2021 Winter Cup | Elite Team Cup Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the Elite Team Cup at the 2021 Winter Cup, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Asher Hong 80.700
2. Kai Uemura 77.450
3. Vahe Petrosyan 77.250
4. Maxim Bereznev 75.050
5. Danilo Viciana 74.950
— Toma Murakawa 74.950
7. Dallas Hale 74.300
8. Alexandru Nitache


1. Region 3 – 306.950
2. Region 1 – 303.750
3. Region 8 – 300.300

7:50 pm. Cailen Walker SR: Starts with saltos up to L sit. Arched a handstand before his giants to his full-in, almost stuck, just a wobble.

Nikolai Kolesnikov FX: Double front, cowboyed with a hop. Triple full, rotation is a tad bit short, some ankle form as well. Double full, a little short with a hop.

7:49 pm. Caden Spencer PB: Just hit a double back dismount with a step.

Kellen Ryan FX: Arabian double front, hop, 2.5 to barani, little bounce in place, front layout to front full.

Lais Najjar PH: Came off halfway through his routine.

Kyler Hartley HB: Fell on a release. Back on for a Tkachev, tried to do something German giant-y but fell halfway through.

7:47 pm. Zach Snyder FX: Front layout to front double full, good triple full! 2.5 to barani, stuck. Aww, he did a handstand pirouette. Layout full.

Landon Wu SR: Invert hang to double tuck to double pike up to handstand, doesn’t hold it but just brings it right to a straddle sit instead. Coach yells “BREATHE.” It works. Next handstand is better. Presses to handstand again and holds it well, low full-in with a hop.

7:45 pm. AJ Morgan FX: I missed the beginning, caught from the 1.5 to front full, layout, layout full I think at the end.

Jaden Blank VT: Kaz, really low landing.

Brigham Frentheway HB: Big Tkachev, hop full, Rybalko, Weiler, full-twisting double layout, chest down and a small hop.

7:41 pm. Zachary Gilbaugh FX: Arabian double front, front tuck full to Rudi, 1.5 to barani, nice work.

Danilo Viciana VT: Kaz full, solid but just needs some cleaning up.

Alexandru Nitache VT: DTY with a step back, solid!

7:40 pm. Garrett Schooley VT: Kaz full, a little messy in his leg form, hop.

Hunter Mamawal HB: Yamawaki to Endo, that’s probably my fave high bar combo, straddle Tkachev, double layout with a hop. Lovely work.

7:39 pm. Region 3 is leading the teams but I didn’t catch scores in time!


1. Asher Hong 80.700
2. Dallas Hale 74.300
3. Cameron Lee 73.850
4. Caden Clinton 73.050
5. Dave Wolma 72.700
6. Xander Agate 71.300
7. Eli Hoberecht 68.800
— Jonah Soltz 68.800

7:34 pm. Garrett Schooley SR: L sit down to invert pike, knees to his nose. Double pike to double tuck to L sit, really tight, but he’s swinging quite a bit. Presses to handstand, gets it perfectly for a second but then arches and swings out of it. Another press to handstand, holds this one better but with bent elbows, stuck the full-in.

7:32 pm. Dave Wolma PH: Had a few moments at the beginning where his legs were a little stuck in his scissors but the rest was solid.

7:31 pm. Maxim Bereznev SR: Nice press to handstand. He was really fluid overall.

Kai Uemura FX: Piked double front with a step, front double full to front full, 2.5 to barani, just some ankle form in the 2.5. Rudi side pass. Double full, somewhat wild there with his legs but stuck it.

7:30 pm. Ryan Vanichtheeranont FX: Tucked full-in, SUPER open almost laid-out double tuck, but to his knee. Layout side pass.

Asher Hong PH: Really clean at the beginning, great transition into his flairs, ugh, then gets his leg stuck on a circle element and has to hop off. Back on for more flairs, which he travels in, pikes his hips a little near the end, gets to the dismount no problem.

Nikolai Kolesnikov HB: just saw the full-twisting layout dismount, hop.

7:29 pm. Caden Clinton PH: Almost his entire routine was flaired, pretty good until he lost steam at the very end, just muscled the finish into the dismount.

Jacob Foster SR: Salto skills are good, presses L sit up to handstand, a little short there, hop on the full-in.

7:26 pm. Cameron Lee PH: Good extension in scissors at the beginning, legs apart on a circle skill, but pulls it back together, loses leg form slightly again after that, muscles into the handstand for the dismount.

