2021 Winter Cup | Men’s Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s finals at the 2021 Winter Cup, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:57 pm. Junior HB Results

1. Caden Spencer 12.800
2. Landon Wu 12.750
3. Vahe Petrosyan 12.650

7:55 pm. Senior PB Results

1. Yul Moldauer 28.150
2. Shane Wiskus 27.750
3. Alec Yoder 27.450

7:53 pm. Junior PB Results

1. Asher Hong 13.450
2. Kai Uemura 13.150
3. Vahe Petrosyan 12.500

7:51 pm. Senior VT Results

1. Eddie Penev 29.150
2. Mike Fletcher 28.500
3. Shane Wiskus 28.400

7:50 pm. Junior VT Results

1. Dave Wolma 14.200
2. Caden Spencer 14.150
3. Kellen Ryan 14.150

7:49 pm. Senior SR Results

1. Alex Diab 29.800
2. Donnell Whittenburg 28.800
3. Cameron Bock 28.000

7:48 pm. Junior SR Results

1. Asher Hong 13.600
2. Cameron Lee 12.650
3. Joseph Pepe 12.550

7:46 pm. Senior PH Results

1. Alec Yoder 29.500
2. Stephen Nedoroscik 29.050
3. Cameron Bock 28.000

7:45 pm. Junior PH Results

1. Asher Hong 14.150
2. Vahe Petrosyan 13.200
3. Caden Clinton 13.050

7:43 pm. Senior FX Results

1. Shane Wiskus 28.550
2. Eddie Penev 28.500
3. Yul Moldauer 28.300

7:42 pm. Junior FX Results

1. Asher Hong 13.450
2. Caleb Melton 13.250
3. Kai Uemura12.650

7:37 pm. The meet is over, btw! Just waiting for the ~official~ results!

7:33 pm. Adrian De Los Angeles SR: I caught a few skills, iron cross, saltos up to L sit IIRC, press to handstand after that was good, clean double layout with a baby step.

7:30 pm. Taylor Burkhart FX: I just want him to hit. WOW, a quad to open!! I missed that on day one. Some leg separation in his piked double front, small hop on his double double. Clean double full side pass. Good flairs. Triple full to finish. YAY. Some clean-up areas in there with form and landings but happy he hit.

Michael Moran SR: Saltos up to L sit, presses to handstand, a little muscly, handstand after is a bit arched. Hit the dismount, his teammates are going nuts.

7:28 pm. Cameron Bock FX: Piked double front with a hop forward, front double full to front full, 2.5 to front layout, a couple press handstands for his strength work, 1.5 to tucked front full, triple full to finish, some ankle form and a small step.

7:27 pm. Kanji Oyama SR: Maltese to invert hang, up to maltese, hangs his legs for a sec but pulls them up, double tuck up to straddle planche, legs are angled down, stuck the double double with a little balance check.

7:26 pm. Marvin Kimble FX: I saw his piked double front and a layout side pass. Then a huge double layout landed fully OOB.

7:22 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: I missed his first pass, arabian double front half-out, little balance check on his front double full to front full, beautiful flair work, 2.5 that he punched into something but I missed what. Clean double full side pass. Triple full with a hop back.

Mike Fletcher HB: Off on his Cassina. Hit everything after remounting.

Asher Hong PB: He had a rough go on vault. Looked like he hit everything, I saw a Tippelt and a double front half dismount with a hop.

7:20 pm. Donnell Whittenburg FX: Front handspring to double front half, full-twisting double layout with a little hop, front full to piked double front, solid. Maybe a little low. 2.5 side pass. Double double, hop to the side. Pretty great.

Kiwan Watts HB: A little messy in a swing before his Yamawaki, Kolman is good, hit the rest that I saw!

Matt Wenske VT: Tried to catch this but ended up missing it, but looks like it went well! 14.25

Timothy Wang SR: Stumbled back and sat his double double dismount.

7:18 pm. Paul Juda FX: Piked double front, good. I didn’t see his second pass but he put his hands down. 1.5 into a double full after that, then a 2.5 to barani, both good. Came in a little low into his triple full but got the landing no problem.

Shane Wiskus SR: I missed everything up to his handstands, which were pretty controlled, double double with a step back.

Vitaliy Guimaraes VT: DTY, clean but a bit low.

Alec Yoder HB: I missed the beginning but he didn’t come off anywhere, huge double double layout, he twists so fast.

7:15 pm. I just switched internet connections so hopefully will go uninterrupted for the final rotation!

7:08 pm. I lost internet again and couldn’t type/refresh the blog. I think I missed Paul Juda and Yul Moldauer on HB during the drama…and obviously some dudes elsewhere as well. Shane Wiskus on PH too. Yul hit from what I remember…

Marvin Kimble HB: Liukin, yes! Layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, one-arm front pirouette, stoop full, a little crooked, stoop half, huuuuuuge Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, Endo, full-twisting double layout with a hop. Killer!

7:01 pm. Khoi Young FX: Beautiful double layout. A little low with a step back on a double double.

