2021 U.S. Olympic Trials | Senior Men’s Day 1 Live Blog

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Yul Moldauer

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of senior men’s competition at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, held in St. Louis, Missouri!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:54 pm. U.S. Trials Day 1 Standings

1. Brody Malone 85.250
2. Shane Wiskus 84.300
3. Yul Moldauer 83.650
4. Sam Mikulak 83.200
5. Brandon Briones 82.700
6. Akash Modi 82.550
7. Allan Bower 82.500
8. Paul Juda 82.200

7:53 pm. Brody Malone PB: Wasn’t typing but everything I saw was excellent, walked his hands on a pirouette at the end and had a small hop on his double pike, but great work overall.

7:52 pm. Paul Juda VT: Kaz 1.5, didn’t look fully rotated but still snuck the landing around.

7:51 pm. Matt Wenske VT: He ALSO sat his kaz 1.5. Or was REALLY close to sitting but put a hand down regardless. 12.900

7:50 pm. Riley Loos PB: Lovely one-arm pirouette. Arched a handstand after that. Pike hold, presses nicely to handstand, floaty double front, good landing! Really pretty p-bars work. 13.600

Shane Wiskus SR: No major problems in what I saw, double double dismount was solid. 12.900

7:49 pm. Cameron Bock VT: Sat his kaz 1.5. 😦 13.200

7:46 pm. Allan Bower VT: Kaz 1.5, stuck! mostly clean, I could only see some form near the end. 14.500

Brandon Briones PB: Nice handstand out of the front pike, a little short on one after that, big straddle salto, Bhavsar, to pike hold, presses to handstand, little adjustment in his hips there, Tippelt, stuck the double front. 13.950

Robert Neff SR: Hit routine. 13.200

7:45 pm. Sam Mikulak SR: Okay I missed this, I HATE BEING FAR FROM STUFF. I literally never know when rings is happening hahaha. 13.300

Vitaliy Guimaraes VT: I also missed this. 14.700, damn!!! Looked like he did a kaz 1.5 based on the D.

7:44 pm. Akash Modi PB: Legs wild on a pirouette near the end of the rails, Bhavsar, Tippelt, one-arm pirouette out of it, and then another strong pirouette after. Bends his elbows on something after that, then a big full-in double back dismount I think. A few things here and there but mostly gets through that well. 13.950

7:43 pm. Gage Dyer VT: Second vault was a stuck Roche!

7:42 pm. Gage Dyer VT: Kaz double, tons of power but didn’t have the landing where he needed it, big leap forward. 14.500

Ian Gunther PB: I missed most of this, but a hit routine.

7:40 pm. Yul Moldauer VT: Nice Kaz 1.5, small hop. 14.400

Donnell Whittenburg SR: I missed the very beginning, invert pike to handstand, a little shaky, front pikes to front tucks to maltese, REALLY shaky at the start of his planche and on the handstand after that, not holding things long enough I don’t think. Good double double dismount, big step to the side.

7:32 pm. Matt Wenske SR: Had to really pull his legs up for one of his last handstands, and the one after that is super arched. Double double stuck with his feet apart.

7:29 pm. Robert Neff PH: Holds tight for the first half but starts getting a little rough and messy near the end. Ugh, then hits his legs on a circle element. 12.250

Cameron Bock SR: Saltos to straddle hold was really nice. Hit routine. 13.800

7:27 pm. Alec Yoder PH: Fabulous set! The Ohio State guys are front row right by pommels and they’re going nuts. 15.050!

Allan Bower SR: Hit routine. 13.150

7:24 pm. Sam Mikulak PH: Flairs with a good transition out of them, the rest of the routine goes well, excellent work! Yay Sam. 13.150, only 7.450 E…that seems low considering the overall strength of that routine (I thought he’d be closer to like a 7.8) but I’m also really far away and can’t see details.

Riley Loos VT: I missed what he did (handspring randi maybe?) but solid landing. 14.550

Vitaliy Guimaraes SR: Hit routine! 13.100

7:23 pm. Brandon Briones VT: Kaz 1.5, good landing! 14.350

7:22 pm. I missed a lot of the beginning of this rotation while trying to work through internet issues… here are some scores.

