2019 Pan American Games Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications, Subdivision 1

Welcome to the live blog for the first subdivision of the women’s team final and individual qualifications at the 2019 Pan American Games, held in Lima, Peru!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Canada 160.600
2. Argentina 153.425
3. Mexico 147.025


1. Ellie Black, Canada, 55.100
2. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 52.850
3. Danusia Francis, Jamaica, 51.975
4. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 51.850
5. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 51.050
6. Anapaula Gutierrez, Mexico, 49.975
7. Paulina Campos, Mexico, 48.050
8. Jimena Gutierrez, Mexico, 47.950
9. Luna Fernandez, Argentina, 47.500
10. Daniela Briceño, Mexico, 45.300
11. Kiara Richmon, Jamaica, 44.600
12. Raegan Rutty, Cayman Islands, 40.975
13. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 38.050
14. Alondra Echavarria, Dominican Republic, 26.725


1. Ellie Black, Canada, 14.425
2. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 14.150
3. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 13.950
4. Yamilet Peña, Dominican Republic, 13.625
5. Jimena Gutierrez, Mexico, 12.275


1. Ellie Black, Canada, 14.050
2. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 13.350
3. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 13.100
4. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 13.000
5. Isabela Onyshko, Canada, 12.950
6. Danusia Francis, Jamaica, 12.875
7. Daniela Briceño, Mexico, 12.700
8. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 12.600


1. Danusia Francis, Jamaica, 12.950
2. Ellie Black, Canada, 12.950
3. Agustina Pisos, Argentina, 12.725
4. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 12.600
5. Isabela Onyshko, Canada, 12.550
6. Paulina Campos, Mexico, 12.250
7. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 11.950
8. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 11.950


1. Ellie Black, Canada, 13.550
2. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 13.500
3. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 13.200
4. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 13.100
5. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 13.100
6. Danusia Francis, Jamaica, 12.800
7. Agustina Pisos, Argentina, 12.650
8. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 12.600

5:44 pm. That’ll do it for this subdivision! Posting current standings in the next few minutes, it just takes me a second to type. 🙂

5:39 pm. Martina Dominici finishes the day with a 52.850 AA with a fall, really excellent, and her best international all-around meet since South American Games last year.

5:38 pm. Martina Dominici ARG BB: Switch leap mount. Switch to switch half, good, but she’s a little too far back on her roundoff layout series and just pops off the end. ARRRRGHHHH. Punch front tuck, big wobble and leg up, but a save. Side aerial, hit a transverse leap and a full turn, double pike to finish, bounce back. 11.700

Still a great day for Argentina even though they’ll count a lower score on beam than they would’ve liked.

55.100 AA for Ellie Black with a rough beam score (for her) and a lower D vault than she’s capable of!

5:37 pm. Abigail Magistrati with an 11.950 on beam, we neeeeeed to see Martina NOW to see if she’ll save the day.

5:36 pm. Ellie Black CAN UB: Maloney to Hindorff, good, Shang, some leg form, hop change to piked Jaeger to Pak, again with some leg form, van Leeuwen with leg form, great handstand before her blind full, then an excellent toe front half. Business as usual for our girl Ellie.

5:35 pm. Victoria-Kayen Woo with a 51.850 in the all-around to move ahead of Brooklyn Moors, so she’ll be in the all-around final! At least we’ll get to see her floor again in a final even if it’s not the floor final. 🙂

5:34 pm. Jimena Gutierrez MEX VT: Attempted a DTY but crashed it. 😦 12.650, 47.950 AA

5:33 pm. Danusia Francis finished with a 12.800 on floor, 5.0 D, and a 51.975 all-around!!! Amazing.

Anapaula Gutierrez with a 13.750 for her Yurchenko 1.5 on vault to finish with a 49.975 AA, not bad for her senior international debut! And international debut in general.

5:32 pm. Luna Fernandez with an 11.750 on beam. Forgot to mention that Toni-Ann Williams had an 11.350 on beam in the rotation before.

5:30 pm. Victoria-Kayen Woo CAN UB: Shaposh to clear hip full, bent her knees throughout, toe-on to bail, a little short, to toe shoot, short handstand before clear hip half, bent legs and muscled through before the Jaeger, double layout is clean with a great landing. Mistakes in there but way to fight through them and finish strong. 12.600

Isabela Onyshko with a 12.950 on bars, 5.6 D and 7.350 E. Sounds like a hit routine with form issues similar to most of her scores this year, but we didn’t see the routine.

