2021 European Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

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Amelie Morgan and Jessica Gadirova

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s all-around final at the 2021 European Championships, held in Basel, Switzerland!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Viktoria Listunova RUS 56.731
2. Angelina Melnikova RUS 55.432
3. Jessica Gadirova GBR 55.100
4. Amelie Morgan GBR 53.565
5. Elisabeth Seitz GER 53.398
6. Martina Maggio ITA 52.366
7. Kim Bui GER 52.298
8. Lieke Wevers NED 52.265
9. Naomi Visser NED 52.199
10. Jutta Verkest BEL 52.132
11. Filipa Martins POR 51.757
12. Carolann Heduit FRA 51.665
13. Maisa Kuusikko FIN 51.266
14. Tonya Paulsson SWE 50.958
15. Sheyen Petit FRA 50.765
16. Zoja Szekely HUN 50.632
17. Csenge Bacskay HUN 49.999
18. Barbora Mokosova SVK 49.999
19. Emma Slevin IRL 49.833
20. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR 49.698
21. Ada Hautala FIN 47.832
22. Lihie Raz ISR 47.499
23. Elina Vihrova LAT 47.398

9:19 am. And she does it! Melnikova comes in ahead of Gadirova for the silver with a 55.432, while Gadirova takes the bronze with a 55.100, and first-year senior Viktoria Listunova wins the all-around title with a 56.731!

9:15 am. Angelina Melnikova RUS FX: Full twisting double layout, a little soft with a hop back. Double L turn to double spin, no problems. Double layout, solid in the air, small hop back. Switch leap to switch ring half, good. Hit her middle pass but I wasn’t paying close attention, looked like a big lunge forward out of the second part of it. Kinda falls into a lunge out of her Memmel. Double pike a little short. Not her best but she only needs a 13.8 something to get the silver and she had a 14.3 in quals. It’ll be close. 14.133 (5.9, 8.233)

9:11 am. Viktoria Listunova RUS FX: Double layout almost to her knees but she MAGICALLY stands up out of it using…her TOES?!?! That was nuts. She could win with a fall so no biggie. Whip whip through to triple full, some leg form but rock solid on the landing. Double L turn, triple wolf turn. Hit the third pass but I missed the entry, switch ring to switch full I think after. Double tuck, chest just a little forward on the landing, hop. 13.866 (5.6, 8.266), 56.731!

Ada Hautala FIN BB: 11.300 (4.9, 6.400), 47.832 AA

9:09 am. Zoja Szekely HUN FX: 12.400 (4.6, 7.800), 50.632 AA

Barbora Mokosova SVK BB: 11.600 (4.2, 7.400), 49.999 AA

Kim Bui GER UB: Huge piked Jaeger to clean Pak, Maloney to Bhardwaj, a little crooked but clean In the air. A little late on the van Leeuwen but no problem, blind full to Gienger, high and clean double pike with a hop. Queen! 13.933 (5.9, 8.033), 52.298 AA

9:07 am. Sheyen Petit FRA UB: Pak, messy legs on the van Leeuwen, clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, ugh, some split legs and she missed the bar. Gets the piked Jaeger the second time, and finishes with a blind full and a double layout, which went high and short, but no problems getting it around, just a step. 11.700 (5.2, 6.500), 50.765 AA

9:05 am. Martina Maggio ITA FX: I wasn’t typing during the first two passes but she hit both from what I could see, then came up short on the whip whip to double tuck, no hands down though. Hit the last pass, 1.5 to front full I think. In the replay I saw a double layout and a front layout through to double pike, just some form on both of those. 12.933 (5.3, 7.633), 52.366 AA

Emma Slevin IRL BB: 11.900 (5.0, 6.900)

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR UB: 12.500 (5.5, 7.000), 49.698 AA

9:03 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR VT: DTY, huge and clean, just a big step to the side. 14.600 (5.4, 9.200), 55.100 AA!!!

9:02 am. Carolann Heduit FRA VT: 13.866 (5.4, 8.766, -0.3), 51.665 AA

Csenge Bacskay HUN BB: 11.466 (4.2, 7.266), 49.999 AA

Elina Vihrova LAT UB: 12.433 (4.9, 7.533), 47.398 AA

9:01 am. Tonya Paulsson SWE UB: 12.900 (4.9, 8.000), 50.958 AA

9:00 am. Filipa Martins POR VT: 13.533 (4.6, 8.933), 51.757 AA

Jutta Verkest BEL VT: 13.500 (4.6, 8.900), 52.132 AA

8:58 am. Amelie Morgan GBR FX: Double turn in front attitude to double spin. High and clean double tuck, great landing. Something into a front pike, I missed the entry. Switch ring to split half. Clean 1.5 to finish. Beautiful day for her. 12.766 (5.0, 7.766), 53.565 AA