Shane Wiskus PH 13.500

Paul Juda SR 13.700

Ian Gunther VT 13.300

Akash Modi VT 14.200

Yul Moldauer SR 14.050

7:20 pm. Donnell Whittenburg PH: Had a fall near the end of his routine.

7:19 pm. Brody Malone VT: Kaz 1.5, beautiful and solid landing! 14.500

7:18 pm. Not only do we not have internet in the arena, but my hotspot also now isn’t working!!!!! I’m going to do what I can but for some reason my phone has gone from full service to zero bars, out of nowhere. I have zero access

7:12 pm. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Shane Wiskus 56.900
2. Sam Mikulak 56.750
3. Brody Malone 56.650
4. Yul Moldauer 55.200
5. Robert Neff 55.100
6. Allan Bower 54.850
7. Paul Juda 54.550
8. Akash Modi 54.400
— Brandon Briones 54.400

7:10 pm. Riley Loos SR: Press to handstand was a bit shaky, and the handstand to follow had a little sway in his back. Shaking a LOT there to hold on. Double double dismount, I think he did both twists in the second flip? Or close to it. Love it.

7:09 pm. Allan Bower PH: Hit routine!

7:06 pm. Sam Mikulak FX: Stuck the randi out of a casual Sunday stroll. 2.5 in to a double front, REALLY low landing but hops it back and is fine. Front double pike, stuck it. Front double full to front layout, clean stuck double full, wobbly arms on the triple but turns them into a fist pump, THAT’S how you get away with MURDER. KING.

Brandon Briones SR: Wasn’t typing through most of this but everything I saw looked good? Really nice planche shape.

Vitaliy Guimaraes PH: Again with the extension, really nice on a few elements I saw, just messy legs into the dismount.

7:04 pm. Yul Moldauer PH: Scissors, good transitions, flairs, really quick and effortless, even when he travels back and forth in them. Circles into the dismount were a little iffy but overall a lovely and solid set.

Akash Modi SR: Wasn’t typing but didn’t see any major flubs until the dismount, just really stumbled back the double double landing.

7:02 pm. Donnell Whittenburg FX: Piked double front, stumble back. Double-twisting double layout, slight hop. Front layout to double front half, bouncy landing back. Double full. Also hopped there. Really low set into the double double but gets it around, hop forward. Stuck the arabian double front half-out.

7:01 pm. Ian Gunther SR: Saltos to planche I think, to pike sit, short handstand, then an arched one after that, full-twisting double layout, small hop. 13.500

7:00 pm. Shane Wiskus FX: Piked double front, small hop, double front half-out, some cowboy in the tuck but good landing. Double double, slide back. 2.5 to front full, good landing but again some leg form. Front double full to barani, REALLY low coming out of the double, almost doesn’t make it around but manages to sneak the landing in on the barani. Stuck the triple full. His leg form is either excellent or messy and I don’t know why that happens. 14.000

6:59 pm. Brody Malone SR: Maltese drops to invert hang, planche, holds it well, through to double tuck to double pike to straddle sit, small hop on the double double. 14.200

6:58 pm. Paul Juda PH: Literally did not even know this routine was happening until it was over, the arena was so quiet. Sounded like he hit based on the cheers at the end! 13.550

6:55 pm. Robert Neff FX: Hit every pass I saw, a little low in the arabian double front near the end, but the rest was good! 13.600

Matt Wenske PH: I saw his knee form break a couple of times. Got a little floppy in his form near the end. 11.700

Alex Diab SR: Maltese to invert hang up to wide-arm handstand, a little short there but good recovery. Saltos to planche, down to iron cross. Small hop back on the dismount. Great routine. 14.500

6:48 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Shane Wiskus 42.900
2. Brody Malone 42.450
3. Sam Mikulak 42.150
4. Robert Neff 14.500
5. Yul Moldauer 41.100
— Donnell Whittenburg 41.100
7. Paul Juda 41.000
— Akash Modi 41.000

6:46 pm. Allan Bower FX: Piked double front, small hop. Double double, stuck it cold, feet apart slightly. Front double full to front full. 2.5 to barani also stuck with feet apart. Clean double full. Triple full, tiny shuffle. Great work. 14.400!

