2021 U.S. Championships | Junior Women’s Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of junior women’s competition at the 2021 U.S. Championships, held in Fort Worth, Texas!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

4:11 pm. DAY 1 STANDINGS

1. Katelyn Jong 54.100
2. Kailin Chio 53.000
3. Kaliya Lincoln 52.650
4. Madray Johnson 52.550
5. Gabriella Van Frayen 51.750
6. Charlotte Booth 51.450
— Avery King 51.450
8. Joscelyn Roberson 51.300

4:08 pm. Katelyn Jong FX: Double double, small hop back. Full-in, hop back. Switch leap to tour jete half. Double L turn. Huge 1.5, into a clean front full. Double wolf turn. Double pike, small hop back. Good for her. 13.500 (5.5, 8.000)

4:05 pm. Azaraya Ra-Akbar FX: 1.5 throught o double tuck, good landing, chest maybe down a bit. Split jump full. Her heel is DANGEROUSLY close to being out before her second pass, a 2.5 to front tuck. Tour jete half. Double pike, a little buckled. Absolutely lovely in her choreo and overall performance. 12.640 (4.8, 7.840)

4:02 pm. Ella Murphy FX: Double turn. Tucked full-in, leg form is iffy, and she’s short, stumble forward. 2.5 to front tuck is much better, very clean. Switch ring to tour jete half. Double tuck, a little short and her chest position isn’t there, step. Clean double full with a hop forward. I don’t think she has quite enough power to pull off double saltos so the form ends up being a bit weaker, but her twisting is so pretty. 12.250 (4.8, 7.450)

3:58 pm. Kaliya Lincoln FX: Double layout, nice, big bounce back. Front tuck through to double tuck, super high, small hop back. Switch ring, low back leg, to tour jete half, triple wolf turn, then a double, switch full, tucked full-in was stuck! YES! 13.750 (5.4, 8.350)

3:55 pm. Madray Johnson FX: Tucked full-in, step back. Switch ring to tour jete half. 1.5 to front full, almost into a controlled lunge, but more of a step forward. Double L turn to full pirouette. Split jump full. Double pike with a lunge back. 13.050 (4.9, 8.150)

3:54 pm. Izzy Stassi VT: FTY, a little close to the table but clean and a good landing. 13.250 (4.6, 8.650)

3:53 pm. Joscelyn Roberson VT: Arms were a little bent on the block but she got it around, soft knees and hips with a step to the side. The height was much better than the touch, though…she was close to her knees there! 14.350 (5.5, 8.850)

3:51 pm. Charlotte Booth FX: Double layout, legs apart but just a tiny step on the landing. Had a stumble with her chest down on the second pass but I didn’t see what it was. Double tuck, a little deep, hop forward. Switch ring through to switch half. Front full with a step.

Ella Kate Parker VT: FTY, little stumble back. 13.200 (4.6, 8.600)

3:50 pm. Gabriella Van Frayen VT: FTY, clean, just a step back. 13.600 (4.6, 9.000)

3:46 pm. Kailin Chio VT: Yurchenko 1.5, FLOATED through it and stuck the landing. WELL HELLO. 14.300 (5.0, 9.300)

Avery King FX: I missed her first pass but she took a step back. Switch ring to tour jete half. Double wolf turn. 1.5 to front full with a step. Hit the rest! 12.800 (4.7, 8.200, -0.1)

Nola Matthews VT: Excellent landing on her FTY! Came down like a dart. 13.00 (4.6, 9.000)

3:44 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Katelyn Jong 40.600
2. Madray Johnson 39.500
3. Charlotte Booth 39.100
4. Kaliya Lincoln 38.900
5. Kailin Chio 38.700
6. Avery King 38.650
7. Gabriella Van Frayen 38.150
8. Ella Kate Parker 37.700

3:39 pm. Joscelyn Roberson FX: Double layout with a step back. Tour jete full I think after that. Super clean arabian double front with a step forward. Switch to switch side. Double tuck, step back. 1.5 through to double pike, step forward. Crowd is the loudest they’ve been all day, WHAT A STAR! 13.100 (5.3, 7.800)