5:28 pm. Daniela Briceño MEX VT: Yurchenko layout with a step back, form issues in her hips and legs. 11.800, finishes with a 45.300 AA

5:27 pm. Brooklyn Moors with a 13.100 on bars, good for her! Finishes with a 51.050, not bad considering vault and beam didn’t go her way.

Paulina Campos with a 12.500 on vault and a 48.050 total.

Kiara Richmon with a 10.650 on floor and a 44.600 total. Her best elite score by a couple of points!

5:24 pm. Agustina Pisos ARG BB: Bring it home, queens! Bhs loso, slight check. Switch leap to switch half. Front aerial, little bobble. Another bobble on a side somi and a leap series, but good fights throughout. 1.5 dismount, hit! 12.725!

Last rotation, Valeria Pereyra put up a 12.450 on bars, btw. She’s the 2012 Olympian who just returned to competition last month.


1. Martina Dominici ARG 41.150
2. Ellie Black CAN 41.050
3. Victoria-Kayen Woo CAN 39.250
4. Danusia Francis JAM 39.175
5. Brooklyn Moors CAN 37.950
6. Anapaula Gutierrez MEX 36.225
7. Luna Fernandez ARG 35.750
8. Paulina Campos MEX 35.550

5:17 pm. Raegan Rutty CAY BB: I love her because she spent a solid hour doing a full photo shoot in Doha last year after everyone else had left the arena following qualifications. It was just the cleaning crew and Raegan the supermodel. It was hilarious and awesome and at one point involved her putting her flag over her back like a cape and just running around and leaping with it. She’s a queen.

Double spin, a little wild but nice control to stop the wildness. Bhs loso, slight check. Sissone to wolf jump. Hit a transverse straight jump full, but then came off on a back tuck. 😦 Switch leap, pretty low back leg. Layout full with a step back. There’s potential in her, I’d love to see her stay with the sport into the next quad and grow a bit more with it, she’s easily the best the Cayman Islands has put out as an elite thus far. 9.400

5:16 pm. Canada picked up some speed there on vault, and they now lead 120.500 to Argentina’s 117.000. Mexico with a 108.125.

5:14 pm. Alondra Echavarria DOM BB: Bhs layout, pretty piked and her legs are all over the place in that in terms of being soft/apart. Fall. Hit her jump series, full turn with a slight check, and a nice big switch side. Back tuck, little bobble, straddle jump 3/4, big break at the hips, arched front layout dismount. 8.650

5:11 pm. Danusia Francis JAM BB: Looooove her mount and then her little snap in her opening pose. QUEEN. Side somi, good, transverse split jump half, little check but she covers it well, bhs loso, bends her knees on the landing to control it a bit, another great cover. Switch leap, misses the connect to the split leap so she does the split leap into a jump, she’s fantastic at thinking on her toes. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, great, full Y turn is excellent, transverse side aerial to layout full, fabulous!!! GAHHHH that better be in the final. 12.950!

5:08 pm. Anapaula Gutierrez MEX FX: Hit her opening pass a little short, a triple I think…was a little underrotated and had to take a step. 1.5 through to double tuck after that, small hop forward. Nice on her leap series. 2.5 to front tuck, a little short with a slight hop. Good! 11.950

Mexico pretty rough on floor overall so hopefully this routine will give them a boost…11.700 from Jimena Gutierrez and 10.300 from Daniela Briceño.

Abigail Magistrati with a 13.000 on bars, I’M SO MAD AT HER VAULT 0 I could sob.

5:06 pm. Ellie Black CAN VT: Her second vault is the tsuk 1.5, very nice, tiny bounce forward. Knees are just a bit soft. She kinda shrugs like “meh.”

5:04 pm. Martina Dominici ARG UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, mostly clean, nice handstand before her van Leeuwen, blind change with some leg separation but she controls it before going into the piked Jaeger, super high double tuck with a little bounce in place. Great! 13.350

5:03 pm. Ellie Black CAN VT: Just the handspring front full today, no Rudi, but she’ll probably whip that out in finals if need be. Form is pretty solid, quite piked off the table but she opens up quickly. 14.550

5:01 pm. Brooklyn Moors CAN VT: Handspring front layout full, very low on the landing, hand down. Piked throughout in the air, and then tucked after she finishes the flip to come in for the landing. Ugh. 😦 Wish she stuck with the half. 12.500

5:00 pm. Victoria-Kayen Woo with a 13.550 for her FTY! Brooklyn’s about to go and the ESPN team thinks it’s Victoria asdfk;adjsf;klasdf

4:59 pm. Luna Fernandez with a 12.300 on bars for Argentina, good start for them, hit routine.

