2019 American Classic Live Blog | Session Two

Welcome to the live blog for the second session at the 2019 American Classic, held in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Faith Torrez 54.850
2. Emily Lee 52.550
3. Shania Adams 51.650
4. Olivia Hollingsworth 49.400
5. Sloane Blakely 40.550
6. Jaylene Gilstrap 39.150
7. Abigael Vides 37.350
8. Sunisa Lee 25.950
9. Victoria Nguyen 24.850


1. Ciena Alipio 53.800
2. Karis German 53.350
3. Anya Pilgrim 52.900
4. Lyden Saltness 52.600
5. Zoe Miller 52.350
— Sienna Robinson 52.350
7. Ava Siegfeldt 51.550
8. Sydney Morris 51.400
9. Nola Matthews 51.200
10. Kailin Chio 51.150
— Lauren Little 51.150
12. Jamie Wright 50.850
13. Katelyn Rosen 50.700
14. Annalise Newman-Achee 50.400
15. Mya Witte 50.100
16. Elizabeth Gantner 49.950
17. Ariel Posen 49.900
18. Sophie Parenti 49.750
19. Olivia Ahern 49.700
20. Joscelyn Roberson 49.650
21. Levi Jung-Ruivivar 49.550
22. Charlotte Booth 49.500
23. eMjae Frazier 49.450
24. Ella Zirbes 48.650
25. Chavala Shepard 48.300
26. Mia Heather 47.100
27. Eva Volpe 45.650
28. Jamison Sears 10.650

4:59 pm. Levi Jung-Ruivivar BB: She’ll have the arena to herself for this. That cap sleeve leo is KILLING THE GAME. Candle mount, good. Beautiful front aerial to Korbut right into some low choreo. Side aerial, little bobble, switch leap, dances out of a wobble into an arabesque, wobble out of the switch half after. Jump series is solid. Ugh, Onodi is just a little crooked and she has a fall there. Lovely flight series and full turn, wobbles on the transverse jump, but fights through it. 1.5 with a step. Bummer about the fall but lots of good fights throughout.

Emily Lee got her nationals score!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope we FINALLY get to see her compete there as a senior. She was there as a junior in 2016 but injury after injury kept her out in 2017 and 2018.

4:56 pm. Kailin Chio UB: Stalder full, a tiny bit arched, to toe-on to Maloney to clear hip to bail to toe shoot, fab!! Excellent handstand before a stalder half to piked Jaeger, just SUPER far from the bar, can’t reach it. 😦 😦 Back on to dismount with a clean double layout, step back.

Emily Lee FX: Double layout, very nice! Great landing. Super high double tuck, small hop. Double pike, hop back.

Mia Heather BB: Candle mount, wild on the double wolf turn, has to take a fall a little before it was meant to finish. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, great. Switch to switch half, good, super solid bhs loso. Double full, small hop.

Sienna Robinson got her nationals score! So did Kailin Chio!

4:55 pm. Zoe Miller and Lauren Little got their nationals scores!

4:54 pm. Lauren Little FX: Arabian double front, some leg form but good landing. Double pike looked better in the air. Hit the rest!

Zoe Miller UB: Pak, a little low on a Tkachev, solid double layout dismount.

Sienna Robinson BB: Front aerial to back tuck, love! Hit her flight series with a little bounce. Swich leap, pause into the split ring jump, back leg isn’t quite there. Side aerial, little bobble, Sissone to wolf jump, full Y turn, great! Amazing, stuck the double pike COLD. Fantastic!

4:53 pm. Faith Torrez with a 54.850!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Ciena Alipio with a 53.800. Amazing job to both queens of this meet, should pretty easily make them the senior and junior champions. Karis German with a 53.350 is also pretty excellent! And Lyden Saltness with a 52.600. Nola Matthews will also qualify to nationals with a 51.200.

4:52 pm. Lyden Saltness VT: Another solid Yurchenko 1.5! Good work on that landing.

4:50 pm. Ciena Alipio FX: Double pike, smooth, step back. Hit the next two passes as well, I wasn’t typing during this but everything she did looked great.

Sloane Blakely VT: Really nice Yurchenko 1.5!

Olivia Hollingsworth UB: Maloney to Pak, some flexed feet, straddle Jaeger,

Shania Adams BB: Good work on the bhs loso loso. Front aerial to jump series, a little shy on her splits, dismounted with a double full, feet apart on the landing. Good work.

4:49 pm. Faith Torrez VT: Solid DTY, just a step back to control it. Her second twist was SO fast, I thought she was doing a full until the last split second. Amazing competition from her today.

4:46 pm. Jaylene Gilstrap FX: Stuck double pike to start. Front layout front full, also strong. Double tuck, good.

