Welcome to The Gymterpod!


Laurie Hernandez, whose comeback I discuss in episode one of The Gymterpod

As promised, I’m excited to bring you the free preview episode of The Gymterpod, my new website tie-in podcast that will be offered on a subscription basis through Patreon for $5 per month beginning January 27!

Like I explained, I’m trying to raise funds so I can cover as many meets as possible in this Olympic year as I work my way toward Tokyo, so for those of you who want to help me meet my financial goals for meet travel, the podcast is basically something extra and my way of saying THANK YOU for your support. I’m still going to be covering all news and competitions on the website, and I’ll of course be tweeting literally all the time, so if you don’t want to or can’t support financially, you’re not going to be missing out on anything aside from my voice speaking gymnastics things at you in a weekly recap of everything that’s been going on.

Without further ado, please enjoy the first episode of The Gymterpod, discussing recent news like Sunisa Lee’s bars upgrades, Aly Raisman’s retirement, Isabela Onyshko committing to Stanford, Laurie Hernandez’s comeback, and so much more.

The Gymterpod – Episode 1


As of right now, the podcast is only uploaded through Patreon. You can listen in the following ways:

  • Directly embedded in the episode link on your laptop, desktop, or mobile browser: https://www.patreon.com/posts/gymterpod-1-33312709
  • Click the .m4a link included in the episode link above, and it will download to iTunes if you have it installed on your computer or mobile device
  • Download the Patreon app, make sure you’re logged in if you’re a subscriber, and search for The Gymternet to see all available episodes/posts

Let me know if you have any questions or have trouble accessing it and I’ll see what I can do! And again, the podcast will be available to Patreon subscribers for $5/month beginning January 27. Feel free to sign up here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

16 thoughts on “Welcome to The Gymterpod!

  1. so, you know, kind of, like, umm, yeah, stuff

    I like the content, but riffing is hard through nerves. I recommend more distractions, serious or comical, and segments. Either way, I’ll be in for #2. 🙂


    • I’m afraid that’s not really “nerves,” but more just how I talk when I’m speaking while thinking things through, as opposed to talking with something that’s been fully prepared. I’ve tried to do “fully prepared” answers before (on Gymcastic) and it just sounds like I’m being fake, lol, so you either get me working from an outline and discussing the items on it as I’m thinking out what I’m saying while speaking, or you get me being really boring and stumbling over words I’m trying to read while speaking and working on the recording app simultaneously. I try to control the “umms” and “likes” when recording but if I’m speaking while still trying to figure out exactly what I want to say and how I want to say it, it takes a second to process what I’m saying at times, and instead of pausing, I tend to throw in filler words.

      I noticed when listening to the first episode that the more passionate I am about something, the more I’m able to speak freely and not throw in as many fillers, but if I’m just talking about some news, I’m like, “uhh, yeah, so Melbourne roster is out, and like, it’s a good roster…” because I’m not overly excited to be speaking about it, hahaha. If I notice myself doing this to a point where I’m just stammering and not really sure what to say, I’ll stop and delete, think about it for a second, and just redo it, but I think for the most part anything that happens off-the-cuff with just me speaking for 45 minutes is going to include some filler no matter how it’s structured.


  2. I enjoyed the podcast.

    Being optimistic, Laurie Hernandez has a 50/50 chance of going to Tokyo?! TF already said he intends on putting an AA on the non-nominative spot, so she’s 99% not going to get that. Even if they shock us and put a specialist on the actual 4 person team (I’m looking at MyKayla), that person would have to be able to perform a decent level routine on all apparatuses. So, again, no chance for Laurie if she only shows up with a medal worthy beam routine. I really hope Laurie does something amazing, but lacking her showing up at trials with 15ish BB and 55+ AA, Tokyo ain’t happening.

    I wish they’d remove HB and SR from MAG, so MAG/WAG would have four similar events. That’s my event change I’d love.

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    • Yeah, Tom said that spot would go to an all-arounder, but Laurie’s doing the all-around! Optimistically, if she reached top eight all-around and had a stunner beam set that could make an event final in Tokyo, I see her making the team over someone who is top five all-around but doesn’t have a standout event.

      Right now, I think that spot will go to Kara, as she has proven to be consistently among the best all-arounders in the country, and even though her beam didn’t work out for her this year, I think with minor adjustments she’ll still be one of the top-scoring beam workers in the country. But I’m 50/50 on Laurie being the upset for that spot…and like I said on the podcast, I should maybe go a bit lower than that, but I just have a good feeling about Laurie and the level she’ll reach in her comeback.


      • I disagree. Kara has little, if any, chance of making the Tokyo team. She has nothing to offer beyond beam, and her beam is unfortunately not going to score well internationally. The team can’t afford to risk putting her up on vault, floor, or bars. And can’t risk the downgrades on beam. Leanne, Morgan, and Grace will easily beat her.

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        • She has plenty to offer on all 4 events. Beam aside, she’s gone 55-56 internationally, thats a decent score compared to the best international elites. If she could upgrade vault and tweak beam a little to maximise her score, you’re looking at a pretty decent AA score. Her 13.8 FX at Pan Ams is a world final worthy score. (ignoring the two per country)
          I agree that she has a fight to make the main team, but it’s not impossible.


