Kharenkova Wins Voronin Cup All-Around Title

Maria Kharenkova

No one traveled to Russia to compete in the women’s field at this year’s Voronin Cup, but the all-around gold still went to an “international” gymnast, as Maria Kharenkova won the title representing Georgia.

Kharenkova earned a 52.000 to get the win, with her best work coming on beam, where she got a 14.3. Due to the two-per-country rule in place here, she automatically made all four apparatus finals, where she was also guaranteed to medal on every event regardless of how she performed. She ended up winning beam and floor outright, with scores of 14.35 and 13.4, and she picked up bronze medals on both vault and bars, despite finishing last in the vault final with a 12.1 average and finishing fifth on bars with an 11.375.

Also winding up on the all-around podium were Kristina Kazan in second with a 50.000 and Alyona Arkusha in third with a 48.100, both of whom compete for Saint Petersburg. Kazan also won the silver on floor with a 13.1, while Arkusha won the vault title with a 12.913 average.

The only national-level senior gymnasts to compete here were Angelina Simakova on bars and beam, and Uliana Perebinosova only on beam. Simakova did well on the first day of competition, getting scores of 13.85 and 14.1 respectively, and she came back to win the bars title with a 14.375 and then the silver on beam with a 13.875, while Perebinosova, who won the all-around title at this year’s national championships, came back from a fall on day one to win the bronze on beam with a 13.6.

Other medalists here included Uliana Kuznetsova with a 12.738 average for silver on vault, Vlada Kotlyarova with a 12.325 for silver on bars, and Susanna Ovsepian with a 12.225 for bronze on floor.

13-year-old Diana Kustova won the junior all-around title with a 52.200, followed by Leila Vasilieva with a 52.000 for silver, and Ksenia Blokhina with a 50.800 for bronze.

Kustova also won the bars and beam titles with scores of 15.0 and 13.3, respectively, as well as the bronze medals on vault and floor. While her bars score is pretty heavily inflated, she did have a beautiful routine and should be a big deal for Russia as she begins officially competing as a junior in 2021. Vasilieva won the vault title with a 13.4 average, as well as silver on bars with a 14.25, and Blokhina won silver on beam with a 12.55. The floor title went to Sabina Kaigulova, who was fourth in the all-around, with a 13.25.

In the men’s competition, Artur Davtyan of Armenia won gold with an 82.899, followed by Russians Artem Pleshkin with an 80.000 for silver and Viktor Britan with a 79.700 for bronze. Davtyan also won the floor, pommels, and vault finals with great performances on all three, while Oleg Stupkin won rings with a 14.225, Oleg Stepko won p-bars with a 14.0, and Sergei Eltsov won high bar with a 13.7.

Artem Smetanin won the junior competition with a 75.699, followed by Pavel Sirota in second with a 73.166, and Ivan Zavrichko in third with a 72.699, but because the competition included one international gymnast – Abu Saed Rafi of Bangladesh – it meant Zavrichko was not eligible to earn bronze, while Rafi, who was 20th overall, won the medal with a 53.732 total.

Zavrichko ended up getting the floor, pommels, and vault golds, while Evgeny Pashkin won rings, Ranel Saifullin won p-bars, and Smetanin won high bar.

Results for both the men’s and women’s competition are available here.

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