2019 Summer Universiade Live Blog | Women’s All-Around Final

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around final at the 2019 Summer Universiade, held in Naples, Italy!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Hitomi Hatakeda, Japan, 53.925
2. Uliana Perebinosova, Russia, 52.700
3. Lilia Akhaimova, Russia, 52.700
4. Aiko Sugihara, Japan, 52.450
5. Lara Mori, Italy, 51.700
6. Yana Fedorova, Ukraine, 50.050
7. Denelle Pedrick, Canada, 49.800
8. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, Malaysia, 49.750
9. Elisabeth Geurts, Netherlands, 49.550
10. Marlies Männersdorfer, Austria, 48.450
11. Maija Leinonen, Finland, 48.350
12. Jessica Dowling, Canada, 48.050
13. Fang Ko-Ching, Chinese Taipei, 47.350
14. Andreea Ciurusniuc, Romania, 47.300
15. Demet Mutlu, Turkey, 46.925
16. Yang Se-mi, South Korea, 46.900
17. Mariangeles Murillo, Costa Rica, 45.650
18. Mariana Pitrez, Portugal, 44.950

2:42 pm. Just waiting for the final scores now! I think it’ll be Hitomi in first and then the Russians split between silver and bronze.

Going back to Farah Ann Abdul Hadi on vault, damn, this crew LOVES Farah LOL. She had an FTY with a hop back.

2:41 pm. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN FX: Good wolf turn to open. Switch full into the corner. Whip whip to double tuck (I think it was two whips, could’ve been one, I wasn’t fully paying attention for a sec), good landing. 2.5 to front tuck is excellent. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Double pike, small bounce. 13.050!

2:37 pm. Lilia Akhaimova RUS FX: Double layout, good, tiny step back. Dos Santos, little slide back. Both passes looked super powerful overall. Arabian double front, not as clean  in the air and a lunge forward out of it. Reaaaally sketchy triple wolf turn. Finishes with a tucked full-in to her hands and knees WHY LILIA WHY. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU. GOD that is a soul crusher and she looks like she’s ready to throw herself into a pit of sharks. Oh poor thing she looks SO upset. 12.300

2:34 pm. Elisabeth Geurts NED FX: Double front, pretty much landed OOB, big step forward as well. 1.5 to front layout, right into the corner. Toe may have come out but I couldn’t really tell. Tour jeté half through to a switch half, kind of jumps another half around out of it. Rudi is nice, and she finishes with a front full. 11.800

2:29 pm. Aiko Sugihara JPN FX: Triple full to stag, damn! Tiniest bit shy in rotation on the tumbling but good cover into the jump. Double tuck with a little scoot back. Split ring jump full, hard to see how good it was from this angle. 2.5 to punch front, little hop forward. Switch ring to switch leap. Her sassy little expression at the end! Queen! 13.200, puts her in second place at the moment.

2:28 pm. They’re showing Farah Ann Abdul Hadi’s routine on floor from the last rotation. God she’s so fun to watch. This was excellent.

2:25 pm. Andreea Ciurusniuc ROU FX: Tour jeté half into the corner. Double tuck, little stumble back. Kind of falls forward out of the double L spin but not severe. Ring leap series was good. Either a 1.5 or front full, I didn’t see the entry, into a punch front tuck…leg form in the first skill was a bit crazy. Double full to finish, also with some weak knee form.

2:21 pm. Jessica Dowling CAN FX: Comes up short out of the 2.5 and sits the front tuck. 😦 Memmel turn to double spin. Looong double pike, just a bit short on the landing. Split jump full. Double full to stag jump. 10.650

2:17 pm. Uliana Perebinosova RUS FX: Double layout, a little buckled with a hop forward but better than yesterday. Double tuck, big bounce back but clean in the air. Good control on the wolf turn. Front tuck through to double full, superb landing, steps out of it into her choreography. Switch leap to tour jeté half, a little crooked on that landing, weirdly. Double pike, little bounce in place. Great work. 12.750

2:13 pm. Lara Mori ITA FX: Whip to full-in, fabulous! Switch ring to a switch…side I think I didn’t see the end. Stumbles a bit out of the Memmel into the illusion. 2.5 to front layout, still a little low and long there like yesterday, and the layout is arched, but lands it this time! Just OOB. Double tuck, excellent. she looks much better than yesterday just in her overall energy and strength. Switch side half. Double pike, another super solid landing. Fantastic. HER MOM IS CRYING. 13.200

2:10 pm. Yana Fedorova UKR FX: Double tuck is quite cowboyed, really deep landing with a step forward. Switch half to sissone half. 1.5 to front layout, nice, small hop forward. Memmel turn. Excellent landing on her double full, she just sailed right down for that. Excellent day from her. 11.850


1. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN 40.875
2. Lilia Akhaimova RUS 40.400
3. Uliana Perebinosova RUS 39.950
4. Aiko Sugihara JPN 39.250
5. Lara Mori ITA 38.500
6. Yana Fedorova UKR 38.200
7. Elisabeth Geurts NED 37.750
8. Jessica Dowling CAN 37.400

2:07 pm. Maija Leinonen FIN FX: Double tuck, little hop back. Nice amplitude on her switch ring. Good stuck double full. Memmel turn. Front layout, little hop forward. Hit the last pass. Lovely work! 11.900

2:02 pm. Lilia Akhaimova RUS BB: Punch front mount, little step. Split jump to wolf jump, actually really nice toe point on the wolf jump. Roundoff layout, solid. Switch leap. Full L turn. Side aerial. Side somi. Everything she’s doing is super tight, which is great for her. She looks fantastic. Arabian double front with a step forward!! Almost over-rotated!! Damn, she could win this! 12.750

1:59 pm. Elisabeth Geurts NED BB: Candle mount, nice. Wolf turn 1.5, wobbly, she touched the side of the beam to steady it. Better wolf turn full after. Bhs loso, some form issues, step back out of it. Hit her leap series with a small bobble. Standing back, step back. Side aerial. Front gainer full off the end, little hop on the landing. 11.800

1:56 pm. Aiko Sugihara JPN BB: Side aerial to split jump to straddle jump, good and solid. Bhs loso is also very solid. Hands down and then off on the Sugihara spin. 😦 Surprised she went for it, tbh, I thought she gave it up after she got it named because it was so problematic. Front aerial to split ring jump. Switch ring, solid. High double pike with a step back. I missed her score!

1:54 pm. Andreea Ciurusniuc ROU BB: Split leap mount, and hit an aerial after, little bobble. Full turn, bhs back…tuck? Pike? I couldn’t really tell, her legs were…ambiguous lol. Bent knees in her back handspring as well. Switch half, a bit short in the extension. Switch leap to front aerial is great in comparison to everything else so far. Split leap to sissone is good. Double full with some messy legs to finish. Good work! 11.200

1:53 pm. “We are watching other gymnasts watching a gymnast compete on floor” hahahaha yes, yes we are.

1:51 pm. Warmups for the second half! Just looked at Hitomi Hatakeda’s beam score from yesterday, where she had a 7.8 E for one million wobbles on everything, and her E score today with a 100% cleaner routine was a 7.6 which is super rude, judges.

1:48 pm. Jessica Dowling CAN BB: Double wolf turn, goes a little wild but not too bad. Split ring jump, bobble, solid bhs loso. Switch leap to split jump half, a little short, front aerial, little stumble, side aerial, leg up but brings back the control, double full, a tiny bit short and to the side with a hop over. 12.050

1:46 pm. Uliana Perebinosova RUS BB: Double wolf turn, side aerial to back handspring, little scoot back. Front aerial, break at the hips, big wobble, looks like she has it, then wobbles again and grabs the beam. Side somi, little stumble, switch leap to split jump, good. Double tuck is good. 12.100

1:40 pm. Lara Mori ITA BB: Big loso mount, nice. Bhs loso loso, excellent! Good side somi as well. Transverse straddle jump half, a litlte low on the landing, switch half, not quite at 180. Split leap to side aerial, a little bobble, sissone to wolf jump, good. Full Y turn, a little deep when she finishes, 2.5, small hop. Very good work! 12.550, damn, beam judges are WAY harsher today than yesterday.

1:37 pm. Yana Fedorova UKR BB: Side aerial to back handspring, a little crooked but no problems. Switch half to split jump full, nice, just some flex in her feet. Tour jeté half, this is the third tour jeté skill I’ve seen on beam today! I usually see ZERO. Split leap to front aerial, big wobble, split jump half, side somi, 1.5 with a lunge forward. Form issues are minor for the most part, but they’re everywhere, so that adds up. 12.000

1:35 pm. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN BB: Switch leap mount, little bobble. Good punch front, a tad bit tentative. Front aerial to straddle jump to wolf jump, great. Side aerial, slight check. Side somi. Switch leap to switch half, excellent bhs loso. a little over-rotated on the full turn. Beautiful double pike. FANTASTIC. 13.000…how? That was 100% better than yesterday and the score was lower lol.


1. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN 27.875
2. Uliana Perebinosova RUS 27.850
3. Lilia Akhaimova RUS 27.650
4. Aiko Sugihara JPN 26.650
5. Yana Fedorova UKR 26.200
6. Elisabeth Geurts NED 25.950
7. Lara Mori ITA 25.950
8. Jessica Dowling CAN 25.350

1:30 pm. Jessica Dowling CAN UB: Inbar half to straddle Jaeger, big Ricna, inbar full, big Pak, caught maybe a little high, Maloney to bail, some leg form and hip pike, ugh, stumbles back and sits the full-in dismount. 😦 12.150

1:27 pm. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi MAS BB: Side aerial, nice, lovely switch leap, tour jeté, little bobble, but saves it. Didn’t connect the two leaps, though I think she wanted to.. Roundoff to back tuck, WAY off on the roundoff and she basically just flips right to her back on the mat. 😦 Side somi, slight check, wolf jump to sissone is good. Check on the full Y turn but good correction with dance out of it. Double full with a hop back. 11.250

1:25 pm. Elisabeth Geurts NED UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, clear hip to Pak, slight leg form, Maloney to bail to clear hip hecht, love that skill, blind full, a little late, and then she does that super hipster clear hip to immediate back tuck dismount that Laurie-Lou Vézina does, but she doesn’t get the height she needs and crashes it. Laurie-Lou also does the clear hip hecht. BFFs. 12.050

1:23 pm. Aiko Sugihara JPN UB: Maloney to Gienger, some leg separation, toe half to piked Jaeger, good! Toe on to stalder full to bail to Ray, she’s a little shy in some handstands, short handstand again before the giants into her full-in, just a bit low with a big hop forward but a better routine than yesterday! 12.650

1:20 pm. Andreea Ciurusniuc ROU UB: Bail, some leg separation and pike at the hips, toe on to toe shoot, blind change to straddle Jaeger, Gienger, too close and she can’t hold on, fall. Blind full, and finishies with a double tuck with a small hop. I mean, for Romania, that was pretty good skill-wise. 11.150

1:17 pm. Marlies Männersdorfer AUT BB: Biiiiig wobble over on her punch front mount, tried to fight it but fell. 😦 Switch leap to split leap, super solid bhs loso, full turn, excellent split jump full! So controlled. Tour jeté half! DAMN, get that dance D! Also steady on a transverse split jump half. Random cartwheel lol. Bless. Back tuck, little break at the hips. Punch front layout full dismount. Shame about the fall, she went on the ATTACK after. I’ve never seen her hit like that. 11.300

1:16 pm. Warmups for the second half of the rotation!

1:15 pm. Oh we missed Lilia Akhaimova earlier. They’re showing the routine now, I wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t typing but it was a solid routine with no major mistakes. 13.100

1:12 pm. Uliana Perebinosova RUS UB: I guess we didn’t miss her earlier! She was probably just warming up. Huge Tweddle into an Ezhova, a little messy on the latter but the release was excellent, clean, and high. Maloney to stalder full to Tkachev to Pak, close on the Pak but overall a great series! Good fan Leeuwen, clean full-in with a little bounce. That was MUCH better than yesterday! 14.350!

1:10 pm. Lara Mori ITA UB: Toe full to Tkachev, a little low, stalder full to Ray, nice!! Bail with loose back form into a toe shoot, stalder half to front giant half, double layout dismount, pikes significantly on the second flip, bit short on the landing, hop forward. Aww, they keep showing her mom, who is so cute! 12.700

1:06 pm. Yana Fedorova UKR UB: Shaposh to Pak, minor form issues. Maloney with leg separation to bail to toe full, late, toe shoot, toe half to really far straddle Jaeger, but no problems catching, just a solid layout dismount. 12.700

1:03 pm. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN UB: Inbar to inbar full to toe-on to van Leeuwen, MUCH better than yesterday. Inbar half to piked Jaeger, huge! Lovely. Bail is short and crooked at the hips, toe shoot back up, toe full to full-in with a small hop forward. Excellent work, I can’t believe her bail is consistently her weakest element. 13.800

1:00 pm. Maija Leinonen FIN BB: Full Y turn, check and break at the hips on the finish, front aerial to split ring jump, another big break at the hips, but another save. Bhs loso is lovely and soolid. Switch leap to sissone, side somi, low and another break at the hips but ANOTHER save, side aerial, back handspring into a layout full dismount, just bounces into her salute. Lots of great saves in there but unfortunately still a lot to deduct. 11.450

I believe we missed Uliana Perebinosova on bars.