Nola Matthews VT: FTY, just a tiny bit short.

Sophie Parenti BB: Didn’t really hold the candle mount long enough, kind of rolled out of it. A little jerky in the wolf turn. That’s all I saw.

Karis German UB: Toe full, Komova I think, but not a super deep inbar and with bent legs in the air, stalder to toe half to piked Jaeger, I missed her high to low transition but she hit it, then a van Leeuwen, her legs are bent the entire time throughout her giants, WHY. Double layout was good though. Just a few little things to fix.


1. Faith Torrez 40.600
2. Emily Lee 38.750
3. Shania Adams 38.500
4. Abigael Vides 37.350
5. Olivia Hollingsworth 36.950

These are the only five doing AA so far.


1. Ciena Alipio 41.350
2. Karis German 40.150
3. Sienna Robinson 39.450
4. Kailin Chio 39.300
5. Zoe Miller 39.100
— Lyden Saltness 39.100
7. Levi Jung-Ruivivar 38.750
8. Lauren Little 38.450
— Nola Matthews 38.450

4:41 pm. Lauren Little BB: Smooth on her wolf turn. Standing front tuck, solid. Great bhs loso. Showed really strong work in her leaps/jumps, including on a transverse half. Double full, step back.

Mia Heather UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, nice. Lovely Pak. Arched a handstand after and had to hop off. Blind full, full-out, chest down and a step.

4:40 pm. Sloane Blakely FX: Tucked full-in, good. Arabian double front, feet just come out from under her so she misses the landing almost completely, sits it. 😦 Double pike is lovely, hop back. Switch half. Just a layout for her last pass, hop back.

4:39 pm. Sienna Robinson UB: Blind full, blind change to piked Jaeger, very nice. Straddle Jaeger after that, also good, toe-on to Pak, beautiful! Toe shoot, stuck double layout. Excellent work!

4:36 pm. Faith Torrez FX: Hit the opening pass, front tuck through to double tuck was superb after, nice and high with a great landing. Beautiful 2.5 to front pike.

Shania Adams UB: Showing really great power in her swings. Great amplitude on everything, especially her Pak and van Leeuwen. Huge straddle Jaeger as well. Her full-in got SO MUCH HEIGHT she could’ve done a triple back.

Ciena Alipio BB: Beautiful side aerial loso loso!! Also an amazing bhs bhs layout. So so so good. Switch leap to switch half. Split leap to side somi, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, transverse split jump half, double full with a hop back. Incredible work.

4:35 pm. Sophie Parenti UB: I wasn’t typing through most of this but she hit well until near the end, just lost herself in a pirouette I think and had to come off. Hit the double layout with a hop.

Olivia Hollingsworth VT: Nice FTY, pretty good power.

4:34 pm. Nola Matthews FX: Double pike, hop back. That’s all I saw.

Jaylene Gilstrp BB: Wolf turn was a little slow-moving. Great punch front, jump series after is also solid. Solid bhs loso. Front aerial, check. Split ring jump out of it had some leg form going on but not too bad. Short on the dismount, step forward.

Abigael Vides VT: Floaty FTY, chest a tad bit forward but overall nice.

4:33 pm. Levi Jung-Ruivivar UB: Beautiful handstand before her toe full to Maloney (TOE POINT!!!!!!!!!) to Pak, lovely work. Another great handstand before her stalder to van Leeuwen, bent her legs a little there, then a nice stalder half to piked Jaeger, pretty far from the bar but no problem catching. LONG ARMS FOR THE WIN. Hit her dismount well. Gorgeous routine.

Karis German VT: Really strong DTY!

4:32 pm. Kailin Chio VT: Literally NCAA-worthy Yurchenko 1.5. Stuck cold. Beautiful.

4:31 pm. Emily Lee BB: I missed the very beginning, but she split the beam on her layout series and had a hard fall. This poor kid gets ridiculously and brutally smashed at every meet I see her at. Thankfully she’s okay this time. Switch to switch half to back handspring, very nicely done. Good jumps, step back on her double pike.

Lyden Saltness FX: I missed most of this but think she hit everything. Can they please bring the streams back like 30 seconds before routines start?!


1. Faith Torrez 27.100
2. Emily Lee 25.950
— Sunisa Lee 25.950
4. Shania Adams 25.250
5. Victoria Nguyen 24.850
6. Abigael Vides 24.000
7. Olivia Hollingsworth 23.800
8. Sloane Blakely 14.500


1. Ciena Alipio 27.300
2. Lauren Little 26.150
3. Nola Matthews 25.950
— Sienna Robinson 25.950
5. Karis German 25.850
6. Sophie Parenti 25.800
7. Zoe Miller 25.600
8. Lyden Saltness 25.550

4:23 pm. Sunisa Lee BB: Triple wolf spin, nicely done. Split jump to sissone to front aerial, nice until the very end, just a wobble with her leg up. Bhs bhs layout, solid, just some split legs at the end. Switch to switch half, beautiful splits, into a back tuck. Side aerial loso loso is mostly excellent, little wobble at the end, switch ring is lovely. Split ring jump, also great. Double tuck, chest a little down but good for her, great recovery after bars!

