Around the Gymternet: You bred raptors?


“Brandy Johnson please come pick up your iPod.” -Lauren’s new favorite meet announcement is also my new favorite meet announcement.

At home

American Classic happened. Faith Torrez won the senior division of the American Cup (live blog), Ciena Alipio took the junior title (live blog), and Michelle Pineda won the Hopes Classic 12-13 division (live blog). Some of the top contenders (like Jordan Chiles) scratched. Three seniors and eight juniors qualified to nationals, and USAG named eight women for consideration for the Pan Ams team.

P.S. Sunisa Lee had a rough bar routine, but she wants you to focus on this one instead.

U.S. Olympic selection news. Guidelines for Olympic team selection for both MAG and WAG were released. Of note: For the women, the top two all-arounders will be automatically named to the team after nationals and trials, and there’s now an option to petition directly onto the Olympic team, essentially an invitation for Simone to skip trials altogether and take a relaxing Belizean vacation instead (Simone, if you’re reading this, DO IT).

In addition, an “independent observer” appointed by the board will be present during the selection process. In Athletes’ Council news, it looks like Anna Li has replaced Terin Humphrey, with Kayla Williams helping out with athlete selection.

Camp status. Meanwhile, camps might head to Kansas City, but it’s still up in the air, if you will. Also, the dude camp in Japan went well.

…And abroad

Korea Cup happened. Yeo Seojeong of South Korea did a glorious handspring front double full on vault, a skill that is not yet in the women’s code, at the Korea Cup. She won the vault final over Oksana Chusovitna (silver) and Alexa Moreno (bronze). Maria Paseka fell on her second vault and missed the podium. Luo Huan cleaned up, taking the floor and beam titles plus bars silver.

More Japanese team drama. In a truly WTF turn of events, none of Japan’s biggest stars will be at worlds. Both teams were named at the conclusion of All-Japan, but neither Kenzo Shirai (who didn’t make the team after a less-than-stellar showing) nor Kohei Uchimara (who withdrew due to injury) were on it. Mai Murakami is also officially not on the women’s team; she won the vault title and shed a tear on the podium (Mai, if you’re reading this, we’re crying, too).

Other comps. China dominated at Asian Championships, winning most of the finals. Naomi Visser is your new Dutch champ and Abigail Magistrati of Argentina took the all-around title at South American Championships.

Up next. Because your screen sickness hasn’t been debilitating enough, junior worlds and the European Games are creeping up on us next week. Here are the lineups for the former and the latter.

Wut else happened

USAG releases new safety rules. USA Gymnastics released updated SafeSport policies on Wednesday. CEO Li Li Leung also says the org has met 48 of the 70 recommendations in the Daniels Report.

MSU wants independent investigation. An independent investigator will look into Michigan State University’s handling of the Nassar scandal, the school’s board of directors decided on Friday.

Michigan’s attorney general fired back at the decision, saying the school “lacks the credibility” to complete an investigation, and that the school needs to release all information to prosecutors. Rachael Denhollander, who was involved with the decision to conduct the investigation, responded, saying “I support this step.”

Speaking of Michigan, it passed a bill to make athletic trainers and physical therapists mandatory reporters of child abuse Wednesday.

House bill would look into USOC. A bill that would create a commission to investigate the U.S. Olympic Committee (recently renamed the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee) was introduced in the House Tuesday. The bill has received support from Judge Rosemarie Aquilina.

Former gymnast and Chalked Up author Jennifer Sey isn’t on board, saying, “Enough with the studies.” In other House news, they just approved increasing SafeSport funding by $2.5 million.

Details on Holman allegations. Turns out Parkettes coach John Holman was accused of inappropriate contact with an athlete in the 90s. Holman has been banned from unsupervised contact with minors, and the gym has hired a lawyer to conduct an investigation.

  • Looks like it’s gonna be tough to get ahold of Tokyo 2020 tickets.
  • The European Games isn’t as popular this time around, leaving the future of the event unclear.
  • Sarah Finnegan’s father has been diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer; the family is asking for donations to help with medical expenses. Our thoughts go out to the Finnegan family during this tough time.

Required reading

  • Larry Nassar is in jail, but only one USOC official was fired? Yes, we need reform (Washington Post)

Star status

Injuries. Sanna Veerman has a meniscus tear.

Upgrades. Heath Thorpe showed off some floor upgrades, and Leanne Wong tried out a 4.5 twist and an Amanar.

Comebacks. John Orozco showed the progress he’s made on pommels; he’s still recovering from shoulder issues.

NCAA corner

Hires. Jimmy Pratt is Denver’s new assistant coach.

Staying social

Morgan traveled through time. Morgan Hurd has a message for her future self.

#Gymfails are back, y’all! Margzetta shared her beam fail and so did Sunisa Lee, plus this one made Simone laugh. Speaking of Margz, she and Nia Dennis are a breath of fresh air in this darkest timeline.

Vote or die. Simone and Katelyn Ohashi are both nominated for ESPY Awards. Now go do your civic duty.

Madonna paid tribute. Madonna gave heroes Aly Raisman and Rachael Denhollander a shout out this week, and they’re pretty stoked.

Last words

I gotta say, just a little bit drunk is the way to be.

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8 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: You bred raptors?

  1. SUPER happy for Anna! I think she’s a great choice, you can tell she’s always wanted to give everything she could to the sport, especially post-retirement.


  2. I still find it completely bonkers that they didn’t loophole Mai onto the Japanese team somehow. Olympic quals spots are on the line here! The Olympics that are IN JAPAN!! I mean Asuka’s great and all but I don’t know if she can carry that team. I have no idea what they’re thinking over there! And with no Kenzo or Kohei, the Japanese men are vulnerable too. WTF is right!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like at least with Mai, we’ll see someone else get bumped off the team “due to injury” or something and then Mai will end up going. This is basically what happened in 2015, and she wasn’t even at her best then so it was legitimate to keep her off the team! I remember she got second alternate that year and I was like damn that’s harsh, but then by September/October, she ended up looking amazing, suddenly everyone else was “injured,” and then Mai ended up on the team, doing AA, and having the best performance out of anyone from Japan. Like good for them for sticking to their selection procedures, but also like…if you’re gonna be THAT strict with them, maybe hold your trials 3 weeks in advance instead of 5-6 months.


  3. The Washington Post headline is annoying. Nassar is in PRISON. PRISON. Not jail. Jail is where one of my friends spent a night when he decided to walk home from a bar instead of riding with in a car with an intoxicated friend driving (Pre-UBER days). Jail is for people awaiting trial or sentenced to confinement of a year or less. Prison is where you go when you’re convicted and the confinement is for more than a year. The Washington Post should know this.


    • I feel like people always use the terms prison and jail interchangeably but yeah, a major national newspaper should know the difference, especially in this case.


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