Lieke Wevers NED VT: FTY, super clean and stuck! Just not a ton of amplitude. 13.566 (4.6, 8.966), 52.265 AA

Maisa Kuusikko UB: 13.000 (5.7, 7.300), 51.266 AA

8:57 am. Lihie Raz ISR BB: 11.533 (5.2, 6.333), 47.499 AA

8:54 am. Naomi Visser NED FX: Triple full, some weak leg form lands short but punches out anyway, iffy but she gets it around. Double L turn, skids it around. Also did something to an illusion turn but the camera was too zoomed in to see. Double tuck, clean and solid. Switch ring, low back leg from this angle, to tour jeté half. Clean double full. Great job, what a day for her! 12.533 (4.9, 7.633), 52.199 AA

Elisabeth Seitz GER VT: FTY, clean in the air but a HUGE bounce back. 13.566 (4.6, 8.966), 53.398 AA


1. Viktoria Listunova RUS 42.865
2. Angelina Melnikova RUS 41.299
3. Amelie Morgan GBR 40.799
4. Jessica Gadirova GBR 40.500
5. Elisabeth Seitz GER 39.832
6. Naomi Visser NED 39.666
7. Martina Maggio ITA 39.433
8. Sheyen Petit FRA 39.065

8:47 am. Carolann Heduit FRA FX: Our first time seeing her today. Arabian double front, pretty clean! Just lands a little low. Double tuck is better, lunge back. Slow and steady Memmel turn. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front tuck through to 2.5, step forward OOB. Random stag ring jump in her choreo, love it. Hits a wolf turn, then a solid double pike to finish, hop back. Great! 12.833 (5.1, 7.833)

Jutta Verkest BEL FX: 12.666 (4.8, 7.866)

Ada Hautala FIN UB: 11.333 (4.8, 6.533)

8:42 am. Viktoria Listunova RUS BB: Candle mount, triple wolf turn, mostly solid until the very end where she has the tiniest bobble. Stumbles out of the front handspring front tuck, but fights for it. Switch to split ring leap to back handspring, lovely. Front aerial to split ring jump, tiny adjustment. Split jump to Kochetkova, a little off with her hip angle but takes a step to correct. Hit jump series after. Double tuck, great rotation, lunges it back. She’s like hi, I’m WINNING THIS THING. 14.066 (5.9, 8.166)

Filipa Martins POR FX: 12.433 (4.9, 7.533)

Csenge Bacskay HUN UB: 12.733

Barbora Mokosova SVK UB: 13.200 (5.7, 7.500)

8:39 am. Zoja Szekely HUN BB: Bhs loso, some leg form and then she raises a leg to fight for the landing, stays on. Switch leap to wolf jump. 1.5 wolf turn, fine. Side somi, not bad. Transverse split jump half, solid. Little check on the front aerial. Layout full dismount, kinda goes into it super slow and didn’t look incredibly confident on it, slightly misses a foot, but finds the landing. 11.966 (4.7, 7.266)

8:38 am. Lihie Raz ISR UB: I missed the beginning, caught her Jaeger but then couldn’t kip out of it and had to rest on the bar. Repeats the front giants into a double front, very low with a hop. 10.666 (4.8, 5.866)

Martina Maggio ITA BB: 13.400 (5.2, 8.200)

8:35 am. Lieke Wevers NED FX: Falls out of her quad turn at the beginning, into a lunge. Double tuck with a slight step back. Double full, slides back. Switch ring is fantastic, to a tour jeté half, maybe a HAIR short on that rotation. Skids through the triple L turn to double spin. Also a bit weak and short on what I think was supposed to be a Memmel. Rudi to finish. I was picky with those turns but she was gorgeous. 12.533 (4.7, 7.833)

Sheyen Petit FRA VT: FTY, some form breaks and not very powerful. 13.266 (4.6, 8.666)

8:33 am. Amelie Morgan GBR BB: Layout stepout mount, clean and solid. A little tentative going into the bhs loso loso, little adjustment at the end, but good overall. Leap series into a Korbut. Think she did a 1.5 wolf turn. Tiny bobble on her front aerial. Side aerial, transverse jump, both good. Double full, some crossed ankles and a tiny hop. 13.433 (5.4, 8.033)

Emma Slevin IRL UB: 12.400 (5.0, 7.400)

Elina Vihrova LAT VT: FTY, Pretty clean throughout, pikes it down at the end, step. 13.466 (4.6, 8.866)

