2020 Olympic Games | Women’s Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s team finals at the 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:56 pm. Team Standings

1. Russia 169.528
2. United States 166.096
3. Great Britain 164.096
4. Italy 163.638
5. Japan 163.280
6. France 163.264
7. China 161.196
8. Belgium 159.695

9:53 pm. It’s gold for Russia!!!!!!!!! By nearly 3.5 points ahead of the United States, who take the silver exactly two points ahead of Great Britain (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) with the bronze. Incredible.

9:49 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS FX: I can’t even watch, hit the first two passes, I’m panicking. Good on the double pike. She’s sobbing!

9:47 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA BB: Hit the series at the beginning, mount, punch front, everything. Front aerial, check on the transverse jump half, triple full a little under, step forward.

9:45 pm. Sunisa Lee USA FX: Double double, small hop back. Stuck the double layout. Double L turn to pirouette, 1.5 to front full good, hop back on the double tuck. PHEW. 13.666

9:44 pm. Nina Derwael BEL UB: Nabieva, Downie, Derwael-Fenton to Ezhova to Chow to Pak to van Leeuwen, a little wonky in the toe full, sticks the full-in. 15.400

9:42 pm. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN BB: Hit her wolf turns. Layout series with a little check. Switch leap, solid landing. 2.5 almost stuck! Tiny hop at the end.

9:40 pm. Viktoria Listunova RUS FX: Little bounce on the double layout. Memmel turn into a little passé hop. Triple full with a little hop forward. 2.5 to front tuck solid. Solid double tuck.

Amelie Morgan GBR UB: Piked Jaeger nice, another release to Pak, transitions up again then down with a Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen, got the dismount! 14.033!

9:37 pm. Jutta Verkest BEL UB: Slipped off on her Maloney. Hit the rest, step on the dismount.

Martina Maggio ITA BB: Hit her opening leap series. Bhs loso with a check at the hips. Hit her switch ring, side aerial, little hop on the 2.5. 13.075

9:35 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR UB: Ricna to Pak was lovely, Maloney to Gienger also strong. Blind full, hit the dismount, fantastic!

Jordan Chiles USA FX: OOB on the full-twisting double layout but solid on the double layout. Front double full to front full, sat it. Hit the double pike. 11.700

Zhang Jin CHN VT: Hit the tsuk double full with a big step forward. 14.066

9:34 pm. Aline Friess FRA VT: Rudi with a hop back, great!

9:32 pm. Murakami Mai JPN BB: Hit everything at the beginning. And the middle and end. 🙂 Double pike to finish strong.

Ou Yushan CHN VT: DTY, crashed it off the mat. Surprised she went for it tbh.

9:31 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA VT: Lovely floaty DTY with a hop back.

Vladislava Urazova RUS FX: Piked full-in, legs apart, step back. Nice 2.5 to front tuck. Stuck the double tuck. Clean double full.

Lisa Vaelen BEL UB: Piked Jaeger, legs were a little sloppy when she caught, hit another release after that, then a Tkachev to Pak, really clean. Full-out, excellent!

9:28 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR UB: Piked Jaeger, huge Tkachev half to Ezhova, legs wild on the Ezhova, hit the rest.

Asia D’Amato ITA BB: Big wobble on the mount. Solid bhs loso. Hit a transverse jump, switch half, break at the hips, rest was fine, nothing ajor, double pike with a tiny hop back.

Tang Xijing CHN FX: Crashed the DTY. 12.600

9:27 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA VT: Lunge back on the DTY.

9:25 pm. Grace McCallum USA FX: Double double with the same landing as always (skid back, leg up), and then skidded out of bounds on the front double full, good full-in, hop back on the double tuck. 13.500

Hatakeda Hitomi JPN BB: Hit her mount and a leap, switch half, finishes her full turn sideways, good double pike dismount. 13.333

9:22 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Russia 128.030
2. United States 127.230
3. Italy 124.530
4. Japan 122.548
5. Great Britain 122.231
6. China 121.830
7. France 119.664
8. Belgium 118.063

9:16 pm. Jordan Chiles USA BB: Side aerial loso is solid! Front aerial to straddle jump to back handspring also good. Little check on the side somi. Switch to switch half good. Transverse split jump half, she’s working this! Good jump series. Just does a double pike, step back, she’s yelling and getting everyone riled up.

9:13 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: Full-twisting double layout, almost stuck! Full-in with a small hop. Front layout through to double back, and double pike both hit, double pike was a bit deep.

