2021 U.S. Championships | Senior Women’s Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of senior women’s competition at the 2021 U.S. Championships, held in Fort Worth, Texas!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:59 pm. Senior All-Around

1. Simone Biles 119.650
2. Sunisa Lee 114.950
3. Jordan Chiles 114.450
4. Emma Malabuyo 110.450
5. Leanne Wong 110.150
6. Jade Carey 110.000
7. Skye Blakely 109.550
— Grace McCallum 109.550
9. MyKayla Skinner 109.500
10. Kara Eaker 109.050
11. Kayla DiCello 108.800
12. Shilese Jones 108.500
13. Emily Lee 108.250
14. Amari Drayton 107.100
15. Ava Siegfeldt 106.800
16. Addison Fatta 106.650
17. Zoe Miller 106.400
18. Sydney Barros 105.850
19. Karis German 105.450
20. eMjae Frazier 105.350
21. Kaylen Morgan 105.050
22. Ciena Alipio 103.950
23. Aleah Finnegan 103.450
24. Katelyn Rosen 78.050
25. Chellsie Memmel 69.300
26. Morgan Hurd 47.100
27. Riley McCusker 29.750
28. Lyden Saltness 22.900

7:53 pm. Jade Carey FX: Great Moors, small hop back. Front layout through to full-in, very nice. Double layout, great landing. Hit the last pass. Good! 13.650 (5.7, 7.950)

Amari Drayton UB: Arched over in a handstand on the low bar but other than that, this was a good routine. 13.350 (5.4, 7.950)

7:52 pm. MyKayla Skinner UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, Ray to Pak, good handstand before the van Leeuwen, some ankle separation, blind full to Fabrichnova with a tiny hop and a college salute! 13.500 (5.8, 7.700)

7:50 pm. Sunisa Lee BB: I assume she hit her wolf turns but I didn’t see either. Switch ring was nice, to split leap. Nice switch to switch half to split ring jump. Side aerial loso loso, leg up but hit! Small hop on the double full. 14.700 (6.4, 8.300)

eMjae Frazier FX: I didn’t see the beginning. Good double tuck, I think third pass. Last pass was a little deep. Double pike I think. 13.200 (5.2, 8.000)

7:49 pm. Karis German UB: I wasn’t typing during this but she hit everything I saw, minor form issues with her feet and leg separation. Good landing on the double layout dismount. 13.450 (5.6, 7.850)

7:48 pm. Kayla DiCello VT: DTY, right down the middle, great landing. 14.400 (5.4, 9.000)

7:45 pm. Leanne Wong VT: DTY, pretty clean and a solid landing! 14.550 (5.4, 9.150)

Simone Biles UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, great, slightly short handstand before her BEST toe full yet to piked Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen, and a super high stuck Fabrichnova. Her best of the season! 14.700 (6.2, 8.500)

Kaylen Morgan BB: Only saw her dismount, a solid double tuck. 13.500 (5.8, 7.700)

Morgan Hurd FX: I didn’t see her first pass, or what her second pass was, but saw she hit her second pass. And her third. Double pike at the end had a step forward. Beautiful routine from what I did see in terms of her performance. 12.600 (5.0, 7.700, -0.1)

Grace McCallum VT: DTY, some form in the air, small hop back. 14.500 (5.4, 9.100)

7:42 pm. Warmups for the second half of the rotation now.

7:39 pm. Chellsie Memmel UB: So she came off on her release, then again on a giant, and then was like k bye! 3.950 (1.0, 7.750, -4.8 ND)

7:37 pm. Katelyn Rosen FX: Double layout, great landing. Arabian double front, very clean, also a pretty solid landing. Double full. Hit the last pass. Good! 12.850 (5.0, 7.850)

Shilese Jones BB: Full turn, solid standing arabian. Side aerial is clean. Ugh, balks her layout series, does a back handspring back handspring…and puts her hands down. UGH. Good double tuck dismount. 11.750 (4.2, 7.550)

7:36 pm. Jordan Chiles UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, great handstand before the toe full, almost in total vertical, to Tkachev, piked Tkachev to a clean Pak, Maloney to Gienger was great, legs glued, does literally like one giant into the full-in. Excellent routine. 14.600 (5.9, 8.700)

7:35 pm. Ava Siegfeldt FX: Double wolf turn. Good landing on the double layout! Front tuck through to double tuck was good. Switch ring to switch half. Good double pike. Solid double full to finish. 12.750 (5.0, 7.750)

Addison Fatta BB: Double wolf turn. Little check on the bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Side aerial. Switch to switch half. Transverse split jump half. Good work so far! Clean double full. Great day for her! 12.800 (5.0, 7800)

Aleah Finnegan VT: Yurchenko 1.5 but I missed it. AGAIN! I apparently don’t want to see GAGE vault. Didn’t see a replay either. 14.000 (5.0, 9.000)

7:34 pm. Zoe Miller UB: Komova II to Pak to Chow half, twists so late but catches no problem. Short handstand before inbar half to Jaeger, stalder to stalder half, short, clean and nearly-stuck double layout. 13.900 (5.9, 8.000)

7:33 pm. Emma Malabuyo VT: DTY, lost some leg form in the second twist, step on the landing. 14.100 (5.4, 8.700)

7:30 pm. Emily Lee VT: DTY, hop back. Otherwise great! 14.500 (5.4, 9.100)

Sydney Barros UB: Toe full to Maloney to stalder to Tkachev, wild legs on the release. Blind change to piked Jaeger. Van Leeuwen, some leg separation. Hit the dismount. 

Ciena Alipio BB: I saw a side somi, and a transverse straddle jump half. Don’t think she came off elsewhere. Double full with a hop to the side. 

Skye Blakely FX: Step back on the big double layout. Tiny hop on the full-in. Two twisting tumbles into a front tuck, and then a double pike with two big steps back to finish.

Kara Eaker VT: Yurchenko 1.5 but I didn’t see any of it unfortunately! Ooh, replay! It was almost fully laid out with a baby step back! Good for her. 13.900 (5.0, 8.900)

7:26 pm. Rotation 7 Standings

1. Simone Biles 104.950
2. Sunisa Lee 100.250
3. Jordan Chiles 99.850
4. Shilese Jones 96.750
5. Emma Malabuyo 96.350
— Jade Carey 96.350
7. Skye Blakely 96.250
8. MyKayla Skinner 96.000

7:24 pm. Leanne Wong FX: Double double, chest down, but solid otherwise. Whip to triple landed short, big lunge to control it. 2.5 to front full, stuck. Double pike, lunge out of it was mostly controlled. Almost controlled! It was an artistic step back if not fully controlled. 13.600 (5.8, 7.800)

7:22 pm. Morgan Hurd BB: ALL of my energy is going to her right now. Ugh, hands down, and a fall on the standing full. Off on the flight series as well. Ugh. Front aerial to split jump to split ring jump. Good jump series after. Full turn. Switch ring. Double pike, basically stuck. I’m glad she got that dismount. 11.600 (5.2, 6.400)

Kairs German VT: FTY, big step back. 13.750 (4.6, 9.150)

7:21 pm. Simone Biles VT: Cheng was great, small bounce back. 15.550 (6.0, 9.550)

Amanar for the second vault, similar to night one with the big leap forward but MAN I live for her pop off the table. 15.475 average.