6:43 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes FX: Randi to start, a little short. Double double, stumble, saves it from falling though. Front double full to front full, good. 2.5 to barani, solid, lovely extension in his flairs. Rudi, a little low with a hop. Triple full to finish. 13.500

6:41 pm. Gage Dyer FX: Piked double front half-out, tiny slide of his foot. Double double layout was solid. Front double full to front full, tiny bounce. Double front half-out, another tiny bounce. Clean double full. Absolutely love the butterfly down to front support. EVERY TIME. He should go to Tokyo just for that. 2.5 to barani. Double double, big step back and his chest low, but a successful routine overall. 14.250

Brandon Briones PH: Wasn’t typing but a hit routine! 13.550

6:39 pm. Akash Modi PH: Hip shape could be tighter on literally every skill but this was an overall solid set. Fast and confident without rushing. 13.250

6:36 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: Again couldn’t type with everything happening at once and I can only look in one direction, but I saw that he hit all of his landings. Arabian double front and triple full were both strong. 14.250

Sam Mikulak HB: Huge Cassina, then REALLY late catch on the Kolman, but got it. Layout Tkachev, straddle, straddle to mixed grip with REALLY wild legs but he muscles through SOMEHOW, holy hell, right through to handstand and beyond! Excellent fight. Small hop on the double double layout dismount. 13.850

Ian Gunther PH: Legs came apart when transitioning between the handle and the horse, good recovery. 13.500

6:34 pm. Stephen Nedoroscik PH: Big smile before he goes. Legs came apart instantly on his Russians it looked like. He’s off. WHY. Back on for circles on the handles, good one-arm swings, the rest is very nice, that opening truly sucks. 13.650

Paul Juda FX: Piked double front, then a clean arabian double front half-out. All I saw in detail but landings on everything were hit. 14.450

Donnell Whittenburg HB: I wasn’t typing but he had a bunch of circle elements, a Yamawaki, and a clean dismount with a tiny hop. Easy routine but hit. 12.850

6:31 pm. Brody Malone PH: Lost his leg form a little after the wide-arm travels but fought back and hit strong. Good routine. 13.400

Matt Wenske FX: Hit his opening pass, then I saw a front full to front double full, had a step back on his last pass. 13.800

Shane Wiskus HB: Huge one-handed catch on his Kolman, threw himself SO far on his Kovacs, no way did I think he’d catch that but he did!!! Easy into his circle elements, stuck the double double layout dismount. BIG relief to get that out of the way!!! 13.800

6:28 pm. Cameron Bock FX: Piked double front, REALLY low landing. Front double full to front full. Small hop on the third pass. Big hop on the 2.5 to front tuck full. Sails through the triple full. 13.300

Riley Loos PH: Hit routine! Had some nice flairs.  12.400

Robert Neff HB: I saw a Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, huge but kind of messy layout Tkachev to mixed grip, leg form is a little over the place, also caught a straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, and hit the dismount. 13.350

6:23 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Shane Wiskus 29.100
2. Brody Malone 29.050
3. Sam Mikulak 28.300
4. Donnell Whittenburg 28.250
5. Robert Neff 28.150
6. Akash Modi 27.750
7. Cameron Bock 27.550
8. Brandon Briones 27.200

6:20 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes HB: Hit everything at the beginning, then a big straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, looked like he was a little off on a pirouette near the end, like part of it turned under the bar, double double dismount, good landing. 12.450

6:17 pm. Yul Moldauer HB: One-arm pirouette, Yamawaki actually maybe looked a little low? No problems with it though. Straddle Tkachev, Rybalko, I couldn’t really see his tak half but it maybe looked like he hit his feet a little? Could just be my terrible view. GORGEOUS full-twisting double layout dismount. 12.450

Akash Modi FX: Double front, good on the 2.5 to Rudi, good landing on the pass after that. I stopped typing at that point, triple full at the end was good, this looed like an excellent routine! 14.150

Donnell Whittenburg PB: Do we REALLY need three events, and three key guys, ALL GOING AT ONCE? The answer is NO. STAGGER THEM!!! Anyway I only saw bits and pieces of this but it was really strong.