9:12 pm. Viktoria Listunova RUS BB: Triple wolf turn, clean, double wolf turn, little check. Hit the front front series, looked like the tuck was huge from here. Clean jumps after. Little check on the switch to split leap. Front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, tiniest adjustment. Double tuck with a step back. Good finish for Russia! 14.

9:09 pm. Lu Yufei CHN FX: Hit the spin at the beginning, quad? Good full-in. 2.5 to front pike. Memmel turn. Clean double full. Hit the ring leap series. Hit the double back to finish. 13.166

Hatakeda Hitomi JPN UB: Piked Jaeger, I watched the rest but wasn’t typing, a hit routine! Big D. 14.100

9:07 pm. Sunisa Lee USA BB: Hit her wolf turns. Check on the front aerial, split jump to back handspring, no CV for that. Switch to split leap I think. Solid on the side aerial loso loso. Hit the double full!  14.133

Asia D’Amato ITA UB: Caught a piked Tkachev to Pak I think, Maloney to Tkachev, good. Double front with a hop.  13.900

9:05 pm. Marine Boyer FRA FX: Clean 2.5 to front pike, looked stuck. Clean double tuck, hop back. Stuck the double pike! Those landings were ON. 13.000

Jennifer Gadirova GBR VT: Great DTY! 14.433

9:04 pm. Murakami Mai JPN UB: Had a mess-up at the start of her routine but I didn’t see on what, don’t think she fell though. Looked like she came out of handstand maybe. Hit the rest including the dismount. Looks pissed. 12.700

9:02 pm. Zhang Jin CHN FX: I missed the beginning because Melnikova was falling. Hit a triple to a jump! Hop back on the double pike. 13.133

Lisa Vaelen BEL VT: Front pike 1.5!!! Amazing. Form could use work but that was awesome. 14.233

Angelina Melnikvoa RUS BB: Hit the leap series at the beginning, bhs loso with a big wobble and then a fall. Kochetkova with a little wobble. Step on the double pike. 12.566

9:01 pm. Alice D’Amato UB: Hit the Tkachev series, Downie to Pak to Chow half, some ankle separation but otherwise clean. Slides to the side for her front giant to frontfull to front giant to double front, too high I think, big hop forward. 14.166

9:00 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR VT: Big lovely DTY! Step back. 14.433

8:57 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR VT: Hit the DTY! 14.266

Carolann Heduit FRA FX: Hit her tucked full-in, step forward on the arabian double front. Step on the double tuck. Stuck the double pike.

Grace McCallum USA BB: Hit her wolf turns. Break at the hips on a jump. Good fight to stay on. Split leap to side aerial loso, adjustments. Also a check on the aerial, good jump series after. Step back on the double pike. 13.666

Maellyse Brassart BEL VT: DTY, big step back. 14.033

Sugihara Aiko JPN UB: Hit routine!

8:53 pm. Tang Xijing CHN FX: Slow rotation in the tucked full-in, low but gets it around. Fell on her second pass!

Vladislava Urazova RUS BB: Hit the layout stepout mount. Bhs bhs loso with a big wobble and she falls. Front aerial with a big wobble. Missed connection out of it. Rest was good, hit the 2.5 dismount. 12.633

Martina Maggio ITA UB: Hit the opening series then a Tkachev, nice. The rest was good! Step on the dismount. 12.866

Jutta Verkest BEL VT: Hit her FTY! 13.466

8:50 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Russia 88.498
2. United States 85.998
3. Italy 83.031
4. China 82.665
5. Japan 82.415
6. France 79.864
7. Great Britain 79.199
8. Belgium 76.331

8:43 pm. Lisa Vaelen BEL FX: Huuuuuge arabian double front! Big step forward. Tucked full-in, nearly stuck. Clean double tuck with a step back.

Lu Yufei CHN BB: Okay, I didn’t know she started, caught it from the ring leap to ring jump to back handspring which was lovely. Layout series, legs straddled. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, tiny wobble. Had a little balance adjustment at the end of her jump series at the end. Double full deep but stuck.

8:40 pm. Jessica Gadirova GBR FX: Double double, step back. Hop back on the double layout. Front layout full through to double tuck, good!

Viktoria Listunova RUS UB: Komova II to Ricna, inbar full to Pak to van Leeuwen, clean, inbar half to straddle Jaeger, Fabrichnova, legs are a little wild and a small step but overall fabulous! 14.900

8:39 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: Nails the punch front mount. Also nails the punch front pike. And the layout series! Switch leap to pike jump. Clean on a transverse jump. Switch half. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring. Slight check on the switch ring. Full turn, finished facing side. Double tuck, small hop.

