Around the Gymternet: The plural of apocalypse


“everytime I’m in Europe I crave chocolate.” -Simone wants a cinnamon bun and also chocolate, AND she’s in Ritter Sport country I can’t even. Girl stock up while you’re there, trust me.

Worlds news

Over the weekend, we found out which women qualified for worlds finals and most of the ones who qualified for the Olympics. It was traumatizing for all involved. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Team USA killed it. In non-surprising news, Team USA qualified in first over China by over five points in light blue leos. Simone Biles qualified for every final, including first in the AA, beam, and floor. Biles got the Biles II named on floor (the first J in the code) and the Biles dismount named on beam, two of the 10 submitted skills.

Sunisa Lee got into the all-around (placing second despite a beam fall) over Grace McCallum, who also did four events and placed fifth with a beam fall. Lee qualified in third on bars with a beautiful routine and second on floor, surprisingly two-per-country-ing Jade Carey there.

Speaking of upsets, though, Carey qualified in first to the vault final after Biles went out of bounds on her Cheng. Kara Eaker initially made the beam final, but her score was lowered by .4 after her coaches filed an inquiry, leaving her as first reserve (ikr). MyKayla Skinner slayed as the team’s alternate/cheerleader. Here’s their team final lineup.

China and Russia slayed. China had an incredible day to place second, with Liu Tingting and Li Shijia qualifying for the all-around in sixth and seventh, respectively, and the team qualifying for every event final but floor. Team Russia had a great day to qualify in third, and while Angelina Melnikova’s hair fell out of place on floor, she rose above and qualified to three individual finals. 

Other teams qualified for Tokyo. France (featuring Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, who was awesome to lead the all-around standings after day one), Canada (with Ellie Black qualifying in ninth all-around), the Netherlands (which made an entrance), Great Britain (with Ellie Downie’s rough day leaving her out of the all-around), and Italy will round out the worlds team final.

Germany (despite Sophie Scheder pulling out with back pain), Belgium (featuring Nina Derwael qualifying in first to the bars final and eighth all-around), Japan (which could’ve used another floor worker but qualified second to last), and Spain (which upset Brazil after Jade Barbosa got hurt on vault) will join them as teams in Tokyo.

Individuals qualified, too. Flavia Saraiva will represent Brazil at the Olympics as an individual. Giulia Steingruber was amazing, making the cut with a 53.732. Danusia Francis qualified and is super excited. We were worried Chuso wouldn’t make it to Tokyo after missing out on the vault final, but she scraped her way in via her all-around score. Romania didn’t do well, qualifying Maria Holbura over Denisa Golgota. The sole qualifier through the event finals was Yeo Seo-jeong on vault.

Here are your worlds finals qualifiers. All qualifiers to Tokyo are here, and updated apparatus cup rankings are here. Yes, I know I missed your fave, and I’m very sorry, but Lauren was there and here are her live blogs, so calm down. 

Simone spoke up. There was some controversy over Biles’ new beam dismount only being awarded an H (a full-in is a G). Biles got mad, the FIG released a statement saying that it was a safety issue (Danusia Francis, anyone? Warm-ups before EFs, anyone?), and USA Gymnastics released its own statement saying it “respectfully disagrees” with the FIG’s decision. Biles also reiterated that she’ll probs retire after Tokyo.

Men’s quals are still happening. After day one, Russia’s in the lead for teams, and Nikita Nagornyy is in first, followed by Artur Dalaloyan. Here are Lauren’s thoughts after day one, and here are her live feelings.

Other shit. The medals are pretty, podium training actually had a crowd, robot judging is here, and Team USA has a newer, less fascist end-of-practice ritual. Also, looks like lunges are back, and back-to-back wolf turns are out.

Leo watch. Because I know I’m not the only one paying attention. My faves so far are Great Britain’s red for quals, Canada’s quals leo was gorgeous, and Russia in light blue…but please have opinions below.

Wut else happened

Coach: Over a dozen complaints against Haney. A coach who was interviewed by USAG regarding the abuse allegations against MG Elite coach Maggie Haney says she knows of 14 or 15 families who have had complaints, according to the Orange County Register. The article also says Riley McCusker is back in training, strangely.

MSU news. Former Michigan State University gymnastics coach Kathy Klages, who’s charged with lying to investigators about when she knew of Nassar’s abuse, asked for evidence to be thrown out in her case, but a judge declined on Wednesday. Meanwhile, MSU’s president met with with some survivors on Thursday.

Required reading

  • The FIG is posting interviews from worlds, so head on over!
  • U.S. gymnast Simone Biles’ legacy can’t be measured in titles or medals (USA Today)
  • Simone Biles makes two crazy-difficult skills look so easy. They are not (USA Today)
  • Simone Biles penalized for having skills other gymnasts can’t pull off (USA Today)
  • All Around Episode 3 (Olympic Channel)
  • Meet the 44-year-old gymnast who has eye on booking place at eighth Olympics by qualifying at World Championships (The Telegraph)

Star status

Injuries. Jordan Chiles had surgery on her wrist and got to eat ice cream! Get well soon and also congratulations, Jordan. 

Staying social

Dom snubbed? Dominique Moceanu was possibly maybe snubbed by USAG for her birthday. But I forgot, too. Sorry, Dom. Happy belated ❤

Why even ask. Laurie Hernandez spilled coffee on herself. She was also on the Olympic Channel to answer the question, is it possible to do a front full on beam? And the answer is still, idk maybe? 

Brest fiends. Aliya Mustafina did karaoke and frankly I just wanna get drunk together. 

There’s a new person…almost. Shawn Johnson East’s baby dropping does not mean that it has been born yet. Most of the internet, including me, didn’t get it.

Last words

Worlds is so stressful.

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11 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: The plural of apocalypse

  1. Stop putting gasoline in the fire wrt double double beam dismount. Plenty of “unfair” decisions in the past: Dos Santos II being a G, 3.5 twist being an F, caps on bar transitions screwing up the Russians and on piruettes the Chinese, artistry being degraded in favor of the Americans. Not to mention blatant overscoring of the Americans e.g. Gabby 2012 and Kara 2019. H or I Biles will fall in the finals and get no medal.


  2. errr yea – pretty sure Shawn’s tweet meant the baby dropped into position. ie: she is getting ready to give birth. Not that baby has arrived. Pretty sure there will be fireworks and sparklers handed out to all when baby finally does arrive.


  3. Shawn hasn’t had the baby yet. “Dropping” just means the baby is getting into position for labor. Also, YAY to lunges coming back!!


  4. Wait, Simone also got a skill named for her on UB. In fact, I just Googled and found an article saying how she got two skills named for her at Worlds, but it appears to be three. 🙂 Cool.

    Or she hasn’t done it yet?!

    Also: Boo, lunges. 😉


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