Qualifications for U.S. Nationals Begin Today

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eMjae Frazier

The process for gymnasts attempting to qualify for national championships – including the U.S. Championships in Kansas City this August as well as the Hopes Championships in Louisville next month – kicks off with this weekend’s American Classic for the elites and also features the Hopes Classic for gymnasts competing in this pre-elite level.

Held in Salt Lake City, the senior competition will also count towards the Pan Am Games selection for gymnasts who are interested. Only a handful of seniors will compete here, including national team members Sunisa Lee and Slaone Blakely, with the majority opting to contend for the Games at the recent national team camp.

The junior field is mostly made up of younger up-and-comers hoping to get their nationals scores, though national team member and Jesolo vault and beam medalist Ciena Alipio will compete as will several gymnasts who recently attended the trials for junior world championships.

I’m excited to see many in this group, like eMjae Frazier, who recently scored above a 54 at an elite qualifier, Levi Jung-Ruivivar, the gorgeous performer who always stuns with her beautiful lines and toe point, and Kailin Chio, one of the top juniors among the “new kids” at nationals last year. It’ll also be great to see some of the first-timers at the elite level, like beam queens Mya Witte and Joscelyn Roberson, both of whom graduated from Hopes to junior elite this year.

Seniors need an all-around qualification score of 52.000 to make it to national championships, and they can also earn their way on just three events with a 39.750, or on two events with a 27.000. Juniors, however, can only qualify as all-arounders, and they’ll need a 51.000 to get through. In addition to the American Classic this weekend, they’ll have a second shot at next month’s U.S. Classic, and some elites have also previously earned national scores at national team camps and through international assignments.

As for Hopes, we’re expected to see 33 gymnasts in the 12-13 age group and 25 in the 10-11 field. Lily Pederson, who was fourth at last year’s Hope Championships in the 12-13 division, is always one to keep an eye on, and I’m also excited to see gymnasts like Rafaela O’Neill, Karleigh DiCello, Ava San Jose, Paityn Walker, Lucy Tobia, and WOGA standouts Paloma Spiridonova, Ashlee Sullivan, and Avery King. In the younger division, my favorites this season have been twins Audrey and Sydney Snyder of First State, Nicole Desmond of Parkettes, and Shanell Valles of WCC, but there’s a ton of talent to keep an eye on, and while the difficulty holds some of the younger ones back a bit, this is always the best group for spotting attention to detail in the basics.

The top 18 Hopes gymnasts in each division will qualify to the Hopes Championships if they meet a qualifying score of 48.500 for the 12-13 division or a 46.000 for the 10-11 division.

The Hopes Classic will be held today at 2:40 pm MT (4:40 pm ET) for the 10-11 division and at 7:15 pm MT (9:15 pm ET) for the girls competing in the 12-13 field. Tomorrow, the American Classic starts with the first flight at 10:15 am MT (12:15 pm ET) and concludes with the second flight at 1:45 pm MT (3:45 pm ET). MyUSAGym will have live results for all sessions, and all sessions will be streamed on YouTube.

A full list of competitors is below.

Shania Adams, Future
Sloane Blakely, WOGA
Jaylene Gilstrap, Metroplex
Olivia Hollingsworth, World Champions
Emily Lee, West Valley
Sunisa Lee, Midwest
Victoria Nguyen, Everest
Abigael Vides, World Champions
Olivia Ahern, River City
Ciena Alipio, West Valley
Charlotte Booth, Brandy Johnson’s
Kailin Chio, Gymcats
eMjae Frazier, Parkettes
Elizabeth Gantner, JPAC
Karis German, World Champions
Mia Heather, San Mateo
Levi Jung-Ruivivar, Paramount Elite
Lauren Little, Everest
Nola Matthews, Airborne
Zoe Miller, World Champions
Sydney Morris, First State
Annalise Newman-Achee, Chelsea Piers
Sophie Parenti, San Mateo
Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s
Ariel Posen, MG Elite
Joscelyn Roberson, NE Texas Elite
Sienna Robinson, Browns
Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks
Lyden Saltness, Midwest
Jamison Sears, World Class
Chevala Shepard, Hopes and Dreams
Ava Siegfeldt, World Class
Eva Volpe, Pearland Elite
Mya Witte, Genie’s
Jamie Wright, World Class
Ella Zirbes, Flips
HOPES 12-13
Kylee Bromley, First State
Ellorie Cane, Precision
Chloe Cho, Wallers GymJam
Sophia Dennis, Capital
Karleigh DiCello, Hill’s
Emerson Fisk, Golden City
Leah Fontaine, Capital
Isabelle Futch, Auburn
Ava Jackson, Olympus
Madray Johnson, WOGA
Katelyn Jong, Metroplex
Kaitlynd Kastl, Metroplex
Avery King, WOGA
Hailey Kriz, Brestyan’s
Rafaela O’Neill, Airborne
Lily Pederson, Flips
Michelle Pineda, Metroplex
Jaylyn Pomager, Mavericks
Azaraya Ra-Akbar, United
Autumn Reingold, Olympica
Ava San Jose, Paramount Elite
Kimberly Shiau, Hill’s
Raquel Simmons, Capital
Rebekah Smith, World Champions
Sammy Smith, Gymnastics East
Paloma Spiridonova, WOGA
Ashlee Sullivan, WOGA
Tiana Sumanasekera, San Mateo
Lucy Tobia, Parkettes
Gabriella Van Frayen, Gym X-Treme
Paityn Walker, Head Over Heels
Eleanor Wyly, North Bay
Kaela Yee, Leyva
HOPES 10-11
Hailey Avellar, Auburn
Giovannina Beltra, Rebound
Nora Brewer, Iowa Gym-Nest
Ly Bui, Iowa Gym-Nest
Kaitlyn Cohen, The Klub
Carsyn Coleman, Precision
Nicole Desmond, Parkettes
Sophee El Attar, First State
Natalie Gatlos, First State
Cambry Haynes, 5280
Tori Kitzmiller, Naperville
Maddie Losee, World Champions
Autumn Miller, Coastal Point
Zoey Molomo, Metroplex
Ella Kate Parker, NE Texas Elite
Avery Schlichting, Rockford
Jolyn Sicat Valeros, Sokol Elite
Audrey Snyder, First State
Sydney Snyder, First State
Izzy Stassi, Five-Star
Khloe Timmer, Leyva
Shanell Valles, World Champions
Brooklyn Webster, Empire
Carly Weinberg, Buckeye
Grace Weisser, Flips

Article by Lauren Hopkins


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