Elisabeth Seitz GER FX: 12.866 (4.8, 8.066)

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR VT: Seems she crashed her Yurchenko 1.5, 12.466 (5.0, 7.566, -0.3)

8:30 am. Naomi Visser NED BB: Split leap to side somi, clean. Transverse split jump half. Sie aerial to back handspring, little stumble as she steps back out of it. Double spin is perfect. Hit a leap series after that went well. Good double full! Loving all of these reserves REALLY stepping up today. 13.233 (5.2, 8.033)

Tonya Paulsson SWE VT: Excellent FTY! Small step on the landing. 13.658 (4.6, 9.058)

8:29 am. Maisa Kuusikko FIN VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a tiny step to the side, great! Gets soft on the second half but very strong for her. 13.866 (5.0, 8.866)

Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

8:26 am. Angelina Melnikova RUS BB: Hit her leap series at the beginning. Super solid on the bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, fab. Kochetkova is also very strong. Fall on her wolf turn. Side somi. Transverse split jump half. Excellent double pike. this was brilliant but THAT FALL, WHY. WOLF TURNS ARE BANNED. 12.833 (5.5, 7.333)


1. Viktoria Listunova RUS 28.799
2. Angelina Melnikova RUS 28.466
3. Amelie Morgan GBR 27.366
4. Elisabeth Seitz GER 26.966
5. Jessica Gadirova GBR 26.800
6. Naomi Visser NED 26.433
7. Zoja Szekely HUN 26.266
8. Lieke Wevers NED 26.166

8:19 am. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR FX: This two shades of purple leo is a CHOICE, bless her. Full-in, started out piked and ended up a bit tucked? Arabian double front, some leg separation in the air and a hop on the landing. Really nice on her Memmel turn though. Switch ring to split ring leap. Hit the next pass but I blanked out, a double pike IIRC, then a double tuck, weirdly cowboys on the second flip but gets it around at least.

Zoja Szekely HUN UB: 13.066 (5.8, 7.266)

8:17 am. Jutta Verkest BEL BB: Layout stepout mount, step back. Bhs loso loso, tiny adjustment at the end, but get it! Switch leap to split ring leap, tiny adjustment. We don’t have a great angle for leaps. Tiny adjustment on her front aerial. A couple of wolf turns, triple and double, fine on both, little bobble on her side aerial. Hop forward on the 1.5. Someone’s having a KILLER day so far after a rough qualifications! 13.500 (5.5, 8.000)

8:14 am. Elina Vihrova LAT FX: Tucked full-in, great landing. Front tuck through to double tuck, tiny shuffle back. Super wild in her double wolf turn, idk how they could even credit that. THEN A FALL ON HER MEMMEL TURN LORD WHY. Switch ring through to tour jeté half. Double pike, a bit buckled, steps forward out of it. 10.933 (4.5, 6.433)

Filipa Martins POR BB: 11.566 (4.9, 6.666)

8:13 am. Amelie Morgan GBR UB: Piked Jaeger, great handstand after, Ricna to Pak, some foot form on the release and leg separation on the Pak, Maloney to Bhardwaj, great. Van Leeuwen, turns a little late, blind full is almost right where it needs to be, then a tucked toe front half with a hop. 13.733 (5.8, 7.933)

8:12 am. Tonya Paulsson SWE FX: Double wolf turn. Glad we get to see this queen as well! Double pike with a lunge back, and then another step after to bring her feet together. Hop back on her double tuck. Switch to switch half. Looked like she was going to pirouette and then was like “jk.” A little soft on the front layout full, step on that as well. Hit a leap series then a double full with a lunge back to finish. Going to take a hit for the landings but another beautiful routine. 12.000 (4.7, 7.300)

Naomi Visser NED UB: 13.000 (5.6, 7.400)

8:11 am. Lieke Wevers NED BB: 12.866 (6.1, 7.766)

8:10 am. Lihie Raz ISR VT: Going back to see this, FTY, a little piked with a hop to the side.

8:09 am. Maisa Kuusikko FIN FX: Double layout, small hop back, good. Split jump full. 1.5 through to double full, good landing. Hop L full turn to tour jeté half. Front handspring to front layout full with a step. Wasn’t this Flavia Saraiva’s music in 2016? Is that why I LOVE IT SO MUCH? Yes it was. Vivid memories of the crowd going bananas at this part in the music before her last pass in Rio. Double tuck, a little buckled there, just takes a step. Fab. 11.900 (4.7, 7.200)

8:08 am. Barbora Mokosova SVK VT: FTY, a little piked throughout, and a large-ish hop back. 13.266 (4.6, 8.666)

Elisabeth Seitz GER BB: 12.933 (4.9, 8.033)

8:07 am. Emma Slevin IRL VT: 13.233 (4.6, 8.633)

8:06 am. Angelina Melnikova RUS UB: Inbar full to Komova II to Pak to van Leeuwen, excellent. Inbar half, ankle break, to piked Jaeger AND SHE FALLS NOOOOOO MY GOD NO. Back on for the full-in dismount. 13.733 (6.2, 7.533)

8:05 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR BB: 13.500 (5.4, 8.100) THERE WE GO!!!!! Someone is in MEDAL CONTENTION TERRITORY NOW!