7:20 pm. Katelyn Rosen BB: I missed a lot of this, she had a big bobble on something but a nice leap series to Korbut, big check on a side element. 12.000 (5.5, 6.500)

Aleah Finnegan FX: I missed her first pass, arabian double front was clean, doesn’t really connect super well into the Stag. Switch ring to another jump. 2.5 to front layout, a little arched in the layout. But got the landing. Hit the last pass at first…then dropped her hands down. Looked like she had it…bummer. 12.600 (5.3, 7.400, -0.1)

Lyden Saltness UB: I missed this. 10.800 (4.3, 6.500)

7:19 pm. Chellsie Memmel VT: DTY, put her hands down. She struggled a little in warm-ups with that earlier today, didn’t land one that I saw, kept rolling back out of them. 13.100 (5.4, 8.000, -0.3)

7:18 pm. Shilese Jones UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Tkachev, HUGE Church to Pak, van Leeuwen, toe half to front giant to double front, high and stuck. Excellent routine.

7:16 pm. Jordan Chiles VT: Huge DTY, little hop back. 14.900 (5.4, 9.500)

Jordan then nearly sticks the tsuk full, tiniest hop back, excellent form. 14.650 average.

Addison Fatta UB: Huge piked Jaeger, nice Pak, Maloney to Gienger is a little close, hit the rest!

Emma Malabuyo FX: Double layout went low and long but she still got it around. Not a bad landing either. Hit the second pass, then a switch ring to tour jeté full, one of the best leap passes here. Double tuck with a little bounce. Front tuck through to something in her last pass, a double full maybe, I didn’t see, but the landing was a little low.

Ava Siegfeldt BB: I caught it from the dismount unfortunately, double full with a step to the side, but think she hit everything.

7:15 pm. Touch warm-up wrapping up for the second half!

7:10 pm. Going back to put in some scores for the most recent routines!

7:09 pm. Kara Eaker FX: 3.5 is *ALMOST* around into the punch front, but the triple full is wild and lands OOB. 2.5 to front full is better, hop back. Stuck the double pike at the end. 13.700 (5.8, 8.000, -0.1)

7:05 pm. Skye Blakely BB: Nails the standing full! Switch to switch half to back tuck with a wobble. Step back on the side aerial, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, I think I may have missed her front front flight series but assume she stayed on. Super high double tuck dismount, great landing. 14.250 (5.9, 8.350)

Emily Lee FX: Double double, 2.5 to front full was short, step forward OOB. Good double tuck. 13.350 (5.4, 8.250, -0.3)

Ciena Alipio UB: I missed this but believe she hit. 13.350 (5.1, 8.250)

7:02 pm. Kayla DiCello FX: Great double double to start! Maybe a little forward on the second pass. Third pass was like a 1.5+ front full I think, good landing, and a solid double back at the end. 14.050 (5.7, 8.350)

Jade Carey BB: Little steps back out of her flight series, leap to switch half to back tuck was solid, maybe short on the half, hit another leap series after and a transverse jump. Hit the dismount. 12.750 (5.2, 7.550)

Amari Drayton VT: Big DTY, pretty clean! 14.500 (5.4, 9.100)

Sydney Barros VT: DTY, a little soft throughout, hop on the landing. 14.350 (5,.4, 8.950)

Zoe Miller VT: Huge Yurchenko 1.5, step forward. 14.200 (5.0, 9.200)

7:00 pm. Sunisa Lee UB: Nabieva to Bhardwaj, Van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger to Pak, good handstand before the Maloney to Gienger, blind full, and a full-in stuck. Goes for her “easy” routine after struggling a bit in warmups. 14.900 (6.4, 8.500)

6:58 pm. MyKayla Skinner VT: Another really solid Cheng for her! 15.000 (6.0, 9.000)!!!! Finally a 15. Amanar is next, and it’s an INCREDIBLE one. Huge, excellent position on the landing, small hop back. She averages a 15.050!

Kaylen Morgan UB: Had a nice van Leeuwen and toe half to straddle Jaeger. Super high double front with a great landing. 13.050 (5.1, 7.950)

eMjae Frazier BB: I missed most of this but saw that she hit her flight series. Step back on the double pike. 12.700 (5.2, 7.500)

Grace McCallum FX: Small hop back on the double double. I may have missed her second pass? Caught it again from the tucked full-in, low landing, step OOB. Double tuck with a wild landing, couldn’t see if her hands went down but they were close. 13.400 (5.7, 7.800, -0.1)

6:52 pm. Rotation 6 Standings 

1. Simone Biles 89.400
2. Sunisa Lee 85.350
3. Jordan Chiles 84.950
4. Jade Carey 83.600
5. Emma Malabuyo 82.900
6. Shilese Jones 82.350
7. Skye Blakely 82.000
— Leanne Wong 82.000

6:50 pm. Jordan Chiles FX: Good wolf turn at the beginning. Full-twisting double layout with a small bounce back. Excellent double layout. Front double full to front full with a little skid back. Double pike with a small bounce back, maybe her heel went OOB. Incredible.

Emma Malabuyo BB: Got her wolf turns out of the way. Nailed the standing arabian. Also hit a front acro skill after, almost connected to a jump. I couldn’t see what for either though. Back leg on her switch ring wasn’t there. Small bounce on the double pike, really strong routine.

6:46 pm. Kara Eaker BB: Full Y turn, front aerial to split ring jump, side aerial loso loso is solid, great leap series into her side somi, good switch to switch half to Korbut, she’s really getting it tonight. Switch ring. Excellent 2.5 dismount. One of her best this year I think. 14.200 (6.0, 8.300, -0.1)

Zoe Miller FX: Big double layout, great form. Hop back and step OOB on the tucked full-in. Lovely work on her leaps. Third pass had an OOB. Last pass was good, may have been a front full through to double full but I was focused on beam! 12.300 (5.0, 7.700, -0.4)

6:44 pm. Ava Siegfeldt UB: Ray to Pak, some leg separation but solid, toe full a little iffy to Maloney to Gienger, great! Blind change to front giant to double front with a baby hop, excellent routine! 13.450 (5.2, 8.250)

6:43 pm. Sydney Barros FX: I missed the start of both of her opening passes, but saw the landings were good on both. Also hit the double tuck. Double pike, some leg separation and a hop. 12.800 (4.9, 7.900)

Emily Lee BB: Wasn’t typing during this, but she got everything I saw, maybe a little shaky on the side somi, deep double pike with a hop. 13.650 (6.0, 7.650)

Addison Fatta VT: DTY with a hop to the side OOB. 14.300 (5.4, 8.900)

6:42 pm. Ciena Alipio VT: FTY, some iffy form, good landing. 13.500 (4.6, 8.900)

Skye Blakely UB: Piked Jaeger, Downie, Ricna to Pak, a little too arched in the Pak, short handstand before the van Leeuwen, talder full was a little late, and a high double tuck with a step. 