3:38 pm. Azaraya Ra-Akbar BB: Lovely flight series. Transverse split jump half, little wobble. Swich to switch half. Had a fall on something near the end of her routine. Step to the side on her double full dismount. 11.650 (4.8, 6.850)

3:36 pm. Ella Murphy BB: Switch to switch half, super solid flight series, and front aerial to jump series. She’s GORG. Split ring jump. Side aerial, and a good double full. Happy to see her pull that off! 13.500 (5.2, 8.300)

3:34 pm. Ella Kate Parker FX: Piked full-in, a little messy, stumbles it OOB. Triple full, some leg form, little steps back. Switch ring, low knee, to tour jete half. 2.5 to punch front. Stuck the double pike. 12.300 (5.0, 7.600, -0.3)

3:32 pm. Kaliya Lincoln BB: Bhs loso, no big problems, switch leap to switch half, front aerial, split jump to straddle jump, transverse split jump half, pretty good split from what I could tell, double tuck, pretty clean, step. 12.550 (4.9, 7.650)

3:30 pm. Gabriella Van Frayen FX: Double pike, small hop back. Front layout to front double full, a little rough there, especially on the landing, but she corrects quickly. Switch ring to tour jete half. 1.5 to front layout. Double tuck, small hop back. 12.400 (4.3, 8.100)

3:29 pm. Madray Johnson BB: Bhs loso loso, some knee form to fix, tiny bobble, full turn, Onodi, lovely leaps, front aerial, transverse split jump half, double tuck with a lunge back. 13.050 (4.9, 8.150)

3:25 pm. Charlotte Booth BB: Back dive to chest stand mount, solid bhs loso, switch to split leap, a little shaky on the side aerial but not bad at all, and hit the double full dismount. 12.050 (4.6, 7.450)

Nola Matthews FX: Triple full, a little low. 1.5 to front full, bends her knees a little and steps OOB. Double wolf turn, Love a lot of her choreo. Switch half. Double tuck, pulls her chest up and takes a step back.

3:22 pm. Avery King BB: Side aerial, solid bhs loso, switch to sissone, little pause between them. Good Onodi. Full turn. Transverse split jump half. Small hop on her double full dismount.  12.800 (4.8, 8.000)

Kailin Chio FX: Full-out, yessss! A little deep maybe but solid landing. Great triple full! Excellent 2.5 to front pike as well. Tour jete full. Double pike, buckled, but quickly stood up out of it with no problems. Pike shape was gorgeous. 13.200 (5.3, 7.900)

3:19 pm. Katelyn Jong BB: Hit her wolf turn, at the beginning, punch front, layout stepout to back pike, great, switch to pike jump, double pike maybe a little deep but not bad, step back. 13.150 (5.2, 7.950)

Izzy Stassi FX: Hit her opening pass, then 1.5 into something, and a 2.5 to punch front. Big rebound back on the double pike at the end. 12.550 (4.7, 7.850)

3:14 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Katelyn Jong 27.450
2. Charlotte Booth 27.050
3. Madray Johnson 26.450
4. Kaliya Lincoln 26.350
5. Avery King 25.850
— Azaraya Ra-Akbar 25.850
7. Gabriella Van Frayen 25.750
8. Kailin Chio 25.500

3:10 pm. Ella Kate Parker BB: Excellent side aerial to layout stepout, front aerial into jumps, switch to switch half, looked a little short on the latter, transverse split jump half, full turn, double full with a little bobble. 13.300 (5.3, 8.000)

Ella Murphy UB: Nice handstand before the inbar to Tkachev, toe point!!! Toe-on to toe half, ugh, was supposed to be a full I think, swings down out of it halfway through and has to get her rhythm back. Pak, stalder, arched, to toe shoot, had another handstand issue where she just lost her rhythm, brings it back for a double tuck. She is so clean and has the makings of a great bar worker…just needs to get the nerves out. 10.200 (4.5, 5.700)

