2019 Hopes Classic Live Blog | 12-13 Division

Welcome to the live blog for the 12-13 age division at the 2019 Hopes Classic, held in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Michelle Pineda 51.100
— Katelyn Jong 51.100
— Paityn Walker 51.100
4. Ava San Jose 51.050
5. Lily Pederson 50.900
6. Rafaela O’Neill 50.750
7. Lucy Tobia 50.700
8. Rebekah Smith 50.550
9. Autumn Reingold 50.150
10. Gabriella Van Frayen 50.100
11. Leah Fontaine 49.650
12. Ashlee Sullivan 49.500
13. Avery King 49.300
14. Kaela Yee 49.200
15. Chloe Cho 48.800
16. Kimberly Shiau 48.600
17. Ellorie Cane 48.550
18. Karleigh DiCello 48.450
19. Tiana Sumanasekera 48.200
20. Kaitlynd Kastl 48.050
21. Azaraya Ra-Akbar 47.800
22. Madray Johnson 47.700
23. Sammy Smith 47.400
24. Ava Jackson 47.300
25. Sophia Dennis 47.150
26. Kylee Bromley 46.850
27. Emerson Fisk 46.550
28. Isabelle Futch 46.450
29. Jaylyn Pomager 45.950
30. Raquel Simmons 45.200
31. Eleanor Wyly 10.050

11:08 pm. Jaylyn Pomager FX: Double pike to her hands, bummer. Her music is fab, big band but not the same three big band songs that get so much rotation in elite. Front layout to front full, a little arched. 1.5 to front pike is nice.

11:06 pm. Madray Johnson BB: Loso mount!!!!! WOOOOO. Fantastic job with that. Bhs loso loso, oof, her legs are pretty bent throughout and she just doesn’t have the lift to carry her through the series. Full turn, Onodi! Nice. Switch to sissone, double tuck, chest just a bit low.

11:05 pm. Paityn Walker FX: Piked full-in, nice! some leg form and a bounce but good D there. 1.5 to front layout. Switch half into the corner before her last pass. Big double pike at the end. Excellent job!

11:02 pm. Kylee Bromley BB: Clean full turn, front aerial, slightly bent knees, bhs loso, solid, good jump series into a back tuck, solid dismount.

11:01 pm. Emerson Fisk FX: Stuck her double pike! Very nice. Switch ring to switch half, a little shy on the latter. 2.5 comes up a little deep, stands up and walks back out of it. 1.5 gets no punch into the front tuck, sits it.

11:00 pm. Ashlee Sullivan FX: Candle mount, good, standing arabian!!! Just a tiny bit low but very solid. Bhs bhs layout, a little piked but I mean gorgeous, Onodi!! Transverse split jump half, good, double tuck with a step. FAB.

Someone in the background is yelling “YALL ARE TIED FOR FIRST!” and then one of the kids who is tied says “Don’t jinx it!” I love these wee ones.

10:58 pm. Ava Jackson UB: Pak, a bit too arched, jump to high, toe-on, blind change, front giant, double pike, little baby step.

Chloe Cho VT: Hit, with a solid landing!

Ellorie Cane FX: Felicia Hano’s music! Double pike, good! Switch ring is also very nice. Hit her middle pass.

Leah Fontaine VT: FTY, step back, not a ton of height but still solid.

10:56 pm. Tiana Sumanasekera BB: Good jump series, front aerial, tiny check, bigger check on her bhs loso, but nice save. Just a layout dismount.

Karleigh DiCello VT: FTY, very low off the table, went super low and long, short landing with a big lunge forward.

Katelyn Jong UB: Hit what I saw! Some nice lines. Full-out dismount! Great landing. That was fab.

10:55 pm. Lucy Tobia UB: Pak, nice stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, fab. Double pike, very open, good landing.

Rafaela O’Neill FX: Sat her wolf turn WHY GOD WHY. Double tuck, chest a bit forward. She’s a bit short in some of her jumps as well. 1.5 to punch front at the end. I wonder if they’ll count that wolf turn fall as a fall…I mean, it is one, but judges sometimes ignore that…

Gabriella Van Frayen VT: FTY, a bit piked and not a ton of power.

10:52 pm. Sophia Dennis VT: Hit her FTY.

Sammy Smith UB: Big double layout at the end! I think her form throughout was a bit weak, not sure if she fell, I didn’t see everything.

Ava San Jose FX: Excited for this! Double pike, clean, lunge back. Lovely choreo section. Solid last pass.