8:02 am. Kim Bui GER FX: Another gorgeous unitard for the Germans. Kinda fell out of a wolf turn. Double layout, a tiny bit low, hop forward. Clean double tuck, little bounce back. Tour jeté half, clean and precise on the landing. 2.5 to front pike, has a little wobble to keep it inbounds, switch to switch full, great. So glad she made the floor final. College stick on the double tuck, goes forward out of it into her choreo. Awesome. 13.033 (5.1, 8.033)

Lihie Raz ISR VT: 13.400 (4.6, 8.800)

Csenge Bacskay HUN VT: 13.900 (5.0, 8.900)

8:01 am. Viktoria Listunova RUS UB: Komova II to Ricna, nice. Inbar full, a tiny bit late, to Pak to Chow half, lovely on those. Inbar half to straddle Jaeger, THAT STRADDLE, THAT TOE POINT! A little short on her last handstand, but not severely, and gets the full-in dismount with a hop. 14.333 (6.2, 8.133)

Carolann Heduit FRA BB: 11.700 (4.7, 7.000)

Ada Hautala FIN VT: 13.533 (4.6, 8.933)

7:59 am. Sheyen Petit FRA FX: Memmel turn. Nice clean double tuck with a hop back. Love her little turn into arabesque, very ballet. Switch full. Front tuck through to double full, clean and solid. Switch ring to split ring leap into the corner. Double pike, lunge back. Double wolf turn into her final pose. Gorgeous routine. 12.666 (4.6, 8.066)


1. Angelina Melnikova RUS 14.733
2. Viktoria Listunova RUS 14.466
3. Martina Maggio ITA 14.233
4. Filipa Martins POR 14.225
5. Elisabeth Seitz GER 14.033
6. Amelie Morgan GBR 13.633
7. Naomi Visser NED 13.433
8. Jessica Gadirova GBR 13.300

7:54 am. Rotation break!

7:53 am. Emma Slevin IRL FX: Double pike, really strong landing. Tour jeté half to switch half. Double wolf turn. Clean 1.5 to front full with a hop forward. Double full with a hop back. Lovely! 12.300 (4.6, 7.700)

7:52 am. Viktoria Listunova RUS VT: DTY, knees aren’t 100% there, but it’s a solid vault overall. Just steps back.

Elina Vihrova LAT BB: 10.566 (5.1, 5.466)

Csenge Bacskay HUN FX: 11.900 (4.5, 7.400)

7:51 am. Amelie Morgan GBR VT: Good FTY, small hop back. 13.633 (4.6, 9.033)

7:50 am. Martina Maggio ITA VT: Yay, we’re going back for this, Yurchenko 1.5, great in the first twist, just bends down a bit on the second half. 14.233

7:47 am. Filipa Martins POR UB: Hit her opening release, I think a Tkachev but we came in a little late, then the MARTINS to Ezhova! Toe full to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, all clean so far. Excellent double layout, barely moves her feet. 14.225 (6.0, 8.225)!!!

Tonya Paulsson SWE BB: 12.400 (4.9, 7.500)

7:45 am. Lihie Raz ISR FX: Tucked full-in, nice air, just tiny leg separation and just a small step OOB. Double turn in front attitude and hit a leap right after. Triple full!!! Some ankles crossed but good for her. Switch ring, back leg isn’t there. Love her music. Front tuck through to double pike, a little low with a hop but this was wonderful if not her best E. 11.900 (4.8, 7.200, -0.1)

Lieke Wevers NED UB: 13.300

7:44 am. Maisa Kuusikko FIN BB: Hit her flight series and leap series. Glad we get to see her but this is her weakest event so I hope they also show her bars! Front aerial, solid. Little adjustment on her side aerial. 1.5 with a hop forward. Excellent routine for her!! Probably the best I’ve seen. 12.500

7:43 am. Okay, here are the vaults. Okay, just one vault.

