Around the Gymternet: Fool me twice…strike three.


“coffee is nasty

there I said it”

-Simone and I are the same. You know, aside from her having superpowers.

Wut happened

Comp news. The final U.S. women’s national team camp of 2020 happened this week, giving us this adorable throwback. At the same time, Tom Forster gave his opinions on the Code of Points, and people had their own opinions right back at him. 

Also, the 2020 American Cup will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in March. In international news, Elisabeth Seitz won the fourth Bundesliga event Saturday with a 53.30 all-around score.

MSU faculty wants to release docs. Michigan State University’s faculty senate is calling for the school to release thousands of documents related to the Nassar case to the Michigan Attorney General. It doesn’t look like the board will budge, though, with one member saying the AG already has all it needs.

In “Maybe just don’t” news…A fraternity at the University of Michigan is in hot water this week for making light of Larry Nassar’s abuse, incurring the wrath of none other than Ms. Simone Biles. Also, Malcolm Gladwell apparently used interview audio from survivors without their permission and presented out of context.

Required reading

  • Dipa Karmakar was featured in an Olympic Channel series called Shakti: India’s Super Women.
  • Aly Raisman was named to TIME’s 100 Next List.

NCAA corner

It’s baaaack!!! Like a recurring temp-tattoo-induced zit, college gym season is upon us once again. I mean, just look at how excited Bridget is. Here’s what you need to know:

  • National Signing Day started Wednesday, and Spencer has all the updates you’ll ever need and more.
  • Notably, Riley McCusker and Morgan Hurd both signed to Florida, though Hurd is deferring until after 2021 worlds. Laney Madsen might not be going to UCLA anymore, Victoria Nguyen is going to Georgia, and Jordan Chiles officially signed with UCLA.
  • The trailer for Full Out 2: You Got This! is here, and I honestly don’t know where to begin. In just under two minutes of straight-to-video cinematic gold we were blessed with what appears to be the entire plot of the movie, complete with group dance? Just watch it.

Star status

Lineups. Epke Zonderland is out of Cottbus after getting sinus surgery. Speaking of Cottbus, we have a new roster! Also, Japan world cup assignments were, well, assigned, and guess who’s missing?

Injuries. Denis Abliazin broke both his legs but still somehow plans to go to Euros in March. GODSPEED.

Comebacks. Laurie did a front layout to front double full to punch front. Meanwhile, I tripped on a rug, hit a table on the way back up, and yelled at both. Where’s my CV.

Upgrades. Looks like Grace MacCallum is changing up her bar routine, and Sunisa Lee showed off her Nabieva to Bhardwaj combo. What a time.

Staying social

The Simone Herald. Simone was in an orthodontist ad. She also did a dance and was amazing at it. This has been a Simone Update.

Skinner got married. MyKayla Skinner married her boyfriend Jonas Harmer last week after being engaged for exactly two seconds, and she looked gorgeous. Congrats!

Chellsie continues to amaze. Chellsie Memmel did this last week. What did you do?

Because you asked…

Why was Laney Madsen’s bar routine score so low at worlds? Lauren has a breakdown. 

Last words

Anyone got tips for managing what feels like three people’s lives?

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8 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Fool me twice…strike three.

  1. Forster’s criticism of the CoP appears to be a salty response to Kara and Jade’s scores at Worlds. I dislike his suggestions tremendously, not just because they’re completely misguided and clearly favor the US. But also because Forster has SO MUCH DEPTH to pick from but rather than pushing US domestic judges to score routines in stricter manner, have coaches bettter construct routines, and select those WHO DO come out on top based on the code he almost seems to be playing favorites by trying to change the code in favor of a small few.

    He also frustrates me in that he picked the Worlds team without any strategy and these changes to the CoP seem to have more to do with him not wanting to actually think through things. I have to remind myself that he’s an improvement from Martha, but feeling this entitled is a huge disappointment as well.


    • i agree completely that this is a very short-sighted view on his part. I also totally disagree with him; if you do a hard skill very badly, you should be deducted fully. To do otherwise encourages skill chucking.


  2. Anyone still gives a freak about Carly Patterson? No. Queen Sveta on the other hand is always in the headlines.

    Anyone still gives a freak about Gabby Douglas? No. Fans all over the world however still cry over Komova’s robberies and retirement.

    Soon nobody will give a freak about Simone. Her delusional, American teenage fans will go on to live their boring, uninspiring lives. It’s up to us, true fans, to decide who and who won’t become legends.


  3. Your Comment really makes me laugh. Simone will not be forgotten soon, as you say. How can you even compare between Simone and Gabby and with Carly?
    There are worlds between them.”Queen Sveta” is in the headlines for being a delusional idiot, not for her Gymnastics.
    I think Simone will be remembered by the masses similar to how Nadja is remembered. Hopefully more than Mary Lou is remembered.


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