6:40 pm. Warmups for the second half of the rotation now!

6:36 pm. Kayla DiCello BB: Back dive mount, goes over the beam. Okay then. Lord. Fall. Gets the triple and double wolf turns. Switch to split jump. Nailed the triple flight series. Hit the dismount. 12.550 (5.8, 6.750)

Amari Drayton FX: I didn’t see her first pass but she hit. Whip whip through to double tuck, hop. Switch ring. 1.5 to front full. Double pike with a hop back. 12.750 (5.1, 7.750)

6:33 pm. MyKayla Skinner FX: Tour jeté full into the corner before her first pass. Moors, first flip was good, second was softer in the hips and knees. Double double was excellent. Hit the third pass, I assume a full-in but I missed the entry, then a front tuck through to 2.5. Her best elite floor routine since her comeback, hands down. 13.750 (5.9, 7.850)

Grace McCallum BB: Double wolf turn was good. Transverse split jump half. Split leap to side aerial to layout stepout. Good front aerial, check on the full turn. Hit the double back dismount. 14.200 (5.7, 8.500)

6:32 pm. Jade Carey UB: High Church, blindc change to Ezhova, some body shape in her swing throughout, Maloney to Bhardwaj was lovely though, great handstand before a really clean van Leeuwen, short handstand before the clear hip, blind full was late, some ankle separation, and a full-in with a good landing, bounce in place. 13.600 (5.5, 8.100)

6:30 pm. Leanne Wong BB: Switch to straddle jump. Side aerial loso, little step. Full L turn to full pirouette. Goes for a switch but balks, just does a little hop, gets the switch ring on the second time. Also hit some leaps after that. Split leap to side somi was good. Looked like maybe a bobble on a transverse jump but I missed the skill. Triple full was maybe a little short in rotation. Some problems throughout but a hit routine. 12.700 (5.5, 7.300, -0.1)

Karis German FX: Solid double double and full-twisting double layout. Front full through to double tuck with a step. Basically stuck the tucked full-in, maybe a tiny hop in place. Great! 13.500 (5.7, 7.800)

6:27 pm. Suni Lee VT: DTY, nice and big, solid in the air, slide back. 14.300 (5.4, 8.900)

eMjae Frazier UB: Church to Pak, flexed feet but gets it, shaposh to Tkachev, nice, ugh, comes off on what was supposed to be a toe full but she only gets halfway around. Toe full when she gets back is fine, and a double layout dismount. 11.900 (5.4, 6.500)

6:25 pm. Shilese Jones VT: Huge gorgeous STUCK DTY!!!! I screamed. Inside. 15.000 (5.4, 9.600)

Riley McCusker UB: Toe full to Maloney to Tkachev, excellent, Great handstand before her Downie, then a Ricna to Pak I think directly connected to the van Leeuwen. Stuck the double front half-out. QUEEN. 15.100 (6.4, 8.700)

Simone Biles FX: Triple double, casual easy landing for her. Biles, tries to connect to the stag but just does like, a weird little hop, haha. Front layout full to full-in, step back OOB. Double double with a small hop to the side. 14.950 (6.8, 8.250, -0.1)

Aleah Finnegan BB: I missed almost all of this but she had a hit routine. 13.550 (5.3, 8.250)

Kaylen Morgan VT: I missed this, looked like a really good FTY based on the score! 13.900 (4.6, 9.300)

6:24 pm. Touch warm-up just finished for the next rotation!

6:20 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Simone Biles 74.450
2. Sunisa Lee 71.050
3. Jordan Chiles 70.950
4. Jade Carey 70.000
5. Leanne Wong 69.300
6. Skye Blakely 68.400
7. Emma Malabuyo 68.300
8. Kayla DiCello 67.800

6:17 pm. Sydney Barros BB: Triple and double wolf turns. Side aerial loso, leg form is a bit off in the loso and she’s not in-line with the beam, fall. Clean punch front. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Switch to switch half, wobble, leg up. Double pike, hop back.

6:14 pm. Amari Drayton BB: Really solid flight series, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Transverse split jump half was very strong. Good double pike dismount! 12.800 (5.1, 7.700)

6:11 pm. Suni Lee FX: Really good landing on the double double. Switch ring to tour jeté half. L turn to pirouette combo, double L turn I think. 1.5 to front full stuck cold. Clean double wolf turn. Double tuck, wobble on the landing, stepped OOB. That was wonky, she looked like she had it at first! 13.700 (5.4, 8.400, -0.1)

MyKayla Skinner BB: Back dive mount. Bhs tuck full, tiny adjustment. YES. Side aerial, tiny check, switch to switch half, landed short in rotation, slow into the back tuck because of it. Transverse jump to a straight jump full, huge wobble but she stays on. A little shaky in her turn combo, good double tuck dismount. She stayed on! 13.050 (5.4, 7.650)

Emily Lee UB: Caught a shaposh to a Tkachev but I didn’t see entries on either (or details!), some knee form on the Pak and van Leeuwen, hit the double layout dismount. Good work. 13.050 (5.3, 7.750)

6:10 pm. Kayla DiCello UB: Stalder full was a little late, Chow to Tkachev, good, piked Jaeger, great handstand after, I missed the release after but she caught it, didn’t connect to Pak but she got the Pak to van Leeuwen, clean full-out dismount with a baby step. 13.550 (5.9, 7.650)

Skye Blakely VT: DTY, I couldn’t see details but it looked solid to me. 14.550 (5.4, 9.150)

6:08 pm. Jade Carey VT: Second vault was the Lopez, another huge hop back. 14.550 (5.4, 9.150)

Karis German BB: Nailed the standing full. Was a little short on a transverse jump. Small step on the double tuck. 12.350 (5.2, 7.150)

Kaylen Morgan FX: Great arabian double front to start! Clean double tuck. Clean tour jeté half. Lovely double full. 13.000 (5.0, 8.000)

6:06 pm. Jade Carey VT: DTY, good! Big bounce back. 14.550 (5.4, 9.150)

Grace McCallum UB: Stalder full with ankle separation to Maloney to Pak, to Chow half, leg separation, Stalder to toe half, muscles through it, to piked Jaeger, catches, then can’t muscle the handstand out of it, starts her swing again. Just the dismount after she corrects, step back on the full-in. 13.150 (5.6, 7.550)

6:04 pm. If you’re trying to watch at home, they’re showing the broadcast on CNBC since golf is taking long.