Adrian De Los Angeles PH: His scissor to handstand was REALLY nice and clean. Hit routine.

Taylor Burkhart HB: I didn’t see his first skill but he had a fall. 😦 I think he does a Walstrom.

6:53 pm. Yul Moldauer PB: Looked a little off/swayed in some of his handstands and transitions, I saw a tucked salto half that looked good, double front half-out with a little leg form, but pretty good overall.

6:49 pm. Eddie Penev FX: Double double layout, great. Whip half to Randi I think, then a 2.5 to front double full? Half-in half-out, super open. 1.5 to front full to Rudi, yesssss. Super high triple full to finish, just a hop.

6:46 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes PH: His lines are lovely. Ankles come apart a couple of times, muscles into the dismount, but nothing super wrong with that.

Piked double front, big hop, front full to front double full, good. Randi, a little short, hops his feet together after landing with them far apart. 2.5 comes out really low, into a front full I think, a little wonky there, overdoes his triple full and falls back.

Paul Juda PB: Okay I think everyone is falling on PB…I caught this one just as he was remounting. Oof, and the fall was right before his dismount, a double front.

Genki Suzuki PH: Hit routine!

6:44 pm. Isaiah Drake PH: Came off at one poit early on. The rest I saw looked solid, muscled intot he dismount and his legs were a bit wonky in the handstand pirouette.

Shane Wenske FX: I missed his first pass, Double double was stuck cold. 2.5 to front full, goes a little low and long but stuck it. Front double full to barani is clean. Good double full side pass, and a solid triple full to finish.

Taylor Burkhart PH: Huge straddle salto, clean Tippelt, hit the dismount. I missed the beginning of this, it looked like I caught it after he remounted following a fall, but I didn’t see that part.

6:41 pm. Kiwan Watts VT: Stuck! Looked like a kaz 1.5 but I missed the entry.

Cameron Bock PB: Looked a bit arched on one of his hanstands, I think it was on the single rail, and came off. Noooooo. The rest was good when he got back on, straddle salto, Bhavsar, Tippelt, clean and pretty, small hop on the double pike dismount.

Adrian De Los Angeles FX: I wasn’t typing during his first three passes but looked like he did something into a double front, then a double front pike. I also didn’t see everything at the end but he looked like he hit everything.

6:39 pm. Michael Moran FX: I missed his first pass, double double after that with a small hop back, 2.5 to front full with a hop forward, 1.5 to front full to barani, literally walks then hops into his hurdle for his last pass, a solid triple full.

Matt Wenske PH: Hit routine.

Mike Fletcher VT: Kaz 1.5 with a lunge forward.

Kai Uemura SR: Good routine, just hopped on his double double dismount.

6:31 pm. Crew Bold HB: Kolman, Tkachev to Tkachev into mixed grip, both good, Endo, stuck the full-twisting double layout. Very nice!

6:29 pm. Yul Moldauer VT: WELL…he WENT for a kaz double I think. But didn’t get it all the way around and crashed it. They’ll probably credit the 1.5.

6:27 pm. Donnell Whittenburg VT: Kaz 1.5 I think, looked like he stepped out of bounds, form in the air was a little off as well.

Shane Wiskus HB: Cassina, good, Kolman also hit, and a Kovacs, YAS! Blind change to one-arm front pirouette, stoop full, stoop half, one-arm giant, hop full, he’s doing it ALL, almost stuck the double double layout! Small hop.

Isaiah Drake FX: I saw the front layout to double front, which was good. That’s all I caught.

6:26 pm. I lost internet for a second but Alex Diab had an excellent rings routine and I caught most of Matt Wenske’s floor, which was also strong. Adrian De Los Angeles just finished high bar as well but I didn’t see any of it. Oh and Paul Juda hit a kaz 1.5. I think that’s everything!

6:22 pm. Taylor Burhkart VT: Yurchenko half-on to front tuck…full I think? It was definitely supposed to be laid out. But he crashed it.

Michael Moran HB: One-arm front pireoutte and a one-arm giant, caught a Tkachev, blind change to his L grip, full-twisting double layout, a little low with a step forward.

6:21 pm. Marvin Kimble VT: I missed the entry but it was a double back, tsuk I assume

Alec Yoder SR: I jumped into this session a little late so I only saw his dismount, which was a double double with a step.

6:14 pm. Asher Hong FX: Hit his opening pass, couldn’t see if it was a double or full-twisting double layout, then a front full to Randi, a little short and low, hop, 2.5 to barani after that, triple full to finish, legs are a bit messy, step to control the landing.

6:11 pm. Will Fleck FX: Double tuck, triple full, and 2.5 punched into something were all solid, then a 1.5 to front full. Layout full side pass and and a double full to finish.

Donnell Whittenburg SR: I missed my favorite skill at the beginning where he presses up into planche, loses a little strength in a handstand before his saltos up to maltese, through to iron cross, invert hang, slowly brings his legs down to pike, perfect planche, handstand after that is shaky, double double layout, a little low with a hop forward.

