2019 European Championships Live Blog | Women’s All-Around Final

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around final at the 2019 European Championships, held in Szczecin, Poland!

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1. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 55.433
2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 55.365
3. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 55.065
4. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 53.233
5. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 53.133
6. Giorgia Villa, Italy, 52.999
7. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, 52.999
8. Lorette Charpy, France, 52.433
9. Angelina Simakova, Russia, 51.465
10. Filipa Martins, Portugal, 51.398
11. Eythora Thorsdottir, Netherlands, 51.365
12. Maellyse Brassart, Belgium, 51.166
13. Tisha Volleman, Netherlands, 50.899
14. Jessica Castles, Sweden, 50.732
15. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 50.666
16. Laura Bechdeju, Spain, 50.599
17. Denisa Golgota, Romania, 50.499
18. Ilaria Käslin, Switzerland, 50.499
19. Nora Feher, Hungary, 49.765
20. Jade Vansteenkiste, Belgium, 48.798
21. Cintia Rodriguez, Spain, 48.766
22. Aneta Holasova, Czech Republic, 48.732
23. Marina Nekrasova, Azerbaijan, 48.465
24. Lisa Zimmermann, Germany, 47.799

7:12 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS FX: full-twising double layout landed right on her toes. Double layout, little hop back. Gets through the triple wolf turn. Punch front through to double tuck, chest down and a little bobble. Double pike, wobble, leg up.

I think Mélanie’s got it.


7:07 pm. Angelina Simakova RUS UB: Stalder to Maloney to Gienger, a little crooked. Blind chagne to piked Jaeger, not bad. Short handstand before her toe full, nice, to Pak, also nice! Van Leeuwen. Blind change to double front, nice height on that, step forward. Good routine! 13.866

7:05 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: Full-twisting double layout, the slightest bit low with a step forward. Good full-in. Switch full. Clean double wolf turn. Front layout full through to double tuck is great. Solid double pike, little slide back. TIME TO SCREAM UNTIL WE FIND OUT THE SCORE!

Filipa Martins POR BB: Good switch to side somi! Side aerial also good. Tour jeté is a little short. Switch to switch half, slow connection. Good double full with a slight hop.  12.733

7:03 pm. Nora Feher HUN UB: Nice Maloney, into a Pak, but she caught the Pak pretty close, doesn’t phase her much though. Good van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, stalder, clean double pike with a baby step. 13.133

7:02 pm. Maellyse Brassart BEL BB: Front aerial, slight bend in her knee. Solid bhs loso. Clean side aerial. Switch ring, wonky back leg. Double pike, a little deep, little hop. 12.900

7:00 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR FX: Problem with her music. Crashed her double layout at the start. 😦 Sat the punch front out of her second pass, a 1.5 through to something into the punch, I missed what the second element was. Good double tuck, step forward. Double pike, chest down. Welp. 10.833

Cintia Rodriguez ESP UB: THE TOE POINT ON HER GLIDE KIP. Endo half, Chow to Pak, flexed feet there, Maloney to Gienger, too low out of the Maloney and she doesn’t have the height to catch it even with a reach. Toe full to full-in, close to the bar. 11.100

6:59 pm. Ellie Downie finishes with a 55.365!! Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos needs a 13.532 to match her.

6:57 pm. Giorgia Villa ITA VT: DTY, I didn’t see it!!! 14.300

Marina Nekrasova AZE BB: Good job on her wolf jump full. Also hit her mount, and her bhs loso. Wobble after it though. Solid punch front. Double tuck with a step forward. 12.666

Aneta Holasova CZE UB: Maloney to clear hip half, short, to blind change to straddle Jaeger, good. Nice handstand before her Pak, leg separation, arched the handstand before her Chow to bail to toe shoot, good on that series. Good double layout, legs just a bit apart. 12.166

6:54 pm. Lisa Zimmermann GER UB: Clear hip half, Maloney to bail, blind change to piked Jaeger, super close to the bar, bends her knees to catch. Toe front half dismount. 12.366

Lorette Charpy FRA VT: FTY slight hop. 13.600

Laura Bechdeju ESP BB: Solid punch front mount, tiny bobble. Good flight series too. Switch half, back leg is low. Hit the dismount.