6:02 pm. Touch warm-up for the second half of this rotation starting now. We’ll see Jade Carey and Skye Blakely on vault, Grace McCallum, Kayla DiCello, and Emily Lee on bars, Karis German, MyKayla Skinner, Amari Drayton, and Sydney Barros on beam, and Kaylen Morgan and Suni Lee on floor.

6:00 pm. Simone Biles BB: Excellent on the triple wolf turn. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Makes the bhs loso loso look easy. Switch to switch half, little stumble, doesn’t connect to the back pike. Tiniest adjustment on the side aerial. Transverse straddle jump half connected to a split jump half, tiny bobble. Tucked full-in with a step back.

5:56 pm. Shilese Jones FX: Love her opening choreo SO much. Landed her 1.5-twisting double tuck OOB, big step forward too. Good double layout. Switch half. Good arabian double front. Open double tuck to finish, solid. 13.250 (5.5, 8.050, -0.3)

Chellsie Memmel BB: Shaky on the switch leap mount, short on the jumps after. Bhs loso loso with a few little adjustments. Front aerial, maybe a little slow into the straddle jump full. Clean side aerial. Nails the punch front. Off on the arabian. Double pike with a step back. 12.150 (5.4, 6.750)

Leanne Wong UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, Stalder half to Jaeger, excellent double layout. She’s really proving herself here. 14.000 (5.4, 8.600)

5:55 pm. Aleah Finnegan UB: I wasn’t typing during this but she hit everything, had a couple of iffy moments, but the piked Deltchev was great, maybe a little low on the dismount. 13.350 (5.4, 7.950)

5:53 pm. Addison Fatta FX: 2.5 through to double tuck, amazing. Double pike was solid too. double full to finish. Love her! 13.000 (5.0, 8.000)

Jordan Chiles BB: I saw a jump into her back handspring and full turn. I missed the beginning I think but Jason next to me said she had a slight wobble on the flight series. Side somi with a little wobble, leg up. Switch to switch half, good landing. Got a transverse jump., then a jump series right after. Dismounts with a GREAT full-in, small step. 14.050 (5.8, 8.250)

5:52 pm. Emma Malabuyo UB: Chow to Tkachev, bent her elbows in the handstand on the blind change before the piked Jaeger but corrected it, connected to a Pak, then does a Chow half, and a full-twisting double layout with a step. 13.850 (5.8, 8.050)

5:51 pm. eMjae Frazier VT: DTY, a few little leg form things but a pretty steady landing. Tons of power. 14.250 (5.4, 8.850)

5:49 pm. Ava Siegfeldt VT: Yurchenko 1.5, little step to the side. 14.150 (5.0, 9.150)

Kara Eaker UB: Off on her Church right away. Back on for a Pak, arched over a handstand before her shaposh, clear hip to clear hip full, gets the piked Jaeger. Clean stuck double layout. 12.700 (5.3, 7.400)

Zoe Miller BB: Good side aerial loos, and switch to switch half. Double pike dismount with a couple big steps back. 13.050 (5.8, 7.250)

Ciena Alipio FX: Hit her opening pass. Nice 1.5 to front full. Step back on the double pike. 12.650 (4.6, 8.050)

Katelyn Rosen VT: Yurchenko 1.5, another good landing! 14.000 (5.0, 9.000)

5:47 pm. I got to watch a lot of warmups up close today because I wasn’t too lazy to walk around the arena for once. Jordan Chiles did some perfect tsuk fulls, onto the 8 inch mat. A double is absolutely coming for trials.

5:45 pm. Touch warm-ups are underway now!

Article by Lauren Hopkins

69 thoughts on “2021 U.S. Championships | Senior Women’s Day 2 Live Blog

  1. Has Memmels leaps always been lacking extension? I dont remember seeing them and thinking that. I dont even mean on the opening where she was off. Her Popa doesnt look extended fully either.


    • They were def better during her prime, but she never gave over split straddles on Popas, at least on beam. But I think they were solid enough to not be problematic back then.


  2. Leanna Wong just had a bobble before the switch ring. They showed it from the back, and it honestly looked like her mistake ended up being a non dancer assemble. Tim is saying how it’ll be a big deduction eventho she repeated the jump. Why would the deduction be large, when it ends up being an ‘extra’ worthless jump? I just don’t get why, without it being a big balance check?


  3. I think Kayla is out after another sub-14 bars and another beam fall. Yes I know there is still trials, but….


    • I think it’s too soon. Beam was a fluke, and bars was watered down. We saw at Classics (and Am Cup) that she is usually a solid competitor. Who, in the running for that 4th spot, do you think has done any better, so far? The top 3 has been solid so far, everyone has made mistakes. I think the same obvs group should all still be entering trials pretty equally, so far. There are still 2 rotations left to change that, but btwn now and trials, who knows how different everyone will be.


  4. Oh look Kara and Grace made the same on today’s BB routine. Watch the routines again. Explain it to me. Please. 14.20

    It’s the all day, every day Grace give away!


    • Where are Grace’s deduction’ though? She has superb bodyline, she had almost no wobbles. She hit and connected her skills. I would be fine with Kara (love love her beam) scoring higher than 14.2, but where do you see Grace shouldn’t have scored 14.2? She has lovely lines and almost no checks. (Going by the rulebook here as in, actually count her mistakes. Believe me, I detest consecutive wolf-turn-code-whoring as much as anyone).
      To me, to be honest, Grace always looks like a Soviet lead-off gymnast from the late 80s/early 90s. Easy to forget, but also really really clean.


  5. Has anyone noticed that Jade Carey has an almost identical beam routine to Simone? She has changed several things in her routines since 2017 to be very similar to Simone’s. She changed her second vault and floor passes. I don’t know why I’m so annoyed by this haha


    • Lol. I noticed a while back. It’s smart at the end of the day if you can do a lot of the skills of the sport’s poster girl, since ur in the same power lane. She doesn’t really have a ‘personality’ in her gymnastics, she’s just randomly super talented across the board. Imagine if she had started the elite journey a bit sooner (hoping Marta wouldn’t have broken her of course)


    • They showed a little bit of Morgan falling off beam. Poor Morgan. She was back at World Cup last year. What the extra year gave to Jordan it took away from Morgan. So sad.


  6. There is truly something to be said about vets and experience. Is it me, or did Chellsie smartly put that hand down on vault to help save her ankle on that short landing?


  7. These are interesting championships. Simone, Suni, and Jordan look great. Jade is hitting her routines without big errors which is why I think she is in 4th place. It seems like we are seeing the consistency from Grace or Kayla or Leanne that they need. I also wish we could see Riley at full strength here. I refuse to believe that they would put Jade on the team and give up her nominative spot.


  8. Seeing the final results, I think had Leanne and Grace not had so many errors over both days their scores would have been really strong. They are certainly still in the mix. I think it will be one of them for that fourth spot. Still would love to see Riley at full strength.

