Around the Gymternet: You know nothing, Jon Snow


“You’re crazy.”-Some of the gymworld’s finest media folks were at Euros, and there’s nothing but mutual love and respect between them.


Ladies all around. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos casually won the all-around after saying she wouldn’t do it due to her finger injury, and her team reacted adorably. Ellie Downie came in second by less than a tenth despite her foot issues, and Angelina Melnikova, who qualified in first, took the bronze with minor errors adding up over the course of the meet.

Alice D’Amato came in fourth with a fall, Anastasiia Bachynska had a good day for fifth, and Giorgia Villa, who apparently had a fever in quals, had errors and a fall to take sixth. Angelina Simakova had a not-so-great day, coming in ninth and getting flack from Rodionenko. Check out the play-by-play here.

Other finals. In vault finals, Maria Paseka did a clean Amanar and a messy what we’ll call a Cheng that nonetheless got an 8.5 E-score, giving her the gold. Anastasia Iliankova took the bars title and our stone-cold hearts with an excellent routine and another adorable moment.

On day two, beam was somewhat of a splatfest, with Alice Kinsella rising to the top with this hit routine. Dos Santos took the floor gold.

And gentlemen. Russia did very well, with Nikita Nagornyy and Artur Dalaloyan taking first and second in the all-around, and Marios Georgiou of Cyprus taking the bronze in a tough podium race. Dalaloyan also took the floor title and vault and high bar bronze, compatriot Denis Abliazin won rings and vault, and Nikita Nagornyy won parallel bars.

Max Whitlock took the pommel horse title despite more questionable scoring, and Epke Zonderland won yet another high bar title.

Other things. Dominick Cunningham hurt his knee on vault at qualifications, but he says he’s “pretty happy with the main ligaments in my knee,” so hopefully it’s not too serious. Leah Griesser submitted a new skill, as did Artur Dalaloyan.

The true heroes of Euros, of course, are Lauren and Luba, who bravely faced airports to get us coverage, fending off bananas thrown by a deranged mascot, descents into lunacy, and chocolate cravings.

Here are all your live blogs and recaps in one place.

NCAA corner

Sam update. Sam Cerio’s surgery went well after last week’s horrible injury, and she’s asking that people stop sharing that video, please and thank you. 

Hawaiian shirt alert. University of Arkansas head coach Mark Cook announced his retirement after 17 years.

Ohashi explained it all. Katelyn Ohashi confirmed in a blog post that the Leaving Neverland documentary influenced her decision to remove the Michael Jackson bits from her floor routine. Some people aren’t happy about this, but they’re wrong and can @ me all they want.

Watch with the lights on. Peng Peng Lee made an Us reboot that is honestly just as terrifying as the original.

Required reading

  • Claudia Fragapane: On fighting back from injury (The Telegraph), “I struggled for motivation” (BBC)
  • Aliya Mustafina sets sights on Tokyo 2020 all-around (Olympic Channel)
  • Abused: Surviving Sexual Assault and a Toxic Gymnastics Culture (book excerpt, Detroit Metro Times)

Last words

Please read my article, which has nothing to do with gymnastics.

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3 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: You know nothing, Jon Snow

  1. I still always assume it’s Daiane when I see “Dos Santos” and get really confused why we’re talking about a Brazilian gymnast at Euros.

    Also, I’m really not impressed that they took out the Jackson sections because of Finding Neverland. I’m glad they’re gone, but everyone already knew he was a child molester. The documentary didn’t change anything other than making it the center of public discussion again.


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