing but go off I guess. 2.5 to front double full, a little shy in rotation on the latter. Front layout to Rudi side pass (might have been a Randi, I can’t tell from this angle since I was front-on for that skill). Solid triple full to finish.

14.800 (6.5 D, 8.400 E, -0.1 ND)

1:42 pm. Alexander Shatilov ISR FX: Omg he’s so tall I can’t handle it. Piked double front, little shuffle. 2.5 to front double full, step forward. Love the way he kicks through his double double! Good landing there. 1.5 to front full to barani, very nice. Clean double full, snaps his heels together. Solid landing on his triple full at the end. Excellent routine.

14.366 (5.7 D, 8.666 E)

1:39 pm. Benjamin Gischard SUI FX: Randi, a little low, hop forward. Double front half-out, really nice there, cheats his hop into the corner out of it. Double double with a small hop back. Front double full to barani is also good. 2.5 to front full stuck cold. Really nice in the air on the 2.5 as well. Good double full side pass. Step back on the triple full. Another really solid routine! I think he’ll finish halfway the other two.

14.500 (6.0 D, 8.500 E)

1:35 pm. Artem Dolgopyat ISR FX: Double front full-in half-out, insane, little hop back. Front full to Randi, hop back. Stuck the double double perfectly. 2.5 to front double full, hop there as well. 1.5 to Rudi stuck for his side pass. Arabian double front half-out to finish, just a baby step back. HE’S A GOD.

Nicola moved into the second place chair before the score even came up. BLESS.

14.900 (6.4 D, 8.600 E, -0.1 ND)

1:31 pm. Nicola Bartolini ITA FX: Piked double front, great landing. Baby bounce. Double double, a little short, leg flies back but he controls it. 1.5 to front double full, step to the side. Hit his side pass, I think it was a Rudi or a back double full but I didn’t see if it was a front or back takeoff. Rudi I’d guess based on the position. 2.5 to front full is solid. Triple full stuck cold and his rotation is PERFECT. Just a little crunched with his body line but great job from him.

14.066 (5.8 D, 8.266 E)

1:30 pm. The first day of event finals will start momentarily! Men are being introduced now for floor exercise.

32 thoughts on “2019 European Championships Live Blog | Event Finals Day 1

  1. Love your blog! I completely agree about Paseka. When someone’s consistently getting lower scores for a cheng with 6.0 start value than average gymnasts doing the DTY with 5.4 start value, you’d think they’d consider a change to just half on half off. And 8.5 execution score…well… It’s not really going to hold up with other judges

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    • D’Amato was not underscored at all : her D score is lower than Melnikova’s, she had minor issues on many skills, and she cow-boyed her dismount.

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      • I wouldn’t go as far and say that Paseka “doesn’t deserve” her medal. I think this is really rude as she had an amazing Amanar, which nobody else in the competition can’t do. Of course, her Cheng was really really bad but she deserved a medal here.

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        • I know, I’m just saying that to respond to a troll. 🙂 She deserved a medal. But the judges were wrong for making that medal the gold.


        • This troll is all over my blog all the time talking about how I should die for not loving the Russians even though I actually love pretty much every Russian and my one gripe is Paseka’s Cheng, so I always respond to them rudely. I SHOULDN’T ENGAGE WITH TROLLS but I can’t help myself. But yeah, Paseka can do what she wants, the judges just confuse me so much. Event finals are about ranking from top to bottom and I have no clue how they were able to rationalize Paseka ranking over Devillard but hey. Hit vaults with nothing but minor ankle separations and stuff like that getting 8.966 or whatever while Paseka’s Cheng gets an 8.5 seems insane to me.

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  2. ALICEEEEEE!!!!!!! She is a QUEEN! A MEDAL on UB, after a 4th place finish in her first big senior AA?? She is such a goddamn gem.

    As for VT, Devillard was robbed. She was fab today and deserved the top spot. No one wants to see the gold medal go to the gymnast who was a mess in the air and went flying off the podium on landing. The FIG needs to get it together on vault scoring, because this is ridiculous.

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    • Yes, Devillard had two excellent vaults and Paseka had one good vault (yes, just good, not excellent, a vault is more than a landing) and one insanely terrible vault. How does that win over two great vaults? I could not believe her Cheng scores at 2017 worlds, and I can’t believe her Cheng score here.

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      • I don’t get it, this happened at Montreal and Doha too, but as long as you don’t fall they never go lower than a 8.5 or higher than a 9.1. Not all vaults are the same.


        • Yeah, really. I think it’s time for vault deductions to be doubled or something. A great vault could still get a mid-9 and then a really bad vault would get a 7.6 or something…like there are lots of hit bars, beam, and floor routines that will get a score in the 7-range because the form is off. We need to start seeing this on vault too.

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        • @Lauren YES! This is what I’ve been saying! The vault scoring deductions don’t take into account how the D scoring of vault works far differently than the D scoring of the other events. If your legs are crossed on vault, you get the same deduction as you’d get for having crossed legs on a single acrobatic element on floor, despite the fact that the single acrobatic element is 1 of 8 skills that count toward your D score whereas having crossed legs throughout the flight of your vault means having crossed legs for the majority of the entire routine. I think that needs to change. Even aside from that, though, there were definitely deductions that are in the code that weren’t taken from Paseka’s Cheng that should’ve been.

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      • Totally agree about the Amanar here. Gorgeous landing, meh in the air, though it is an extremely difficult vault so credit for that… But an 8.5 E score for that Cheng…. outrageous. It should be a 7 E score MAX. You shouldn’t even get on the podium if one of your vaults looks like that – it wouldn’t happen on any other apparatus, and why should vault be any different? Frankly, I was kind of annoyed she even made the final, as her qualification vault was literally to her hands and knees – shouldn’t it have received a zero?

