2021 African Championships Results

The 2021 African Championships were held from May 26 through May 27 in Cairo, Egypt.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation VT UB BB FX AA
1 Zeina Ibrahim Egypt 13.200 12.050 13.150 11.800 50.200
2 Farah Hussein Egypt 11.700 12.050 12.950 11.700 48.400
Jana Mahmoud Egypt 12.050 11.900 11.450 11.850 47.250
3 Naveen Daries South Africa 12.100 10.900 10.800 10.050 43.850
4 Fatima Ahlem Mokhtari Algeria 12.350 9.050 10.900 10.350 42.650
5 Mammule Rankoe South Africa 11.500 10.350 9.800 10.050 41.700
Zelmé Daries South Africa 10.750 9.750 9.100 11.200 40.800
6 Lahna Salem Algeria 12.650 9.700 9.150 8.550 40.050
Chama Temmami Algeria 11.800 9.200 7.500 10.750 39.250
7 Ajara Petsadjui Cameroon 10.200 0.000 3.350 4.950 18.500
8 Lisa Mebar Cameroon 9.550 0.000 0.000 5.800 15.350
Celestine Nanga Ntyo’o Cameroon 0.000 0.000 2.050 5.300 7.350

6 thoughts on “2021 African Championships Results

  1. Aside from vault, how does someone get a score of 0? I’m assuming they actually competed as you normally just show a dash when there was no score.


    • You’re correct…and I’m happy you picked up on that!

      So, this normally happens if a gymnast only competes 1-2 skills recognized in the COP. In theory, a gymnast who competes two A skills and doesn’t hit any CR could have a 0.2 D score, and if she does it perfectly and gets like, a 9.2 E, then you’d think her total score would be a 9.4…but due to the short exercise penalty, a gymnast with only two recognized skills would get an 8 point penalty, so that 9.4 then becomes a 1.4 total score.

      Usually scores of 0 – or even negative scores – happen when gymnasts have a very low D score, get the short exercise penalty, and also have lots of execution issues. A gymnast with two A skills and a moderately messy routine could have a 0.2 D, 7.0 E, and -8.0 ND, for a total score of -0.800, in which case they’d just give her a 0.

      One of the gymnasts with a zero here actually had a -2.700 total score. The gymnasts from Cameroon had some really good skills and moments in their routines at times, but overall they were at a very low level…some routines were comparable to XCEL Silver or Level 3. Ajara opened beam with a punch front mount that was pretty solid and is HUGE difficulty given her overall level, but then she fell on every single skill after that and her leaps were all at < 90 degrees, so while she went for a good amount of difficulty, unfortunately it just didn't work out for her. Despite the lower levels, it was fun seeing a pretty new country on the scene! I don't think they had any WAG athletes competing internationally until 2018 and they've only done continental meets since then.


  2. I love hearing about countries such as Cameroon. Their skill level may be low but it is always exciting to hear about a country that is getting started in the world of gymnastics. Keep at it Cameroon!


  3. Hi . I’m just curious. Why in the apparatus medal tally is there sometimes 3 from one country on the podium. What is the rule around number of athletes allowed on podium per country. And why in the all round competition was the Egyptian not placed in 3rd position as per the results.


    • Limit of 2 per country.
      Countries can send 3 athletes, but only 2 can count toward the results. Jana Mahmoud was 3rd on her team, therefore ineligible for the bronze medal.
      Naveen Daries was 4th overall but bumped to 3rd place and the bronze medal due to Mahmoud not counting in the AA results.


      • Correct, and in terms of the EF medals, technically no EF was awarded here, so I just highlighted the top three scores on each event regardless of two per country. Normally African Championships will have a separate EFs but due to COVID, they wanted to keep this meet as quick as possible, so just kept it to one day with no EF.


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