Olivia Hollingsworth FX: Another WCC double double, third in a row! This one is also short, though. Big split lunge forward out of it. 1.5 through to double tuck, clean on that one, and well-landed. Double full, some leg form. Hit the last pass.

4:20 pm. Faith Torrez BB: I caught it from the bhs loso loso which was fabulous. Switch to switch half to back tuck, very nice, punch front also great. Clean side aerial. Transverse straddle jump half, slight check, then transverse split jump half. Very nice double tuck dismount. Beautiful work.

Abigael Vides FX: Double double, not quite there, big fall forward but couldn’t see if she actually put her hand or knee down…I don’t think she did. Double pike, good. Big bounce forward on a pass after that. Last pass was a little short.

4:19 pm. Ciena Alipio UB: Nice deep inbar to Komova II to Pak, caught the Pak a bit close and her kip out was a little jerky. Good corrections, though, barely phases her and the van Leeuwen and piked Jaeger are both done well, stalder half to toe full, almost right on the bar, full-out, step back. Very nice work.

4:17 pm. Nola Matthews BB: Candle mount, good. Bhs loso is good. Front aerial, little check, good leap series, hit the dismount.

Karis German FX: Double double!! Nice! Just a step back out of it. Tucked full-in, small hop to the side. Switch to switch half, clean. 1.5 to front full is also great. Finishes with a high and powerful double tuck, excellent. Fantastic routine.

4:15 pm. Sienna Robinson VT: FTY, good, not a ton of power but no issues.

Victoria Nguyen UB: Gets stuck halfway around in the toe full, corrects and repeats it, finishes a bit late. Chow to Pak, caught a little high, Maloney to Gienger, a little close to the bar. Nice handstand before the toe…half, doesn’t get the handstand where it needs to be and hops off. Gets on for the toe half to piked Jaeger, gets it this time, double layout is clean but low, big lunge forward out of it.

4:12 pm. Lyden Saltness BB: Standing arabian, nice! Just a bit deep. Bhs loso, bent knees throughout and a wobble. Switch half is a bit awkward in the rotation. Side aerial, same issue with her knees, to a back tuck, good landing. Clean on the double wolf turn. Double tuck, step back and chest slightly forward.

Shania Adams VT: FTY, looked good from what I could see.

Kailin Chio FX: I missed the beginning. Great leap series. 2.5 to front pike to stag was great. Double tuck was good, little bounce back. Triple full, nice! The tiniest bit shy in rotation but otherwise lovely.

4:11 pm. Emily Lee UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, some flexed feet there, van Leeuwen is nice, toe half to piked Jaeger, her pike was SO deep, double layout, mostly clean, just a bit short.

Sophie Parenti VT: Missed this as well, think she did an FTY and saw that she landed it, just didn’t see it in the air.

4:09 pm. Sloane Blakely BB: I missed the very beginning but her switch half to layout stepout is GOLD. Front handspring to front tuck, great, I wasn’t typing through all of this but everything I saw was pretty great. Double tuck dismount.

Zoe Miller FX: Solid double pike. Looked like she got lost for a second before her front tuck through to double full, she just kind of stood in the corner. Hit the last pass.

Lauren Little UB: Caught it from the toe on to stalder half, muscled through it, to Jaeger. Good fight. Double layout is very nice, just a little short.

Mia Heather VT: I missed this.

Levi Jung-Ruivivar VT: FTY, nice in the air, step to the side/OOB.


1. Emily Lee 13.450
2. Victoria Nguyen 13.250
3. Jaylene Gilstrap 13.150
4. Faith Torrez 13.100
5. Abigael Vides 12.400
6. Shania Adams 11.900
7. Sunisa Lee 11.650
8. Olivia Hollingsworth 11.150


1. Ciena Alipio 13.650
2. Zoe Miller 13.150
3. Lauren Little 12.950
4. Lyden Saltness 12.900
5. Sienna Robinson 12.850
6. Nola Matthews 12.750
7. Sophie Parenti 12.650
8. Karis German 12.300

4:04 pm. Online results aren’t working so we’ll see if they put up an in-arena standings list.

