2019 European Championships Live Blog | Event Finals Day 2

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2019 European Championships, held in Szczecin, Poland!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Epke Zonderland, Netherlands, 15.266
2. Tin Srbic, Croatia, 14.900
3. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 14.800
4. Carlo Macchini, Italy, 14.066
5. Ludovico Edalli, Italy, 13.433
6. Ivan Stretovich, Russia, 12.533
7. Ahmet Önder, Turkey, 12.466
8. James Hall, Great Britain, 1.500

3:58 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR HB: Yamawaki, Kolman, one arm is out to the side weirdly as he gets close to catching and it looks like he’s gonna try to catch with just the other arm, but he bails at the last second and just falls out of it. Falling is def better than pulling your arm out of its socket. Back on for a beautiful layout Tkachev, then a good layout Tkachev half, stoop to L grip to stoop half, a little short, stalder, hop full, crooked a bit, double double layout with a lunge forward.

12.466 (5.2 D, 7.266 E)

3:56 pm. Ludovico Edalli ITA HB: A nice little start in mixed grip into his Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, very nice, stoop doesn’t get to handstand at first but muscles through, his reverse grip giants are really rough with bent elbows and lots of muscling, good fight thoguh. Deep landing on the full-twisting double layout, hop.

13.433 (5.6 D, 7.833 E)

3:53 pm. Tin Srbic CRO HB: Front giant full, stalder Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, amazing series, stoop half, layout Tkachev half, stalder, full-twisting double layout with a hop. HEART EYES EMOJI.

14.900 (6.2 D, 8.700 E)!!!

3:49 pm. Epke Zonderland NED HB: Clear hip to Endo full, Cassina to Kovacs, amazing, Kolman to Gaylord II, also insane. Stoop full goes a little crooked, stalder to hop full, double double layout dismount, stuck cold. Just out of this world. This was the best I’ve seen him hit high bar in I don’t even know how long.

15.266 (6.8 D, 8.466 E)

3:47 pm. James Hall GBR HB: Aggressive Cassina, nowhere near catching, super hard fall on his back. They’re checking him out a bit, that was REALLY hard. Ends up just saluting and walking away. Looks like he hurt his shoulder. 😦 😦 😦 A point person with the volunteers here is the recently retired Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska, she asks him if he needs a medic when he comes down and he says no.

1.500 (0.7 D, 8.800 E, -8.0 ND)

3:44 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS HB: Cassina is very nice and stretched! Layout Kovacs is good, layout Tkachev half, also good, stoop half, layout Tkachev, blind change to front giant L grip swings, Yamawaki, stuck the double double layout dismount! Excellent!


3:40 pm. Carlo Macchini ITA HB: Layout Kovacs is a little piked, Kolman caught a bit at his wrists. Stalder to Rybalko, stoop full, some bent elbows, to Yamawaki to stalder to front giant to stoop half, hop full, clean full-twisting double layout with a tiny step back.

14.066 (5.7 D, 8.366 E)

3:37 pm. Ivan Stretovich RUS HB: Endo full is a little late, love his one-arm pirouette, a little short on his stoop half, nice Yamawaki, Kovacs is excellent in the air, blind change to L grip work, layout Tkachev is nice, Tkachev, then off on Tkachev half, UGHHHH. That was going so well. Stalder, double double layout dismount with a step back.

12.533 (5.7 D, 6.833 E)


1. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 13.833
2. Eythora Thorsdottir, Netherlands, 13.666
3. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 13.466
4. Denisa Golgota, Romania, 13.366
5. Claudia Fragapane, Great Britain, 13.366
6. Jade Vansteenkiste, Belgium, 13.233
7. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 13.100
8. Marine Boyer, France, 12.933


1. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 15.466
2. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 15.333
3. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 15.033
4. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 14.966
5. Ahmet Önder, Turkey, 14.833
6. Christian Baumann, Switzerland, 14.566
7. Brinn Bevan, Great Britain, 14.533
8. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 13.133

3:15 pm. Christian Baumann SUI PB: He looks like a small baby up close. Lovely and fluid work so far. He’s almost artistic in how he moves through each skill. Toe point is KING. Holds a handstand near the end for an hour. Low on the double front half-out, hop forward. That was a beautiful routine.