4:57 pm. Paulina Campos MEX FX: Hit her double pike and then a double full, just stumbled around a couple of turns. Front full to finish was a little weak but got through that. 11.650

4:52 pm. Moving onto the third rotation! It’s definitely Canada half a tenth ahead of Argentina right now.


1. Martina Dominici ARG 27.800
2. Ellie Black CAN 26.500
3. Danusia Francis JAM 26.225
4. Victoria-Kayen Woo CAN 25.700
5. Agustina Pisos ARG 25.650
6. Brooklyn Moors CAN 25.450
7. Yamilet Peña DOM 25.350
8. Anapaula Gutierrez MEX 24.275

4:51 pm. Raegan Rutty CAY UB: Ezhova! Nice job. Very nice handstand before her toe-on to toe shoot, short before her clear hip, dismounts with a double tuck, ugh, to her hands and knees. 😦

4:50 pm. Abigail Magistrati with a 0 on vault, not sure if she scratched or if she sat, but that’s a bummer, she won all-around gold at the South American Championships last month so I was hoping for big things for her here.

4:48 pm. The live results online are such a mess…but it looks like Canada now leads 78.250 to Argentina’s 78.200? Amazing for Argentina, but now they have to move on to bars and beam.

4:46 pm. I think they just showed a second vault for Martina Dominic but I wasn’t paying attention to the beginning so no idea what it was. Looking at results now…4.8 D, probably a tsuk full or a Podkopayeva?

4:45 pm. Brooklyn Moors CAN FX: Podkopayeva, excellent! One of her most upright landings. Now she’s just being gorgeous. Front double full to front layout, tiny skid forward. Double attitude turn, almost looks like she falls out of it but it’s just her going into her choreo. Switch ring to split ring leap half, get it. Split full into her low choreo. She’s serving looks and selling this. 2.5 to front tuck with a lunge forward. Gorgeous. 13.500

4:44 pm. Martina Dominici’s DTY is back! 14.600!!!!!

4:43 pm. Danusia Francis with a 12.875 on bars, 5.1 D, 7.775 E.

Just a 10.500 for Daniela Briceño on beam.

4:40 pm. Ellie Black CAN FX: I missed the first pass, something into a triple I think? Good landing. 2.5 through to double pike after that, nice, a little short on the latter but still got it around with no problems, just a small hop forward. Tour jeté half to switch full for her leap series, DAMN, that’s a tough one. Hit her last pass, I believe a front double full. 13.550!

Just a 10.800 for Toni-Ann Williams on bars, but because she’s working with just a 2.7 D. Probably just her NCAA routine? She didn’t vault, probably because her Achilles is like “DO NOT.”

4:36 pm. Victoria-Kayen Woo CAN FX: Double layout is quite low for her, buckles her knees and takes a step forward. Triple L spin, nice! Clean leap series. Kind of fell out of a spin after that, I wasn’t paying attention super closely but guessing it was at least a triple if not a quad. Also hit her third pass. Finishes with a double pike, a little buckled with a hop forward. Well, not the dream routine I wanted for her, but still mostly great. 13.100!

4:35 pm. Agustina Pisos ARG VT: A little short on her FTY but nothing severe. Small hop. 13.000

Anapaula Gutierrez had a 12.375 on bars in the first rotation and just got an 11.900 on beam. Bummer, I wanted her to be a standout here.

4:33 pm. Shallon Olsen CAN FX: Double double, legs get a little wild on the second flip and she has to take a big step OOB. Piked full-in is better, just a hop back. Front tuck through to double tuck, a little low on the latter but still gets it around, just cowboys it a bit. Finishes with a triple full with a lunge forward. Nice solid set even if it wasn’t perfect. 12.600

Ellie Black only with a 12.950 on beam, DAMN. Still their highest score there but now I believe Argentina’s lead.

4:32 pm. The decision to go back and replay fifth alternate Jimena Gutierrez’s leadoff bars instead of anchor Ellie Black’s beam in real time was a BOLD CHOICE.

4:30 pm. Anyway it’s time for warm-ups for the second rotation!

