2019 Pan American Games Live Blog | Women’s Qualifications, Subdivision 2

Welcome to the live blog for the second subdivision of the women’s team final and individual qualifications at the 2019 Pan American Games, held in Lima, Peru!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Canada 160.600
2. Argentina 153.425
3. Cuba 150.300
4. Mexico 147.025
5. Chile 145.500
6. Puerto Rico 145.150


1. Ellie Black, Canada, 55.100
2. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 52.850
3. Danusia Francis, Jamaica, 51.975
4. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 51.850
5. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 51.050*
6. Marcia Vidiaux, Cuba, 50.900
7. Ana Palacios, Guatemala, 50.000
8. Anapaula Gutierrez, Mexico, 49.975
9. Yesenia Ferrera, Cuba, 49.700
10. Karelys Diaz, Puerto Rico, 49.000
11. Simona Castro, Chile, 48.250
12. Paulina Campos, Mexico, 48.050
13. Jimena Gutierrez, Mexico, 47.950*
14. Andrea Maldonado, Puerto Rico, 47.750
15. Luna Fernandez, Argentina, 47.500
16. Katriel Sousa, Venezuela, 46.300
17. Maria Del Sol Perez, Chile, 46.050
18. Daniela Briceño, Mexico, 45.300*
19. Franchesca Santi, Chile, 45.150*
20. Kiara Richmon, Jamaica, 44.600
21. Paula Mejias, Puerto Rico, 44.400*
22. Nataly Rodriguez, Colombia, 43.975
23. Raegan Rutty, Cayman Islands, 40.975
24. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 38.050*
25. Alondra Echavarria, Dominican Republic, 26.725


1. Ellie Black, Canada, 14.425
2. Yesenia Ferrera, Cuba, 14.175
3. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 14.150
4. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 13.950
5. Ana Palacios, Guatemala, 13.925
6. Franchesca Santi, Chile, 13.825
7. Makarena Pinto, Chile, 13.675
8. Marcia Vidiaux, Cuba, 13.650


1. Ellie Black, Canada, 14.050
2. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 13.350
3. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 13.100
4. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 13.000
5. Isabela Onyshko, Canada, 12.950*
6. Danusia Francis, Jamaica, 12.875
7. Marcia Vidiaux, Cuba, 12.700
8. Daniela Briceño, Mexico, 12.700
9. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 12.600*
10. Valeria Pereyra, Argentina, 12.450*
11. Anapaula Gutierrez, Mexico, 12.375
12. Luna Fernandez, Argentina, 12.300*


1. Danusia Francis, Jamaica, 12.950
2. Ellie Black, Canada, 12.950
3. Agustina Pisos, Argentina, 12.750
4. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 12.600
5. Isabela Onyshko, Canada, 12.550*
6. Bianca Leon, Puerto Rico, 12.450
7. Karelys Diaz, Puerto Rico, 12.350
8. Paulina Campos, Mexico, 12.250
9. Mary Adny Morffi, Cuba, 11.950
10. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 11.950
11. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 11.950
12. Anapaula Gutierrez, Mexico, 11.900


1. Ellie Black, Canada, 13.550
2. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 13.500
3. Martina Dominici, Argentina, 13.200
4. Abigail Magistrati, Argentina, 13.100
5. Victoria-Kayen Woo, Canada, 13.100*
6. Ana Palacios, Guatemala, 12.950
7. Marcia Vidiaux, Cuba, 12.800
8. Danusia Francis, Jamaica, 12.800
9. Agustina Pisos, Argentina, 12.650*
10. Shallon Olsen, Canada, 12.600*
11. Andrea Maldonado, Puerto Rico, 12.200
12. Franchesca Santi, Chile, 12.100

*Two-per-country’ed out

7:30 pm. Yesenia Ferrera CUB BB: Front aerial to punch front, doesn’t really connect them and has a big wobble on the latter part of the “series” but good job going for it. Bhs layout is almost great. Switch leap, great extension, to big switch half, just a big bobble when she lands it. Off on jump after. Hits her leap series into a side somi after, and her double pike is just a little short, chest down with a bobble forward. 11.650, finishes with a 49.700 AA

7:29 pm. 11.200 for Marcia Vidiaux on floor puts her at a 50.900 all-around, fifth if you consider two per country.

