2019 American Classic Live Blog | Session One

Welcome to the live blog for the first session at the 2019 American Classic, held in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Anya Pilgrim 52.900
2. Ava Siegfeldt 51.550
3. Sydney Morris 51.400
4. Jamie Wright 50.850
5. Katelyn Rosen 50.700
6. Annalise Newman-Achee 50.400
7. Mya Witte 50.100
8. Elizabeth Gantner 49.950
9. Ariel Posen 49.900
10. Olivia Ahern 49.700
11. Joscelyn Roberson 49.650
12. Charlotte Booth 49.500
13. eMjae Frazier 49.450
14. Ella Zirbes 48.650
15. Chavala Shepard 48.300
16. Eva Volpe 45.650
17. Jamison Sears 10.650

Looks like no one new qualified that hadn’t already done so at camp, aside from Anya Pilgrim.

Okay, I’m going back to watch Mya’s beam now. Because I must.

Mya Witte BB: Candle mount, bhs bhs layout, excellent! Slight leg separation right before she lands but otherwise beautiful. Full turn, front aerial to split jump to sissone, solid, transverse split jump half is perfect. Switch to switch half, great, side aerial, superb. Double pike with a tiny step. Excellent routine.

1:23 pm. eMjae Frazier BB: Full turn, looks like she has it, but big break at the hips. Good save. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, solid and strong. Side aerial, very controlled. Transverse split jump half is clean. Bhs loso starts out crooked and ends even more to the side, fall sadly. Split ring jump to back tuck, some leg form in the jump but great connections there. Double pike, some leg sep, but solid landing.

1:20 pm. Annalise Newman-Achee BB: Some wolf turn action. Side aerial, does a weird little cat leap but not really out of it. Solid bhs loso. Good double full to finish, solid routine overall.

Anya Pilgrim FX: Love her music. Huuuuuge arabian double front!! 1.5 through to double tuck, excellent. Uhhh, she literally just ran into a double full basically as a side pass, she took up roughly 10% of the tumbling line. OKAY. Casual. Double pike, step back. Fab. Excellent day for her.

1:19 pm. Ava Siegfeldt got her qualifying score, 51.550, but she’s another one I believe already got it at worlds trials.

1:17 pm. Chavala Shepard BB: Wobbled on something at the beginning and then came off on her layout series. A little short on a transverse jump. Step back on the dismount.

Charlotte Booth FX: Hop back on her opening double tuck. The rest was good, I missed some of it.

Jamie Wright UB: Hit the beginning, Pak, stalder, both nice, double front with a step back.

1:15 pm. Ava Siegfeldt UB: Toe full to Chow to Pak, fab. Toe-on to Maloney to Gienger, so good! Double front, just a step. Excellent job.

Sydney Morris is the only one with her nationals score so far, 51.400 to just get her qualified! Some have qualified from camp, though (including Sydney I’m pretty sure, she had a 52+ at the worlds trials).

1:13 pm. Joscelyn Roberson FX: Tucked full-in, great! Step back. Arabian double front, excellent!! Just kind of stumbled a little in a turn but not bad. Double pike, small step. Fantastic job.

Mya Witte UB: Muscled the first handstand and fell down onto the bar. 😦 😦 😦 Bummer. Starts her swing again, blind change, front giant, Pak, toe full to stalder to toe shoot, hit the dismount.

Sydney Morris VT: FTY, a little short.

1:12 pm. Ariel Posen BB: Good flight series and solid jump series after. Great switch to switch half to Korbut. Side aerial, tiny check. Transverse split jump half, a little tentative, and then a transverse straddle jump half, better. Full turn, hit the dismount.

Ella Zirbes VT: Another solid Yurchenko 1.5 from this group.

Olivia Ahern VT: Solid and clean FTY.

1:09 pm. Eva Volpe VT: Really nice Yurchenko 1.5!

Katelyn Rosen FX: Lunge back on the double tuck. Double ipke is better, solid landing. Very nice front tuck through to double full. Double tuck super low, hands down. UGH. 😦

Elizabeth Gantner UB: Looked like an inbar to Tkachev, nice. Blind full to Pak, dismounted with a double layout, almost fully stretched with a solid landing.