Ellie Downie GBR FX: Double double, low, big hop forward. 1.5 through to solid arabian double front, that was great. Double pike, slight hop back. Good work, great day. 13.466

Denisa Golgota ROU VT: DTY, I didn’t see in time to catch the form but she had a good landing. 14.266

6:53 pm. Alice D’Amato finishes with a 53.233, Eythora Thorsdottir with 51.365, Tisha Volleman with 50.899, Jade Vansteenkiste with 48.798.

6:51 pm. Eythora Thorsdottir NED VT: Clean FTY with a hop back. 13.466

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR FX: Tucked full-in, little bounce OOB. Super clean double pike. Lovely leap series. Front full, hops out of it into her choreo. Double tuck, a little low and cowboyed, but good correction to get her chest up on the landing. 12.700

Jessica Castles SWE BB: Hit her mount and a nice bhs loso loso series! Front aerial, good, switch leap, side aerial, hip angle is off but she stays on. Clean wolf turn. Solid double full with a hop. I think she had an excellent day!

Diana Varinska UKR VT: Just does the FTY, no 1.5, small hop.

6:50 pm. Tisha Volleman NED VT: DTY, okay in the first twist but super loses it in the second. 14.000

Ilaria Käslin SUI UB: Clear hip full to HUGE Tkachev. Clear hip half to front giant half, short, gets a little messy in some handstands after that, toe-on to bail to toe-on to toe shoot, double pike with a hop. 12.000

6:49 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA FX: Good double layout, slight hop back. Triple full, some ankle form. Stumble in the Memmel turn. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Solid 2.5. Clean double full to finish. ANYWAY I LOVE ALICE D’AMATO. 12.500

Jade Vansteenkiste BEL BB: Lovely bhs loso. Big wobble on the side somi but saves it. Good switch leap to sissone. Great double full, almost overrotated, step to control it. 10.933

6:48 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos only 0.066 behind Ellie Downie with Angelina Melnikova four tenths behind them?!?! SIGN ME UP.

6:44 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 41.899
2. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 41.833
3. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 41.499
4. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 40.733
5. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 40.433
6. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 39.833
7. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, 39.599
8. Lorette Charpy, France, 38.833

6:41 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: PERFECT front pike mount. Punch front pike is also excellent. Perfect back handspring layout series. Transverse split jump half. She has been stunning on everything so far. Spoke soon, little wobble on her switch half, which is a little shy of 180. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring is a great series. Switch leap to split leap. Clean full turn. Super high double tuck, little hop back. Tiny little fixes in there and we have our beam champion. 13.733!

Denisa Golgota ROU FX: Full-twisting double layout, the first flip is good but the second is piked, hop back OOB. Arabian double front, step forward. Hit her third pass but I didn’t see what it was. A little low on her double tuck to finish. 12.733

6:40 pm. Maellyse Brassart BEL UB: Full pirouette and piked Jaeger were both strong. Toe-on to Pak, flexed feet, catches it close and has to kind of immediately clear hip around the bar. Really nice save. Van Leeuwen. SUPER high double pike, was still above the bar during the second flip. 12.766

6:37 pm. Marina Nekrasova AZE UB: Bail to toe full, a little crooked, to toe on to toe shoot, blind change, slight ankle separation, piked Jaeger, catches with her ankles on the bar but SOMEHOW KEEPS GOING. Doesn’t fall. Double pike with a little bounce. 10.166

Lorette Charpy FRA FX: Hit her opening pass with a solid landing. Double tuck with a little bounce. Double pike goes a little low and long but still gets it around well. 12.400

Alice Kinsella GBR BB: Side aerial loso loso, big wobble. Good leap series. Front aerial, she doesn’t get any distance with it so finishes with it looking a little wonky, low double pike, chest down with a hop. 13.033

6:34 pm. Diana Varinska UKR FX: Good double tuck, and hit her second pass. Double full with slightly crossed ankles at the end. 12.900

Laura Bechdeju ESP UB: Front toe half to a solid handstand, Maloney to Gienger, very nice form! Hit the dismount, this was a lovely routine! 13.100

Ellie Downie GBR BB: Side aerial, clean switch half. Punch front with a little hop forward. REALLY thinking about her double spin, and it’s excellent. Good job getting that focus. Bhs loso has a wobble at the end but she holds on. Solid 2.5 dismount with a tiny hop. 13.333

6:33 pm. Nora Feher HUN VT: Good Yurchenko layout. 12.933

6:29 pm. Aneta Holasova CZE VT: Huge clean and flared FTY, little bounce in place. 13.600!