14.566 (6.1 D, 8.466 E)

3:13 pm. Denisa Golgota ROU FX: Full-twisting double layout, again pretty piked in the second flip but not enough to downgrade it. Arabian double front, clean in the air but too far forward on the landing, flies forward out of it. Fought like hell to keep it inside but has to take a step OOB. Could’ve been worse. Switch side half I think, double turn in front attitude. Good landing on the tucked full-in but her legs are pretty rough in the air. Wolf turn also isn’t the best. Switch ring to switch full was good. Double tuck, tiny bounce back.

13.366 (5.7 D, 7.766 E, -0.1 ND)

3:11 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS PB: He was supposed to go first, idk why there have been so many weird start list changes for these EFs. Some hip corrections in his routine, but they’re minor. He looks super fluid on literally everything. Double front half-out a bit messy and underrotated in the twist. Looks pissed about that dismount.

14.966 (6.4 D, 8.566 E)

3:08 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR FX: Hit the wolf turn at the beginning. Double pike with a hop back. A bit messy in her switch…half? Full? I think she was kinda halfway between the two. 1.5 through to 2.5 to front tuck, some form issues in her legs but gets it around well. Having fun with the performance now. Switch leap to tour jeté half. I really really enjoy her music. Double tuck, chest a bit low, step back. Double full to finish is good. Only used half of the floor for that, bless. Good work. Great recovery from her all-around routine.

13.100 (5.1 D, 8.000 E)

3:06 pm. Petro Pakhniuk UKR PB: Aside from an adjustment on a pirouette, he was very tight in all of his elements, excellent on the salto skill. Double front half-out stuck. Looks very happy with it, bows to the audience and then runs and fist-pumps. Ellie Downie and Amelie Morgan really liked that, hahahaha…just caught them both giggling and clapping.

15.333 (6.2 D, 9.133 E)

3:03 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS FX: Please hit everything. Idk if she could get gold but I really want her to hit and at least challenge for it. Double L turn to double pirouette, nice. Full-twisting double layout, some form issues in the air and on the landing, OOB, switch ring half is VERY rough, ugh. TAKE IT OUT. WE DON’T NEED THIS DRAMA. Double layout, deep landing, hop back. Front tuck through to double tuck, wild on the landing, back leg comes up. Kinda falls out of the Memmel into a full pirouette. Double pike is her best pass I think, just a tiny hop on that landing.

She looks SO nervous waiting for her score. She’s legit praying, this poor kid. But she gets in bronze medal position!

13.466 (5.9 D, 7.866 E, -0.3 ND)

3:00 pm. Oleg Verniaiev UKR PB: Arched over a single rail handstand pretty severely, then ended up sitting on the p-bars coming down from a skill. UGHHHH. Too bad but he really rushed to get back here so he’s clearly nowhere near a hundred percent. The rest was nice, just a bit low on his double front half-out.


2:57 pm. Claudia Fragapane GBR FX: Love that floor has gone amazingly so far compared to beam. Full-twisting double layout, solid, just not quite enough height so she’s a little forward on the landing. I miss her Thoroughly Modern Millie routine, this music is too generic for someone of her status. Double layout to stag jump, really low on the jump. Tour jeté half to switch half. Arabian double front, too far back, stumble. The French press next to me cheered when she did that in case you were wondering how annoying national media is (literally the worst part of covering any meet outside the U.S. with multiple different countries competing is hearing each country’s own media or even federation staff booing other athletes and screaming for their own from press row, you’re a 50-year-old journalist or communications manager, not a fangirl). Double pike a bit low at the end. She doesn’t look super happy with herself.

13.366 (5.7 D, 7.666 E)

2:56 pm. Mélanie’s inquiry was accepted and now she’s up to 13.833! Not sure what it was for…maybe the wolf turn?

2:55 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS PB: Very clean work at the beginning, Great transition to the single rail. I can see every single muscle in his arms twitching from here when he’s in handstand. Handstands are all pretty much excellent. Great one-arm pirouette, then crooked on a pirouette after that. Double front half-out is great and stuck.

15.466 (6.4 D, 9.066 E)

2:52 pm. Jade Vansteenkiste BEL FX: Remember when she didn’t make the initial team for Belgium and then qualified to the floor final in her senior debut competing in the first subdivision? Yeah, she’s a badass. Tour jeté full right into some choreo. Triple full, step forward but very nice in the air. 1.5 to front full is great, little step forward into choreo. Switch leap to switch full. Love the moment in her choreo where the music sounds like she should be meditating and she does a kind of “ohm” pose. Double L turn is nice. SUPER clean double tuck. Excellent work from her.

