Around the Gymternet: Believe it or not, I invented Post-Its.


“simone biles” –@NBCOlympics. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Wut happened

Maggie Haney is under investigation. MG Elite coach Maggie Haney is being investigated for verbal and emotional abuse, according to the Orange County Register. Note: This broke after this newsletter was published. More on this next week.

New comp rules were released. The FIG’s competition regulation changes for the 2021-2024 quad came out, including a new qualification process for world championships. Here’s an overview of the changes, plus Lauren’s thoughts.

Rachael had words for Trump. President Trump tweeted on Thursday that there is “much truth” to a tweeter’s allegation that the FBI failed to protect gymnasts from Larry Nassar due to the investigation of Trump. Rachael Denhollander responded, saying, “Our sexual assaults are not your political fodder.”

Some MSU news happened.

  • Michigan State University reached a three-year agreement to new safety and sexual misconduct policies after the conclusion of a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services investigation into the Nassar scandal, it was announced on Monday. In other steps forward, the university’s new president Samuel Stanley says he’s going to meet with survivors, and he has appointed two sexual misconduct advisors.
  • The federal investigation into how the uni (mis)handled the Larry Nassar scandal is still ongoing. A state board also found that the 2014 Title IX investigation of Nassar was “deficient.” 
  • We got new details about how prosecutors say MSU’s Healing Assistance Fund was defrauded. Seven people have been charged.

Required Reading

  • The twisty physics of Simone Biles’ historic triple double (Wired)
  • Simone Biles has changed gymnastics forever (Slate)
  • The unlimited greatness of Simone Biles (The New Yorker)
  • Triple-doubles, daring dismounts and a new approach for Simone Biles (ESPNW)
  • Simone Biles is redefining brilliance in a sport that shamefully failed her (The Guardian)
  • I faced Larry Nassar in court. Epstein’s accusers should have had the same chance (Vox)

Star status

Worlds lineups. Simona Castro and Franchesca Santi went 1-2 at Chilean Champs and punched their tickets to worlds. The South African Champs also happened, with Naveen Daries taking the top all-around spot and likely solidifying her place in Stuttgart. Congrats, ladies!

Retirements. Iceland’s Agnes Suto-Tuuha announced her retirement at 26 last week. Best of luck to Agnes on her post-gymnastics adventures!

Retire-nopes. Aliya Mustafina will miss the Russian Cup, so naturally Rod told everyone she was retiring, but Musty was like, “Nah.”

Upgrades. It seems Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos has a new trick up her beam sleeve.

Injuries. Boglarka Devai of Hungary had a nasty injury and won’t be at worlds but will try to qualify to Tokyo through the world cups. Rumor has it Sophie Scheder tore a thigh muscle but will still try for worlds, but sadly Larisa Iordache has taken herself out of contention due to some pain.

NCAA corner

Commits. Alyona Shchennikova signed with LSU for the 2020 season. She’s still recovering from an Achilles rupture from June. Congrats, Alyona!

Staying social

A present for you. Here’s your completely objective leotard fashion police panel for the 2019 U.S. Classic, with special guest Aimee Boorman.

Another one. Jonathan Van Ness and Michelle Kwan did gymnastics together, and his celebration after each and every skill is priceless.

“Warm memories.” In what dystopian hellscape did this take place? Someone please explain, and Shannon and Amanda, blink twice if you need our help.

Simone news. The Onion caught on to Simone’s brilliance, in its own way. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama is proud of her, too, and this week she has some visitors from out of town.

Did you hear about gymnastics? Many of the normals are wondering how gymnastics is done. Luckily, Ruby Harrold is here to help them out. 

Watch out, Katelyn. Donnell Whittenburg and his headband have gone viral in the twitterverse.

Congrats, Arthur! Artur Dalaloyan had a babay.

Last words

Still in Germany and running dangerously low on underwear. Wish me Glück!

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8 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Believe it or not, I invented Post-Its.

  1. Melanie DJDS with a full in off the beam ooooo! Awesome. And Shannon and Amanda promoting Cream of Wheat hahah thats so random Have you had your Cream of Wheat yet since watching that Lauren? lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s unfortunate about Maggie (assuming the allegations are true). How do you think it’ll affect Riley’s trajectory heading into 2020? Or even more immediately for worlds since the investigation is going on now?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It probably won’t affect anything this year…probably will take at least 6 months for anything to happen but Anna Li and her mom still need to be investigated too so probably not even until after Tokyo? That’s my guess based on limited knowledge of USAG but a decent amount of knowledge of beauracracy


    • i mean, Riley went to Pan Ams with Maggie as her coach, so it seems that the fact that complaints were received and are being “investigated” literally means nothing at USAG. It’s disingenuous, considering USAG’s PR statement of “we really value athlete safety” after Simone called them out.
      It’s weird to think Maggie went to a major competition with the US team, with other athletes, while these serious allegations are unresolved. Doesn’t bode well for “transparency” that USAG kept this quiet for months until survivors went to the press about it.
      For the record, I believe the allegations and I believe the people making them. There were some comments on the twitter gymternet from people saying “they could see that”, and that was pretty disheartening. Abuse isn’t real just because you “could see that”, or because you dislike one particular person. Abuse is real because the victims are telling us it happened, and we should believe them and support them.


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