The 12 Days of Live Blogs: 1989 World Championships

Welcome to the live blog for the sixth meet watch in our 12 Days of Gymnastics series, featuring the 1989 world championships!

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5:54 pm. So as we already knew, it’s Boginskaya with the gold, Laschenova with the silver, and Strazheva with the bronze. My podium is 100% Laschenova, Bontas, and Strazheva. THE END.

I’ll see you again tomorrow for the 1997 U.S. Championships which should be a BLAST.

5:53 pm. Sandy Woolsey USA FX: Whip through to triple full, a hair short in rotation but SUPER solid on that landing. Double tuck, could be a bit higher but still solid as it is. Double full to punch front through to a roundoff bhs loso series. Fantastic!

5:51 pm. Daniela Silivas ROU BB: I’m about to cry knowing what’s to come. Bhs loso loso with loose form in her knees. Jump series is low. Bhs layout, and she just hops off the side. RIP all of us. Sissone to gainer bhs. Full pirouette. Double tuck with a low chest and a step. Ugh.

5:49 pm. Yang Bo CHN VT: Low off of the horse, gets it around mostly with clean form but lands super low with her chest down and butt out. Much better on the second attempt!

Natalia Laschenova URS UB: Huge lovely Tkachev. Gorgeous Gienger to overshoot, tiniest leg separation on the Gienger. Stalder on the low bar is great, cowboyed double tuck, stuck. Yep, she’s my world champion, NOT SORRY ABOUT IT. Really, it was just the two tiny steps on her beam dismount that kept her from winning this title? I would sue, and Bontas should also sue.

5:47 pm. Fan Di CHN FX: Came in super low on her opening pass, almost hands down. Whip through to double full is GORGEOUS. Does a college salute out of it hahaha. Double pike is also low, and she apparently missed something too.

5:46 pm. Olga Strazheva URS BB: I wasn’t typing during most of this, but she just had a wild kind of landing on a flight series, the rest was mostly fine? Dismounted with a double tuck with a couple of steps back.

5:43 pm. Iveta Polokova TCH VT: Lord, Cuervo but a mess. She comes onto the horse literally in a ball, so then she’s a mess coming off the horse, and has to throw herself around instea

Bärbel Wielgoss GDR UB: Back somi over the low bar for her mount! Low Tkachev, hops to mixed grip then goes down to the low bar. Blind full then dismounts with a double full, good landing and all the Germans are like YAS WE LOVE THIS. So weird that this is in West Germany and they’re popping off about an East German girl, but I guess it’s mid-October 1989, so we’re literally like two weeks away from the borders opening up and the general feel at this time was probably like, let’s be pals.

5:42 pm. Choi Gyong Hui PRK FX: Went OOB on her first pass. The dude commentator called her Fan Di lmfao. Double full to punch front, through to a full-twisting back handspring series. High but cowboyed double tuck.

5:40 pm. Kim Gwang Suk PRK BB: Her legs are soooooooo little, I love it. Bhs loso loso, good. Switch to sissone, low back leg on the first. Stag jump to front aerial, perf. Bhs to Korbut that she immediately presses out of into a handstand pirouette in split. Beautiful! Full turn. Double tuck with a big hop back.

5:38 pm. Gabriela Potorac ROU UB: Missed her hands on the Jaeger and just dropped to her feet. Then just jumped into a glide kip on the low bar as if that was her planned routine haha. Finished with a double tuck.

5:37 pm. Svetlana Boginskaya URS VT: FTY, “that is the best feet together I have EVER SEEN!” but like, she literally moves one foot back?!?! Hahahaha. That’s okay, she’s gonna get a 10 anyway. Nelli Kim is the head judge on vault. I HATE THIS. That said, her body shape in the air is more stretched than literally anyone else’s. But I’m also mad. The second vault wasn’t great at all, very low with feet apart, but yeah, I don’t agree with either of her 10s tbh, I don’t agree with her bars score, and I don’t think she should’ve been on the AA podium here at all. And that’s my hot take.

5:36 pm. Brandy Johnson USA FX: Solid piked full-in. She’s so tan and blonde and with those feathered bangs she needs to be on an 80s soap opera. Hit the second pass and then a very clean double tuck to finish. Tbt to the beginning of this meet when the lady commentator was like “she’s too big to do gymnastics at worlds?”

5:33 pm. Cristina Bontas ROU BB: Bhs mount to bhs loso loso, perfection. Full spin to her jump series to back handspring, fantastic. Bhs loso to two-foot layout, hey, Jade Carey did that! Stuck the double tuck.