    Also crying for Jordan crying. So so happy for her.


  9. I know that nationals means literally nothing now, but this made the picture for the Olympic team even fuzzier. I think that as long as trials goes as it has pretty much all season, Simone, Sunisa and Jordan are all going, but the fourth spot is up in the air. Leanne, Emma, Kayla, Grace and Mykayla are bunched together and Riley is a huge wild card; her bars were phenomenal, her vault looked great at classics and I’m assuming beam is fine, but have we seen a full floor routine from her since 2019? And then there’s how much the ankle impacted her on vault and floor if at all.


    • I think it depends on where that 4th spot can help make up some ground. I honestly don’t see Skinner fitting into that fourth spot because you have Simone and Jade for vault and floor. You could even argue Jordan for floor & vault, in team and qualification as she has 2, which is where MyKayla brings in her points.

      Honestly, it looks like USA needs to fill the beam position. It used to be bars, but USA has come a long way on that event. This quad, BB is looking iffy to me. Who can be rock solid under pressure and bring in strong scores?

      I could see Riley as the specialist spot.


      • I think the beam lineup is ok, though Suni’s falls at Worlds in 2019 were not reassuring.

        For the fourth spot, I’d go with MyKayla even though you have Jade, Jordan and Simone – you’re looking to maximize your team score. You can’t use Jade because she’s in the specialist spot (right???!). MyKayla’s VT would bring in a big number in TF. I wouldn’t expect her to necessarily make the vault final, but you don’t need that – just the TF score.

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      • I agree with you, but I’m going purely off of AA scores because that’s what the team is going to be selected from. In terms of beam, based off of nationals it would be Grace, she performed really well in beam both nights. Leanne is technically the best beam option of the plethora of all arounders outside of the top 3, but she was shaky both nights. However, she would be a really good “let’s rest Sunisa” option on floor in team finals and if she were to do her night 1 floor in Olympic qualifications, Wong could find herself in event finals. If I were the selection committee (keeping in mind that this could change depending on trials) I would do Simone, Jordan, Sunisa, Leanne and Riley and decide which is the individual and which is on the team based off of how they look in training. But I’m not the selection committee and rank order will decide.


        • That would have been my selection for a team as well. Again, who knows as I am not on the committee!


      • I’m curious as to why BB looks iffy to you. Is it the overall team USA beam quality or the top contenders?
        In my head, the top 3 are likely to score 14+ on beam and that looks okay, no?
        – Fair enough, Jordan hasn’t been scored internationally this year. But I still think her current routines will score (at least and in a worst case scenario) in the mid to high 13s internationally.
        -Suni is pretty much 14+. Her struggle beam at worlds AA final was 13.8, so I think consistent 2021 Suni should score better. Simone is definitely 14+
        I wouldn’t even be pressed for the fourth member to contribute on beam, given that it’s a very volatile event. If they have decent mid to high 13 beam scores, I think that’s fine.
        I think someone on twitter crunched the numbers for a Simone, Suni, Jordan 3-up-3-count team based on their best scores this year. Those 3 alone score just over 176. Honestly, the fourth member doesn’t have to compete across multiple events and I agree with the other comment. At the moment, MyKayla’s vault over Sunisa’s is the biggest addition to the top 3, in a team setting.
        I think Jade being there is irrelevant, as she isn’t contributing to team scores. For apparatus finals, I don’t mind having MyKayla as a back up, in case qualifications don’t go as planned for Simone or Jade. Kind of like how Suni qualified ahead of Jade on floor at worlds.


        • Yes, but let’s not forget, it’s a lot on the body to contribute on all 4 events for qualifying, team finals, individual and then add on whatever event finals are made. Do you really want two gymnasts doing all four events without a rest?


  10. The fourth spot is going to be soooo hard to pick because the trio of Chiles, Biles and Lee don’t have a weakness. Ideally you’d rather Lee didn’t vault, so the last spot would make sense for an elite vaulter I guess – what about MyKayla Skinner? I don’t know that you’d use her anywhere else, but her vaults have been consistently good. My only issue with this is that it puts a lot of extra pressure on Suni and Jordan in particular. But given the field — the big three in their own league, then everyone else — it makes sense to take a specialist. I suppose Riley McCusker could also fill this spot – and you could conceivably use her on BB – but Skinner’s vaults have been more consistent than Riley’s bars. I’d stick McCusker in the specialist spot.

    The other possibility is that DiCello comes back and kills it at trials. She was great at Classic. Her gymnastics aren’t my favorite but it might be a safer option than bringing a specialist with the team.


    • I think in this four-up-three-count format, you really can’t have someone who can only do one event well, since, as you noted, that puts a ton of pressure on everyone else. Also, it doesn’t make sense to send Skinner as a vault specialist when she, Biles, and Carey would two-per-country each other out. The fourth person needs to be another strong AA-er to minimize risk, and ideally someone who can contribute another strong bars and beam score. Wong or Malabuyo, I think, based on this weekend, with McCusker in the other specialist spot.


      • I think the fact that the top 3 are so strong makes it more likely that the 4th person will compete on one event only. Simone, Suni, Jordan were within 1-5 on all events (barring vault). Sure, it could put the pressure on Suni/Jordan, but their scores are just better at the moment that it would be crazy to rest them on an event where the fourth team member scores lower. It’s pointless to take a 4th strong all-rounder that would score lower on individual events than the top 3.

        Take Malabuyo: you wouldn’t use her highest vault, bars or floor scores from this competition(14.1, 13.950 and 13.5) over the top 3 in a team final. Resting Suni or Jordan on those events in this context would be bizarre and you’d be taking a lower team score. If you must rest them, the 4th member should at least have comparable scores.

        Possible contributions from the all-rounders compared to the top 3 based on this competition only:
        Malabuyo, a theoretical 14.6 beam over Jordan (but keep in mind her day 1 and classics beam scores. 14.6 is not a given)
        Wong’s 14.750 vault over Suni’s (14.2 on floor, but we know Suni can score the same based on worlds and I’d honestly pick Jordan’s consistent floor over Wong’s at the moment)
        McCallum would be vault over Suni and again theoretical 14.2 beam over Jordan
        Eaker (14.2) would offer beam over Jordan (13.950)
        Jones for vault over Suni

        Likely one event each, even for the stronger all-rounders. Again, the top 3 are just that good. And it’s crazy because Malabuyo is excellent with a 56 AA score. But you just would not put her on anything but beam in the team final, going based on this competition’s scores. In any other program, she’d be at the forefront of the team.

        If you take her Classics scores into consideration, Kayla is the only one that fits the strong all-around, let’s rest Suni and Jordan argument. She can vault in place of Suni, has comparable bars to Jordan (based on classics) and comparable floor routine to Jordan based on this competition. (Actually with Kayla, you can rest Suni on vault, Simone on bars and Jordan on floors. One event off for everyone). But you see, she wouldn’t offer a higher team score, just comparable scores to let the others rest. If consistency is better by trials, I think she’s the better fit for the fourth team member. The next best option for the same argument is McCallum, but only if she gets her bars consistently back to worlds 2019 mid-14 range. Wong will only fit, if she consistently scores higher or around the same as Jordan on floor (you wouldn’t use her bars/beam over the top 3, so she’d need scores that enable her go up in a team final on vault + floor).

