Around the Gymternet: You are a fishmonger.


“Well, how else will they be able to distinguish between the Chinese gymnasts?” -We just found out that non-team team members at the Olympics will be required to wear different colored leotards, and Luba made me laugh so hard I spat out my sugar-free lunch.

Wut happened

Doc hired, doc fired. USA Gymnastics announced on Monday that it had hired its first-ever director of sports medicine (just let that sink in), Dr. Edward Nyman, shown here literally glowing at the prospect of working for USAG.

There was some confusion, including by Simone Biles, over whether he would treat athletes (he wouldn’t have) and why a woman wasn’t hired. USAG then announced on Tuesday that Nyman had been let go due to an unspecified “conflict of interest.”

After Simone got some heat, USAG clarified that social media did not influence the decision to terminate him. Simone is rightfully angry about lack of transparency, and what everyone wants to know is why vetting didn’t catch this conflict of interest in the first place.

FIG made changes. The FIG Executive Committee met this week. Among their decisions:

  • They flip-flopped on the Olympic team sizes, which are back to five in 2024. Because what we want is to make the sport as confusing for spectators as possible, you see. World cups and continental champs will still play a role in qualifying.
  • Continental champs and world cups will also play a part in qualifications to 2022 and 2023 worlds, and the number of gymnasts has been reduced to 208 for the men and 201 for us girls.

Heart of Gold came out. At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, was released on HBO. Here’s a support guide for viewers who may need it.

Li Li’s media spree. USAG CEO Li Li Leung sat down for interviews with Bustle and the Indianapolis Star, and also wrote this op-ed, this week.

Camp campened. The women’s May national team training camp concludes today at EVO. Twenty-five athletes participated, and Leung joined them to smile at Simone at the oversplit party. The 2018 worlds team also got championship rings, which I guess is a thing?

Terin offended people. USAG athlete rep Terin Humphrey got attention for a Thursday Facebook post that some said made light of athlete abuse. After reactions online, including by survivor attorney John Manly, she followed up with a post saying that she had been receiving death threats and had been cyber bullied, calling out Manly, who she says “publicly attacked” her.

Kathy Johnson Clarke, the official moral compass of the gymternet, responded to the original post, saying the conflation of “abuse w/ ‘championship worthy’ coaching … creates the perfect storm and ideal space and opportunity for predators.”

New lawsuits. A lawsuit was filed against USAG on Monday alleging that the org knows of more abused gymnasts who may not have known about the deadline to file a claim against USAG. Meanwhile, an insurance company is suing the U.S. Olympic Committee, saying the org lied about sexual assault allegations.

Star status

Travel plans. Jade Carey said in an interview that she’ll compete at the Melbourne World Cup in February.

Comebacks. MyKayla Skinner posted a video of her training an Amanar and a Weiler kip, and Kristal Bodenschatz threw a Cheng into the pit.

Word has it Yu Minobe is coming out of retirement. Oh, and Shang Chunsong will be at Chinese nationals.

NCAA corner

New hires. Garrett Griffeth is Utah’s new assistant coach, Courtney McCool Griffeth is the new volunteer coach and choreographer, and I’m gonna pull a Pam and name myself their new social media coordinator. Congrats, all!

Hawaiian shirt alert. The University of New Hampshire’s coach of 40 years, Gail Goodspeed, retired. Godspeed.

Sam update. Sam Cerio is on the up-and-up, and was able to walk at graduation with crutches.

Commitment news. Sydney Barros verbally committed to UCLA.

Glow ups. Lauren wrote up her favorite NCAA-to-elite glow-ups and then bravely clicked Publish. 

Staying social

Not today. I was today days old when I found out Arya Stark’s stunt double is a Utah alum. Badasses both.

Groaning pains. Simone’s quads are burning. Mine are too, but it’s from bringing the laundry up the stairs.

Drug murder. Spencer has once again blessed us with his genius and reviewed the 80s show about gymnasts doping each other.

Last words

The sugar detox is going very well, thank you so much for asking *dies*.

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14 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: You are a fishmonger.

  1. So a former Gym Dog is going to be a coach at Utah…I never thought I’d see the day. In all seriousness, excited about this hire and really looking to see how it works out.


  2. so back to team of five and getting rid of the “individual” gymnasts? or team of 5 and 1 individual gymnast? I hope it’s team of 5 and 1 individual gymnast.


  3. I guess Li li must being doing regular stretching otherwise she wouldn’t still have flexibility for a leg split like that. Maybe she still doing a few easy routines? it’s good to see the CEO get involved and talk with team members.


    Tuesday May 7 2019

    Pray for indonesia

    KPU has been proven CHEAP but there is no action from JOKOWI is this the president? Or this is just a jokowi scheme
    Viral Prabowo supporters must know


    • @Info Terkini

      This is a gymnastics news websites, only for gymnastics related topics. Please DO NOT post any news not related to gymnastics.


      • I hope Lauren can remove this though. These spammers posting about the Indonesian election are everywhere. I really don’t want to see it on a gymnastics website.


  5. Terin has the freedom to post what she wants on the internet…and USAG has the freedom to fire her for not standing up for the safety of athletes, which I absolutely think they should do.


  6. Terin didn’t even apologize for her post. She took no responsibility for how her post affected survivors. She has no place in trying to change the culture of USAG

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I was literally watching a Utah vs Georgia meet from 2006 on YouTube the night before I watched Game Revealed lol she just makes a casual appearance as I’m like “obviously Arya’s stunt double would be a gymnastics badass because duh” lol

    Reasons why I’m thankful for the gymternet. Couldn’t post about it because most people wouldn’t get the hype lol


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