It’s a shame she was not on this AA podium. Honestly with all we’ve seen so far, I would’ve had probably Laschenova, then Bontas, then Strazheva. maybe even Bontas over Laschenova? But I have to see Laschenova’s bars first to decide. I love you Bogi but this is not it.

5:32 pm. Wendy Bruce USA UB: Hop change to front giant half, caught the Jaeger close and maybe tapped her foot, but didn’t really bother her as she went to the low bar with no problems, blind full to double tuck, good.

5:31 pm. Karine Mermet FRA VT: Beautiful FTY! This should be a 10 in comparison to some others but only a 9.975 lmao. THIS JUDGING IS TRASH. Second attempt is also stuck and gorgeous, just more buckled in the knees.

5:28 pm. I didn’t see who was leading at this point, but we’re over with the third rotation.

“Silivas was expecting a 10 for that bars routine” and the commentators think she was cheated out of it. SAME TBH. Spoiler alert, Silivas is about to fall on beam anyway so a 10 on bars wouldn’t have mattered but yeah, she got screwed with her routine getting only 0.025 over Boginskaya’s.

5:26 pm. Yang Bo CHN FX: Great piked full-in. This is such a fast-paced routine. Whip through to a super clean double full. Double spin through to a switch leap to stag leap. This choreo is great. Great double tuck. “Those bandages do nothing to increase the look of her lines and elegance.” Yet she has like the best lines here?!

5:24 pm. Sandy Woolsey USA BB: Pike jump is a bit low. Hit her leap series. “She has to tune out the jeers about the judges getting sick over Silivas’ mark.” LOL? Ludmila Tourischeva is head judge on bars and was apparently “shaking her head” when the score went up. GOD judging was so political in the 80s and 90s, I love it. This routine is mostly fine, just some wobbles on a few elements.

5:22 pm. Natalia Laschenova URS VT: Gorgeous FTY, flares it out one year before landing it, bends her knees a bit too much maybe to absorb the landing but basically perfect. 10! Why is she going again if she already has a 10?! She basically does the second vault the same lol. Go off.

Daniela Silivas ROU UB: Stalder half to Endo half to Deltchev, down to the low bar, stalder full is a little late, back up to the high bar, perfect handstand before a clear hip tucked front half dismount. That was fabulous.

5:20 pm. Iveta Polokova TCH FX: Super messy triple full to punch front tuck, a little wonky on the tuck but still got it around. Then hit the triple full a little short and rebounded into a crazy pass with simple skills, but LOTS of simple skills, like a layout to barani to blah blah. Cartwheel to straddle jump into the corner before her last pass, a super cowboyed double tuck, landed a bit low.

5:18 pm. Fan Di CHN BB: OFF ON A FORWARD ROLL LITERALLY KILL ME. Bhs loso bhs, gorgeous. The rest is also nice, especially the gainer loso. “She doesn’t look at the beam. She assumes the beam is there.” DAMN STRAIGHT. Good double full dismount.

5:16 pm. Bärbel Wielgoss GDR VT: FTY, not the greatest we’ve seen. Second is also very low with a big hop forward.

Olga Strazheva URS UB: Front roll over the low bar to catch high, awesome. I’m sure this has a name that I don’t know. Shaposh to clear hip half to Gienger to overshoot, DAMN GIRL. Short handstand before the Tkachev. Full-in with a MASSIVE stumble forward, UGH. Still gets a 9.925 tho LOL. I mean. Cool.

The lady commentator was like “I don’t like scores that are injustices” about Svetlana Boginskaya. She said she’s deserving of a 10 here but noted that she was overscored in compulsories.

5:14 pm. Svetlana Boginskaya URS FX: That opening pose and expression HAHAHA. Okay, THAT is why she won this AA title. Piked full-in, a little short, jumps into a lunge. Hop L turn to split leap into another jump, and those dance elements are part of her choreo, love it. 1.5 through to double full. Her choreo is actually brilliant tho. Cowboyed double tuck, little adjustment back into the lunge. Cartwheel into a straddle jump. More air guitar. Fantastic routine. She gets a 10 even though the tumbling isn’t THE BEST but I suppose I’ll forgive them because they’re like well the performance is PERFECT?

5:12 pm. Choi Gyong Hui PRK BB: I wasn’t typing during any of this really but it was a really strong routine.

5:10 pm. Gabriela Potorac ROU VT: FTY, straight for most of it, but pikes down near the end and has a little slide back on her first attempt.