6:13 pm. Ian Gunther FX: I missed the beginning but he hit everything I saw. 13.650

Paul Juda HB: Yamawaki, then off on his Kovacs. Nooooo. Hit the rest after remounting. Tiny hop on the full-twisting double layout dismount. 12.600

Shane Wiskus PB: Some leg form in a front half salto. Otherwise he’s moving really smoothly, Bhavsar and Tippelt near the end both good, double front with a small hop. 14.500

6:12 pm. Robert Neff PB: Looked a little short on a couple of early handstands, and then arched one near the end. Piked double back was good. 13.800

6:09 pm. Alec Yoder PB: Front pike to handstand was pretty, nice finish on the one-arm pirouette but then had to walk his hands a little on the next one, and muscled a handstand on a skill after that. Big straddle salto. Super high double front half!! Overall great routine. 13.900

Brody Malone FX: Front full to piked double front. I missed the second pass, but he had a small hop, then the double double looked stuck. Think he did a 2.5 to rudi after. Clean double full side pass. Triple full, opens his arms up to flare out REALLY early, made it look a little wonky, step. 14.600

Matt Wenske HB: I missed this one. 12.400

6:07 pm. Riley Loos FX: Wasn’t typing but everything good at the beginning. Had an especially nice randi. Triple full was a little short maybe, with a step on the landing. 13.900

Cameron Bock HB: Wasn’t typing but he hit everything, double double layout dismount, I couldn’t see the landing. 13.750

6:06 pm. Sam Mikulak PB: Front pike to handstand, clean transition out of it, lost his legs while going into a pirouette after that and ended up messy and short into the handstand, front salto half, then a huge front straddle salto, looked like almost right into a handstand after catching, Bhavsar, he’s moving really fast but REALLY fluid! Tippelt. Double front with a wobble on the landing. 13.950

6:04 pm. Brandon Briones FX: Piked double front, hop forward. Double double with a small hop there as well. Hit the two passes after that but I didn’t see what. 2.5 to front tuck full and an arabian double front half-out to finish. Good work! 13.900

Allan Bower HB: I wasn’t typing during this but he caught all of his Tkachev releases and a Kovacs IIRC, no major problems I could see, and a clean full-twisting double layout with a solid landing. 12.950

5:59 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Donnell Whittenburg 15.050
2. Shane Wiskus 14.600
3. Brody Malone 14.450
4. Yul Moldauer 14.400
5. Sam Mikulak 14.350
— Robert Neff 14.350
7. Paul Juda 13.950
8. Matt Wenske 13.900

5:55 pm. Yul Moldauer PB: Front half salto, good catch, beautiful one-arm pirouette, arched over a handstand after that, transition to the single rail back to both was a little quick maybe but nothing too rough, another front half salto, holds the handstand well after, and a slow but solid double front half dismount, barely moves his feet on the landing, chest just a little low I think.

5:53 pm. Paul Juda PB: Front pike up to handstand, one-arm pirouette, kinda missed a handstand at one point and really had to muscle it up, but came back well, Bhavsar and Tippelt both solid, double front a little iffy. Just looked like he didn’t find his rhythm as well as he needed, but not bad either.

Ian Gunther HB: I wasn’t typing but saw the layout Tkachev both with and without the half twist, looked like a clean routine. 13.250

5:50 pm. Brody Malone HB: Cassina, Kolman, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, muscled through a front giant full, has to fight for that, tak half, blind full, and a double double layout with a hop. Not his best but he’s a fighter. 14.450

Matt Wenske PB: Wasn’t typing through this, but it was a hit routine. 13.900

5:48 pm. Riley Loos HB: Straddle Tkachev, then does it again to mixed grip, one-arm front giant, Endo, stuck a little, good recovery, tak half a little short, clean full-twisting double layout, great landing. 13.200

5:47 pm. Cameron Bock PB: Pike salto up to handstand, then a front salto half, nice. Knees looked soft on a front straddle salto. Bhavsar was good. Tippelt very slow and steady, nice toe point. Piked double back, a little low with a big step. 13.800