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  3. Well, this was certainly Russia’s day. I was hoping that Paseka wouldn’t have the grocery store bag blowing through the wind form on that Cheng, but glad she stuck the crap out of the Amanar. Still should’ve only gotten silver or bronze. Devillard was better, although Ellie was my favorite for gold. At Baku and Doha Paseka showcases much better form on the Cheng so hopefully she can clean that up in time for fall. Happy about bars though! Only one fall, and so glad about Alistratava and D’Amato showing up! I kind of thought Alistratava should’ve gotten third, her form was absolutely gorgeous and D’Amato had more form errors than the d score supplied in my opinion, but it would’ve been close no mater what. Im happy that Melnikova picked up a medal and Iliankova! So glad she finally did the best she could’ve done, been waiting on that for so long!

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    • I really liked Alistratava on UB as well. She had a lightness in her transitions and grip changes that reminded me of Komova. Lovely inbar work, great timing and super extension and toe point. I was hoping she would have podiumed, a shame she didn’t – just the difficulty, really. Looking forward to seeing her connect some of those elements and really start challenging the top players. A beautiful bar worker, hopefully we see much more of her.

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  4. It consistently seems like vault judges are unwilling to go lower than mid-8s for E scores for any vault that a gymnast puts to her feet, regardless of what else happens throughout the vault. Just because an athlete doesn’t land on her butt or her knees, that doesn’t automatically mean it was a decent vault. It’s even more egregious when you consider that extremely clean vaults often get E scores in the low 9s. If you could find an entire point to take off of Devillard’s rudi, I’d like to hear a defense of how you can somehow only find 1.5 to take off of a vault that was a mess from start to finish.

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  5. @Mary Totally agree,same in Qualification 7.6 for a Cheng which was really close to a zero.
    I had to stop the video to see if it was feet first…


  6. Do the FIG folk have a basic understanding of gymnastics at all? Here we are, yet again, discussing the piss poor placement of athletes in yhe vault final. LikeLauren mentioned, they dont have a problem awarding a GOLD medal to that mess; yet 🐱 make up is a no no. They sure changed that rule fast enough. Are any of you clowns that make all the big bucks at FIG reading the comments from us fans???. If WE continuously agree to disagree on the judging standards of vault, imagine what the every 4 yr fan is gonna say when that mess is on the podium in Tokyo.
    Mess aside, this young woman’s coaches should be ashamed of themselves. Not only us that an absolute disaster, but they are jeopardizing her health and safety. Did she not just have a very invasive back surgery? What happens the next time she flings and twists her body and comes crashing down? That next time may very well be her last. Wtf is wrong with you people at FIG? Thank God u people banned that hazardous cat make up. Someone really was gonna get hurt with that.

    Smh. Morons.

    P.S—wtg Iliankova!!! Im so happy she hit. I knew if she hit she”d win. Such a beautiful bar worker to watch.

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  7. I don’t think the solution is doubling deductions. “They’re only taking for one skill so there aren’t as many deductions” doesn’t account for why all the scores for non-fall vaults are between 8.5 and 9.1 (unless you’re Simone). They still got a point for Devilliard’s generally excellent Rudi. How did they only get 1.5x that many deductions for Paseka’s Cheng? How did her Cheng only get 3 tenths less than Devilliard’s DTY? That’s an issue in itself which doubling deductions might do something to alleviate, but it doesn’t solve the actual issue.


  8. So happy for Tomasonne who at last gets a medal on pommel horse. He has been making the finals for as long as I can remember but I’ve never seen him on the podium, until today. Go France!

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  9. Horrified at Maria’s Cheng getting 8.5 execution like everyone else. Just, wut. And then to win the GOLD medal? She did not perform the two best vaults on the day, imo. Good Amanar, horrific Cheng. I’m actually wondering how the judges could have credited that as a Cheng at all. The required laid out shape post flight imo was not present, we saw piked and tucked instead; to say nothing of the wide straddle off the platform and the very low chest on landing and at least 0.5 lunging step ending with both feet right off the mat. Should have had 7 if not lower in execution score for that example of Cheng.

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  10. Also. Golgota’s second vault, the stuck Tsukahara full with excellent straight body and line, that one received 8.9 in execution from the judges. How is it that Paseka’s Cheng could have only 0.4 less in execution than Golgota’s Tsukuhara?
    I hope FIG is reading these comments and this gets sorted out asap.

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    • The only thing I can think of that they appreciate from Paseka is her distance but are they really taking like 0.3+ for lack of distance from girls like Golgota and then not taking maximum form deductions for Paseka?? I honestly can’t explain it and wish a judge would step up and even try to justify how they arrived at what they did.

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      • Agree Lauren, Paseka always gets very good distance on her vaults and other gymnasts (eg Golgota) tend to not get as much flight; this has to be a plus for Paseka in terms of executions.
        The 8.5 in execution for Paseka on that vault is, for me, a real problem. The judges should have been in agreement that the huge lunging step and the extremely low chest on landing – face in her knees pretty much – were each worth 0.5 in deductions (at least). But then, how can they then say that the wide straddle off the platform, the obvious form errors throughout the post flight, the directional fault in the landing, the loss of control of rotation resulting in the lunge off the mat and the three subsequent steps afterward TOGETHER were only worth 0.5 in deductions? I don’t get it at all.

        How can other gymnasts who compete much cleaner (albeit lower difficulty) vaults possibly compete with a vault like that receiving 8.5 out of 10 in executions? FIG need to address this inconsistency as soon as possible – it’s really hurting the sport and means that we will potentially see a gymnast get horrifically injured as a result.

        Thank you so much for your blog and your news posts Lauren. I always thoroughly enjoy reading them.

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