6:09 pm. Caleb Melton FX: Stuck the full-twisting double layout, just a little piked in the air. Front full to Randi, well, attempted it…landed it a quarter shy I think. A little messy too. Double double, a little low with a step forward. Nice 2.5 to Rudi! Triple to finish. Has to clean up a few things but this has a lot of potential.

Paul Juda SR: Maltese down to invert hang, straddle sit, presses to planche, legs are angled a little high, to L sit, then up to handstand, clean there, double pike to double tuck to handstand is way short but he brings it up, arched over his handstand a little after that, double double with a small hop.

6:07 pm. Dallas Hale FX: I think he had a 3.5 early on! I caught the end of it. Tucked full-in after that. Rudi side pass was a little piked, sat the punch front out of his 2.5, finished with a triple full.

Taylor Burkhart SR: Straddle planche to iron cross, through to invert hang, salto through to iron cross, way short on a handstand after, bent wlbows, saltos up to pike sit, ugh, crashes his dismount, I didn’t see what he attempted or where it went wrong, just glanced over and he was falling.

6:05 pm. Isaiah Drake HB: Kovacs, caught a little wonky, layout Tkachev was better, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, Endo, stoop half, Tkachev, stalder, full-twisting double layout, clean in the air, a little unbalanced on the landing, takes a step to the side.

6:03 pm. Matt Wenske HB: I caught from the straddle Tkachev, hop full, Rybalko was a little crooked, double double layout with a hop back.

Cameron Bock SR: Invert pike through to lovely straddle planche, swinging a little in handstand but his shape is perfect, next one muscled a bit, saltos up to straddle sit, presses it to handstand, shape is mostly good there, just a little bent in his elbows, stuck the double double.

6:02 pm. Marvin Kimble SR: Caught it from his saltos up to iron cross, straddle planche, a little sway in his handstand near the end, small hop on his full-twisting double layout dismount.

6:00 pm. Yul Moldauer SR: Caught it from an iron cross, down to invert hang, up to handstand, doesn’t hold really long enough into his saltos, which go into an iron cross, invert hang to invert pike, up to straddle planche, arched a little in his handstand before the dismount, I think that was a double double layout, good!

Khoi Young VT: Handspring Randi, a little messy in his leg form, but got the landing without a problem.

5:59 pm. Second rotation starting now!

5:52 pm. Paul Juda PH: He’s SO HIGH above the horse, I love it?! On EVERYTHING! His flairs look like he could fly away. Extension is gorgeous too but then he hits his leg on the side of the horse on one of the flairs. UGHHHHHH. Pretty much just the dismount left when he remounts.

5:51 pm. Toma Murakawa HB: “Returning after an equipment malfunction”…I guess his grip broke or something? He was first in the lineup. Big Yamawaki to endo half, a little crooked there, stalder, stalder half, Endo full, crooked but gains control, full-twisting double layout with a step to the side.

5:50 pm.  Taylor Burkhart PH: Really aggressive on his flairs. Bent his legs a couple of times and the more he does it, the more tentative he looks, eventually he can’t keep up with the rhythm and comes off. Dismount was good, his hands move SO quickly in the pirouette into it.

5:48 pm. Kai Uemura HB: Stoop full, a little late, stoop half, pretty crooked but pulls it back, Tkachev, bent elbows on the catch, Endo to Endo half, a little arched, stalder, double double layout with a hop to the side.

5:47 pm. Vahe Petrosyan HB: Endo half and Tkachev were both nice, huge floaty double layout. I like him a lot.

Cameron Bock PH: Solid set, good handstand pirouettes into the dismount, barely muscled it, a mostly clean set overall.

5:44 pm. Matt Wenske PB: Had a nice salto half and just a tiny bobble on his double pike dismount.

Stephen Nedoroscik PH: One-arm swing was SO smooth. Also SO extended on everything, especially on his single pommel work. Traveling now, goes well, clean on some circles near the end, and dismounts perfectly. Chef’s kiss.

5:41 pm. Genki Suzui PB: Just saw the hop back on his double pike dismount.

I wasn’t typing during Kiwan Watts’ floor but he had some really strong first passes. I think the first was a piked double front, the second was definitely a double double. Overall not super high difficulty but it was a nice set.

Marvin Kimble PH: Just hit his routine!

Timothy Wang VT: Sat his kaz 1.5, hand down behind him.

5:39 pm. I didn’t realize the guys were doing two vaults today so Eddie did another vault that I didn’t fully see, I think it was a Yurchenko half-on front double full but can’t be 100% sure!

Yul Moldauer PH: Lovely work in his flairs for the most part until he just kind of lost it and dropped down. UGH. Back on for more flairs, smooth transition into a circle element before dismounting well.

Shane Wiskus VT: Kaz 1.5, stuck it cold!

5:35 pm. Donnell Whittenburg PH: Had some piked hips throughout and his knees also got a bit loose near what looked like the end. But then came off, got back on, and came off again literally right as he was going into his dismount. Gets back on just for the dismount and looks super pissed.

Eddie Penev VT: Shewfelt with a hop forward. Really strong in the air.

5:32 pm. Ready for the last session of the weekend!

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