Kim Gwang Suk UB: Nice handstand before a huge Tkachev right to I think a counter Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then a half turn down to the low bar. Blind 1.5 to Jaeger, I’m DEAD. Blind full to double tuck with a hop forward. Okay, so I’m a Kim Gwang Suk stan. Apparently had an extra swing in there but tbh she was going to fast I didn’t see NOR DO I CARE. #Perfection

5:08 pm. Karine Mermet FRA FX: Piked full-in, jumps into a lunge. 1.5 through to double tuck, mostly okay, but just steps back OOB at the end. THE WORM hahaha. Why not. Stumbled out of a leap into the corner before her next pass, a double tuck with a bounce into a lunge.

5:06 pm. Brandy Johnson USA BB: I missed the mount but caught up at the triple flight series, awesome. Full turn basically right into a gainer loso. Punch front. Love her little hop hop choreo. Has a weird wobble literally just turning around haha. Same! Good double tuck with a hop back.

5:05 pm. Cristina Bontas ROU UB: Blind full to Tkachev, a bit low, slow into the mixed grip after, down to the low bar. Good handstand before the Gienger, low and long double tuck with a little hop. Not the cutest routine but nothing majorly wrong.

5:04 pm. Wendy Bruce USA VT: FTY with a hop back. 9.9 for that attempt, and going for the second attempt now, better flare out for the landing but fights for the stick and ends up being a tiny bit short, with a tiny step forward.

5:02 pm. Miho Shinoda JPN FX: Solid double pike to start. Lots of shoulder pop choreo hahaha. Cartwheel to straddle jump into the corner before her front tuck through to double full, jumps into a lunge. Handstand pirouette into a leap series. Whip to back pike was cute haha. Double pike into a controlled lunge. Good routine!

5:01 pm. Larissa Lowing CAN BB: Excellent press mount to split that she holds with one hand, THE CONTROL. Good leap series. Forward roll up into a sissone to stag jump series. Side aerial to Korbut, a little adjustment there. Back tuck to a 90 degree straddle jump. Girl, same. Double tuck with a lunge back.

4:59 pm. Henrietta Onodi ROU UB: Clear hip full, then pushes off the low bar with a full turn up to the high bar. Gienger, hop change to low straddle Jaeger dropping down to the low bar after. She’s SO quick! Front giant with a half turn, then a blind full to stuck double tuck. BADASS ROUTINE.

4:57 pm. Chen Cuiting CHN VT: FTY, not a ton of power, but mostly clean. Baby hop. The second looked better in the air and more powerful actually, but she had a considerable hop back.

There’s a delay on bars so we just had the camera stare directly into a photographer’s eyes for a solid ten seconds. But I mean, some problematic 80s commentary aside, this has been a pretty effing fantastic broadcast.

4:55 pm. End of the second rotation! Olga Strazheva leads the competition at the halfway point. Boginskaya better truly impress me on the last two because right now I’m sadly not feeling it?

4:53 pm. Bärbel Wielgoss GDR FX: Triple full is a bit overrotated and messy. Switch ring to back to back straddle jumps. Piked arabian 1 3/4 roll out. Super solid double full!

4:51 pm. Iveta Polokova TCH BB: Tucked barani, too crooked, and she falls, which is her third fall of the competition, so  I’m sad for her. Bhs loso loso with some soft knees, then like, a half illusion turn. Back walkover with a nice split throughout, full turn to front walkover after to make her way across the length of the beam. Double tuck stumbles back a bit.

4:49 pm. Olga Strazheva URS VT: Very clean and solid FTY. Second one was weaker with a step back.

Fan Di CHN UB: Lovely blind half to front giant to huuuuuge straddle Jaeger to overshoot. Hips are a TINY bit piked on her handstands but not bad enough to deduct from here. Lovely Tkachev and a GORGEOUS double tuck dismount. So this gets a 9.95, and so did Boginskaya’s bars? LOOKS LIKE SOME SHADY ASS JUDGING HERE?! #CAROL

4:47 pm. Gabriela Potorac ROU FX: Tucked full-in, super messy, super cowboyed, WAY low on the landing. Super clean double full, but goes crooked into the front tuck so she’s a bit wonky and low there. Great landing on the double tuck.

4:45 pm. Svetlana Boginskaya URS BB: I think she had a one-armed bhs loso loso to start, with a wobble at the end, then a lovely leap series into a tuck jump half. Split leap to front walkover that she tick tocks back over into some low beam choreo. Full turn is clean. Triple bhs series, was supposed to be a bhs bhs loso apparently. “We’re VERY aware of what she CAN do.” Double tuck stuck with her feet apart. Honestly not a great routine with everything else we’ve seen here but she still goes 9.95 so SHRUG.