1. Anya Pilgrim 40.250
2. Jamie Wright 39.300
3. Mya Witte 39.200
4. Katelyn Rosen 38.500
5. Sydney Morris 38.350
6. Annalise Newman-Achee 38.300
7. Ava Siegfeldt 38.000
8. eMjae Frazier 37.600

1:04 pm. Charlotte Booth BB: Solid bhs loso, bobble at the end of her switch to switch half, rotation was a little shy in the latter. Good full turn. Standing back tuck, little step back. 1.5 dismount, small hop forward.

Annalise Newman-Achee UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, nice. Toe full, a little late, to Pak, caught a little high. Full-in, chest down but otherwise good.

1:03 pm. Olivia Ahern FX: I missed the very beginning, caught it at her leap pass which went well. Good front full front layout. Double tuck with a hop back.

1:02 pm. Chavala Shepard UB: Hit everything at the beginning but had a fall on her straddle Jaeger. Tucked full-in with a little bounce.

1:00 pm. Joscelyn Roberson BB: Onodi, clean full turn right on her toes, front aerial to straddle jump to sissone, excellent connections. Bhs bhs layout, perfect. It’s crazy how two of the most talented beam gymnasts in the world (Joscelyn and Mya Witte) are in this session at a junior qualifier right now. Split full is perf, then a tiny check on a transverse half jump…goes for a transverse straight jump full after it and is just a little too far back on the landing. Fall. Gets back on for an amazing side aerial loso loso AT THE END OF HER ROUTINE. Excellent double pike. GODDDD that was brilliant, I don’t even care one tiny bit about the fall. A+++

12:58 pm. Ariel Posen UB: Piked Jaeger, stalder full to Ricna, so close, almost caught it but couldn’t hold on, fall. Good Pak, toe-on to toe shoot, good landing on the double tuck.

Ella Zirbes FX: Good double pike to start. Hit the second pass. 1.5 to front full right into the corner but skids it back and I think saves it from going OOB. Finishes with a 2.5, nice.

12:56 pm. Eva Volpe FX: First pass was short, bit step forward. Same with the last pass, chest just a bit low.

Katelyn Rosen BB: Little check on her flight series but the rest so far is good…switch half is clean, into a Korbut, very nice. Love the front aerial to split jump to sissone. Onodi, very nice. Double pike, just some leg separation in there, but solid landing and an excellent routine.

Ava Siegfeldt VT: Yurchenko 1.5, step, but looked good in the air.

12:55 pm. eMjae Frazier UB: Church, quite close to the bar but still got it. Clear hip to Pak, a little whippy/too arched and the form isn’t quite there. Toe full arches over and goes a little wild, fall. Back on for Maloney to Tkachev, very nice air. Has to take an extra swing before her front toe-on, and then she can’t get the handstand out of it and hops off. 😦 Excellent landing on the double layout.

Mya Witte VT: FTY, lunge back, super clean in the air.

12:54 pm. Elizabeth Gantner VT: FTY, not bad, just a step.

12:52 pm. Sydney Morris FX: Tucked full-in is quite short, chest down and stumble. Good 2.5 to front tuck into a leap. Switch leap to switch full. Double tuck, step back. Double pike, chest forward but good.

Anya Pilgrim BB: Punch front, a little low. Bhs loso is very nice. Front aerial, transverse straight jump full, love. Double tuck is solid.

Jamie Wright VT: Hit, but I didn’t see what she did, prob a Yurchenko 1.5!


1. Anya Pilgrim 27.400
2. eMjae Frazier 27.000
3. Mya Witte 25.900
4. Annalise Newman-Achee 25.850
5. Sydney Morris 25.800
6. Chavala Shepard 25.500
7. Jamie Wright 25.450
8. Katelyn Rosen 25.300

12:47 pm. Ella Zirbes BB: Good jump series at the beginning. Bhs bhs loso, some bent knees and a fall. Clean on the full turn. Side aerial, a little awkward in the rotation but saves it, 2.5 a little underrotated, just lunges it around to get the direction correct.

12:46 pm. Mya Witte FX: Triple full, ALMOST there, falls onto her back. 😦 Switch ring to switch full, nice. Front tuck through to 2.5 with a lunge forward into arabesque. Tour jeté half, solid double pike to finish. Bummer about the opening fall but she’s such an excellent technical gymnast.

12:43 pm. Eva Volpe BB: Bhs bhs loso, hips get crooked but good correction. Good side aerial. Double full with some leg form but a good landing.