3:07 pm. Kaliya Lincoln UB: Toe full to stalder to Maloney to stalder to Ray, I missed a couple of skills after that, full-in with a hop back. 12.200 (4.8, 7.400)

Gabriella Van Frayen BB: Front aerial, split jump to straddle jump. Great triple flight series. Switch to switch half, and a clean double full to finish. 12.950 (5.1, 7.850)

3:04 pm. Nola Matthews BB: Double wolf turn, a little bobbly at the beginning but she makes it through no problem. Side aeiral loso, bent legs and a fall. Hit a jump series to Korbut, front aerial, double full with a hop back. 11.800 (4.8, 7.000)

Madray Johnson UB: Toe full, Maloney to Pak, a little rushed, lovely stalder half to Jaeger once she’s back up to the high bar. Nice double tuck, tiniest step. 12.800 (4.9, 7.900)

3:02 pm. Kailin Chio BB: Nailed the triple flight series. Switch ring, break on the landing. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, clean side aerial, full turn, transverse split jump half, split leap to switch half to Korbut, lovely, double full dismount. 13.300 (5.3, 8.000)

Charlotte Booth UB: I caught it from the Maloney to Tkachev, awesome. Blind change to straddle Jaeger. Pak, some flexed feet, van Leeuwen, mostly clean, just ankles separated as she catches, double tuck with a bounce in place. 12.850 (5.2, 7.650)

3:01 pm. Avery King UB: Huge Tkachev, toe-on to Pak, veryyyyy nice Pak. Toe shoot, flexed feet, blind change to front giant half, some arch in that swing, blind full is a bit late, and a high stuck double tuck. 12.100 (4.2, 7.900)

2:57 pm. Katelyn Jong UB: Nice handstand before the stalder full, a little late, to Chow to Pak, arched in a handstand before her toe shoot, caught close, toe-on to toe half, both of those may have been inbars, to piked Jaeger, stalder, and a full-out dismount. Good! 13.200 (5.5, 7.700)

Izzy Stassi BB: Candle mount half got applause! Front aerial, little check. Stumble on the side aerial. Full turn. Switch leap. Wolf jump to straddle jump, short on the latter. Short on a transverse jump half as well. Ugh, stumbles on the bhs loso and falls. High double tuck with a step. 11.300 (4.8, 6.500)

2:55 pm. Joscelyn Roberson BB: Solid loso mount. A little shaky on the Onodi, Front aerial to straddle jump (a little short) to split jump, good switch leap and transverse jumps. Side aerial lso loso, little tiny bobble. Basically stuck the double pike, one of her feet maybe moved a little bit. Good work! 13.250 (5.6, 7.650)

Azaraya Ra-Akbar UB: Caught a Tkachev and her Pak. High and clean double tuck dismount with a hop. Good routine! 12.400 (4.4, 8.000)

2:49 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Katelyn Jong 14.250
2. Charlotte Booth 14.200
3. Kaliya Lincoln 14.150
4. Avery King 13.750
5. Madray Johnson 13.650
6. Azaraya Ra-Akbar 13.450
7. Nola Matthews 13.050
8. Ella Murphy 12.850
— Izzy Stassi 12.850

2:47 pm. Gabriella Van Frayen UB: Toe full, almost in handstand, Maloney to Pak, toe shoot, blind change to straddle Jaeger, and a stuck full-in! Love these Gym X-Treme girls. 12.800 (4.8, 8.000)

2:44 pm. Nola Matthews UB: Toe full a little late, but not bad, Chow to stalder to Ricna, nice. Nice straddle Jaeger as well, Pak, arched on the toe on but good recovery into the toe shoot, clean double layout. Excellent job! 13.050 (5.1, 7.950)

2:42 pm. Kailin Chio UB: Stalder full to Maloney to clear hip to Ray, slight leg form deductions throughout, bail to toe shoot, stalder half, legs apart, a little rough into the Khorkina with all of her form overall, but she catches it no problem, and hits the full-in dismount. Some moments in there to tighten up but good hit! 12.200 (5.0, 7.200)

