Around the Gymternet: These nibs are just too damn delicious.


“I want to be a soccer player when I grow up.” -Like many of us, Aly Raisman got caught up in FIFA madness, and honestly, I wouldn’t put it past her #careerchange #nevertoolate

Comp news

Universiade happened. Team Japan is your Universiade winner, taking the title over Russia in the final rotation, with Italy in third. But the real winner here is of course Tatiana Nabieva, who, never one to let down her fans, stood and mumbled conjurings before her bar routine and got penalized for it and then had a beam “routine” for the ages (live blog). Bless.

In the all-around, Hitomi Hatakeda, Uliana Perebinosova, and Lilia Akhaimova led the charge for pretty much the whole competition, with Hatakeda taking gold. Nabs wasn’t there (live blog). Hatakeda also won bars and beam, Carlotta Ferlito won floor, Marina Nekrasova of Azerbaijan took the vault title, and Dutch charm won one judge’s stone-cold heart

Perez retained her crown. Ana Perez won her third consecutive Spanish championship, and fifth overall, debuting a Silivas on floor.

U.S. men got no love. Twelve senior men qualified to U.S. nationals at the Men’s Qualifier, but the competition wasn’t streamed, much to the chagrin of some fans.

Classic lineup released. The not-so-secret U.S. Classic roster was released.

Swedes to Stuttgart. Sweden took a page out of Japan’s book and named members of their worlds team, months earlier than necessary *shrug*.

Wut else happened

Blackmun made bank. Former U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Steve Blackmun was paid $2.4 million in severance when he was forced to resign last year, the org revealed on Wednesday. Blackmun’s payout was part of the over $7.5 million in USOC expenses related to the Larry Nassar scandal in 2018.

Blackmun has been criticized for reported inaction in the face of abuse allegations, and he has also been accused of lying to Congress. Nancy Hogshead-Makar said his severance is more than the amount funding the U.S. Center for SafeSport, and that the USOC board should be removed.

Required reading/viewing

  • Morgan Hurd, Chen Yile, and Angelina Melnikova star in the Olympic Channel’s new doc series All-Around, premiering August 6. Watch the trailer.
  • Part Five of our ongoing series, The Senior Impact.

Star status

Team USA’s looking solid. Olivia Greaves has jumped on the Nabwagon, bikini-clad Riley McCusker looks awesome in her latest training video, so does Jade Carey, and Sam Mikulak has a Lee-yoo-kin.

Komova update. Viktoria Komova says she’s thinking things through, which is what your 20s are for, leave her alone.

NCAA corner

Psyyych. Ragan Smith is actually going to Oklahoma in 2019, not in 2020 like she previously said in the before-time.

Staying social

Nups news. Danusia Francis got engaged! Congrats, Nush!

Non-required reading. This old rule book has all the gymnastic rules and the creepy coloring book illustrations to back them up. 

Shannon got curious. Gymnerd of the Decade Jonathan Van Ness interviewed Shannon Miller on his podcast Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness.

Germans just wanna have fun. Team Germany made the gifs we didn’t know we needed.

Yup, she’s short. Simone Biles participated in a celebrity softball game and, well, just look at the picture.

Last words

I just turned 31 and “that’s what your 20s are for” is apparently something you start to say when that happens, please send help.

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8 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: These nibs are just too damn delicious.

    • She’ll have to be at worlds if she wants to get to Tokyo. Unless you qualify a team, most individual spots are handed out via AA or event finals at Stuttgart.


  1. A pity that Nabs’ injury prevented her from doing AA (she cut her foot open and needed stitches) – but medalling in every event she contested with 2 silvers and a bronze was a pretty good result for someone who had not competed internationally since 2014.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is there a reason Pereb always look pissed? Not that she HAS to smile… but why is she literally frowning 24/7. Like… does she like gymnastics? Is she being forced to compete? Resting bitch face is one thing… but resting Pereb face is a whooolllee other dimension.


    • Yeah, she’s pretty much frowning in the team medal photos. Hope she’s not dependant on gymnastics for income or something. Maybe she’s just super camera shy?


  3. I watched that trailer for the documentary, and did anyone else cringe a little when Morgan said that gymnastics is her whole identity? I hope that line was just how they edited it, and she really doesn’t believe that. That’s a really unhealthy dangerous thing to think! What if something disastrous happens tomorrow and she misses the Olympics and an NCAA career? If she honestly thinks there is nothing else to Morgan Hurd besides gymnastics, that’s just a severe depression waiting to happen. I sure hope her mom is seeing to it that she has some kind of non-gymnastics interests. I know she’s a big reader, and I’d hope that she could think of that as at least part of her identity.

    Maybe I’m overthinking it, but her saying that has me really worried about her mental health.


    • I would absolutely have said that about track and field when I was her age. It’s not optimal obviously, and there’s a lot of “finding yourself” to do if you get injured badly and don’t achieve your goals. But I’d say it’s sort of developmentally “normal” for intense young athletes who love their sport. Perspective is something that has to come with time.


    • I absolutely agree with you. Being a musician was my identity years ago so when I got injured it took MONTHS before I could find happiness outside of music. When Morgan said that, it stood out to me too. I hope that being on film and being artistic in general can be a part of her identity in the future. Even when you can’t flip, you can still dance. But I feel your concern


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