        In all, I think MyKayla is actually the most logical 4th person at the moment (we await trials). In my opinion, if you take any of the supposed stronger all-rounders and they compete just one event in team finals, then you may as well take MyKayla and maximise the team score. Her vault difference to Suni’s is more than Wong’s to Suni’s vault or Eaker, McCallum’s beam scores to Jordan’s. Plus, I trust her vault over a potential contribution by a different person to beam or floor (given that those 2 events are more error prone)

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    • I agree, I think the most likely candidate as the fourth for a Simone/Suni/Jordan team is someone who can outscore one of those three on one or two events but can also put up solid qualifying routines on any event in case they end up needing to count her score because one of the top three falls or something. Honestly the first place I would look is floor since that’s the lowest average placement of those three, but there’s no one who immediately jumps to mind as fitting the bill (maybe Kayla if she can get her 2020 level on bars and beam back?) and it’s not exactly a weakness either, so they could go in a different direction.


  11. Woo ok. Here are my options or maybes for the Olympic team thus far.
    Simone- obviously a lock, no doubt -LOCK
    Sunisa-She looked very strong her so she will definitely be on that team- LOCK
    Jordan- So happy for her, super-strong across all events – LOCK
    Jade- will def use the nominative spot she’s not giving that up.
    Riley- I could totally see her getting the specialist spot after her bars, but nobody knows how her ankle is doing or how good her beam is sooo…
    Emma Malabuyo- LOOKS AMAZING….don’t see her making the team but her putting up this much of a fight for this is amazing. I look forward to seeing her at trials and secretly wanting her to make the team.
    Leanne-Was inconsistent here and underwhelming
    Grace- ^^^^^^
    Kayla- I just think she had a bad day, to be honest. If she goes out at trials and hits 8 for 8 she def has a chance at this team.
    Skye- I do not see her making the team. She doesn’t have any of those standout events that make me think she would make the team. She is amazing though and I will love seeing her grow next quad.
    Makayla: I am not really a fan of her or her gymnastics, but I could see her getting that 4th spot as her vault is quite strong and consistent, and can’t use Jade for vault in TF.
    Kara- Underwhelming but had some nice work on beam.
    Shilese- A lot of people overhyped her. She has always been good but never reached that next level if that makes any sense??
    Emily Lee- I have been a big fan of Emily’s gymnastics since the 2016 US Classic and so seeing her get this far in the Olympic process is amazing. Of course she is my secret dark horse just because of how much of a fan I am of hers but I do not see her making the team 😦
    Morgan- Really sad with how much she had regressed. I see her MAYBE making the team if she does AMAZING at Trials but tbh idk abt her.
    And last but not least…
    ok, that’s it.


  12. I am quite surprised at how chiles has gotten so good so consistent lately. She has been around for a while but could never seem to get it all together til classic this year. wondering what’s the change that made it happen.. maybe the move to simone gym was the answer?


    • That and reworking routines with skills that really work for her and she can perform consistently. She took out the amanar that honestly she doesn’t need and changed her floor routine and her scores have become much more competitive. I’m still not loving her wolf turns on floor but I’m really proud of how this year has shaken out for her. She and Emma are definitely ones who really benefited from the olympics being pushed back a year. I would never have thought Emma would be 4th at nationals the year of the olympics after all her injuries.


    • I’m so thrilled for Chiles. I was internally screaming bile and gym forum-ly ranting it when they made her the Worlds alternate in 2017 instead of having her compete. I was a massive Chiles fan when she was a junior and an early senior, but I’d basically accepted by 2020 that her path wasn’t leading to the Olympics. To have her here now in this position is awesome. I had let her go (as one of my super-pulling-for-Olympic-favs) and well, show me up, she shows up anyway! She has always had such lovely lines, clean bodyline, form, and power-with-good-technique (underappreciated still, I think). I’m so excited she’s on the cusp of this Olympic team and so afraid I’ll jinx her by saying so 🙂


  13. I think the fourth is between Grace Leanne and Kayla. All of them were inconsistent but have the highest AA scoring potential. Grace may be the only one with the excuse that she was hurt and is still coming back not at full strength and they like her (me too honestly). Whoever shows consistency at trials should get the fourth spot with the other two named alternates.

    Bummer for Skinner that Jade exists bc she’d get the other specialist spot if not but Riley has the best shot at that with two more bars sets to go. I know Skinner is currently on the highest scoring team but only for doing vault. On a four person team, then need another AA’er with decent scores who can slot in anywhere but particularly the nervy events after seeing how Chiles handles TQ, beams and bars. Skinner doesn’t have those to a high enough level.

    If we go off past precedent, Tom won’t be crunching numbers for the highest scoring team but will reward an AAer. There’s a little wiggle room to not just take the fourth place finisher though so we’ll see. Right now there’s no clear front runner.

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    • Riley stuck her dismount cold without a flinch. IF she can get her AA program back with even 80% of what she’s capable of on vault and floor, and show a classic Riley beam routine, I think she has a very good chance of making the four-person team.


      • I agree that score-for-score Riley’s contribution could outweigh or tie Skinners potential contribution. And she would definitely be a better fit for a team bc she could contribute as a solid score if she had to step in anywhere. I also really really hope she can show at least beam at trials if not an AA program but feel confident she’d have it ready for the olympics even if she’s the specialist.

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  14. Has USAG said they will announce the 4 team members vs. specialist on the night of Trials? Or can they name 6 people and then decide who gets the team / specialist spot closer to the olympics (besides Jade)? Thx!


    • I don’t think they’ve said, but the past 2 Olympic Trials, they’ve announced the team on Trials night. I’m expecting them to do the same here (barring some weird delay where they’re waiting for Jade’s already mathematically assured individual spot to be confirmed after Doha World Cup). But gymnastics is nothing but about advertisers these days and promotional people want the team named at trials, not some random hour a week later, so my expectation is that the team will be named at Trials.


  15. I keep wishing someone in the media would clarify that Jade was the only specialist allowed to even have the chance to earn an individual spot. I keep seeing twitter comments saying Jade should be able to go for the team or take her individual spot because “every other athlete could have gone her route but chose not to.”
    This is so far from the truth. The USAG, if anyone remembers, crafted such tight eligibility rules back in 2018, such that she was the only non-all-around athlete eligible to try the World Cup qualification route.
    The other athletes did not have the chance Jade did. Kara Eaker didn’t, Mykayla Skinner didn’t, Emily Lee didn’t. I wish more people understood this. Kara Eaker didn’t choose to do 2018 Worlds instead of try the individual route. According to USAG’s rules, Eaker wasn’t eligible to try individual. Mykayla Skinner, despite being a world vault medalist and Olympic alternate, and possibly our 2nd best vaulter at the present time, wasn’t eligible to try the individual route because of the USAG’s ridiculous eligibility rules.
    Jade 100% earned her individual spot by the rules and did nothing wrong, but there is this huge misconception that the World Cup qualifying circuit was some free-for-all that any national team member was allowed to go for and I do wish this was made more clear to those who don’t know the background.