Tai Gopaul FX: Big double front, then a front double full. Stuck the tucked full-in. 2.5 to barani with his chest down. Double full with a step.

Jaden Blank SR: Hit routine, hop back on his full-in dismount.

7:25 pm. Arthur Ashton FX: 2.5, a little soft, tucked full-in with a step back. Front layout to front half, a little arched in the layout position.

Alexandru Nitache SR: Was a little short in a handstand but stuck the dismount.

7:23 pm. There are too many boys screaming right now.

Hunter Mamawal PB: He just sat his double pike dismount here.

Eli Hoberecht VT: Tsuk layout, a little short with a hop.


1. Asher Hong 68.100
2. Vahe Petrosyan 64.600
3. Dallas Hale 62.900
4. Toma Murakawa 62.750
5. Cameron Lee 62.050
6. Dave Wolma 61.150
7. Cailen Walker 61.050
8. Landon Wu 60.750


1. Region 3 257.300
2. Region 1 253.200
3. Region 7 244.250
4. Region 2 234.050
5. Region 5 200.100
6. Region 8 197.000
7. Region 4 193.050
8. Region 9 181.050

7:16 pm. Asher Hong FX: Full-twisting double layout, solid. Front full to randi, excellent. 2.5 to barani. Flairs. Japanese press handstand. Casual jog into his triple full, a little short and some ankle form, but he’s so good.

7:15 pm. Cailen Walker PH: Another routine with a ton of flairs, and it was a good one!

Kai Uemura HB: Missed his hand on his straddle Tkachev, caught it with the other, slipped off, and did a tuck out of it.

7:13 pm. Dave Wolma FX: Big double layout, front double full to barani, tucked full-in was huge. I think a 1.5 to front full after that, couldn’t tell if the last pass was a double or a triple full but he was very clean and solid on the landing.

Everett O’Donnell SR: A little shaky and arched in his handstands. Double tuck with a hop.

Noah Dhaliwal VT: Tsuk layout.

7:11 pm. Justin Ciccone VT: Roche! Runs out of it but got a great block.

Dallas Hale FX: I missed his first pass, tucked full-in with a hop back. 2.5 to front layout. Triple full to finish was great.

Landon Wu PH: More flairs! Got stuck near the end and also had to muscle his dismount but wow Region 1 loves flairs I guess.

7:08 pm. Ryan Vanichtheeranont HB: Big Tkachev, stalder, stalder half a little crookeed, Endo to Endo half, I missed the dismount.

Cameron Lee FX: Double front, 2.5 to front full, good. Hit the rest!

Kristian Grahovski VT: Kaz, sat it!

Vahe Petrosyan PH: He had really nice flairs for the most part, slowed down in them a bit near the end and muscled the dismount, but loved his lines and extension so much, one of the more difficult routines.

7:07 pm. Okay I missed the entire beginning of the rotation again but here we go!

Caleb Melton VT: Kaz 1.5, a little messy in the air, step on the landing.

Will Fleck VT: Kaz, clicks his heels together, clean and solid, not a ton of amplitude.


1. Asher Hong 54.700
2. Vahe Petrosyan 51.100
3. Toma Murakawa 50.400
4. Dallas hale 49.800
5. Danilo Viciana 49.550
6. Cameron Lee 49.450
7. Landon Wu 49.300
8. Maxim Bereznev 49.000


1. Region 3 205.350
2. Region 1 203.550

Oh the standings went away already so that’s all we get!!!

7:00 pm. Dallas Hale HB: Huge Kovacs, but like Asher, a little TOO big and he misses the catch. It was lovely though! Caught a Tkachev and then hit the Rybalko, went a little crooked in his swing but controlled it before the stalder, blind full, and DDLO dismount, just bent his knees a bit there and hopped.

6:57 pm. Asher Hong HB: Yamawaki, one-arm front pirouette, huge straddle Tkachev but can’t grab the bar, fall. DDLO dismount with a little hop.

Will Fleck SR: Nice handstands, good landing on the full-in.

6:55 pm. Cailen Walker FX: Big double double, big hop back. 2.5 to barani, came low out of the 2.5 but still got it around. Rudi. Hit the rest!

Caleb Melton SR: Body position in the planche was really weirdly piked. Also really muscled into his handstands. Stuck the dismount!