4:44 pm. Choi Gyong Hui PRK UB: Endo half, huge Jaeger to bail to stalder, YAS. So good. Tkachev with bent knees. Blind full to double tuck, super cowboyed with a hop. Stuff I loved here, stuff I hated. #Balance

4:43 pm. Kim Gwang Suk PRK VT: “She’s eye-level with that horse.” BC SHE’S A WEE BABY. Piked down on her FTY, decent landing. Second attempt is stuck absolutely cold but she’s still pretty piked down.

4:41 pm. Wendy Bruce USA FX: Tucked full-in into a controlled lunge. Whip through to double tuck, fab. Good double tuck. Another solid routine!

4:40 pm. Karine Mermet FRA BB: Bhs loso bhs loso, fantastic. Onodi with a wobble. Front toss down to one knee, back roll to handstand. Double tuck stumbled backwards and she falls. UGH.

4:38 pm. Cristina Bontas ROU VT: Suuuuuper split legs on her pre-flight, gets good power and height off the horse but the split legs make it hard for her to get her body shape back and she’s kinda weak overall, with a step. Much better DTY for her second attempt, though still a big lunge back.

Brandy Johnson USA UB: HUUUUUGE Tkachev, then a Jaeger to mixed grip, then drops down to the low bar. Fantastic. Blind full and a stuck double tuck. DAMN BRANDY!

4:36 pm. Chen Cuiting CHN FX: Whip thorough to piked full-in, solid landing, just a controlled lunge. Whip through to the cleanest double tuck in this entire meet tbh. Cartwheel to big straddle jump, nice lines there. Falls out of her double spin but turns it into choreo. Dive roll is fun. Another suuuuper clean double tuck, that was perfect. Would’ve been a 10 without that pirouette.

4:34 pm. Miho Shinoda JPN BB: Loso mount, good. bhs loso loso with fully bent knees and a wobble. Sissone to…two more leaps but her legs were rough so I’m not sure what they were supposed to be. “She’s got a telltale trailing bent leg.” YES. Punch front is great. Tick tock over to bhs loso, solid. Front aerial to full turn, a little overrotated. Back walkover swingdown for some choreo, then dismounts with a PERFECT double pike, the shape was fantastic and she basically stuck it, just stepped out to salute.

4:32 pm. Henrietta Onodi HUN VT: “Amazing how such a tiny little poppet can propel herself from the vault.” Same. Decent FTY, just a bit short and low. The second looked better, still a bit piked at the end but as the commentators are saying, she’s only 14 cm taller than the horse.

Larissa Lowing CAN UB: Blind full to Gienger to overshoot, great. Short handstand before her giants, blind full, clean double full dismount, stuck!

4:30 pm. Natalia Laschenova URS FX: This opening choreo is baller. In the Hall of the Mountain King music is honestly so aggressive for floor, when it speeds up it makes me feel like I have to speed up, imagine trying to move to that?! ANXIETY. Double layout to back handspring to straddle jump through to a connected pass into a double tuck, dead. I didn’t see what her next pass was, then a random loso side pass. Double tuck to finish.

4:28 pm. Yang Bo CHN BB: GOD that walkover chin stand. STAN. Switch leap to sissone to a little body wave. Bhs loso to Rulfova I’m SCREAMING. So perfect. Front aerial to scale and then walks it over to a split handstand in pirouette. Yang Bo, wobble on that, UGH. “She ruined it all with that wobble” LOL. Bhs loso loso, perfect. Low double tuck but gets the landing.

4:26 pm. Sandy Woolsey USA UB: Hecht mount, big Tkachev to straddle back to clear hip hecht half up to the high bar then brings it right back down to the low bar and then back up again, SO quick and fluid. Double back dismount. Fabulous work there.

4:25 pm. Second rotation for this group!

Daniela Silivas ROU VT: Solid FTY! Is she wearing a necklace, LOL? She has a little piece of gold on her chest. Pop off sis. The second attempt is worse, so she’ll take the first score.

4:21 pm. Kim Gwang Suk PRK FX: Tucked full-in is excellent. God she looks literally 10 years old. Omg she has my body, with a three-foot-long torso and two-inch-long legs. Double tuck is solid, then a good double full in a pass rebounding out of it. Double tuck to finish is solid, but again cowboyed. She’s supposedly 13 here but is also possibly ELEVEN YEARS OLD AT WORLDS if it’s true that she was actually born in 1978 so I’m not really far off when I say she looks 10.