2:40 pm. Kaliya Lincoln VT: Yurchenko 1.5, a little soft in her knees with a small hop forward. 14.150 (5.0, 9.150)

2:39 pm. Charlotte Booth VT: Yurchenko 1.5, KILLS IT. WHAT a landing!!! Mostly clean in the air, just slight ankle separation when she pops off the table. 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)

Izzy Stassi UB: Jaeger I think at the start, I caught as she was catching, then a clean Pak, toe-on to Maloney to clear hip to Ray, NICE. Blind full, and a super straight clean double layout, big hop back but love her! 12.850 (4.9, 7.950)

Madray Johnson VT: I missed this completely, looks like a good FTY! 13.650 (4.6, 9.050)

2:37 pm. Avery King VT: Good enough FTY! Just a step back. 13.750 (4.6, 9.150)

2:35 pm. Joscelyn Roberson UB: Clear hip full, almost in vertical, Maloney with slight leg separation to clear hip to a nice handstand, goes for a huge Ray after but is super far from the bar, misses it. Nooooo. Clear hip half to Ezhova when she gets back on, toe shoot, and a high double layout with a step back. She looked SO much cleaner and tighter here!!! Very sad about that fall. 10.600 (4.1, 6.500)

Katelyn Jong VT: DTY, some ankle separation throughout, but tons of power and a good landing, big lunge back. 14.250 (5.5, 8.750)

2:34 pm. Azaraya Ra-Akbar VT: FTY, some pike in her hips, big hop back. 13.450 (4.6, 8.850)

2:33 pm. Ella Murphy VT: FTY, looked like she had it at first but then just bounced back and sat it, she was like, still in warm-up mode. 12.850 (4.6, 8.250)

Ella Kate Parker UB: Caught a release at the beginning, clean Pak, stalder full, a little late, toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, and a double layout, whips it around with a big step forward. 12.100 (4.4, 7.700)

2:31 pm. I didn’t see Ella Kate Parker warm up any doubles on vault in the earlier pre-meet warmup. I think her landing at classics was more just…mentally harmful than physical because she looks really good here in terms of being able to jump around and everything.

2:27 pm. Touch warm-ups just started. It’s wild to only have two groups here but will make covering things much easier!

2:25 pm. Athletes are in, anthem is over…let’s GO!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

7 thoughts on “2021 U.S. Championships | Junior Women’s Day 1 Live Blog

    • From one Matthew to another; yeah. I’m still hopeful because they have good basics…for the most part.


    • Given that most (if not all) of them probably had super interrupted training this past year, I feel like there should be extreme benefit of the doubt here.


    • Yeah. I agree with the statement that it’s mainly because of corona and not training for a while. But the seniors look really good, Though I think covid affected the juniors more than the seniors. Even with all that being said, There is definitely a lack in difficulty. I am not sure if it is a change in the developmental program of the US or what but it is a little scary. Though a lot of them are every clean so that’s good. I also think that Katelyn Jong is amazing along with Kaliya Lincoln!!


  1. I feel like the junior field is very depleted. Maybe they should have lowered the qualifying score a bit so the field was a little larger. But I am very impressed with Katlyn Jong and the WOGA juniors. I also think Claire Pease a WOGA Hope’s gymnast has great promise in the future. Does anyone know when she will be able to compete as a junior?? Seems like WOGA has a lot of girls coming up…several who didn’t qualify such as Paloma Spirdinova and Sage Bradford. Do we know if Valeri is coaching the juniors??


    • I feel like the current state of pandemic restrictions (even if they are loosening) and the focus on the Olympics probably accounts for both the limited Junior field and why they didn’t lower the score to pull more juniors in.

      From her website bio, Claire Pease turned 12 in January. She’s already eligible to compete as a Junior – and did try to qualify this year. Almost made it at the Parkettes Qualifier, too! 50.200 (required was 50.500 to Classics) but she’s still young so a year of Hopes (plus the victory at the Hopes Championship) won’t hurt at all.


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