4:29 pm. I feel like we’re waiting for Ellie Black’s beam score right now? According to the broadcast, Argentina was leading after floor, but I don’t think we have Ellie’s score yet. This international feed is GARBAGEEEEEEE.

4:27 pm. Just an 11.950 for Brooklyn Moors on beam 😦

Jimena Gutierrez MEX UB: Weiler kip, piked Jaeger, blind change to straddle Jaeger, blind full to bail, toe shoot, hit her full-in dismount. Not bad! Form stuff but nice hit for them.

4:25 pm. Alondra Echavarria DOM VT: Tsuk layout, some form issues throughout and a 0.3 lunge back.

4:23 pm. RESULTS ARE BACK UP. Some results we missed…

Yamilet Peña 13.900 VT
Danusia Francis 13.350 VT
Abigail Magistrati 13.100 FX!
Daniela Briceño 12.700 UB
Victoria-Kayen Woo 12.600 BB

Wow, that’s amazing for Victoria with grabbing the beam! Probably would’ve been her highest international beam score this quad without the mistake.

4:21 pm. Martina Dominici ARG FX: Tucked full-in to start, solid, and then a step forward on her arabian double front. Hit her split full. Double tuck, tiny hop back. Clean double pike. Great work! 13.200!

4:19 pm. Victoria-Kayen Woo CAN BB: Candle mount, holds it in a nice hollow position. Just a tiny check on her bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump, an almost unnoticeable check, but then she bends over in half and grabs the beam on her double spin. 😦 Side somi, check, side aerial, bigger check, breaks at the hips there. Switch leap to split leap, nice 2.5 to finish. 12.600

4:17 pm. Danusia Francis JAM VT: Clean FTY with a hop back. She’s pretty much almost fully extended in the air from head to toe, one of the better elite FTYs. Great start!

4:15 pm. ESPN has the wrong name up for Danusia Francis, naturally. You know, there’s this thing called research, where you actually spend one minute learning about who’s competing and what they look like, and there are these other things called numbers where you can match up what’s on their back to a start list. Also, her name is literally right there on the start board.

4:13 pm. Luna Fernandez ARG FX: Double tuck, big stumble back OOB and off the mat. Split jump full. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Front handspring front full, hop forward. Good double full to finish. Not as strong as her teammate’s, even without the big mistake on the first pass, but hey, she got through it. In slo-mo it’s pretty shocking that she didn’t fall on that pass. 11.800

Isabela Onyshko apparently hit a “solid routine” on beam for a 12.550, according to Gymnastics Canada.

4:11 pm. We’re kind of getting some slo-mo Isabela Onyshko in the background on beam but no skills, just choreo.

Cool, the results app just stopped working, nbd, didn’t want to follow this competition at all!

4:09 pm. Agustina Pisos ARG FX: Double pike, close to stuck, very nice work. Double tuck, a little cowboyed in the second flip, just moves her foot slightly. Switch leap to tour jeté half, clean. Switch half. You can’t really hear the music on this broadcast, bummer. Front handspring front full, slightly soft in her knees. Clean double full to finish, little slide back. Putting some emotion into her choreo there. Excellent start!!! 12.650

4:07 pm. Touch warm-ups are wrapping up now. Should be with you shortly!

4:04 pm. I wrote a full preview yesterday, but for a quickie, Canada is likely to come second behind the U.S., and now that Brazil will be missing Jade Barbosa, we could see Argentina come in for an upset in the team competition.

Mexico, which won bronze last year, was my favorite for a team upset this year, but they’ll have just four gymnasts competing, and only one with senior experience, as the six top gymnasts in the country are all out for various reasons.

4:03 pm. Just kidding, it was just a few coaches in the arena. But the judges are ready, so the athletes should be out any second.

4:01 pm. The teams are coming out now! Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and the Dominican Republic start on vault, Mexico starts on bars, Canada on beam, and Argentina on floor.

3:55 pm. So excited for Pan Ams to kick off today!

The first subdivision for the women will see the teams from Canada, Mexico, and Argentina, as well as individuals from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and the Cayman Islands.

I’m watching live on ESPN3, and there’s also live scoring on the Pan Ams website, but I can’t link to it…just go here, and click on the little medal that aligns with “artistic gymnastics” and today’s date to get to the results page, which has a start list tab as well as results tabs for the team, all-around, and apparatuses.

The stream just started now, but athletes still have to march out, so I should be back in a few minutes!

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