4:19 pm. Gabriela Potorac ROU BB: Bhs loso loso, solid. Switch to stag jump to split jump half, good connections but the last jump was short. Walkover into a stag handstand that she pirouettes around, I think two rotations. Sissone to scale basically right into the full turn, love it. Bhs layout is solid but a bit piked. Stuck the double tuck with her chest a bit low.

4:17 pm. Choi Gyong Hui PRK VT: FTY, solid with a step. The second one is a bit bigger and better, small step though.

Svetlana Boginskaya URS UB: Short handstand before the blind full to lovely Tkachev, turns around to drop down to the low bar, split leg toe-on, and a low messy full-in dismount. “If the judges give her a 10 they will CRUCIFY themselves.” I mean, same, but LMAO. Thankfully “only” a 9.95 even though that was not a cute routine but we stan Bogi, so whatever.

4:15 pm. Cristina Bontas ROU FX: God I love an 80s Romanian on floor. Great double layout, maybe a little low out of the set if we want to be picky but she’s tiny and cute so we know the judges won’t be! Tucked full-in to back handspring to straddle jump through to another pass that concludes with a double tuck, DAMN GIRL. Whip whip through to double tuck. LOVE. I’d give that a 10. The judges do, too!

4:13 pm. Wendy Bruce USA BB: cool mount. Punch front, little step out of it. Cool leap series. Bhs bhs loso is super solid. Great switch leap to gainer loso. Stuck the double tuck cold!

4:12 pm. Karine Mermet FRA UB: Jaeger is clean, she has really nice lines. Short handstand before her giants into the double tuck, massive leg separation there with a hop.

4:11 pm. Brandy Johnson USA VT: FTY is excellent in the air, just a hop back, and this female commentator is high key body shaming her, I don’t even want to repeat it. She got a 9.9 and now the dude commentator is like “a 9.9 for that lmao where are the judges gonna go from there for the good vaults” EAT ITTT. For her second vault she does a different family, a Cuervo this time, solid landing there.

4:10 pm. Henrietta Onodi HUN FX: Whip through to piked full-in, SOOOO low, I thought she was going to smash her head, but she pulls it up quickly. Triple full, one of the cleanest in terms of difficult twisting elements we’ve seen today. Just slightly shy on the rotation. Double full to front tuck, a little iffy on that connection. Double pike, again a bit low but pulls her chest up.

4:08 pm. Chen Cuiting CHN BB: Headspring mount! Then rolls through some low choreo up into a sissone. Bhs loso with a little wobble back. Back handspring out of it. Switch leap is clean. Straddle to sissone, good extension. Bhs to a back tuck kick-out to straddle the beam, so cool. “Frightening to death coaching that.” Hahaha. Super clean double tuck with a little hop.

4:07 pm. Miho Shinoda JPN UB: Big Tkachev to straddle back, little half turn transition back to low, low Jaeger that drops down to the low bar, double pike with a lunge back.

4:06 pm. Larissa Lowing CAN VT: FTY, pretty short, with a big wobble on the landing. Clean in the air, though! Second attempt is much better overall, and she sticks it as well.

4:04 pm. Daniela Silivas ROU FX: Whip through to piked full-in, YAS, get it. Aww I miss her Annie hair. Double full to front tuck through to roundoff back handspring to…another double full? Couldn’t tell if it was that or a full. Some creative choreo and it’s a fun routine that has the crowd losing its collective shiz. Great double tuck that leans back on the landing but she pulls it forward.

4:02 pm. Natalia Laschenova URS BB: Front salto mount, excellent. Bhs layout series is PERFECT. This is the third competition of hers I’ve seen in like 24 hours and I’m FINE WITH THAT. Side scale before her switch to split leap to split leap, great. Front roll up to wolf jump. Tick tock into a loso, fantastic. Then walks down into a straddle on the beam. Little adjustments on some elements but nothing major at all. In 80s scoring I’d give it a 10 so far. Full-in dismount, a couple of steps back.

4:00 pm. Sandy Woolsey USA VT: FTY, goes a little soft in the hips at the very end but solid on the landing. Second attempt is even better, stuck cold!

Yang Bo CHN UB: Blind change to huge Jaeger to overshoot, back up to the high bar, double tuck to finish. NCAA much? But gorgeous lines.

3:57 pm. Olga Strazheva URS FX: THE floor routine!!!! Right of Spring, literally my favorite floor routine of all time. Nijinsky would die if he wasn’t already dead. It’s exactly as he intended. Tucked full-in into a lunge. Has a roll-out pass for her second, arabian 1 and 3/4. THE WAY SHE FLEXES HER FOOT WHEN KICKING HER BACK LEG UP. NIJINSKY STANS. Double tuck is super cowboyed. She’s like “IT’S PART OF THE DISSONANCE OF THE ROUTINE, YOU MUST NOT DEDUCT.”