    • I agree with this. Emily Lee and Kara Eaker (possibly even Malabuyo) could have benefitted from this qualification system but USAG had ridiculous rules and honestly seems like they just didn’t want anyone else going to these world cups.


    • Any chance you could possibly clarify what made the eligibility rules so tight? No offense, but I feel like people throw this around loosely without giving any actual information to back it up.


      • I was going to type it out but it’s so intricate it takes up so much text. Might be easier just to point to both of these articles (and remember that at the time the USAG made their eligibility rules in 2018, it was obvious to everyone what the result was going to be: i.e. Carey and basically only Carey getting the chance to qualify to the Olympics based on something she did in 2017 (which we all know is not a good judge of whose the best in 2020/1) and without having to compete against any of her teammates on the World Cup circuits (and we all know beating your own U.S. teammates is the hardest part of making a U.S. Olympic team).



        Again, Carey has done absolutely nothing wrong. But it is why I’m against her getting a team spot. (And this is another place the USAG screwed up in that they couldn’t prevent Carey from trying for the individual spot, but they could have inserted a clause that said if she gets it, she’s not eligible for the team).


  16. Malabuyo is the big story of these Nationals (with Memmel) and now “only needs” to repeat this performance (2nd day) at trials and to make the 4th ticket hers. Not only because 4th AA and 56.00 … but her BB score now makes her a medal candidate on this event … and Olympics are about medals. A 14.2 (Eaker, Grace) is competitive but not enough. A 14.6 is. I know Lee scored a 15.00 recently on BB but she is nowhere near 56 … (How Eaker only scored 14.2 is another subject ….)
    McCusker is now the most obvious choice for the specialist ticket


    • So we are putting Emma Malabuyo on the Olympic team as a beam specialist because she placed 4th while everyone else made errors and because she hit one beam routine for a 14.600?

      I guess you are forgetting the other beam performances this year:
      Winter Cup 13.900
      US Classic 13.300
      Day 1 Nationals 12.950

      1/4 routines is not a safe bet. It is not a guaranteed 14.600


      • My english must really be terrible considering you didn’t get what I wrote.
        I’ll try to put it in an easier way :
        IF she repeats her Nationals performance – 4th AA + 56 + 14.6 on BB – yes EM is on the team, and not as specialist, as a team member
        Of course 14.6 is not a guarantee. Same for everyone.
        It’s just a matter of opinion actually and I may be wrong …. just like some where totally wrong about Chiles a few months ago …


        • At this point, McCallum has been very consistent on balance beam 14.200, 14.200, 13.950, 13.900 this year. So if someone is to be looked at for beam it would probably be her at this point. She had a rough nationals, but so did the majority of the group including Wong and DiCello.

          Chiles was a similar story, always inconsistent until she moved to WCC but to start 2021 no one expected the change in confidence and fitness that we saw in Chiles. She earned her spot as a favorite based on back to back to back to back performances. Over the course of Winter Cup, US Classic, Day 1, and Day 2 she has hit every single routine, going 16 for 16. She has always had the potential to do well.

          Malabuyo has looked a mess all year long so it was a huge shock to see her in 4th at Nationals. Still, she is not consistent, more of she made less mistakes than everyone else. She finished 4th but was out of 9th by .950, so less than a fall. McCallum and Skye Blakely each had 3 falls and finished just .900 behind Malabuyo.

          Yes, she was in 4th place but she is also literally 4 points from 3rd. Malabuyo is closer to Shilese Jones in 12th than she is from 4th to 3rd.

          You can also make the argument for taking others also. Jones for vault and bars, Skinner for vault, McCallum for vault and beam, Wong for vault and floor, Eaker for beam, DiCello for vault and floor, Blakely for vault and beam. All of who are within one and half points give or take from Malabuyo.


    • The tough thing is that if we are all essentially locking in Chiles, Lee, and Biles and they go 1-2-3 at trials, then it’s going to be REALLY hard to not take the fourth place finisher. Especially since only the 1-2 finishers are actual locks according to what Nastia and Tim said. The last two spots are decided by committee and there’s not a lot of competitions this year to base anything off.

      So you either go by past performance as much as current performance or just pick the best that day/the last few days. We knew under Martha it would be a specialist to round out the 3 and I think she’d take Riley over MyKayla bc..well..she just hated MyKayla I think. But with Tom and the “new” USAG they may go for transparency and say 1-2-3-4 go (that’s if chiles Lee and biles finish top 4).

      I don’t think Malabuyo just needs to hit again though…i think some elements of past performance would count…if anything they probably want to see Riley do AA and McCallum show full difficulty and take either over her.


  17. So amazing to see Emma Malabuyo make such a comeback. She’s been healthy for about 20 minutes of this past quad, and suddenly it’s like, “olympics? cool, can I come?”

    In her favor is definitely her international experience and the fact that she could show up after all this time and deliver under the highest pressure. And her gymnastics has always been beautiful. Wonder if (hope!) she’ll stick around for Worlds if she doesn’t make this team.

    Also: given Morgan’s extensive history of medals for the United States and her recent surgeries, how hard is it to give her another couple of weeks? Just spend the time to judge one extra AA performance at Trials. Or, take top 16 AA instead of 17. That’s what petitions are for. Morgan has more than earned it this quad. Even if she is too injured to make it, it would at least be a show of respect.


    • My problem is not so much that Hurd doesn’t compete at Trials (and I like her !). It’s more than they take 17 gymnasts including 3 or 4 who have absolutely 0% chance of making the top 4 on any event …. so from that perspective, why not let Hurd compte ? (or Memmel … if they know what respect means). And why write arule stating it’s top 8 at Nationals and have 17 gymnasts at the end ?
      I would have actually sticked to Top 13 + Riley of course.


      • They know they will lose at least half of this team to college and retirement after this Trials, so they are stacking the team in advance, so to speak. They always do this.

        Morgan posted a congratulations to those who made Trials, so I guess it’s “official” now?

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        • I had a feeling it was official last night with the way Tom was talking. He said “as of right now, it’s 18, that’s all I know” insinuating that it could change if petitions were accepted, but that was such a BS response, and the athletes certainly knew by then that their petitions hadn’t been accepted. When someone later asked why someone like Morgan’s petition wouldn’t be accepted, or what the criteria was, he said something about not wanting to “speak for the athletes” or some BS. The second he said that I knew she was out. He just talked his way around the question and it was in such a weird way I was like yeah, he’s lying, lol. I hate it.