Jessica Castles SWE UB: Straddle Jaeger caught super close but good cover. Pak, Maloney to bail, legs come apart, to toe full which is pretty late, to toe shoot, short handstand before giants, but good landing on her dismount. 11.633

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR BB: Scoot forward on the front handspring front tuck. Check on the front aerial, split ring jump to split jump to back handspring. Nice double tuck. She’s truly showing up this week and I’m here for it. 13.533!!!

Eythora Thorsdottir NED FX: Triple full to punch front, a little messy in both but excellent on the landing. Hit the second pass, the double tuck. BEAUTIFUL 2.5 to front pike!! Omg. That pass was perfect. 13.400

Cintia Rodriguez ESP VT: Solid FTY. 13.300

6:27 pm. Ilaria Käslin SUI VT: FTY, some form things going on but good landing. 13.366

Alice D’Amato ITA BB: Hit her mount, then a good front aerial, and her back tuck flight series is solid. Punch front tuck, little step. Switch to split to back handspring, great, wobble and fall on her side aerial UUUUUUGHHHHHHH. Hit the dismount. 12.300, well, that’s the kind of score she used to get for HIT routines so I guess improvements.

Tisha Volleman NED FX: NOT MISSING THIS TODAY. Tucked full-in to punch front, GET IT. Double tuck, step back. Hit her third pass. Hit routine. 12.433

Jade Vansteenkiste BEL UB: Fell early in the routine, I missed the skill. Hit the rest after she got back on, nice full-in dismount. 11.966

Lisa Zimmermann GER VT: Very high FTY! 13.300

6:25 pm. Filipa Martins POR UB: Maloney to Pak, very nice. Van Leeuwen, some leg separation, blind change to piked Jaeger, some leg separation there as well, very nice bail, toe full a little late and wonky with her form, not as tight as everything else, pings off early for the double layout and lands it with one knee down. 12.666

6:22 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS BB: Nice punch front mount! Switch leap. Kochetkova is great. Good bhs loso as well! Front aerial to split ring jump, that back leg… Clean side somi, great split jump full. Double pike, hop back. JUST LET HER BREAK 13. 12.900 UGH DEVILS. RUDE.

Giorgia Villa ITA FX: Low on her first pass, stumbles it forward. Stuck the tucked full-in COLD. Front handsrping front layout, little slide. Tour jeté half, feet coudl be better. Clean lovely double tuck. Aside from the first pass that was excelllent. 12.533

Angelina Simakova RUS VT: Handspring front pike half with a hop. 13.300

6:18 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 28.599
2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 28.566
3. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 28.433
4. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 28.100
5. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 26.900
6. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 26.800
7. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, 26.699
8. Lorette Charpy, France, 26.433

6:16 pm. Lorette Charpy FRA BB: Layout stepout mount, nice, then OFF ON HER BHS LOSO GODDDDD WHY. No one wants to sneak in for bronze today. Lovely work on her wolf turns, they get applause. Side aerial is solid. Switch leap to split leap to Korbut, lovely. Big wobble on a side element after that, front aerial to split jump, not at 180, to back handspring, double pike is good, just a small step. 12.500

6:14 pm. Cintia Rodriguez ESP FX: Double pike, clean, little slide. Rudi is SUPER low, big lunge forward out of it. Couldn’t see her leaps from this angle SADLY. Switch ring to switch half maybe. Clean double full with a solid landing. 11.866

6:11 pm. Aneta Holasova CZE FX: Arabian double front, lovely and huge. Step forward possibly OOB. Good double pike, step back. Good swtich ring to tour jeté half. Solid double full to finish. 12.166