13.233 (5.2 D, 8.033 E)

2:50 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos submitted an inquiry.

Ferhat Arican TUR PB: Lovely work at the beginning, held a handstand for 15 years. Transition to single bar, arched over sideways a bit but good control to get back. A bit arched in some of his pirouette handstands and then another of his pirouettes gets a bit wild (I believe it was a one-handed one). Muscled a handstand after that, stuck the double front half-out. Meh, not his best on every skill but what he did well looked great.

15.033 (6.3 D, 8.733 E)

2:47 pm. Marine Boyer FRA FX: 2.5 to front tuck, goes a bit crooked but it doesn’t phase her much. Switch half is clean. Memmel turn to full pirouette. Dobule tuck, solid landing there. Triple wolf turn, actually finishes it on her bum which is a bit problematic and could be a legit fall, not just “falling out of a turn.” Double pike is a tiny bit short.

12.933 (5.0 D, 7.933 E)

2:45 pm. Brinn Bevan GBR PB: Front salto to start, right into a handstand. Way short on a single rail handstand after that. Nice straddle salto to his elbows. Basket swing to press handstand is very nice. Love his hop cast to handstand, aside from that one really short one the rest of his handstands were on point. Clean double front dismount with a little hop.

14.533 (5.9 D, 8.633 E)

2:43 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: Full-twisting double layout, tiny step back. Tucked full-in, perfect. Stuck it cold. Switch full. Triple wolf turn goes a little high near the end but overall good. Front layout through to double tuck, stuck. YAAAAAAS. Double pike, excellent landing. DAMN MÉLANIE. Tour jeté full at the end. That was incredible.

13.833 (5.7 D, 8.233 E, -0.1 ND)

2:41 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR PB: Excellent routine, so precise in his handstand, nice big amplitude in his straddle salto, and he stuck the double front half-out.

14.833 (6.2 D, 8.633 E)

2:39 pm. Eythora Thorsdottir NED FX: So excited to actually see every element and bit of choreo in this today instead of just the tumbling as I tried to watch three other routines at the same time during quals and the all-around. Triple turn, little stumble out of it. Triple full to punch front tuck, little form things in both (ankles in the twist, some cowboying in the tuck). Very clean on the double tuck, little step on the landing. Mesmerizing choreo. Switch ring to switch half. Beautiful double L turn to double pirouette, and then a gorgeous Memmel to illusion turn. Super clean 2.5 to punch front pike, literally that pass is SO incredible. Beautiful genius.

13.666 (5.5 D, 8.166 E)

2:34 pm. About to get floor and p-bars started here!


1. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 13.566
2. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 13.466
3. Lorette Charpy, France, 12.900
4. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, 12.833
5. Denisa Golgota, Romania, 12.166
6. Pauline Schäfer, Germany, 11.700
7. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 11.633
8. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 11.200


1. Denis Abliazin, Russia, 14.950
2. Andrey Medvedev, Israel, 14.499
3. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 14.533
4. Yahor Sharamkou, Belarus, 14.516
5. Benjamin Gischard, Switzerland, 14.483
6. Nicola Bartolini, Italy, 14.449
7. Igor Radivilov, Ukraine, 14.233
8. Courtney Tulloch, Great Britain, 13.383

2:18 pm. Andrey Medvedev’s Blanik was downgraded, which I thought was weird because the pike shape was fine in his first flip and his knees were just a bit soft in the second. He submitted an inquiry, his teammates held him up in the air and lifted him up and down like we were at a bar mitzvah, and then he had the inquiry accepted!!! Goes from fourth place to silver medal. Sad for Yahor Sharamkou, who thought he was getting bronze, but the judges honestly shouldn’t have downgraded to begin with.

2:11 pm. Andrey Medvedev ISR VT: Super high block on his tsuk double pike, but runs back out of it.

14.333 (5.6 D, 8.733 E)

He can still get on the podium but gold is way out of reach. Blanik second vault, pike shape is good in the first flip, loses it a bit in the second with his knees going soft. Step on the landing.