      • The “top 8” thing meant the top 8 all-arounders automatically get in, but they were always planning on taking 18…it was only that the top 8 would get in no matter what, and then they could skip over all-arounders after that if they felt it was justified (though they usually don’t do that).

        They always take 3x the number of Olympic spots (so 18 in 2008, 15 in 2012 and 2016, and 18 again now). This is to account for alternates and injuries, and then by that point, there are just a handful left over.

        Who goes depends on how many specialists (those who didn’t do all four events at nationals) exist and are competitive. In 2012, it was a specialist-heavy year, so they took the top 10 AA and then the 5 specialists who made the most sense. But in 2016, there was really only one specialist contender, so they took the top 14 AA and then one specialist. This year, they had 18 spots and only one specialist who looked ready, so they went 17 AA + 1 specialist. Had Jade only done two events and had Morgan looked ready, they likely would have taken 15 AA + 3 specialists. Had Riley not hit either of her routines or gotten injured, we probably would have just seen the top 18 AA go.

        At some point, you have to stop allowing athletes to come to events based on their “potential” and need to start looking at how they actually look right now. The team will be selected in like, 20 days…someone who is currently doing lower difficulty routines and not hitting them now is unfortunately not someone who can be seriously considered. I think it was a mistake to take Nastia to trials for her “potential” in 2012, and it would have been a mistake to take Morgan based on the scores she got here. I desperately wanted Morgan there, but she averaged an 11.775 across her four routines, which isn’t acceptable this late in the game, unfortunately – and that’s based on what the national team considers “acceptable,” not what I personally do. Based on who ended up going, I think she would have needed to average at least a 13.25 across the four routines she competed in order to be accepted.

        A lot of people are saying these “extra” lower-ranked all-arounders getting spots are the reason Morgan didn’t, but that’s not the case. Had Morgan been at an “acceptable” level, she would’ve absolutely been given a spot over the gymnast who ranked 17th. I’d say that gymnast REALLY lucked out because had Morgan gotten in, she wouldn’t have.

        The process isn’t fully spelled out, but it’s also not as arbitrary or random or “last-minute” as people have been making it out to be. They always planned on taking 18, and the breakdown of who fit into that 18 just depended on how everyone looked.


        • Thank you for explaining this! One other thing I found confusing during NBC’s (maddening, as usual) coverage was the discussion around Jade. Tim and Nastia kept saying she could still make the team if she finished in the top two. Will USA Gymnastics really allow her to give up her spot to be on the team? Wouldn’t the US lose this spot if they did so? It seems like that would be extremely unfair to all of the other athletes, because it means one less person going to Tokyo.


        • I’m usually the one in favor of denied petitions. I don’t think anyone should be awarded a trials spot based on past glory, fan favoritism, respect, fame, advertising dollars, or “what she’s done for us before.” Nor do I think Morgan’s Olympic dreams meant more to her than they did to the athletes who placed 16th and 17th (anyone who doubts this should watch the all the dejected faces, not to mention Marcia Newby absolutely sobbing at 2004 trials team announcement even though no one had remotely considered her for the team). I was good with Chellsie’s 2012 petition being denied and Moceanu’s 2006 petition denied. Scores and performances at the time matter.
          But Morgan is coming back from injury, isn’t she? Which has always been a legitimate reason to petition to trials. (Shannon Miller did it twice, Moceanu once). So even though I’m usually cheering on denied petitions, I actually think Morgan should be there. No way would I put her on the team if she didn’t perform well at trials, but recent surgery is a very legitimate reason to petition to trials.
          Personally, I kind of wish, due to crazy COVID year extenuating circumstances, they had just advanced all nationals competitors to trials. I’m usually really harsh on these things, but no one has had the chance to compete enough yet. These are unprecedented circumstances and I’m inclined to give way more leeway to account for this.

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        • knowing tom and the committee and how things are, it’s most likely they will just picked the top 4 AA at trial for the team (most likely excluding jade even if she placed in top 4)

          I am guessing that after that, the alternates will be AAs with particular specialties. Like in 2016 having 3 AA alternates that basically cover all the 4 events by their specialty

          So most likely again 3 alternates that may or may not be exactly 5th-7th but would most likely be in top 10. Then again who knows, maybe tom will just pick the top 8 people at trials and bring them to Tokyo with the three that didn’t make the team or the non nom specialty spot being the alternates…lol


  18. Hi Laruen! I absolutely love your work and I’m really thankful for your coverage. Do you plan to continue the ‘you asked, the Gymternet answered” series? I absolutely understand if you don’t have time for that, I will support you anyway, just curious


  19. Why is there a rumor now that Carey is going for a spot on the 4 person team? I thought that question was settled months ago. I just don’t see how she can try to finagle her way into doing this as well as USAgym can go along with that after they seem to have decided on this issues like over a year ago?

    This uncertainty this late will not be good for the team or the transparency of the team selection!


    • The probability that Carey makes top 2 AA at the Trials is weak, only judging by her Nats performance… and it will require others to fall ..
      If she does … big problem I think … It’s her right to compete but that could be a moral mistake from both her and USAG. Other than that she will never ever be choosen, even if 3rd AA and she absolutely won’t have anything to complain about
      Jade Carey should concentrate on her two events because right now she is not a FX Olympic EF material and hardly a VT medalist either (If Skiner competes then Carey is not even qualified). She should forget that triple double layout and rather concentrate on cleaning the rest.
      That being said my feeling is that she kind of hid her game at Nationals and could be a real threat .. (I actually took her crazy skill on FX as a warning towards others …)


      • I agree that Jade watered down routines at nationals. I think her UB and BB is about what we can expect from her which is a big improvement. But why throw crazy skills and risk injury it’s not necessary for her at all. I actually don’t think she’s “going for the team or stealing a spot”she’s going to trials to gain the experience since the US has had almost no meets all year whereas a normal Olympic year there would be the AA world cups, pac rim championships etc. the more experience the better. And even if she does come in 4th/5th at trials but keeps her individual spot that is a huge accomplishment for her in an olympic year as a non all arounder in the past. You have to give her some serious credit for that


      • As far as her vt at nationals, I wouldn’t count it as being a permanent downgrade and it’s just to keep her from stressing herself or causing injury since she already quallify to the olympic. So I wouldnt put too much things into Skinners VT score compared to Jades at nationals.

        As for the triple double layout, I’ve heard that it’s a teaser for next season not this season.
        I actually believe she is just resting herself like you said quite a threat but just resting right now….
        I am just concerned about what hopefully should only be rumors because if it’s really true that she is actually abandoning her nominative spot, then it should really be prohibited by USAG because she already made her decision over a yr ago.

        I have no problem with her just practicing for the AA at trial as she will do AA in tokyo. but i def don’t think she should be made eligible for a 4 person team at this point


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