Rebekah Smith BB: Hit her flight series followed by a solid leap series. Transverse split jump half was great. Side aerial, good extension. 1.5 dismount.

Lily Pederson VT: FTY, step back.

10:50 pm. Avery King BB: Bent her legs in the middle of her candle mount. Big wobble on a side aerial. Nice switch leap. Double full, step back.

Kaitlynd Kastl UB: Pak, looked like she brushed her feet but if not they were close. Hit routine, double tuck at the end.

Karleigh DiCello VT: FTY, not bad!

10:48 pm. Autumn Reingold FX: Lovely double tuck. Some excellent choreo sections. Uh, they just cut away from her to show ONLY vault for some reason. RUDE. 2.5 at the end, just a step forward.

Michelle Pineda VT: Excellent routine, super clean double tuck with a slight hop back.

Raquel Simmons VT: Yurchenko layout, huge bounc and run back out of it.

10:45 pm. Azaraya Ra-Akbar FX: Again they started showing the video of the routine like a full 30 seconds after it started so missed most of the beginning of this. Hit a 1.5 to punch front I believe, and then a double back at the end.

Kaela Yee BB: Hit the beginning. Good wolf turn and great jumps. Double full dismount with a hop.

Isabelle Futch UB: Again, missed most of this due to the late start but she hit!


1. Michelle Pineda 39.000
2. Rafaela O’Neill 38.700
3. Paityn Walker 38.350
4. Ava San Jose 38.250
5. Lucy Tobia 38.150
6. Rebekah Smith 37.950
7. Katelyn Jong 37.800
8. Lily Pederson 37.500

10:40 pm. Not sure why Paloma Spiridonova scratched, or why Eleanor Wyly didn’t continue after floor. She did have a fall on bars and looked upset.

10:37 pm. Emerson Fisk BB: Wolf turn, wild, stood up out of it and then fell. Side aerial, big wobble but held on. Switch leap to split leap. Bhs loso, step back, another good save. Front aerial, another huge wobble and save. She’s the queen of saves tonight! Good transverse split jump half. Double full, step back. Shrugs when she walks away LOL. Bless.

Karleigh DiCello FX: Split jump full at the beginning. Double pike, some leg separation. 1.5 through to double full, a little short. Double tuck, cowboyed with a hop. Solid routine.

10:34 pm. Ellorie Cane BB: Beautiful mount! Hit the beginning, I wasn’t typing, I remember a good front aerial, also had a side aerial after. Dismounted with a double full, some leg form. Hit routine.

Gabriella Van Frayen FX: Good opening pass. Love her switch ring into a hop full turn. Front layout front full. Great landing on the double tuck.

10:32 pm. Rafaela O’Neill BB: Her double wolf turn got a little wild, I’m actually impressed with the control she used to keep it on! Like nothing even went wrong. Bhs loso, some leg form, front aerial, side aerial, break at the hips, switch to split jump, 1.5 dismount.

Hit routine, but beam is definitely her weak spot, it’s so funny because many kids this age can’t do most apparatuses super well BUT beam (easy skills, don’t need a ton of power or have to be naturally gifted with a swing from the gods, you’re just high off the ground) and Rafaela is the opposite where she’s like yeah I can vault and do bars, jealous? Don’t get me wrong, she’s absolutely good on beam, but it’s just funny to me that she looked better technically on vault and bars when these are usually such weak technical events for juniors.

10:29 pm. Ashlee Sullivan UB: Clear hip to Pak, very nice. Great handstand before toe-on to toe shoot, another excellent handstand before her blind change to front giant, clean double pike with a small step. Beautiful form.

Lily Pederson FX: Popa to start, then dances in and out of the corner into her 1.5 through to 2.5 to punch front, damn! Excellent fun choreo too. Front double full, so good! Sky high double pike. Honestly she’s a star.

10:26 pm. Tiana Sumanasekera UB: Nice Pak, clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, came off on something right after that. Back on and repeats the toe shoot, blind change to front giant, high double pike, but lands it low with a lunge.

Ava San Jose BB: Love the opening. bhs loso loso, excellent. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, beautiful extension on the jumps. Clean wolf turn. Great side aerial. A little short on a jump after that, and hit the double full routine, chest just slightly forward.

Sophia Dennis FX: Hit her first pass well. Also hit the middle pass.

10:23 pm. Lucy Tobia VT: FTY, twisted a little too early coming off the table, and she was short on the landing.

Kimberly Shiau FX: Double pike, little scoot back. The rest was nice, just tiny issues.