8:36 pm. Sunisa Lee USA UB: Nabieva, leg sep, to Bhardwaj to Maloney to Gienger, nice. Good handstand before the blind change to piked Jaeger to Pak to van Leeuwen, some form breaks but gets it no problem! Blind full to giants into the full-in stuck cold! 15.400!

8:34 pm. Nina Derwael BEL FX: Memmel at the start is nice. Small hop on the double tuck. Clean 1.5 to front full. Lovely! 13.366

Tang Xijing CHN BB: Hit the mount and flight series. Switch ring with a wobble. Misses connection to split ring jump to Korbut. Switch to split ring leap to back handspring, pause before the bhs. Front aerial to straddle jump. Full turn. Double full, steps back into the salute, she’s got that NCAA stick! 13.733

8:33 pm. Alice D’Amato ITA VT: Deep landing on the DTY. Hop back. 14.166

8:32 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS UB: Inbar full to Komova II to Pak to van Leeuwen, very clean! Inbar half to piked Jaeger, good. Blind chalf to toe full, a little late, to full-in stuck! 14.933

8:31 pm. Murakami Mai JPN VT: Excellent DTY! 14.266

8:30 pm. Jennifer Gadirova GBR FX: Full-twisting double layout, good. Hit the second pass. And the front layout through to double back for the last pass IIRC? Great work. 13.700

Marine Boyer FRA BB: Had a big wobble on early acro. Missed the connection in the switch to switch half. Also wobbled on something after that and on her L turn. Nervous. Big wobbles on both the side somi and the transverse jump. 12.066

Vanessa Ferrari ITA VT: Decent DTY. 14.233

8:29 pm. Jordan Chiles USA UB: Piked Jaeger, toe full is slow and steady into a big Tkachev, piked Tkachev to Pak also really strong, Maloney to Gienger, good, good handstand before the full-in, stuck! 14.166

8:28 pm. They just apparently announced on the broadcast that Simone Biles is out for the rest of the meet.

8:26 pm. Jutta Verkest BEL FX: Hit the double pike, also good on the front full, small hop there.

Vladislava Urazova RUS UB: Wasn’t typing during this but a lovely routine, good dismount! 14.866

Zhang Jin CHN BB: Great start for them here. Clean hit routine, no major mistakes that I could see. 13.900

Sugihara Aiko JPN VT: Stuck the Yurchenko 1.5! Just waved her arms a little to hold the balance. 14.183

8:25 pm. Asia D’Amato ITA VT: DTY, good landing, just some form in the air. 14.266

8:23 pm. Grace McCallum USA UB: Stalder full arches over before the Maloney, good correction, Pak to Chow half, looked like she hit her feet on the low bar but that could have just been the reverb from the release, toe half to piked Jaeger, Ricna, good full-in dismount. 13.700

8:21 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR BB: 1.5 through to triple full, small hop back. 2.5 to front pike with a hop forward. Double pike, hop back. Good!! Happy for her after qualifications.

Hiraiwa Yuna JPN VT: Great Yurchenko 1.5! Small hop. 13.900

Carolann Heduit FRA BB: Had a check on a front acro, hit the flight series. Sissone to split leap, front aerial, hit the double full dismount. 12.833

8:19 pm. Guys I truly can’t take this meet and it’s only been one rotation.

8:18 pm. Jordan Chiles is warming up bars. Simone still not back in the arena yet.

8:16 pm. Sorry, this whole first rotation has been a mess up here with the media because we have no idea what’s going on with Simone. It looked like Cecile just went to talk to a doctor?

Rotation 1 Standings

1. Russia 43.799
2. United States 42.732
3. France 41.399
4. China 41.066
5. Italy 40.366
6. Japan 40.066
7. Great Britain 38.866
8. Belgium 36.999

8:13 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: Hit routine with a great full-twisting double layout dismount!

Okay, here’s the Simone drama. She and Cecile were talking with a trainer, then they grabbed her bag and Simone and the trainer walked out of the arena. Jordan Chiles is also gripped up for bars. They only have a couple of minutes to the next rotation so I don’t think Simone is definitely out but she definitely needs to be out of the arena right now to do whatever she needs to do in order to complete this meet.

8:10 pm. Jennifer Gadirova GBR BB: hit the back tuck series, full turn, little check, hit the dismount, hit everything else, sorry, there is so much Simone drama right now, but this was a good routine!

Murakami Mai JPN FX: Double double, hop back. Double layout, solid! Great double pike to finish.

8:08 pm. Asia D’Amato ITA FX: Hit the first two passes, double tuck at the end was deep but hit.

Lu Yufei CHN UB: Tkachev to Gienger, front pirouettes to piked Jaeger, fall. Hit the rest.