5:46 pm. Shane Wiskus VT: Kaz 1.5, maybe the tiniest leg form but an excellent landing, he looks thrilled. 14.600

5:45 pm. Robert Neff VT: Kaz 1.5, really whips that last half around, but gets it no problem, decent landing. Good! 14.350

5:44 pm. Sam Mikulak VT: Kaz 1.5, BEAUTIFUL! Small hop. Very happy about that. 14.350

Allan Bower PB: Everything I saw looked solid, double pike dismount. Had a notably nice salto element. 13.450

Brandon Briones HB: I saw from the tak full, so I missed his releases, mostly a lot of circle elements from this point, clean dismount with a hop. 13.300

5:42 pm. Donnell Whittenburg VT: Second vault is the Roche, chest is a bit forward as he lands and he has to take a huge leap out of it, but would rather see that than have him come up short.

Colin Van Wicklen’s numbers on the live scoring are coming up as zeroes so he may have scratched?

5:41 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes PB: Clean hit routine. Piked double back dismount. I love him, he has gorgeous lines. 13.100

Akash Modi HB: German giants, looked like his toes almost got caught before a circle element after, does a layout Tkachev into another release after that but I couldn’t see what. Layout Tkachev half is good, tak, muscles out of it through the next swing, sticks the double double, some leg separation in the air. 13.600

5:40 pm. Donnell Whittenburg VT: First vault up is a BIG ONE. I’m not ready for this. Does the tsuk full-in double tuck, a little off on the landing with a big step back. 15.050!

5:39 pm. Yul points his toes in his p-bars touch. Good boy Yul. The competition is starting!

5:35 pm. I like how when the guys warm-up p-bars they like, purposely don’t bother to try and point their feet, they’re like, sorry, not in the mood.

5:33 pm. The national anthem is now done…we’ll have the touch warm-up starting any second on the three first events of the evening, vault, parallel bars, and high bar! Only three going at a time makes my life a breeze…but I have an NBC camera blocking high bar almost completely so I might not be as sharp there as usual.

5:30 pm. The athletes have just entered the arena and have been introduced with lights and smoke and everything else awesome and fancy.

8 thoughts on “2021 U.S. Olympic Trials | Senior Men’s Day 1 Live Blog

  1. I have slacked on MAG… but curious if anyone knows when they started shifting away from double double backs on the PB? Now its just single flips or flying across the bar which Im sure is so hard. But I remember when they used to do double pikes between the PB etc, and it looked so much harder than routines now. When did those become obsolete?


    • Some still do these! I feel like we either get the really salto-heavy routines, and then the routines with more of the pirouettes and flying from one end to the other.


  2. What surprises me about MAG is how not far from (top) WAG a lot of their difficulty is. Especially VT. The Tsuk-Amanar is the US go to. Meanwhile the Amanar is constantly being downgraded in WAG. I know I’m missing a lot of the nuance, and I also know the Russian, Chinese and Japanese MAG (among others) are doing insane difficulty.


  3. I’m having trouble understanding this “2nd vault score” thing. First, kensley reports USAG said they made a decision not to release the second vault scores, then suddenly, it’s oh no, we just can’t input them into ProScore because it messes up the statistics and Brett comes out with his handwritten papers and everyone’s like, oh okay, makes sense, no problem.
    But it doesn’t make sense to me. If it was only an “inputting in ProScore” issue, then why weren’t the 2nd vault scores A. shown on television B. shown in the arena during the meet (if they had been, gym reporters would have put them in their livefeeds C. Only written down on notebook paper making it necessary for Brett to come out with his pad?
    Is ProScore linked up to the scoreflasher? That doesn’t make sense.
    Why does ProScore input-data-processes mean vault scores can’t be televised, or shown in the arena? Is there an explanation anyone has other than “We really weren’t going to release the 2nd vault scores until we realized people were going to raise a stink about it?”


  4. @Lauren: My favorite line from your live-blog:

    “. . . wobbly arms on the triple but turns them into a fist pump, THAT’S how you get away with MURDER. KING.”

    ROFL! 😀


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