3:56 pm. Bärbel Wielgoss GDR BB: Loso mount, switch to straddle to pike jump, a little low on the switch leap. Triple flight series, a bhs loso loso, pretty sweet. Another flight series, bhs back pike. Double full with messy ankles.

3:55 pm. Iveta Polokova TCH UB: Blind full into a blind half right to straddle back but comes in a bit wonky and hops off. Huge Tkachev but doesn’t hold on. “A tragedy.” “She’s falling to pieces.” “Her competition is OVER.” Hahahahahaha. DRAMAAAA! I mean she really only had those few skills and she fell on basically all of them. Just hit the double back dismount.

3:54 pm. Fan Di CHN VT: Hit the FTY very nicely. The difference between her FTY and any of the vaults we saw in the first group is like night and day. So great in the air. Just a hop on the landing. 9.9 for the first, and the second was much better on the landing! 9.925 for her final score.

3:53 pm. Eva Rueda leads the first group of gymnasts!

3:50 pm. Gergana Peeva BUL FX: Tucked full-in with her chest down. Did a mini acro line but just basics and a straddle out of it. Triple full is a bit underrotated. Leaps after that were all way short. Cool turn where she starts out kneeling and then pushes herself up into a double spin, that was entertaining. Double tuck, form things, but decent landing.

3:48 pm. Astrid Heese GDR BB: Front handspring mount, almost right into a front handspring into a jump. Bhs loso loso with RATHER RAGGED form. Back roll to handstand that she swings through to another handstand, and then swings through again, cute. She just keeps swinging backwards out of the arena. Double full with a hop back.

3:47 pm. Tanja Köste GDR VT: A non-salto handspring with a full twist and a huge leap out of it. Sticks it on the second attempt but it’s such a nonsense vault, the judges aren’t gonna care how she does it tbh.

Roberta Kirchmayer ITA UB: Really good Gienger at the start. Nice Tkachev, maybe slight knee bend. Clean double tuck with a baby hop.

3:44 pm. Eva Rueda ESP FX: Speak of the devil! Double layout to start. I think we skipped over the third rotation in this broadcast? That’s fine. Oof, double back that’s like a pike/tuck mix, punches out of it, then does a double full for her connected run. Another ambiguous “is this a pike or a tuck” but I think they were still allowed to do mixed skills at this time? The commentator called it a “pike-in tuck-out” so I’ll just assume that this was meant to be, and not that she just got progressively terrible halfway through the skill.

3:42 pm. Small break after the second rotation! I just checked the results and most of the gymnasts in this rotation finish in the bottom half of the competition, but it looks like Eva Rueda ends up placing 13th all-around after both groups go! SPOILERS.

3:41 pm. Leah Homma CAN FX: The MOST aggressive run into her piked full-in, but has a foot go OOB. Triple spin. Shushunova down into her flairs, LOVE. Handstand pirouette to get back up. We love it. Whip through to a clean double full and then a series of tuck jumps. Double pike into a solid lunge. Great routine aside from the OOB.

3:39 pm. Kim Myong Hwa PRK BB: Hit the punch front mount, solid. Bhs loso with bent legs. Randomly does another bhs out of it but it’s not connected to the first sequence. “If she had her wits about her she wouldn’t have put that flick on.” Beautiful. Korbut. Decent on most of her jumps/leaps. Double tuck, a little low with a couple of steps back.

3:38 pm. Milena Mavrodieva BUL UB: Blind full, overshoot, way short before her clear hip, Tkachev to mixed grip that drops to the low bar but she just slips right off of the low bar haha. Ugh. Double tuck, jumps her feet together.

3:37 pm. Sarah Mercer GBR VT: Sat the handspring front pike. Gets it better on the second attempt to up her score by 0.5.

3:35 pm. Krisztina Kovacs HUN FX: Piked full-in landed completely OOB, GORGEOUS landing though haha. Double tuck to punch front tuck, does the tuck to her butt and then has to immediately stand up to run into the “connected” pass, a front handspring front tuck. Double tuck right into the corner with a hop for her last pass.

3:33 pm. Deliana Vodenicharova BUL BB: Lovely mount. Low back leg on her switch leap. Cartwheel to back handspring, Tick tocks from a handstand in a split through to a bhs loso, big wobble there. Kind of a wolfturn, starts in tuckstand with her leg out to the side but pulls it in halfway through and finishes in just a tuck position. Goes for a triple full dismount! A little underrotated with a step, and messy in the air.