8:07 pm. Maellyse Brassart BEL BB: Came off on acro at the beginning. Hit the double pike.

8:06 pm. Carolann Heduit FRA UB: Hit the straddle Jaeger, muscled the handstand significantly before the piked Jaeger, Tkachev, Pak, all good! Double front, a little cowboyed, step back.

8:04 pm. Sugihara Aiko JPN FX: Triple full, 2.5 to front tuck, both good! I think a front double full to front layout after that. Hit the double pike.

8:03 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR BB: Hit her wolf turn, solid on the side aerial loso loso, double pike with a step back.

8:02 pm. Tang Xijing CHN UB: I saw this but wasn’t typing, hit routine!

8:00 pm. Vanessa Ferrari ITA FX: Double double, full-in, I think out of a whip but I couldn’t see her hands.

Simone Biles USA VT: SHE ONLY DID A 1.5?????????? REALLY DEEP WITH A HOP FORWARD. WHAT. 13.766

7:59 pm. Jutta Verkest BEL BB: Front aerial with a check, also had a huge break at the hips near the end. Nearly sat the dismount too. Oof. 12.200

Lilia Akhaimova RUS VT: Rudi, a bit chucked, big hop back on the landing.

7:58 pm. Aline Friess FRA UB: I saw from the Pak, came up short on the toe full but muscled it around into the van Leeuwen, inbar half to straddle Jaeger, VERY clean double front dismount! 13.733

7:57 pm. Jordan Chiles USA VT: DTY, big, clean, and nearly stuck! 14.666

7:56 pm. Vladislava Urazova RUS VT: DTY, twist is a little awkward, but that’s just how she twists normally I think. Not too bad with the form. 14.466

Amelie Morgan GBR BB: I missed the beginning, the half I saw was hit but the score says otherwise… 12.233

Hatakeda Hitomi JPN FX: Full-in, hop back. 2.5 to front full had a hop to the side and then a wobble to try and control it. Hop back on the double pike.

7:54 pm. Ou Yushan CHN UB: Caught first transition to Pak, clean, Maloney to Gienger, front pirouette to piked Jaeger, clean full-in dismount.

Grace McCallum USA VT: DTY, good! Very clean shape in the air and her legs are actually great for the most part, just come apart and bend a little before landing. Took a step to the side OOB. 14.300

7:53 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS VT: DTY, pretty nice aside from the crossed legs, tiny hop back. 14.600

7:51 pm. Nina Derwael BEL BB: Hit her opening, I didn’t even know it had started yet, front aerial to jump to back handspring very nice, wobble on the side somi, hit her wolf turn, and good dismount. 13.866

Alice D’Amato ITA FX: Hit routine! 13.100

7:48 pm. USA starting to take their warmups off, tops are red, white belt thing, blue bottoms, look nice from the back! Doesn’t look like a big amazing team finals leo but it’s fine!

Brits also very sparkly, white on top, red on bottom.

7:47 pm. France in white with red and blue on the front, they look lovely!

7:43 pm. Athletes have all marched in! A lot of blue in the arena today, with the exception of China (red and yellow) and Belgium (black, white, red, and yellow). Can’t see the Brits or the Americans leos right now.

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    • I am working literally 20 hours a day between my actual job and covering gymnastics at the Olympics by myself without any assistance (which includes navigating the endless amount of administrative nonsense that exists just with being here), so no, I haven’t even read this comment section yet and am low key afraid to look but if someone wants to volunteer to be a moderator I’d love the help. I had about 30 minutes at 2:30 am last night to read through and reply to some of the AA blog comments but still haven’t found the time to tackle the TF live blog.

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      • I don’t read BBS so can’t comment on the difference between this blog and Spencer’s, but I agree with this commenter, if you usually moderate comments, there are people below celebrating that it’s “much easier to speak your mind here than Reddit” while saying some really negative things.

        This blog is now sufficiently significant in gymnastics reporting to be given a press pass to Tokyo (during the pandemic too!), and when you took on that role, you took on the negative elements of the responsibility that comes with it as well as the (well-deserved) rewarding ones – if you’re this swamped it might be worth putting a call out for a volunteer moderator or equivalent to help share some of this pressure, or you could just commit to not moderating comments? Both are decisions I’d fully support.

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        • Omg actually (sorry to reply to myself but just spitballing ideas) if the olympics has caught you off guard with the blog’s popularity and engagement maybe you could put out a call for volunteer mods for major events like Worlds and Olympics going forward, when regular readers are more likely to be checking this page daily? If you get people volunteering globally they could have little shifts per time zone or something!

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