1. Lilia Akhaimova RUS 14.550
2. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN 14.075
3. Aiko Sugihara JPN 14.000
4. Elisabeth Geurts NED 13.900
5. Uliana Perebinosova RUS 13.500
6. Yana Fedorova UKR 13.500
7. Lara Mori ITA 13.250
8. Jessica Dowling CAN 13.200

12:53 pm. Mariangeles Murillo CRC UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, a little low but no problems catching it. Bail, elbows slightly soft, toe-on to toe shoot, blind full, slightly crooked, double pike, little stumble back. Good work! 11.850

12:51 pm. Denelle Pedrick CAN UB: Tkachev is good, got a bit arched in handstand, Pak, bail, blind full, misses her toes for the toe-on into her dismount, casts out of it, tries again, and gets it this time, a solid tucked toe-front half. 11.250

12:50 pm. Aiko Sugihara JPN VT: Huge and beautiful Yurchenko 1.5 in the air, just takes a large step forward. HER FIST PUMP AT THE END!!! WHAT A QUEEN. 14.000, damn without that step that would’ve been like a 14.3

12:49 pm. Andreea Ciurusniuc ROU VT: FTY, form is pretty weak but mostly at the end where she starts to tuck her legs and pike down. Big step back. 13.200

12:47 pm. Jessica Dowling CAN VT: FTY, almost fully stuck!! Some leg form and she pikes it down a bit but great landing for her. 13.200

12:46 pm. Uliana Perebinosova RUS VT: Clean FTY with a tiny bounce back. Very nice! 13.500

12:44 pm. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi got a 12.650 on bars, Maija Leinonen got an 11.950, and Mariana Pitrez got an 11.500.

12:42 pm. Yang Se-mi KOR UB: Nice blind full, blind change to straddle Jaeger, great! Bail is short, and then she severely arches it back when she tries to correct the handstand position, comes off. Clear hip to toe shoot, huuuuge double layout! That dismount was BEAUTIFUL. 10.400

12:40 pm. Demet Mutlu TUR UB: Maloney to Pak (slight leg separation), toe shoot, gets a little arched in her handstand out of it, blind full to Tkachev is a little bit better, UGH, and then she comes off really low on her dismount and sits the double front, bummer, that seemed like it might be pretty great at first. Her toes were pointed in her fall though so they should only take 0.7 instead of the full point. #LaurenCOP 11.200

12:39 pm. Warmups for the second group of vaulters so maybe we’ll get to see some bars?

12:38 pm. Lara Mori ITA VT: FTY, gets good distance but she’s a little low and has to pike it down a bit near the end. Big bounce back on the landing. Her run is absolutely INSANE, idk what her legs are doing. 13.250

12:36 pm. Yana Fedorova UKR VT: FTY, really strong in the air, just a step back. I feel like last time I saw her vault she just did a layout, but this was pretty solid. She gets so much height, she completes the twist a full second before coming in for the landing. 13.500

12:35 pm. Hitomi Hatakeda JPN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, beautiful in the air, with a fantastic landing! 14.075

12:33 pm. Lilia Akhaimova RUS VT: Handpsring Rudi! And it wasn’t bad! Especially considering what her “Rudi”/DTT looked like yesterday. Tons of power and a step back, and her form in the air isn’t incredible or anything, but it’s better than I expected. 14.550 I believe

12:32 pm. Elisabeth Geurts NED VT: Yurchenko 1.5, lacks a bit of control in the air and on the landing, but a much better landing than her warmup, which she almost sat. 13.900

12:29 pm. The touch warm-up is just finishing, so we should be getting right to everything shortly.

Love Rosanna Ojala, who missed out on this final, coaching teammate Maija Leinonen on bars.

12:25 pm. So, this will be an interesting final because Asuka Teramoto, the gymnast I had pegged to win this competition by quite a bit, was two-per-country’ed out of the final after a rough competition yesterday.

Hitomi Hatakeda was excellent to take the lead, and Aiko Sugihara only had a few minor mistakes, so they should do well enough today to challenge for two podium spots, but the Russians Lilia Akhaimova and Uliana Perebinosova were fantastic yesterday and are going to make it pretty difficult!

Lara Mori should also have a chance to get close to the podium if she fixes a bit of what went wrong yesterday…she had an uncharacteristic fall on floor, where she was quite downgraded, but I think she has immense room to grow and with a good day, she can take advantage of falls from the top group to reach a medal.

4 thoughts on “2019 Summer Universiade Live Blog | Women’s All-Around Final

  1. Weird to hear of a Romanian having generally bad form on events that aren’t bars. Maria Holbura is probably their weakest in that regard but Ciurusniuc sounds much worse just based on the descriptions provided.


    • Yeah I think Ciurusniuc has always had her best form on bars which is odd. I remember when she turned senior I did an article about how she might be able to help Romania on bars someday, but the rest of her events have always been pretty weak for a Romanian.


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