Elizabeth Gantner FX: Popa, then a piked full-in, a bit low with some leg form, little bounce on the landing. Double tuck is also a little low. Switch to tour jeté half. Hit the third pass, front through to 2.5 maybe, I didn’t see the beginning, and then I think she also hit the last pass.

Joscelyn Roberson UB: Nice Pak! Good handstands throughout. Clear hip to toe shoot is clean. Legs apart on the blind change to front giant, double layout is a little piked and she has a bounce back on the landing but she has cleaned up a LOT on this event! I think I missed some stuff at the beginning.

12:42 pm. Katelyn Rosen UB: Maloney to clear hip to Tkachev, great, and then stalder to Pak is nice! Double tuck dismount with a solid landing. Her D seems low, only 3.9, maybe she missed a CR? I didn’t notice if she did but I guess I didn’t see any grip change so that could be it, will have to go back and watch again.

12:40 pm. Sydney Morris BB: Missed a foot on her standing full, fall. 😦 Jumps after were nice. Excellent triple flight series though. Side aerial, tiny check. Hit a leap series after. Double pike was good!

Jamie Wright FX: Hit everything, I just wasn’t typing and don’t remember every pass!

Chavala Shepard VT: Clean FTY, not a ton of power.

12:39 pm. Anya Pilgrim UB: Toe full was nice. Got a little stuck in her Endo half before her Maloney into a Tkachev, but nice cover and good series overall. Hit the double pike.

Ariel Posen VT: FTY, big lunge back off the mat, looked like she almost basically sat it at the end but I couldn’t see if she actually did because she was below the mat.

12:38 pm. Charlotte Booth UB: I missed most of this but think she hit.

eMjae Frazier VT: DTY, a little weak in the air, step back on the landing.

12:35 pm. Olivia Ahern BB: Little wobble on the front aerial, excellent bhs bhs layout! Got great lift on the layout. Wobble on a transverse split jump half. Big pause and then she does another transverse jump with a half. Double full, some leg form but good finish.

Ava Siegfeldt FX: Big double layout to start! Hit the second pass. Double pike a tiny bit short. Front tuck through to double full to finish, solid.

Annalise Newman-Achee VT: FTY, not bad. I just love that there’s finally an elite from Chelsea Piers…MY GYM.

12:34 pm. I also missed Sydney Morris on bars and it looks like she had a great routine, 13.500, and then Joscelyn Roberson got a 13.2 for her FTY, and Katelyn Rosen’s 13.7 was for a Yurchenko 1.5.


1. Anya Pilgrim 14.250
2. Mya Witte 14.100
3. Katelyn Rosen 13.700
4. Sydney Morris 13.500
5. Joscelyn Roberson 13.200
6. eMjae Frazier 12.950
7. Jamie Wright 12.900
8. Olivia Ahern 12.700

12:30 pm. Jamison Sears BB: Switch half, then a BEAUTIFUL bhs loso. Punch front tuck is solid, into a split jump to straddle jump. Switch to split ring leap, bobbles at the end of it but great save, and love the combo. Front aerial, little bobble, split ring jump. Transverse split jump half, wobble, looks like the nerves are starting to show but she’s a gorgeous beam worker. NOOOOO, double tuck is way short and she crunches her heavily-taped ankle, falls to her knees. Salutes on one foot with tears. 😦

12:29 pm. I missed Mya Witte on beam, but she got a 14.1!!! I’ll go back to this later OBVS. Anya Pilgrim with a 14.250 on her DTY.

12:27 pm. Elizabeth Gantner BB: Slight check on the bhs bhs loso. Front aerial with a bobble into the split jump to straddle jump, great form on the jumps. Side aerial is crooked and she falls. Good on the 2.5 dismount.

12:25 pm. I missed everyone on vault apparently, and most of bars…my feed was acting up but I’m just getting it under control.

Ariel Posen FX: Hit her first two passes. Really nice extension on one of her jumps. 1.5 through to double full was a little short in rotation.

12:23 pm. Eva Volpe UB: Pak looked good, but came off right after. Back on for a toe shoot, then double layout to her knees. And tears. 😦

Jamie Wright BB: Solid flight series. Switch to switch half was a bit short in the second leap. Hit a transverse jump,

eMjae Frazier FX: I only saw the double pike at the end.

3 thoughts on “2019 American Classic Live Blog | Session One

  1. Re: Frazier’s bars. How often do people do front toe ons??? I had to rewatch that part a few times to make sure I was seeing it right…is it worth more than a normal toe on?


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