        • That’s what everyone said this year, and alas, Kara beat them all. Because of their dumb “top AA matters and nothing else” system, it meant Kara went to worlds, and Leanne and Morgan didn’t. Kara was 100% not expected to beat any of them this year, but she was 3rd at worlds trials after finishing 10th at nationals. You can say “that won’t happen” all you want but it did happen, and it could very well happen again.


        • Anon-agreed, although Eaker has a great international meet at Pan Am Games, the same FIG judges that rewarded her there, were the same FIG judges that went to town on her BB in Stuttgart. (Well maybe not the exact same judges but they were both FIG sanctioned events.) It is unfair to her as all the judges should be consistent, especially FIG judges. We aren’t talking about domestic judges here. After Worlds, I am positive that any international event she attends, her BB will be scored based off of decisions at Worlds not Pan Ams.
          If Eaker is an option, they need to get her to Jesolo and Continentals to see how she is judged internationally. While she isn’t eligible for a +1 at Continentals, it won’t matter much as Carey is likely to sew up the +1 nominative in Melbourne if she wins that event, with 90 points and only two competitions left it will be 99.9% impossible. USA will also place top 3 in the combined rankings for World Cup AA and get a +1 there. So they would be ineligible to obtain a +1 at Continentals. Might as well use it as a test for two athletes that are in contention.


      • I agree the most likely for the off team spot has good AA and a medal worthy routine. But I see several girls meeting that criteria.

        Laurie has no chance IMO unless she’s beating Kara’s beam score.

        Leanne has an amanar, great BB and UB, so IMO she’s got a leg up on other non-event medaling girls for a team spot.

        We’ll have to wait to see what people bring


        • Kara averages less than Simone and Riley on Beam, she just can’t hit when it matters either due to falls or connection losses. She’s less consistent than Riley, which says a lot. I see the highest AA that doesn’t get on the team get the other non-nominative spot.

          Tokyo based on 2019 and upgrades already shared: Simone, Suni, Leanne, MyKayla with ?Riley? and Jade on non-nominative spots.

          I have not heard if Kara has changed her routine enough to increase her consistency to get the other non-nominative spot, but I think that’s the only one up for grabs and it’s between Riley, Kara, Morgan, Grace and Kayla. I don’t think anyone can make a good guess until late spring. All of these girls have had consistency issues. As far as I know there’s been no injuries yet, which is promising.

          If anyone has heard anything new about any of these girls, feel free to share!

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    • Skinner is a wasted spot though. Biles and Carey have VT covered, so Skinner would get 2 per’d out after qualifications. Her UB and BB are not at the level as the rest, and her FX is not necessary at this point with Lee, Biles, and Carey. Eaker and McCallum were consistently beating her on FX as well. A specialist on the 4 person team would be for BB, where the US is weakest and most inconsistent. Eaker lucked into an EF slot this year due to Black’s injury and in finals did not produce a medal for the second Worlds in a row. Hernandez is a BB girlie and a returning Olympian who medaled on BB. If she is in the top tier of athletes in the AA and producing a BB set that can go mid 14s to 15 range her stock goes up big time. We know USAG loves their returning Olympians The clips of her on UB show that her KCHS are much improved and her toe point is as beautiful as in Rio.
      It is very clear that in completing the team, Forster is looking at UB/BB as the majority of the athletes were given these two events to compete on World Trials Day 2. It is silly to think that someone who has the same strengths as what the core of the team already has has a better chance than someone rocking UB/BB. Skinner was passed over for a 5 person team this year, with one less person competing it makes the odds even more pressing. USA has a slew of AAers who VT DTY that score int he 14.5-14.6 range. Skinner at best would clear a 15.00 for her Cheng. It is not a massive swing in numbers that she need to compete just for VT. A USA VT team of Biles and 2 DTYs will still have the best team total on that piece in Tokyo. Skinner missed Rio because they needed an UB routine, she will miss Tokyo because they need a BB worker.


      • Skinner focused a lot of her training on her weakest events as instructed to boost her AA score, if you’ve been following her, you know that she’s bringing a triple double on FX, which means her VT and FX will likely be top 3 scores by spring and a huge advantage on the team, maybe top 2. Regardless of who gets 2 per’d out for event finals, they will likely want to choose the team based on scoring potential from the top tier of AA’rs. With Jade out, MyKayla will likely be in any configuration for top 4 team score.

        Based on what we saw at camp this past weekend, Simone, Sunisa and MyKayla will be the team thanks to their difficulty, it’s just too much to pass on assuming they can reliably execute their routines. So that last team spot will need to be on BB and UB, at minimum, whoever can provide the most points in a 3 up scenario.

        TF announced over the weekend that the top 2 AA at trials will be on the team, Jade excluded. So that might factor in if it’s someone with a busting total AA score, but very weak event(s).


        • We have seen Skinner load up on difficulty on FX before only to have to pull it out at the big meets. The added difficulty will also increase deductions. Instead of trying to fix routines up, she just adds in more difficulty. I saw a 1 1/2 through to full in that was scary looking, it might get a bit better but I am not willing to bet on it.


        • “ TF announced over the weekend that the top 2 AA at trials will be on the team, Jade excluded.”

          Where/to whom did he give an interview? I’ve been a little outta the loop this week!


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  4. I loved your podcast and it’s pity i can’t afford it right now. There are very few things to fix with the time but overall i really enjoyed it. Since English is not my first language it also good for practice the hearing! Thank you always for the content, Lauren.

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