14.666 (5.2 D, 9.466 E)

Average 14.499

2:09 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: EXCELLENT front pike mount. Punch front pike, leg up. Bhs layout, leg up there too. Transverse split jump half is clean. Switch half is lovely. Front aerial, little wobble, adjustment in her hips. Switch leap to sissone. Full turn, lovely and clean. Double tuck with a hop back. Gonna be close between her and Alice I think…both had little wobbles/adjustments, I think Mélanie overall is the cleaner and tighter of the two but I think Alice had the slightly better day. Either way they were the only two who really came close to crushing it so…

13.466 (5.5 D, 7.966 E)

2:06 pm. Denis Abliazin RUS VT: Handspring Randi, excellent leg form throughout, but especially when he comes off the table. A little low on the landing, hop forward.

15.000 (5.6 D, 9.400 E)

Tsuk double pike for his second vault, some leg separation and knees go a bit soft near the end, and a small hop back, but overall that was great. He’ll win for sure. OH WAIT but we have Medvedev still!

14.900 (5.6 D, 9.300 E)

Average 14.950

2:03 pm. Denisa Golgota ROU BB: Can she please stay on? Switch leap mount to switch half to Korbut, nice work there. Bhs back pike, probably meant to be a layout. Solid though. Punch front tuck, little baby hop. Side somi is nice. Side aerial, underrotated, hips angled too far to the side, not a prayer at keeping that on. A baby started crying the second she fell. SAME. Switch leap, bobble, does it again, switch leap to split jump. Clean wolf turn, just a single. Super high double tuck with a great landing. She has the best double tuck beam dismount being done in elite right now I’m 99% sure.

12.166 (5.4 D, 6.766 E)

2:01 pm. Yahor Sharamkou BLR VT: Kaz 1.5, some soft knees in the air, big lunge forward on the landing.

14.266 (5.2 D, 9.066 E)

Second vault is a Dragulescu, chest a little forward with a tiny hop back. Not bad! He actually put up the number for a Roche!

14.766 (5.6 D, 9.166 E)

Average 14.516

1:58 pm. Giorgia Villa ITA BB: Beautiful layout stepout mount, but it’s almost too big, bigger than she’s used to, and it knd of surprises her on the landing. Holds it at first, then has a huge wobble, hands down. Bhs tuck full, fall. UGH. Full L turn, little bobble. Double spin, overrotated, big break at the hips. Aerial into a split leap to side aerial, lovely. Switch to split jump is also wonderful. She is a beautiful beam worker, she just needs some numbers and a bit more confidence. Double pike, too far back on her heels, sits it.

11.200 (5.3 D, 5.900 E)

1:55 pm. Igor Radivilov UKR VT: With Dalaloyan’s mistake I need him to win now. Dragulescu, god, his chest position is so great. Tiny bounce back on the landing. Cowboyed but what Drageulescu isn’t? That aside this is so so so good.

15.000 (5.6 D, 9.400 E)

Second is the tsuk double pike, pike form is excellent in the air, but he takes two giant steps back out of it and crashes it. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. He looks ready to die tbh. So do I.

13.466 (5.6 D, 8.166 E, -0.3 ND)

Average 14.233, I think he’s crying PLEASE KILL ME LITERALLY END ME

1:53 pm. Pauline Schäfer GER BB: Wobble on her mount, nice siwthc leap, super solid on her bhs loso. Switch ring, back leg could be a little better but she’s solid on the landing. Little cat leap choreo. Double spin, bobbles it into an extra spin LOL, technically a connection I guess. Big wobble on her Schäfer. Ugh. Transverse split jump half, too far forward and she falls. Well that’s a bummer but I think the damage had been done with other skills sadly. Side aerial is solid. Split jump to wolf jump is absolutely gorgeous. Gainer layout dismount clean and stuck.

11.700 (5.3 D, 6.500 E, -0.1 ND)

1:50 pm. Benjamin Gischard SUI VT: Kaz 1.5, slightly soft knees and he’s a little low on the landing, hop forward.

14.500 (5.2 D, 9.300 E)

Second vault is the Roche, better tuck form than most (legitimately 300,000% better than any other double front I’ve seen in MAG) and a solid, controlled, high landing. Just a small step forward.

14.466 (5.2 D, 9.266 E)

Average 14.483

1:47 pm. Ilaria Käslin SUI BB: Switch leap, GORGEOUS, she makes simple skills look effortless. Just TEXTBOOK. Perfect bhs bhs loso, my goodness. Onodi to sheep jump, solid. Wobble out of the Kochetkova, leg up slightly. Decent switch ring. Full Y turn, deep on the end but still nice. Wobble out of the front aerial, short on the split jump, into a good pike jump. Side aerial, tiny adjustment in her hips. Layout full dismount, clean and solid.