Alice Kinsella GBR UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, a little low and muscled on the catch, Ray, Pak caught super close, slight leg separation, Maloney to Gienger, legs apart and she’s too far, fall. 😦 Toe full to arabian double front dismount, SO close to the bar I thought she was going to hit her face. Rough form and landing on that. 😦 12.600

Diana Varinska UKR BB: I missed the beginning, saw the front aerial to split ring jump and side somi, both good. Double full dismount, some crossed ankles. 12.866

6:08 pm. Eythora Thorsdottir NED BB: Split leap to side aerial to Korbut, beautiful. Excellent Onodi to split jump to back handspring. Front aerial, clean. Hit the dismount. YAY! 12.666

Lisa Zimmerman GER FX: Double pike, messy with a hop back. 2.5, a little short. Her choreo after looks like she doesn’t remember what she’s supposed to do, like it’s her just moving her hands around her face with a confused look on her face hahaha. Good on the 1.5 to front tuck. 11.733

Ellie Downie GBR UB: Toe front half, a little muscled, misses the toe-on for the toe full but does it again, to Maloney to Ray, piked Tkachev to Pak is good, solid van Leeuwen, stuck the double layout! Great work. Someone wants another title. 14.066!

6:06 pm. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR UB: Stalder to Maloney, nice lift, to huge Pak, excellent. Clean van Leeuwen, decent handstand before toe full to Tkachev, blind change to piked Jaeger, super high stuck double tuck!!! Remember when bars was like a panic routine for her?! I think getting taller made her lines a bit better, but her confidence has also grown a bunch there. 13.300

6:03 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA UB: Maloney to Tkachev, nice! Great handstand before Ricna to Pak to Chow half, EXCELLENT! Blind change to front giant to front giant full to dobule front, a little low there, but nothing too bad. Hop back. 14.200

Tisha Volleman NED BB: Good back handspring mount. Front handstpring to front toss, very slow connection. Perfect double spin!! Side somi, big wobble, and she falls. Hit her dismount. 11.566

Ilaria Käslin SUI FX: Memmel turn. Double pike, a little messy with a hop. Hit her second pass. Nice ring leap into the corner. Also hit her last pass but I didn’t see what it was. 11.933

Marina Nekrasova AZE VT: Handspring front layout full, form looked better than yesterday but still not quite there. 13.500, again didn’t give her the layout.

6:02 pm. Jessica Castles SWE VT: Clean FTY, not super huge but nice job with it. 13.400

Laura Bechdeju ESP VT: FTY, also good, tiny hop back. 13.266

5:59 pm. Jade Vansteenkiste BEL VT: FTY, HUGE. Step back. 13.366

Angelina Melnikova RUS UB: Inbar full, Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, inbar half, muscled through to a super high piked Jaeger, toe full, almost perfectly vertical, into a full-in, good landing. 14.266

Giorgia Villa ITA BB: Hit her mount but then off on her tuck full series. 😦 Split leap to side aerial, good. Double pike is very low, lunge forward out of it. 12.633

Angelina Simakova RUS FX: Really low on her tucked full-in. May have had hands down but I couldn’t see from this angle. I might have missed a pass early on. Double tuck is low but not as rough as the full-in was. Poor kid. 10.833

5:56 pm. Nora Feher HUN FX: Big clean double pike. Great double tuck as well. Switch ring to ring leap, absolutely lovely! Front handspring front full, good. More good leaps from her. Great routine! 12.366

Denisa Golgota ROU BB: Big wobble on her switch leap mount. Switch half to Korbut. Off on her flight series. UGHHHHH. Hit her side somi and side aerial well. Switch to split jump. Excellent height and chest position and landing on her double tuck. 11.700

Maellyse Brassart BEL VT: Big clean FTY with a hop back. 13.400

Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: Maloney, huge, to clear hip to Galante to Pak, excellent. Lovely van Leeuwen, good handstand before toe half to front giant full, full-twisting double layout, almost stuck! Fantastic! 14.000