7:27 pm. Karelys Diaz 49.000, Katriel Sousa 46.300, Maria Del Sol Perez 46.005

7:25 pm. Marcia Vidiaux CUB BB: Bhs layout, a bit bobbly but saves it from disaster. Also a bit rushed and iffy on the leap series. Side aerial with a big bobble. Her right leg is 90% tape and her left leg is like 50% tape. Leap series into a side somi, big wobble there but another save. Tranverse split jump half, great extension! Just a bobble on the landing. Punch front, step forward. UGH, too far back on the 2.5 landing and she sits it. RUDE. 11.200

7:23 pm. Katriel Sousa VEN FX: 2.5 to front tuck, not bad! Hop on that landing. Great double tuck as well. Nice double full to finish. Great work. 11.850

Ana Palacios with a 12.950 on floor (!!!) to finish with a solid 50 AA. Love!

Simona Castro 48.250, Andrea Maldonado 47.750, Franchesca Santi 45.150, Paula Mejias 44.400, Nataly Rodriguez 43.975

7:19 pm. Vanessa Leliebre CUB BB: Here’s the wee one! The first-year senior.  I just want her to be a beam goddess and according to her mount sequence, SHE IS. Lovely jumps to start out. Switch ring, little check, back leg could be better. Bhs loso is beautiful but she has a big break at the hips. Saves it. She has very nice extension. Side somi, way too far forward and tries to fight for it but can’t hold on, sadly. Front aerial, leg up, misses connection to a split ring jump. Full Y turn, can’t hold on again and another fall. IMAGINE IF CUBA GAVE JUNIORS EXPERIENCE? This girl would be a queen. Switch leap. Finishes with a 1.5 with a step forward. Lots of promise and she made it through her debut alive. 10.150

Ana Palacios just hit a tucked full-in on the screen in the background. Also hit a double pike and a double tuck. Looked like a great routine from what I could see!

7:16 pm. Nataly Rodriguez COL FX: Double pike, little scoot back. Double tuck is a bit squatted, has to step back out of it to stand it up. Nice calm leap pass, very steady there. A little formy in her front layout full. Switch side. Her number is falling off. 1.5 to stag to finish, really fights to get that jump up there but wins the battle. 10.900

7:12 pm. Teams in this subdivision…

Cuba 115.500
Chile 109.600
Puerto Rico 105.100

All-arounders in this subdivision…

Marcia Vidiaux CUB 39.700
Yesenia Ferrera CUB 38.050
Ana Palacios GUA 37.050
Simona Castro CHI 36.050
Karelys Diaz PUR 35.950
Yumila Rodriguez CUB 35.900
Franchesca Santi CHI 34.500
Andrea Maldonado PUR 34.450

7:09 pm. Franchesca Santi CHI VT: Had a DTY but we didn’t see it, 14.050 I believe. Tsuk full for her second vault was also hit! She’s currently 6th on vault.

7:06 pm. Karelys Diaz PUR FX: Double L turn, good double pike. 2.5 to front tuck with a bounce forward. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Double tuck, lunge back OOB. Double full, a little short, solid set overall. 12.100

7:04 pm. Marcia Vidiaux CUB UB: Stalder full, a little late, to nice Tkachev, clear hip to stalder to blind change to Endo half to bail to Ray, nice! Good landing on the full-in! Would like to see that make the final. 12.700

7:02 pm. Mary Adny Morffi CUB UB: Toe half to a nice straddle Jaeger, good piked Jaeger after, toe-on to toe full, pikes down a bit on the swing into her bail to clear hip hecht, nice combo, and hit the double pike dismount. Beautiful pike shape. 12.050

7:01 pm. Maria Del Sol Perez CHI VT: Yurchenko layout, maybe a pike, it’s pretty open for a pike but still piked down. 11.950

6:58 pm. Andrea Maldonado PUR FX: Randi, good! Front double full is also solid, but she has a huge bounce back on her double tuck, that kinda shocked her, big rebound OOB. 2.5 with a step forward to finish. She just committed to Iowa State, they have two gymnasts competing here! 12.200

6:54 pm. Team standings for just this subdivision…

Cuba 79.050
Puerto Rico 69.350
Chile 68.750

All-around standings for just this subdivision…

Marcia Vidiaux CUB 27.000
Yesenia Ferrera CUB 26.550
Ana Palacios GUA 25.550
Yumila Rodriguez CUB 24.200
Karelys Diaz PUR 23.850
Katriel Sousa VEN 23.500
Simona Castro CHI 22.750
Nataly Rodriguez COL 22.500

6:50 pm. Marcia Vidiaux CUB VT: The commentator just yelled CINCO COMA OCHO!!! at her D score. Same. Rudi, a terrific disaster landing. Almost flew off the podium. Actually not that bad in the air, she’s just way short and crashes it before she’s even through the twist, I’d give it a 1.1 twist instead of a 1.5.