12.833 (4.9 D, 7.933 E)

1:44 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS VT: Hop back on his BEAUTIFUL Yurchenko triple. Chest a little bit down.

14.933 (5.6 D 9.333 E)

Goes for the Ri Se Gwang II for his second vault, knees are still quite soft but not even close to as severe as they were in the all-around competition, so we’ll see if they downgrade it this time or just deduct for form. He put SO much work in earlier practicing his pike half shape, just constantly jumping off the table into a front pike half. They gave it to him! But hammered the crap out of his execution. His hand was also quite low on the landing, possible it brushed the mat because I’ve never seen a MAG E this low without a fall lol. I just couldn’t see if he actually touched the mat or not from here.

14.133 (6.0 D, 8.133 E)

Average 14.533

1:42 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR BB: Hit her mount and then her wolf turn. I’m having major internet problems so I didn’t see how many revolutions as I was trying to get my internet’s life together. Big wobble at the end of her side aerial loso loso. Switch leap to switch side, good. Front aerial, bobble, chest is a little angled back too as she lands. Double pike is a tiny bit low but gets it around no problem, hop back on the dismount. Her routine feels SO short!! But it was very nicely done.

13.566 (5.5 D, 8.066 E)!

1:40 pm. Nicola Bartolini ITA VT: Kaz 1.5, super clean in the air, just hops his feet together.

14.666 (5.2 D, 9.466 E)

Just a Yurchenko double for his second vault, again suuuuper clean, his legs are literally perfect in the air. Flared, stuck, chest just down a bit. Gonna be a great E score for him there.

14.233 (4.8 D, 9.533 E, -0.1 ND)

Average 14.449

1:36 pm. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR BB: Back dive to chest stand mount, very controlled in the hold. Off on the front handspring front tuck. UGHHHHHHHH. Switch leap, beautiful, misses connection to switch half, leg up/wobble. Front aerial, little adjustment, to split ring jump to split jump to back handspring. Quick thinking on her part to get the three skills in there after the adjustment on the first skill. . Split leap to side aerial, clean and solid. Switch ring, a bit short, wobble. Overrotates her full turn a bit. Just a nervous routine, especially compared to the all-around, where she was SO sharp. Double tuck is gorgeous, just cowboys a little in the second tuck, almost stuck, just a tiny bounce.


1:33 pm. Courtney Tulloch GBR VT: Dragulescu, looks good at first but just doesn’t have the height to get it completely around, almost drops forward, but then ends up trying to pull it upright which causes him to kind of spin backward and sit it.

13.233 (5.6 D, 7.933 E, -0.3 ND)

Second vault is a tsuk double pike, which he again is way short and angled forward on, pulls back and bounces to his butt. Ugh.

13.533 (5.6 D, 7.933 E)

Average 13.233

1:31 pm. Lorette Charpy FRA BB: Step back out of her layout stepout mount. Good flight series, bhs loso, slides her front foot back. Triple wolf turn is nicely controlled, double looks a little wobblier but still great. Side aerial is solid. Switch leap to split leap to Korbut, lovely. Transvers split jump half with a big wobble but a save. The French girls are sitting near me and they all screamed at that. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, big enough pause between the first and second skills to make it probably not acceptable to get the connection and the series bonus. Double pike dismount with a step.

12.900 (5.4 D, 7.500 E)

1:30 pm. They’re announcing the gymnasts now. Should start shortly!

1:27 pm. Hello and welcome to the last day of competition at Euros! Today we’re starting with the women on beam and the men on vault.

35 thoughts on “2019 European Championships Live Blog | Event Finals Day 2

  1. thank you so much for these amazing live blogs! in the future when you have them available, would it be possible to also share the start lists?


  2. Knowing that she has fever, had a broken finger one month ago and a minor injury on an ankle two weeks ago, no Italians expected too much from Villa? Like, we are very happy with her finishing 6th all-around and qualifying to an event final. Also, to become a Seda she first has to screw up every single meet for 3 years straight, which only Seda was capable of doing. :3

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Knowing that she has the flu, fever, is tired, had a broken finger one month ago and a minor injury on an ankle two weeks ago, no Italians expected too much from Villa? Like, we are very happy with her finishing 6th all-around and qualifying to an event final. Also, to become a Seda she first has to screw up every single meet for 3 years straight, which honestly only Seda could have made it happen. :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • So, I replied to the troll, the first time the message didn’t show, than I logged in, re-posted, the troll message got deleted and now the other post appeared as well lol kill me.