Autumn Reingold BB: Lovely wolf turn, triple flight series, and then I believe a front aerial to split ring jump to Korbut, excellent connections though I’m doing this from memory so it’s possible my memory is replacing skills that happened with skills I thought I saw lol. Still a great triple mixed series! Clean double full dismount.

Rebekah Smith UB: Nice Pak, toe shoot, stalder to clear hip, blind change, big full-in with a hop in place.

10:20 pm. Azaraya Ra-Akbar BB: Big wobble on the bhs loso but good fight. Transverse split jump half, wobble.

Raquel Simmons FX: Double pike, huge, but too huge, rolls it to her back. Double tuck is better, step to the side. Ooh, front layout stepout through to 1.5, nice and unusual! Told ya, that kid has power.

Avery King UB: Clear hip to toe-on to Pak, deep stalder to toe shoot, blind change to front giant, double tuck with a lunge back. Good work.

Sammy Smith VT: FTY, a little off center, big step back.

10:19 pm. Michelle Pineda VT: FTY, hop back, got pretty good lift off the table and her distance was better than many so far today.

Kaela Yee UB: Toe-on to Pak, stalder, arched way over on a handstand before her toe shoot, she was literally in the perfect Pak shape lol, I don’t even understand how she pulled that back to handstand, it must have taken all the core strength in the world. Hit the dismount.

Kaitlynd Kastl VT: Hit her Yurchenko layout.

10:17 pm. Madray Johnson UB: Hit everything I saw, double tuck dismount with a hop to finish.

Jaylyn Pomager BB: I wasn’t typing skills during most of this but she looked good on pretty much everything. Just short on the back tuck, and a little whippy and low in her 1.5 dismount.

Leah Fontaine FX: Tucked full-in, nice!! Step back. Double tuck with a lunge forward at the end.

Isabelle Futch VT: Yurchenko layout with a lunge.

10:16 pm. I missed Katelyn Jong on vault and Kylee Bromley on bars, they need to just keep the cameras on during the break so we can know when they’re actually starting, especially on the events where the touch is allowed to go longer than the allotted time. Katelyn looks like she hit an FTY.

10:13 pm. Paityn Walker BB: Bhs loso, leg up. Front aerial, little bobble. Leap into a side aerial, a little short on a transverse half jump after it.

Chloe Cho FX: Double pike, a bit short, lunge forward. 2.5 to punch front, hop forward. Switch ring to tour jeté half.

Ava Jackson VT: Just saw a hop back.


1. Paityn Walker 26.150
2. Rafaela O’Neill 25.850
3. Michelle Pineda 25.700
4. Rebekah Smith 25.650
5. Ava San Jose 25.450
6. Lucy Tobia 25.400
— Tiana Sumanasekera 25.400
8. Autumn Reingold 25.350

10:05 pm. Gabriella Van Frayen BB: Front aerial into a lovely leap series and then a solid bhs loso. Hit the rest, just a step to the side on the dismount. Great routine!

10:03 pm. Lily Pederson BB: Full turn, break at the hips, Straddle jump to wolf jump, I SPY THAT TOE POINT. Side aerial loso, YAS! Wobble at the end and her leg came up but GET IT. Switch leap landed in arabesque, wooooo yes, big punch front, switch side, transverse split jump half, wobble but again with that toe point. Double pike with a step back. GET IT GIRL. That was fantastic.

10:01 pm. Sophia Dennis BB: Good bhs loso. Switch to wolf jump, solid. Side aerial, break at the hips. 1.5 with a step to the side (a little off the mat). Hit routine!

Kaitlynd Kastl FX: Hit her first pass. 1.5 with a hop forward for her second.

10:00 pm. Rafaela O’Neill UB: Toe-on to Maloney, LOVELY, beautiful Pak as well, stalder to clear hip to toe circle, jump to high, blind change to front giant, big double layout, just a stumble back out of it. Overall she’s the best bar worker I’ve seen so far today. Her score won’t be huge due to some lower difficulty and tiny mistakes but she’s the best in terms of technique and natural ability, and she’s gonna be great on this event.

9:56 pm. Ava San Jose UB: Beautiful handstands! Her lines are fantastic. Pak, toe shoot back up to the high bar, arched in her front giant, double pike with a little step. Promise with those lines.

Kimberly Shiau BB: Bhs loso, some bent legs in there. Leaps are better, into a back tuck. Good transverse jump as well. Super solid side aerial. Double full with a hop. Solid!