Filipa Martins POR VT: Another solid FTY! 13.433

5:52 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.500
2. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 14.333
3. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 14.233
4. Alice Kinsella, Great Britain, 14.200
5. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 14.100
6. Lorette Charpy, France, 13.933
7. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, 13.833
8. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 13.600

5:49 pm. Laura Bechdeju ESP FX: Double wolf turn, good control overall. Double layout, a little low, step forward. Hit the second pass, double pike. Front layout to front full with a small step. Double tuck is clean in the air, little run back out of it. 12.200

Aneta Holasova CZE BB: Layout stepout mount, SOLID! Bhs loso loso, ugh, too crooked in her line and she’s off. She’s usually SO SO SO solid there. Front aerial, good, she missed that in the warm-up. Doesn’t bother connecting to a jump after. Split leap to straddle jump. Off again on her full Y turn. 😦 Good double pike with a little hop. 10.800

5:47 pm. Lisa Zimmermann GER BB: Back handspring mount done well. Bhs loso loso, foot is off, fall. Also off on a switch leap. Back on for the switch half. Big wobble on her side somi but saves it. I didn’t see the dismount but think she hit. 10.400

Diana Varinska UKR UB: Gonna need her to do the angriest bars of her life. Chow to Pak, nice. Short handstand before Maloney to clear hip full, arched over, to straddle Tkachev half to Jaeger, YAS. Keep it going. Toe full is good, giants to full-in, YAYYYYYYY. Messy in pieces but she did it. 13.833

5:46 pm. Jessica Castles SWE FX: Love her opening pose so much! Really lovely beginning into her choreo. Double tuck is very nice. Excellent 2.5! Switch ring to tour jeté half. Hit her third pass with a little bobble. Good routine. 12.866

5:44 pm. Eythora Thorsdottir NED UB: Clear hip to shaposh to Pak, some leg separation, Maloney to bail, perfect! to toe full to Ray, very very very well done. A little short on the handstand before her blind change to piked Jaeger, a little close to the bar, clear hip half, some leg form, takes extra swings around on her giants which caused someone in the crowd to scream for some reason LOL…but I can see why she needs it, doesn’t get what she needs off the high bar, crashes her full-in. UGH. 11.833

5:42 pm. Jade Vansteenkiste BEL FX: The way she comes onto the floor is hilarious and amazing. Tour jeté full, great. Triple full, little step back. Hit the second pass with a little slide. Super clean double tuck. 12.533

Tisha Volleman NED UB: Hit the first transition and her release. And everything else. Full-in dismount with a hop. Good for Tisha. 12.900

Ilaria Käslin SUI BB: Bhs bhs loso, perfeect. Full Y turn, holds it nicely on the finish. Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump. Layout full dismount. 13.200

5:38 pm. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR VT: Yurchenko 1.5, excellent landing but I think she’s crooked and goes OOB. 13.600

Giorgia Villa ITA UB: Here we gooooo. Chow to Tkachev, very nice. Ricna to Pak to Chow to Bhardwaj YESSSSS. The Chow was messy but everything else was close to PERF. Missed her toe-on, has to doe it again to get back up to the high bar, no big issue, front giant work with some form breaks, high full-in almost stuck. 13.533

Angelina Simakova RUS BB: Okay switch ring. Also hit an aerial to ring jump. Good on her leaps as well. Hit the dismount. I didn’t see all of this but what I saw was good. 13.466

Filipa Martins POR FX: Hit the first pass and then a front tuck through to 2.5, nice. Double full is clean in the air but she has a little wonky bobble on the landing. 12.566

Ellie Downie GBR VT: DTY, big and solid, should be the best of the bunch I think. 14.500

5:37 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA VT: Nice and big on her DTY, ankles crossed, hop back. Good for her getting this vault back. She was the odd one out of the “Brixia four” but she’s truly coming into her own, which was more than evident in qualifications yesterday. 14.233

5:35 pm. Nora Feher HUN BB: Nice aerial into a jump. The rest that I saw was good, especially nice on a switch half. 11.333

Maellyse Brassart BEL FX: Good full-in double pike. Also hit her double pike at the end. Hit routine! 12.100