Vishal Mandava HB: Legs came apart after catching his straddle Tkachev. Nice Endo to Endo half. Stuck the full-twisting double layout.

6:53 pm. Jacob Foster PH: He has a really nice clean and tight swing. Simple set but done very well, great work.

Landon Wu FX: Hop forward on his first pass, then hit a front double full with a small hop. Double full with some leg form but landed it well.

Noah Dhaliwal SR: Shaky going into his planche but got there eventually. The rest was pretty good.

Cameron Lee HB: I missed the beginning, but think he hit everything, didn’t see him come off. Full-twisting double layout was a little piked.

6:51 pm. Hunter Mamawal VT: Kaz half, a little rough in the air and he crashed the landing.

Vahe Petrosyan FX: Piked double front and arabian double front, the latter had a big hop forward. Double full.

Cayden Mannos VT: Kaz, some weak form.

Dave Wolma HB: Off on his Tkachev, ugh, he was doing so well today! Hit the rest.

Kyler Hartley VT: FTY with a small step back.

6:49 pm. Brigham Frentheway VT: Kaz, clean with a small hop.

Justin Ciccone SR: Hit the beginning, L sit to planche was nice, swings up to straddle sit, muscled a handstand and held it with bent elbows, stuck the double tuck.

Garrett Schooley PH: Hit routine, looked very clean to me!

Arun Chhetri FX: Double front, 2.5 to front layout, that’s all I saw but both were good!

6:47 pm. Derek Schlagenhauf VT: Kaz, a little rough, hop.

I missed most of the first routines of this rotation.


1. Payton Lerwill 47.550
2. Xander Agate 46.800
3. Jonah Soltz 45.550
4. Eli Hoberecht 45.300
5. Everett O’Donnell 44.000
6. Asher Hong 42.650*
7. Dallas Hale 39.400*
8. Vahe Petrosyan 38.450*

* Three-event score


1. Region 2 187.100
2. Region 3 158.900
3. Region 1 153.600
4. Region 8 148.600
5. Region 4 145.050
6. Region 7 142.550
7. Region 9 130.650
8. Region 5 102.200

6:40 pm. Arun Chhetri HB: Straddle Tkachev, fall. Hit a hop full and Rybalko when he got back on, stalder, and full-twisting double layout with a hop.

6:39 pm. Asher Hong PB: Okay specifically watching p-bars for the first time all meet for Asher. Basket up to handstand, quick transitions between single rail back to two, one-armed pirouettes, stuck the double front half-out with his chest forward.

6:38 pm. Cailen Walker HB: Layout Tkachev, feet barely clear the bar and he has to muscle the giant out of it around. Hit everything else, though. Solid landing on the dismount.

6:36 pm. Kyler Hartley SR: He hit everything I saw, double double dismount with his chest down.

Jacob Foster FX: Double tuck, Rudi, and 2.5 were all good. Layout side pass. Skidded the pass after that but held it up. Layout full with a bobble. Double full to finish.

6:34 pm. Maxim Bereznev FX: Full-in to start, then a 1.5 to Rudi, nice landing and clean in the air. Clean double full. 2.5 to barani. Hit the last pass.

Vahe Petrosyan HB: I missed the beginning, mostly saw his pirouette elements, also caught a straddle Tkachev and hit a double layout dismount, got crazy height but landed a little low.

6:32 pm. Kellen Ryan VT: Kaz 1.5, good! Knees maybe a tad soft, but just a small hop forward, great power.

Alexandru Nitache FX: Hit a 2.5 to front full at the beginning then a full-in, both good. Layout full, double full, clean.

Joseph Pepe HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, full-twisting double layout, maybe a little piked.

Nathan Couture VT: Think he did an FTY but I didn’t see it closely enough.

6:31 pm. Max Kephart SR: Arched over an early handstand, double pike to double tuck to L sit, didn’t really hold it long enough, layout half dismount.

Zach Snyder VT: Kaz full, some leg form, and a hop.

Toma Murakawa HB: Looked like a hit routine from what I saw, full-twisting double layout with a hop.

6:29 pm. AJ Morgan VT: Kaz half, legs were a bit loose,

Landu Wu HB: Tkachev, stalder to stalder half, good landing on the full-twisting double layout.

Danilo Viciana FX: Dobule tuck with a hop back, big 2.5. 1.5 to front full, and finished with a clean and stuck double full.

Zachary Gilbaugh VT: Kaz half with a hop forward.