Michelle Pineda FX: Cutesy choreo at the beginning. Double pike was great. Beautiful leaps. Front layout front full. Switch ring. 2.5 with a hop forward. Another fantastic routine from Michelle!

9:55 pm. Raquel Simmons BB: Bhs loso, some soft knees. Same with her jumps, but they’re solid. Ooh, did she do an Onodi?! I just saw the finish. Hit an aerial after it. 1.5 with a step to the side. Really solid work.

Autumn Reingold UB: Stalder to Pak, very nice! Stuck the dismount. Beautiful clean work.

Isabelle Futch FX: I missed most of this. Double full at the end was great.

9:54 pm. Rebekah Smith VT: FTY, not bad! One of the better ones for the Hopes gymnasts.

9:52 pm. Leah Fontaine BB: Hit her triple flight series. Switch to split jump to back tuck, good. Side aerial, double full with a lunge back.

Ava Jackson FX: Double tuck, tiny step. Good 1.5 to front pike. Double full, hop back.

Avery King VT: Yurchenko layout, mostly pretty well stretched throughout, not a ton of power though, step to the side.

Azaraya Ra-Akbar UB: Nice Pak. Good handstand before her toe-on to clear hip to toe shoot. Blind change, some leg separation, double pike with a step.

9:51 pm. Jaylyn Pomager UB: Toe shoot, arched a handstand after it, clear hip to blind change, Pak, toe circle before jumping to high, high stuck double tuck.

9:50 pm. Katelyn Jong FX: Double pike, chest a tiny bit forward. Switch to switch side.  Great routine.

Madray Johnson VT: Yurchenko…layout I think is what she was going for. Hit.

Kaela Yee VT: Yurchenko layout, step back.

9:48 pm. Kylee Bromley VT: Yurchenko layout, hips a tiny bit piked throughout, they might downgrade.

Chloe Cho BB: Bhs loso, clean and solid. Shows off her flexibility with ahold, almost right into her leap series, very nice. Also has really creative low beam choreo!! LOVE. Front aerial, clean 1.5 dismount, almost stuck.

Paityn Walker UB: Piked Jaeger, nice! Just a little low. Stalder to toe on to bail to Ray, nice! Full-in, little bounce in place. Excellent routine.

9:46 pm. Ashlee Sullivan VT: FTY, not bad, just not a ton of power. Mostly clean with a step.

Lucy Tobia FX: I missed the beginning. L hop turn, into a nice split full, lovely extension. 1.5 through to double full.

Emerson Fisk UB: Stalder to Pak, nice and clean, just some flexed feet. Toe shoot caught a bit close, double tuck is high and tight, step back.

9:44 pm. Ellorie Cane UB: Pak, some leg sep, stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, some bent knees on that last element. Good double tuck with a hop.

Karleigh DiCello BB: Wolf turn was a little wonky. Hit the triple flight series and leap series but her knees are a bit soft throughout. Transverse split jump half, a little short on the split. Side aerial. Back pike, a bit deep in the landing. Double tuck, cowboyed and a bit under-rotated. Step forward.

Tiana Sumanasekera VT: Good Yurchenko layout.

9:43 pm. Sammy Smith FX: They started the camera super late so we missed the beginning. Love her classic rock remix. Clean double tuck near the end.


1. Rafaela O’Neill 13.450
2. Emerson Fisk 13.100
— Michelle Pineda 13.100
— Lucy Tobia 13.100
5. Paityn Walker 13.000
6. Lily Pederson 12.800
7. Ava San Jose 12.700
— Kaela Yee 12.700

9:36 pm. Sophia Dennis UB: Stalder to blind change to front giant to straddle Jaeger, good. Toe-on to Pak, a bit arched but still clean, switch kip, toe circle before jumping to the high bar, good double tuck.

9:34 pm. Isabelle Futch BB: Off on her wolf turn. Wobble on the front aerial. Hit the bhs loso and the dismount.

Kimberly Shiau UB: Clear hip to Pak, good catch there, toe-on to stalder to toe shoot, nice, just a little close on the catch. Little stumble back on the dismount.

Kaela Yee FX: Good double pike. Solid double full, just lands it with feet apart and angled a hair short. Clean, solid double tuck. Excellent performance!

9:31 pm. Ava Jackson BB: Front aerial, slow into the split jump to sissone. Bhs loso, leg came up a bit on the check. Off on her transverse jump. Switch to switch half, a tad short. Little bobble. Side aerial, bigger wobble. Another wobble after that and someone just dramatically sighed on the stream LOL. Double full got almost no set off the beam but she fought through that!