Looks like she did a tsuk double before the Rudi, and she hit that for a 14.200 so this won’t affect her AA score or the team score!

6:48 pm. Franchesca Santi CHI FX: Double pike, hop back. Nice 2.5 to front layout, her twisting form in the 2.5 was SO tight. Solid stuck double tuck. A little short in some of her leaps. Clean stuck double full to finish. What a comeback from beam! 12.100

6:46 pm. Yesenia Ferrera CUB VT: Looks like she did a DTY for her first vault and a Lopez for her second, the Lopez just had a step OOB and some pike down, but we didn’t see the DTY. 14.175 average puts her currently in second! Got a 14.500 for the DTY.

6:44 pm. Andrea Maldonato PUR BB: Nice aggressive punch front but she’s way off on her bhs loso and crashes it onto the mat. Off again on a switch half. Hit a straddle jump half and had a big step on her 2.5 dismount.

6:43 pm. Karelys Diaz with a 12.350 on beam, not bad! Ana Palacios 11.350 UB, Yumila Rodriguez 13.500 VT.

6:39 pm. Makarena Pinto CHI FX: Tour jeté full, nice! Then a high double tuck. Stepped out on her combo pass that ended with a front full, maybe a 2.5 into it? I wasn’t paying close attention though. Switch side to Popa. Layout full with a hop back. 11.150

6:38 pm. It looks like Cuba may have lost the 2003-born newbie, so that sucks. They’re warming up vaults in full sweatshirts right now and I’m just sitting here horrified.


1. Argentina 38.950
2. Canada 38.100
3. Mexico 37.325
4. Cuba 36.850
5. Puerto Rico 34.350
6. Chile 30.800

6:32 pm. Marcia Vidiaux CUB FX: Whip to triple full, at least I think she did a whip…not bad, a little unsure on the landing. Front tuck through to 2.5, hop forward. Tucked full-in, bounce back, step OOB. Switch leap to switch half. Clean! Double tuck stuck right in the corner! Very nice, way to save this rotation. 12.800

Simona Castro with just a 10.700 on beam…Puerto Rico also with some rough bars scores from Karelys and Nicole Díaz. This subdivision is NOT a fun one so far. Let’s all cry.

6:31 pm. Katriel Sousa VEN VT: FTY, mostly clean, pikes down near the end and has a hop back. 13.250

6:29 pm. Yesenia Ferrera CUB FX: We missed the beginning but saw her hit a very nice 2.5. 1.5 to front full is also pretty good. Switch full. Switch to tour jeté half. Super open double pike, but she can’t get it around and crashes it. 😦 12.050

6:27 pm. Ooh, Ana Palacios with a 14.200 on vault!! 5.4 D, 0.3 ND. Wish we got to see it!

Andrea Maldonado with a 12.050 on bars, Mary Adny Morffi with a 12.000 on floor, Maria Del Mar Perez with an 11.750 on beam, Franchesca Santi with an 8.350 on beam WHYYYYYYYYY.

6:25 pm. Paula Mejias PUR UB: Clear hip to Gienger, a little low, blind change to front giant half to bail to clear hip shoot to high, blind full, sat her dismount, a half-in double front I believe. Bummer, that was a bit messy throughout but was hoping for a solid finish. 10.400

6:24 pm. Nataly Rodriguez COL VT: Still shocked Colombia didn’t qualify a full team here. She’s a first-year senior, glad they’re giving her some experience. Yurchenko tuck, I think she meant to lay it out, it’s pretty open. Hop back. 12.700

6:21 pm. Yumila Rodriguez CUB FX: She’s the 2001-born, first international meet. Switch full, a little short. 2.5, underrotated, a bit messy as well. Dobule pike, very open. Little scoot back. Good leap series. Super open double tuck, almost sticks it. Popa into the corner before her last pass, a front full, which is a bit arched and messy, stumbles it back and sits it. She really showed promise in her double salto passes, but her layout form is a bit rough so hopefully she can cancel out one of those twisting passes in the future. 10.700

6:20 pm. I’m really excited about the new gymnast Cuba will have here. We pretty much never get to see Cuban juniors so getting new kids in the mix is always a surprise. There’s a first-year senior who we’ll meet today.

6:17 pm. Athletes are marching out now!

A mixed group featuring Colombia, Guatemala, and Venezuela starts on vault, Puerto Rico competes on bars, Chile on beam, and Cuba on floor.

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