6:27 pm. Jaden Blank FX: First pass into a barani was good. Layout full. Double full a little low.

Everett O’Donnell PH: Started out strong but tucked his legs near the end and kept them tucked until he dismounted.

Derek Schlagenhauf SR: Good landing on his double tuck.

Nikolai Kolesnikov VT: Kaz half, lunge forward.


1. Kristian Grahovski 37.000
2. Payton Lerwill 36.000
3. Xander Agate 35.800
4. Caleb Melton 35.750
5. Will Fleck 35.600
6. Everett O’Donnell 34.550
7. Eli Hoberecht 34.250
8. Jonah Soltz 34.150


1. Region 7 142.550
2. Region 2 141.600
3. Region 3 108.100
4. Region 1 104.300
5. Region 5 102.200
6. Region 8 97.450
7. Region 4 91.000
8. Region 9 87.350

6:21 pm. Danilo Viciana HB: Straddle Tkachev, blind change to front giant into L grip, legs go out of control a little when he goes back to regular grip, full-in with leg separation as well, but hit.

6:18 pm.  AJ Morgan SR: Maltese down to invert pike, up to planche, a little shaky, slow to invert pike, then swings up to handstand. L sit pressed down to iron cross, good. Invert pike, and a layout half dismount with a big wobble. He has a giant arm tattoo, I didn’t think that was allowed for someone who’s like 15-16? Love that for him.

6:16 pm. Zachary Gilbaugh SR: Muscled to handstand but only stayed about halfway there. All of his handstands were pretty weak, also a little short on his dismount.

Jonah Soltz FX: Hit his first pass, then a 1.5 to front tuck, Layout for one of his passes and a double full to finish.

Maxim Bereznev HB: I didn’t see almost anything he did but saw that he caught a release and stuck his dismount so there’s that!

6:13 pm. Nikolai Kolesnikov SR: Got a little jerky in his salto elements, bent elbows in one of his handstands, full-in with a hop back.

Eli Hoberecht FX: High double tuck, little hop, Rudi side pass, double full with a hop to finish.

Kai Uemura VT: Kaz full, some leg form, small hop forward.

Jaden Blank HB: Off on his straddle Tkachev. The rest was good when he got back on, step back on his dismount.

Arthur Ashton VT: Kaz full, but I didn’t see the landing.

6:12 pm. Payton Lerwill FX: Pretty simple but clean tumbling throughout. Opened with a high double tuck, stumbled on his front full, had a clean layout side pass.

Tai Gopaul VT: Another Kaz, stuck it!

6:09 pm. Nathan Couture SR: Good set, just a small hop back on the dismount.

Evertt O’Donnell FX: Front double full, 2.5, both good. Whip to 1.5. Rudi side pass. Good double full to finish.

Caden Spencer PH: Had a fall about halfway through.

Logan Schmitt VT: Kaz, OOB.


1. Asher Hong 28.950
2. Dallas Hale 26.850
3. Dave Wolma 26.400
4. Cameron Lee 25.750
5. Caden Clinton 24.800
6. Derek Schlagenhauf 24.550
7. Brigham Frentheway 24.100
8. Will Fleck 23.850


1. Region 3 108.100
2. Region 7 94.050
3. Region 2 92.250
4. Region 9 87.350
5. Region 1 54.250
6. Region 8 49.600
7. Region 5 49.350
8. Region 4 44.900

With eight teams here (no Region 6), it means two teams are on a bye during each rotation.

6:03 pm. Hunter Mamawal PH: Hit his legs early on and then lost his leg form and fell back onto the horse, fall. when he gets back on his hips are a bit piked and his legs get stuck a few times, also struggles up to handstand.

6:00 pm. Caleb Melton FX: Didn’t see what his first pass was, just that it was a twist and was a little short in rotation. Double double with a hop forward. Big double layout with a small hop. 2.5 to Rudi, great! Wobbly arms on his last pass but I missed what he did.

Derek Schlagenhauf PH: Hit routine.

5:57 pm. I just had to breathe for a minute after Asher’s vault. This is the most difficult meet to live blog EVER, it’s SO fast and six things going on at once, I’m just like…help meeeee. But that vault was very exciting.

Caden Spencer FX: Good landing on the double front. Height on the double double was CRAZY, landed it a bit low but the height into it was fab. Same on the arabian double front, he FLIES. Step forward on that pass. High, clean, stuck double tuck, 1.5 to Rudi also good, arabian double front half-out at the end, his weakest landing, but great difficulty!