Raquel Simmons UB: She’s a little jerky in her kips and her form is a bit weak throughout on this event. Pak, toe shoot caught almost with her face, her swing is a little off, but she’s SO powerful, I think they need to watch someone like Margzetta Frazier, power gymnasts can get good swings and rhythms on bars but they just have to figure out how to harness that power and make it work for them. Huge double tuck dismount.

Madray Johnson FX: Hit the first pass, I didn’t see what it was. Double pike was a bit deep in the landing. Great routine!

9:28 pm. Katelyn Jong BB: Nice wolf turn. Great flight series.  Beautiful extension on her switch leap, into a pike jump. Transverse straddle half, nice. Side aerial, also solid. Clean double full dismount.

Leah Fontaine UB: They have Natalie Gatlos’ name up for her, even though Natalie was in the 10-11 group lol. Inbar to blind change to piked Jaeger, YAS! Some form things but amazing. Then a straddle Jaeger! We went from basically zero releases all day to two in a row. Pak, switch kip, looks like she had to adjust out of it but good cover, stalder, her hips are a bit weak in her giants, big full-in dismount though. Great job, hands down the most difficult routine of the day so far.

Kylee Bromley FX: Opening pass was strong. Double full had a great landing.

9:26 pm. Ashlee Sullivan FX: I only saw the double tuck, which was nice.

Chloe Cho UB: Stalder to toe-on to Pak, caught the Pak way too over the bar and had to take a swing to get out of it. Double layout to her knees, lunges out of it.

9:24 pm. Karleigh DiCello UB: Toe full to Pak, some form things in there, toe-on to stalder to clear hip to toe shoot, nice, just caught a little close at the end there. Muscled through a front giant half, and her double back dismount was a bit tucked in the legs during the first flip, think she meant to do a double pike.

Lucy Tobia BB: Clean flight series. Good control on the transverse split jump half and full turn. Great punch front tuck!!! Wow. Hit the dismount. Excellent routine. She’s the gymnast in the header photo if you’re coming from twitter or the home page btw.

Autumn Reingold VT: Nice Yurchenko layout.

9:22 pm. Jaylyn Pomager VT: Yurchenko pike, barely got it over the table, some of these wee ones are SO wee.

Tiana Sumanasekera FX: Good double tuck to start. Double pike was good in the air, chest just down at the end.

Azaraya Ra-Akbar VT: I missed what she did!

9:20 pm. Paityn Walker VT: Good FTY, piked it down a bit at the end, but it looked like it had some power to it.

Sammy Smith BB: Full L turn, nice, a little rough in some of her elements but she’s hitting them well, including a triple flight series. Also went for a switch ring but the back leg won’t get credit. Split jump to straddle full, wow, she’s packing in some big CV. Hit the dismount with a lunge back.

Eleanor Wyly UB: Maloney, intermediate swing out of it, then a Pak. Fell after that right near the end of the routine but I didn’t see on what. Back on for a double pike dismount, big lunge, she looks majorly bummed.

9:18 pm. Kaitlynd Kastl BB: Smooth on her double wolf turn. Clean switch leap, side aerial a little under, front aerial with a wobble and leg up, split jump to sissone, just a tad shy on the first jump. Hit the bhs loso.

Rebekah Smith FX: Hit the first pass with a bounce. Double pike, good landing there.

Ellorie Cane VT: Yurchenko pike, a little weak.

Gabriella Van Frayen UB: Lovely stalder work! hit the dismount.

Emerson Fisk VT: FTY, good! Step to the side. The naming screens are off by one person, they had O’Neill up for Cane and then Cane up for Fisk, just in case you’re watching along.

9:17 pm. Lily Pederson UB: A little archy in the first handstand but corrects well to the clear hip to full pirouette to Pak, toe-on to toe shoot back up to the high bar, good, blind change to front giant, double pike high with a nice landing. Great work.

9:14 pm. Michelle Pineda BB: Front aerial to jump series went well. So did the rest! Hit routine.

Ava San Jose VT: Yurchenko layout, hit with a hop back.

Avery King FX: I missed the beginning because they cut to the stream a bit late but what I did see was hit. She had a really nice split ring leap. 2.5 to front pike to finish was also great.

Rafaela O’Neill VT: Nice FTY!

9:13 pm. The competition is about to begin! Touch warm-up is just finishing up for the first event.


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