3:32 pm. Giulia Volpi ITA PB: Stalder to Deltchev, great. Short on some handstands. Stuck the toe front half.

3:31 pm. Alicia Fernandez ESP VT: Sat her handspring front tuck, ugh. She looked like she got the height, but she was just a little far back on her heels on the landing maybe? Really pushes her chest forward on the second one so she overrotates a bit, not as clean and has a step, but better than a fall.

3:29 pm. Roberta Kirchmayer ITA FX: Whip through to double pike, pretty good! She’s another tiny/compact kid. Good front series, finishes it with a Rudi. Her music is like Italian opera, Figaro maybe? Double tuck with a low chest but a solid landing. Yay, that was energetic and fun.

3:27 pm. Tanja Köste GDR BB: Back tuck mount, leg up and she flies off. She’s in straight-up hot pink with little black dots all over it. We love it. Cat leap and pulls her leg up to hold it in a front kinda scale when she lands, cool! Bhs loso, solid. Jump series into a full turn. Bhs to sissone to scale, down into a handstand and then goes into low beam choreo, including a back roll facing sideways. Gainer loso is great. Double full lands low.

3:26 pm. Gergana Peeva BUL UB: Deltchev was a bit low but it was to an immediate release right down to the low bar (that 70s thing where they just kinda drop from one to the other, no idea what THAT’S called, I usually just say “drops down” to the low bar lol). Double tuck dismount a bit messy. Not a ton in that routine but fine.

3:25 pm. Astrid Heese GDR VT: Just a handspring front tuck, big lunge forward. Good enough, I suppose. Basically does the same thing on her second attempt, maybe a bit tighter overall.

3:24 pm. Eszter Ovary HUN FX: Good full-in opening pass. Double pike jumped into a lunge. She’s got some cool classic rock kinda music and it’s a LOT of electric guitar. Double tuck into another pretty controlled lunge. Solid effort!

3:22 pm. Monique Allen AUS BB: Really cool quarter turn to handstand mount, which she then flexes out of like a queen. Lovely bhs loso, almost to beat jump. #NCAA I had to jump into work for a second (oh yeah, I’m working right now lol) but overall this was a gorgeous routine, excellently fluid, and she nailed the double back dismount as well.

3:21 pm. Eva Rueda ESP UB: Had both a Jaeger and Tkachev, both done well. We saw her at the USSR vs The World meet yesterday. Excellent double layout dismount. Great routine!

Ahhh, I just realized this competition is in the same arena where 2019 worlds were held! FUN. I thought it looked familiar.

3:19 pm. Lori Strong CAN VT: Excellent solid FTY. “It was a STRONG vault.” HAHAHAHA. Commentary! Also hit the second vault well.

By the way, this was the first world championships all-around competition that used the “second life” rule, meaning the qualification scores didn’t count into the final scores, so they got a fresh start in the all-around competition.

3:18 pm. Moving onto the second rotation now.

3:15 pm. Alicia Fernandez ESP FX: Front through to double pike, awesome! She’s a tiny compact one. Attitude turn, then a layout full to back handspring to sissone. She’s very spunky and has a fun routine. Whip through to double tuck, a bit cowboyed but solid again. Switch to split jump. I feel like she’s gonna get like a 9.7 but if she was in the top group of gymnasts (which I’m guessing is the second subdivision based on what we’ve seen so far) this would be like a 9.9 lol. Or a 10 if she’s Groshkova lmao. Double tuck, suuuuuuuper cowboyed, but again landed pretty well…chest just down a bit.

3:13 pm. Giulia Volpi ITA VT: The female commentator just called her first vault “rather ragged” and I’m done. I’m only going to refer to mess as “rather ragged” from now on. Second attempt at the vault is meh.

Krisztina Kovacs HUN BB: Short by about 90 degrees on every single jump. Good on the bhs loso. Had a full attitude turn! Double pike with a hop back. Aside from the jumps this was pretty solid.

3:12 pm. There’s a long wait for score discrepancies and the crowd is clapping in perfect horror movie levels of unison. It was honestly weird?

3:09 pm. Giulia Volpi ITA VT: Handspring front tuck half I think? A bit messy.

Deliana Vodenicharova BUL UB: Good Takchev, also had a straddle back. I think her dismount was a piked full-in but it was a MESSSSSSS HAHAHA. Omg her legs were every possible shape you can imagine. Dear Lord. But love a piked full-in, so get it?!