Angelina Melnikova RUS VT: DTY, pretty much the best she’s done it?! Fantastic form, literally almost no movement on the landing, just the tiniest slide back. Wow. 14.733

7:41 am. Elisabeth Seitz POL UB: Caught a Tkachev, piked Jaeger, and Downie to Pak, good on all. Van Leeuwen Is all the way around which I love, a little wonky in the handstand on her pirouette, and hit the dismount. In a GORGEOUS unitard. 14.033 (6.2, 7.833)

Martina Maggio ITA VT: 14.233 (5.0, 9.233)

No, we haven’t seen a SINGLE VAULT aside from Zoja’s. SHRUG.

7:40 am. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL FX: Opens with a really good 2.5 to front tuck, and then does a tour jeté full and…INJURES HER KNEE?????????? AND STOPS THE ROUTINE. 5.166

7:39 am. Jessica Gadirova GBR UB: We cut into this late, but she caught her Tkachev to mixed grip to Ezhova (I missed the Tkachev entry), Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, nice, short handstand out of it, blind full, and a full-in with a hop. 13.300 (5.4, 7.900)

Amelie Morgan GBR VT: 13.633 (4.6, 9.033)

7:38 am. Sheyen Petit FRA BB: 13.133 (5.3, 7.833)

Carolann Heduit FRA UB: 13.266 (5.9, 7.366)

Naomi Visser NAO VT: 13.433 (4.6, 8.833)

7:36 am. Ada Hautala FIN FX: Well I’m THRILLED we get to see this routine. Ada is incredible as a floor performer. UGH, double layout to her hands and knees. HUGE skill for her though, and it looked great in the air. Double pike with a lunge back. Front through to double full at the end. Beautiful work, fall aside. 11.666

Angelina Melnikova RUS VT: 14.733!!!!

7:35 am. Barbora Mokosova SVK FX: 11.933 (4.3, 7.633)

7:34 am. Viktoria Listunova RUS VT: 14.466 (5.4, 9.066). Hopefully they go back and replay it.

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR BB: 12.066 (5.6, 6.466)

7:33 am. Jutta Verkest BEL UB: Clear hip to Maloney to Pak, just some leg form on the Maloney. Van Leeuwen, toe full is a bit late, blind change with ankle separation into the piked Jaeger, but good on the release, and a full-out with a step forward. Good work! 12.466 (5.2, 7.266)

Pretty sure Viktoria Listunova is going on vault in the background…

7:32 am. Filipa Martins just warmed up her new clear hip Tkachev to mixed grip! Can’t wait to see this routine.

7:31 am. Zoja Szekely HUN VT: FTY, looks a little loose in her knees and hips from the block until the very end, and she’s pretty piked down on the landing. Small hop back. 13.200 (4.6, 8.600)

7:30 am. I only have access to the all-around feed, by the way, so I can’t watch all four events at once unfortunately.

7:28 am. The touch warm-up is wrapping up now! Looks like Giulia Steingruber withdrew and Jutta Verkest is in her place. I hope it’s because Giulia wants to focus on vault finals and not for any mean reasons.

15 thoughts on “2021 European Championships | Women’s All-Around Final Live Blog

    • I love that they show non-top gymnasts but also like…we kinda need to see the leading medal contenders’ vaults?! I know they went back and showed them but like, it’s not as fun once you already have the scores!


    • SUCH A QUEEN!!! She’s going to do so many big things as a senior. Already has smashed Finland’s best AA ranking record at Euros…previously it was 27th in QFs, and she finished 13th!


  1. So impressed by Gadirova. After American Cup last year all the hype was surrounding Jennifer, so glad to see Jessica proving she’s right up there too!


    • I know, I really didn’t even think much about Jessica and assumed Jennifer was so far advanced because it was her upgrades that were circulating…but Jessica is a superstar! I hope they both make the Tokyo team.


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  3. I know this isn’t YATA, but what is w all of the y fulls on vault, in 2021? That vault hasn’t been ‘a thing’ since 1992, AND they have a bigger horse. I need FIG and NCAA to really devalue this vault. The apparatus is almost phoned-in at this point.

    I love Marta PK and her still fresh and unconventional approach to gymn, so I hate hearing that she injured herself.

    And I love, LOVE Gadirova’s fx (only saw quals). I miss the days of them being actual performances.

    And speaking of fx, while I love that someone who isn’t the strongest tumbler can get value for leaps, jumps, and turns, I’m over there not being a certain ‘standard’ when it comes to tumbling. Like y fulls, I am tired of seeing 1992 based double tucks AND double pikes (in general), but also in the same routine. And w (back) tucks and pikes getting the same value, what happens in the MAG code w the triple pike (not sure if it’s alrdy different in the MAG code)?

    Ok, rant over.


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