Angelina Melnikova RUS VT: DTY, leg form is better than we’ve seen recently! Solid landing too. Best of the three so far. 14.333

Denisa Golgota ROU UB: Caught her Jaeger, Tkachev to Pak are both good too. Dismount to her back though. 😦 11.800

5:34 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA VT: Getting some last minute notes from coach Eric Hagard. DTY, HUUUUUUUGE. Damn. I have a front-on view across the arena and could see the distance on that. Leg form could be improved, step back. 14.100

5:33 pm. Lorette Charpy FRA UB: Chow half, toe half to piked Jaeger, short handstand before her Ricna to Pak, clean work on both elements. Van Leeuwen, nice, toe full, the tiniest form issues in the hips, full-in stuck cold. Lovely!! 13.933

5:30 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR VT: DTY, pretty good! Some ankle form and a step. 14.200

Cintia Rodriguez ESP BB: Still so bummed she didn’t make this final. Second-highest E in the competition. Back handspring mount, good. Bhs loso is solid. Switch leap to split leap, lovely. Check on her side aerial. Front aerial, good. Split ring leap, little bobble. Clean double full to finish. 12.500

Marina Nekrasova AZE FX: Double L turn to pirouette. Excellent double pike! Clean switch half. Arabian double front, step forward. Double tuck, cowboyed with a slight step to control it. 2.5, step froward. 12.133

5:29 pm. Giorgia Villa just missed the Ricna in the warmup, but doesn’t look rattled. Some solid beam work from Lisa Zimmermann across the arena until she came off on a side somi. Otherwise things look okay.

5:25 pm. Wecome to the women’s all-around competition! Excited for this, as it’s quite close at the top and I think we’re going to see some shake-ups, though I think Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos looks cleaner and tighter than anyone here and if she hits everything the way she’s capable of, I see her getting the gold.

But Angelina Melnikova I believe outranks her in terms of difficulty, and she has also been looking AWESOME lately. She’s not as tidy, but she’s getting more and more confident, and I no longer have to worry about her the way I once did.

These two are definitely at the top of the bunch but I also wouldn’t count out Ellie Downie, who has quite a bit she can make up from yesterday’s score, and I think Giorgia Villa can also give an improved performance. Of course, if any of these falter, there are several other girls who can potentially go above and beyond to sneak in for a medal with the standings ending up super close in the top ten yesterday.

33 thoughts on “2019 European Championships Live Blog | Women’s All-Around Final

  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Woohooooio!!!!! I am in tears for MDJDS. I knew she could do it. Wtg! I am ecstatic. Was so nervous for her.
    And DAMN Ellie. What a huge improvement from quals! Wow that was 1 helluva tight comp for the medal positions. Geeze. I am thankful i can breathe now.
    Thanks Lauren! I mustve been doing the math at the same time as u. Lol. As soon as i figured out what she and Melnikova needed i refreshed my page and read exactly the same number i came up with. (So my math was right!)

    Thanks so much for excellent blogging. Felt the tension and excitement reading your words. Greatly appreciated.


  2. That was an intense all around final. Really bummed about falls by Denisa Golgota, Giorgia Villa, Alice D’Amato and Alice Kinsella. Incredibly tight race in the top 3. I have to say that Ellie Downie might have been a bit overscored on beam, while Melnikova was underscored. For me, I think Melnikova should have taken silver even though her floor was questionable. Oh well, great competition though


    • I agree about beam, dont know why Melnikova scores so low. She only have one ring element left?! Except the wolf turn she was so solid today! But then she messed up floor landings aswell so I think the Gold, silver, bronze order ended correct anyway (but I was hoping for Melnikova over Downie). SUCH A GREAT COMP.


        • Yeah, rhythm deductions for sure, and while she’s been looking solid, her form still isn’t as tight as it could be. When you watch someone like Mélanie who is pretty well extended on everything and then you watch Angelina who is a bit loose in her knees especially, the difference is pretty striking, though I do wish they wouldn’t be SO harsh on Angelina for what are overall really good routines.