4:03 pm. Abigael Vides BB: Switch leap to back tuck almost goes into her jump series, nice quick and fluid work there. Aerial, good, bhs loso with some slight knee bend, clean full turn, good transverse split jump half and then a transverse straight jump full. Side aerial to two feet, love that, 1.5 dismount stuck, eh, maybe a little shuffle in place. Nice work!

4:01 pm. Shania Adams FX: 2.5 comes up a little short, still gets the front tuck out of it though! Hop L turn into a leap, good series, and then she hit a solid double tuck right after. Memmel turn, double pike is low and she has to lunge out of it but saves it from a fall.

3:59 pm. Karis German BB: Good bhs loso. Leaps aren’t bad, standing back tuck, some leg issues on the front aerial, and a wobble as well, side aerial is better, good full turn, standing front tuck, love it. Chest down on the transverse split jump half, switch half, short with a little bobble and I think she’s overtime. Excellent double tuck, one of the better ones off beam.

Sophie Parenti FX: Excellent double pike, both in the air and on the landing. 1.5 to front full, little hop. Solid double full.

3:57 pm. Faith Torrez UB: She had an amazing elite qualifier and has a ton to watch out for, which is amazing for someone starting elite as a senior. A little short on the first handstand, toe full is a little late, Maloney to Pak, big air on both, van Leeuwen, just some slight leg form on everything. Good piked Jaeger. Had another transition down and up in there but I didn’t see what, and then hit her double layout well. Good work!

3:56 pm. Kailin Chio BB: Had an acro mount right into jumps, very well done. Bhs loso loso, tiniest hip check. Punch front tuck, low but powerful. Wobble on her front aerial, split ring jump after was okay. Side aerial, check, stuck the double full, just some ankle stuff.

Nola Matthews UB: Jaeger, legs a bit weak, toe-on to Pak, stalder to toe shoot, good. Double layout dismount, very nice in the air and solid on the landing as well.

3:54 pm. Levi Jung-Ruivivar FX: Hit the first pass into a front tuck, very nice. Memmel turn, has a kind of stumble out of it. Switch ring to split ring leap. Gorgeous superstar choreo that she is WERKING. Omg she is beyond anything as a performer. 1.5 to front full, step forward OOB. Hit the last pass. Great routine aside from some little mistakes.

Victoria Nguyen VT: Solid enough FTY, just not a ton of amplitude.

3:53 pm. Zoe Miller BB: Clean bhs loso, switch to switch half to back tuck. Transverse switch jump half and side aerial are both good. Hit the dismount. Good work.

Lyden Saltness UB: Weilder to piked Jaeger, nice. Pak, toe-on to Maloney to Gienger, really close to the bar. Blind full, double layout close to the bar but hit.

Jaylene Gilstrap VT: I didn’t see what she did but saw that she hit.

3:52 pm. Mia Heather FX: Tetris music! Which is actual music outside of Tetris but it shall only ever ben known as Tetris music. Double pike, hop back. A little short on the next pass, had a step out of it. Double full at the end is solid.

Emily Lee VT: Clean FTY, small step forward.

3:51 pm. Lauren Little VT: Ooh, a tsuk layout! Not bad.

3:47 pm. Olivia Hollingsworth BB: Off on a front aerial at the beginning. Split jump to straddle jump are clean, as is the full turn, just a slight check. Bhs layout, pretty piked with a check. Switch to switch half, a little short in the split. Transverse split jump half is good.

Sienna Robinson FX: You gotta start floor with a shimmy. Tucked full-in is good, just a small hop. Double tuck is good. Switch to switch half to sissone is well-done. Some more sass. Hit the last pass.

Ciena Alipio VT: Just a little hop back on her FTY.

Sunisa Lee UB: Nabieva to Bhardwaj, ugh looked great at first and what a baller connection, but then her hand slipped and she had to hop off. Back on for a Maloney to Gienger, nice handstand before a blind change to piked Jaeger, another fall on the transition to low. Back on again for a van Leeuwen, falls out of handstand and has to start her swing again, just does a layout dismount. That was a fight but she’ll get there.

3:44 pm. Touch warmups are underway now, so we should begin in a few minutes! Reminder that juniors need to reach a 51 AA to qualify to nationals, while seniors need a 52 AA (and can also qualify on two or three events).

4 thoughts on “2019 American Classic Live Blog | Session Two

  1. Emily Lee is a victim of unfortunate timing. In 2017 a diagnosis of gymnast wrist kept her off for 3 months just prior to Elite season. In 2018 a fall was said to be a mild concussion but her doctor at home cleared her that same week. Than the week before US Classic she sprained her ankle. But she has always been a fighter with a great attitude.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She’s fantastic, the timing has been such a bummer! I always look forward to seeing her at nationals so it’s great that she’ll get there again this year.


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