5:54 pm. Justin Ciccone FX: Front layout to double front, good, goes for a piked double front but sits it. Double layout is clean. Good double full.

Arthur Ashton SR: Good from what I could see and stuck the dismount.

Asher Hong VT: Kaz 2.5, legs are a bit crazy but DAMN. 15.0!

5:53 pm. Brigham Frentheway PH: Legs are a little iffy in his scissor work at the beginning but cleans up and does some EXCELLENT flair work.

Dave Wolma VT: Kaz 1.5, stuck it cold!! 14.500!

5:51 pm. Tai Gopaul SR: Pulls himself up to L sit, swings through to his saltos up to L sit again, full-in with a step back.

Will Fleck FX: Super high stuck double tuck. Triple full, 2.5 to barani, 1.5 to front full, he’s a very clean tumbler. Layout full side pass. Clean double full to finish.

5:50 pm. Ryan Vanichtheeranont SR: Hit routine with a full-in dismount.

Max Kephart PH: I missed this one.

Everett O’Donnell HB: Hit routine, just a big step back on his double double dismount.

Caden Clinton VT: I missed this

Cameron Lee VT: Kaz full, a little wild in the air, big step back to control it.

5:47 pm. This is a team event but I like individual standings so here we go…


1. Asher Hong 13.950
2. Cailen Walker 13.900
3. Toma Murakawa 13.600
4. Joseph Pepe 13.550
5. Vahe Petrosyan 13.200
6. Arun Chhetri 13.150
7. Dallas Hale 13.000
8. Derek Schlagenhauf 12.550

5:45 pm. THE FIRST ROTATION IS OVER??? It’s been 12 minutes??????? This is TOO FAST FOR ME.

5:43 pm. Caden Spencer HB: Beautiful Kovacs! Straddle Tkachev was also lovely, his form is excellent, Endo full almost right over the bar. Stalder, then just a little low on his dismount, with a step. Is everyone here named Caden????

5:42 pm. Nikolai Kolesnikov PH: Really clean form at the beginning, gets a bit arched on a circle element near the end, but keeps it in control and dismounts well.

Literally can’t even deal with p-bars or high bar being so far away, I never know when someone is competing until they’re basically done.

5:41 pm. Brigham Frentheway FX: Arabian double front, a little deep but good, 2.5 to barani is clean. Clean double full as well.

Nathan Couture PH: He hit this, I didn’t see almost any specifics but didn’t see him fall! And he looked happy.

Asher Hong SR: Maltese that he swings through to another Maltese, double tuck to double pike to handstand, arches over but pulls it back, small hop on the double double.

5:40 pm. Joseph Pepe VT: I think he did a kaz full but I just saw the landing which was good.

Landon Wu VT: I missed this.

5:38 pm. Hunter Mamawal FX: Arabian double front was clean. 1.5 to punch front tuck, tuck was a little low.

Vishal Mandava SR: Straddle planche, double pike to double tuck up to straddle sit, pressed to handstand, stuck the double layout, a bit piked in the layout shape.

How are they judging routines SO FAST, there’s literally like 10 seconds between routines?!

5:36 pm. Cayden Mannos FX: Landing on the double pike was a bit wild but he saved a fall. The rest of his landings were a little rough, stuck his last pass though.

Keller Ryan PH: Lost leg form at the very end but a solid routine overall.

Cailen Walker VT: Kaz 1.5, a little messy in the air but solid difficulty for this level!

Zachary Gilbaugh PH: Tumbled off the horse twice in a row. Junior pommels are so fun.

Dallas Hale SR: Good routine from what I saw, double double dismount with a step.

5:35 pm. Caden Clinton SR: He looks SO young, great saltos up to straddle sit, swinging a little in handstand, full-in dismount with a hop.

Vahe Petrosyan VT: Think he did a kaz half, looked mostly good, I couldn’t see the landing.

Toma Murakawa VT: Kaz full with a step back.

5:33 pm. Kyler Hartley FX: Double front, triple full, and double pike are all good.

AJ Morgan PH: Came off early in his routine then again later on.

Dave Wolma SR: Solid hit routine.

Arun Chhetri VT: I missed this but saw that he hit.

Noah Dhaliwal HB: Tkachev and double layout were both good.

5:31 pm. This should be fun. One million guys all competing at the same time and I don’t know many of them. But let’s do our best, shall we?

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