  3. I’m happy with how this competition went. I was pulling for Melnikova to win , she actually might’ve been the strongest of the top three, but those missed connections on bars pulled her down at least three tenths, missed difficulty and execution on that wolf turn on beam. What’s funny is that she might’ve pulled it off regardless had she gotten more lift on her final two passes on floor, but Melanie was by far the most composed. Vault was really the only place where she gave up anything. Also really happy for Ellie Downie, she has had so much hardship between now and when she won in Cluj, so to get on the podium is such a fantastic result for her! Also, really nice to see D’Amato, Bachynska and Villa in the 4th-6th positions! Villa has had a hard start already so nice to see her in the mix even with those mistakes!


  4. Wow such an intense competition! Just to note also that France, Italy and Ukraine all placed both their competitors in the top 8! Worlds will be very interesting if everyone keeps improving and stays healthy! The USA still look untouchable, but the battle for silver and bronze in the team competition will for sure be interesting to watch!


    • Great point – France, Italy, and Ukraine with some strong teams building. I think the Italians need a couple more years to really hit their stride at the senior level, given how young they are, but I mean, with Lara Mori to beef up their numbers on FX… they should make TF at Workds this year for sure.


    • I honestly think that both are possible causes. She upgraded to a FTDLO on floor (YAY GIRL), which certainly ate away at her stamina, and she also had a great competition yesterday, which placed her in the top ten, and I think seeing that she IS in the mix sort of got into her head. She is SO talented, but she’s still super young and inexperienced, and I think the nerves kinda got to her.
      Hey, it’s not the end if the world, she still has finals for VT, FX, AND BB! GO DENISA!


      • Yes, I’m super impressed by how far she’s come! Her bars are becoming good good rather than just good for a Romanian, she reminds me of Iordache in 2013, when the difficulty and execution still weren’t quite there but the potential was really shining through. Her beam is really clean, even if she’s stuck at the low 5s with a hit. I’m a little disappointed that she’s still not upgraded the second vault, and I kind of hope she switches to a Lopez or something because she’s not getting good block on the tsuk. However, I appreciate that her DTY is more powerful than it was last year. And her floor! She finally has mature, energetic choreography that matches her personality, and am glad that she’s made strides on that event with a FTDLO. Won’t be a front runner for the finals, but anything can happen on beam and she made it happen on floor last year so crossing everything for her!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I agree! She is so FREAKING promising! If she can add her Silivas in on floor before Tokyo, I think she could definitely pull off an Erika Fasana Rio 2016-type finals spot! She is also training an Amanar and if she can add that… look out, Europe, lol.
          With her improved bars, she’s also showing how much potential she has in the AA! I think she qualified 9th in Poland, and if she hit in finals like she did in quals, I wanna say she would have placed fifth? She’s definitely the most internationally competitive Romanian since Iordache! I ❤ her!


  5. Great podium, and the correct one IMO – Melanie had the cleanest, most composed meet of the three, and has been pushing to win a big meet like this for so long… it is well-deserved. Also pumped for Ellie Downie – I hope this gives her lots of confidence in her comeback.

    Mainly though, I am sooo proud of the Italian girls. Giorgia obviously has the goods to contend with the heavyweights with a little more senior experience and some upgrades on floor (also, was she competing with a fever again today? Ffs Giorgia)… but who saw Alice D’Amato coming on as strong as she did??? What I love about this is that she has really cemented her spot among “the big 4” – up until recently, it looked like she might be the odd one out, without anything to really distinguish her at the senior level. But she has now proved, emphatically, that she does have a role – Villa is the star with the big difficulty, Iorio does bars and beam, Asia vaults… and Alice is the rock. The steady all-arounder every team needs. Give it a couple years more…. as the French have been this quad, the Italians will be next quad.


  6. It was adorable how happy Melanie DJDS’s teammates were for her. I wasn’t pulling for any one person in particular going in, but the excitement and solidarity coming from team France kind of won me over and I got a little teary eyed when Melanie won.


    • UEG isn’t the FIG. They’re two different governing bodies. FIG governs international sport and UEG just governs European gymnastics. UEG is probably pretty supportive of Céline and her choices even if the FIG isn’t.


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