      Liked by 1 person

    • oh no she has the flu? that’s not healthy to have her competing then! I believe it can be quite bad for your heart to do strenuous exercise when you have the flu… hope she rests!


    • Thanks for defending Giorgia! She is so wonderful, and has accomplished so much already that it is easy to forget she’s only 16. I wish they wouldn’t push her so hard, especially as Alice D’Amato proved that the Italians are fully capable of medaling without her. Why that insane series on BB? It’s her first big senior meet – she should be focusing on building her confidence and consistency at the senior level, not throwing huge D. Let Giorgia rest and recover, then focus on getting her more senior experience and more D on FX. She has many years of great gymnastics to come and will be just fine.


      • Yeah, I was following the competition on the French feed and I’ve switched to the international feed yesterday (I’m French). MDJDS is so humble and the commentators are so overly excited and biased, it’s So annoying.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, the people I’m next to I think actually work for the federation…I love MDJDS and was really pulling for her to win floor but to like, cheer when her biggest competitor messes up is kind of gross.


        • Yes, as a French, I am ashamed by the French commentators, one of them is Thomas Bouhail, a retired gymnast who seems to have forgottent what sport·wo·manship is.


    • Same! And to be legit challenging for a medal is amazing progress! Downie is also looking great for being back for like, a minute. GB also has GMF and some of their national team (Simm, Tinkler, Downie Sr) are still coming back from injury, so the next year or so will be interesting!


    • Very unlucky for Denisa 6 on VT ,5 on BB and now 4 on FX. Without the 0.1 penalty she would have equalled Melnikova but stayed on 4th place on execution mark.


  4. I couldn’t tell from watching Alice’s routine live but after rewatching it I think she did a side aerial loso loso so add her to the list of girls that do THAT


  5. The standing ovation for Epke was a great moment. He’s such a nice guy “in real life” and this routine was breathtaking.
    Feel terrible for Igor Radivilov, he started so well and seeing him alone and devastated on the stairs was so sad.
    So happy for Mélanie. I like how she’s able to keep her cool. And just a few weeks ago, she wasn’t even going to go for the AA. Hate the coverage on French television: I guess all countries are a bit chauvinist but they’re really embarrassing and don’t even understand that they hurt the sportsmanship. They could take lessons from 16-25 year old athletes who know how to behave in such circumstances.
    Now I’m looking forward to Valentina Rodionenko’s comments about the Russian gymnasts who dared not to bring at least 2 gold medals from these championships. 🙄


    • Well they did win 2 WAG gold —Ilyankova and Paseka ….but I know what you mean

      Valentina is like the comic section at the end of the newspaper—entertainment after the serious topics !


    • Well Valentina is not happy with Melnikova “only” taking bronze in the AA and she is threatening to throw Simakova off the national team for her “failure”. Perhaps it’s time for the Russian WAG team to get some new thinking among their coaching staff, the WAG team really need a proper conditioning programme, smarter training techniques, better coach athlete relations (not just criticisms) and recognition that it is no longer 1985 and that they need to train better to avoid injuries. However it is doubtful whether they will achieve any new thinking, with 82 year old Valentina in charge.


      • I’m 100% convinced (and have been for awhile) that Valentina is the kind of old person that goes completely senile. They have so much talent that they misuse. It’s a miracle that Mustafina and Melnikova haven’t fallen apart, Paseka and Komova probably have completely synthetic spines at this point, Ilyankova has had her own back issues that have put her competitive career in doubt, Eremina had a back surgery as a 16 year old, Sokova needed double hip replacement and had to retire before her career even really started. And that’s just a few of a very long list (blackmailing Grishina?). I really hope that Valentina leaves after Tokyo so that Vladislava and Listiunova can come into their own under a sane coaching staff.


      • I honestly don’t understand how the federation lets her remain, except for illegal/unscrupulous reasons. Not only is this not 1985 in terms of what is expected of the routines, but it is also not in terms of the size of the athlete pool.


  6. Ugh. I really wanted Melanie to win and I’m so glad that she did, but it makes me sad to hear that the French press treated Frags like that. It almost kind of sours the victory for me, but I know it shouldn’t because Melanie has nothing to do with that idiocy.


  7. How much you want to bet that Valentina is going to talk about how Melnikova is a piece of trash for going OOB/not winning gold?


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