2019 U.S. Junior Worlds Trials Results

The 2019 U.S. Junior Worlds Trials were held on June 14 in Sarasota, Florida.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Skye Blakely WOGA 14.600 14.200 14.000 13.700 56.500
2 Kayla DiCello Hill’s 14.650 13.750 13.700 13.650 55.750
3 Sydney Barros Texas Dreams 14.500 13.550 12.900 13.600 54.550
4 Konnor McClain Revolution 14.300 13.650 13.350 12.850 54.150
5 Ciena Alipio West Valley 13.600 13.700 14.400 12.350 54.050
6 Olivia Greaves MG Elite 14.100 13.400 13.050 13.050 53.600
7 Lilly Lippeatt Cincinnati 13.300 13.300 12.950 13.350 52.900
8 Sydney Morris First State 13.300 13.250 12.950 12.550 52.050
9 Mya Witte Genie’s 13.200 12.800 13.600 12.300 51.900
10 Ava Siegfeldt World Class 14.050 13.000 12.300 12.350 51.700
11 Kaylen Morgan Everest 13.500 13.150 12.750 12.250 51.650
12 Sophia Butler Discover 13.350 12.800 12.200 13.150 51.500
13 Sienna Robinson Brown’s 13.300 12.450 13.000 12.450 51.200
14 Love Birt First State 13.400 12.850 12.250 12.600 51.100
15 Lyden Saltness Midwest 13.300 13.250 11.000 12.800 50.350
16 Katelyn Rosen Mavericks 13.950 10.050 12.750 12.300 49.050
17 Amber Lowe Everest 12.500 12.800 11.600 11.950 48.850
18 Elizabeth Gantner JPAC 12.900 11.900 12.350 11.500 48.650
19 Ella Zirbes Flips 13.200 9.600 10.400 12.300 45.500
20 Eva Volpe Pearland Elite 12.450 10.100 10.050 9.400 42.000

9 thoughts on “2019 U.S. Junior Worlds Trials Results

  1. I was somewhat surprised Olivia Greaves didnt place higher. I also am impressed with Cienia Alipios beam score. Konner had an off day but at least she made traveling alternate.


  2. I can’t wait to see how they do at worlds! I am sure they will do amazing though! I am kinda surpeised that Konner is the alternate and that Olivia didn’t make the team.


  3. I am impressed that USAG held a trials for a major competition and composed the three-person team out of the top three finishers and chose the fourth place finisher as alternate. Seems like far fewer politics than previous team selections. Do we think this is how Olympic trials will go too? Or will that always be more political?

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    • I think there’s a difference between “political” and “strategic.” I’m glad they just went with the top three here for the juniors, because it’s not that serious, but I think when naming Olympic teams (and senior worlds teams) it has to be about more than just finishing in the top XX at one specific meet. Like, Konnor was a lock for this team, but she had a fall and mistakes and so someone who wasn’t even on the national team was able to beat her and make the team, which is amazing, but it’s also one meet, and if this was a selection process for a senior team, Konnor’s competitive history over the past few months would have counted more than just one bad meet at the selection camp. Again, I think it’s great that they went this way for juniors, but I think the worlds team this year and the Olympic team next year will have more strategy involved. If Simone Biles falls 5 times at trials and finishes in 5th place, they’re definitely not just going to be like “sorry Simone, you’re not top 4!” and not send her to the Olympics. You do want to be at your best “when it counts” so to speak, but in most cases there should be way more taken into consideration than just that one trial meet. Just look at Japan, which isn’t brining Mai Murakami to worlds because she missed one AA meet due to injury, so despite competing at and placing second at two of Japan’s AA competitions just a few weeks earlier, because she didn’t compete at all three, they’re like “sorry!” and are leaving a reigning AA and floor medalist at home in favor of someone who barely scores a 51 AA, which is actually insane. It’s one thing to have rules in place, but strategy is how teams win, so I do think there should be some fluidity within those rules so you don’t end up with a Mai missing worlds situation.


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