Here’s Astrid’s 80s af leo:

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 3.08.29 PM

3:08 pm. Astrid Heese GDR FX: Her leo is SO 80s I want to scream. She opens with a triple full that’s super underrotated. Her second pass is a double full to back handspring and then she rebounds into a connected pass, a full. Finishes with a double full. No double saltos, and the commentators are suggesting an injury keeping her from that.

3:06 pm. Roberta Kirchmeyer ITA BB: I like that we’re seeing truly the most random in the field. It’s so rare that we see anyone but like the top five, so I love this. Punch front, fall, too bad. Bhs loso was solid. Had a leap into a triple flight series. Overall a decent routine aside from the fall.

3:05 pm. Gergana Peeva BUL VT: This is the Bulgarian we saw before, she does another FTY but it’s weaker than the first, kind of super low.

3:04 pm. Tanja Köste GDR UB: Not a ton of difficulty here from what it looks like, kind of like a shootover thing but no big releases. Dismounted with a double tuck.

3:02 pm. We started in the middle of a floor routine so I didn’t bother with that one.

Someone just hit an FTY but I didn’t see who it was. Gonna start paying attention NOW!

2:58 pm. Welcome back to the 12 Days of Live Blogs! Today we’re going into the 1989 world championships, and we’re just gonna watch the all-around competition, because the coverage is three hours long for some reason. I think because there were like one million gymnasts in the final, so there are multiple subdivisions? WE’LL FIND OUT!

I’ll be pressing play at 3:02 pm! Hope you can join us!

10 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Live Blogs: 1989 World Championships

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  2. Now I am sad you are not doing 1991. If I recall, there was some stuff about how bogi should have won over KZB in 1991, would be nice to compare.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So that’s one worlds I’ve actually gone back and seen, and I agree that this is the year Bogi should have won! And that judging heavily favored Kim because of the home crowds and home scoring. I love Kim, but ’91 was absolutely Bogi’s year, and ’89 was absolutely NOT her year hahaha.


  3. THANK YOU! I grew up in the 80s, so this is MY decade. I loved Boginskaya, but I never really saw her as an AA champ. She was classy and artistic, but her teammates had far more originality and difficulty (and equally good form and execution). In my heart, the 1989 World AA results will always be: 1.) Laschenova; 2.) Strazheva; 3.) Boginskaya. And it still hurts my heart that Dudnik didn’t make the AA final because of a semi-botched UB compulsory.


    • I completely agree. To this day, Dudnik’s balance beam is one of my favourites ever. The combination of fluidity, artistry and enormous level of difficulty has been matched only a handful of times during these 3 decades since she competed.
      But honestly, the entire Soviet team that year was just on another level. The artistry….the artistry… just a treat to the eyes

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes DUDNIK!!!!!!!!!!! I always forget she lasted for like one second in the sport and that this really was her only major meet. But yeah, as much as I love Bogi, this meet just didn’t impress me at all. I was straight up screaming over Laschenova and Strazheva, but Bogi left me feeling kinda meh. I guess a lot of the things that were ‘problematic’ for her were more related to her form, which wasn’t really something judges seemed to care about at all lol, so I get that it’s a different code and a different way of evaluating routines, but also…COME ON. UB sets that were far better than Bogi’s got basically the same score or even lower, so at that point it’s just egregious. All of my complaints about her at this meet are basically my same complaints about Maggie Nichols and Kyla Ross getting 10s with errors, because the judging becomes more about who you are than what you do.


  4. I know, such a pity that Dudnik lasted for so little and then got injured. She truly was an amazing performer and athlete, and as much as I love Silivas (who is probably my favorite gymnast ever), I think Dudnik should have won the gold medal on balance beam, even with that big step on the dismount. But I truly get what you mean and agree that Bogi was not at her best and shouldnt have won the AA title. But this is also the beauty of the sport: the fact that is so intricate and complex that cannot be judged “objectively” and is always open to different interpretations, like any artistic expression…so years after we can still be pissed about certain scores and express our outrage and disagreement… 🙂
    Can’t wait to follow your “live” commentary on the 1988 Olympics team and AA finals (hopefully you will also comment on the beauty of Celestina Popa’s balance beam, another all-time favorites of mine…please do it lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m so excited to get to 1988…that’s a competition I’ve seen but didn’t really pay attention to super closely or with a critical eye, so I’m sure I’m going to have a LOT of opinions about the scoring there, especially in the team final!


  5. Watching these old comptetions makes me so aware of the point to which I love this sport. Yesterday, today, and undoubtedly tomorrow. And it’s a great pleasure to watch them through your eyes, Lauren. Thanks !


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