2021 U.S. Worlds Trials Results

The 2021 U.S. Worlds Trials were held on October 8 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete VT UB BB FX AA
1 Kayla DiCello 14.550 13.950 13.250 13.600 55.350
2 eMjae Frazier 14.150 13.200 13.000 13.700 54.050
3 Leanne Wong 14.250 12.250 13.100 13.800 53.400
4 Konnor McClain 14.500 13.150 12.350 12.000 52.000
5 Olivia Greaves 13.250 13.900 12.850 11.850 51.850
6 Ciena Alipio 13.900 12.050 13.100 12.400 51.450

14 thoughts on “2021 U.S. Worlds Trials Results

    • I think it is a little early to announce the death of the program. This year is an anomaly in that the Olympics and Worlds are so close. So all the real senior contenders are away on tour or away to college and there are some injuries. Sky and Shilese would have added quite a bit in terms of depth to the team. The first world after the Olympics is always a bit of a throwaway, especially this one.


    • You are being overly dramatic.
      There were only 6 ladies that attempted Worlds, four of which weren’t in the Olympic Team conversation.
      Great Britain was in a similar situation with only 4 ladies trying out for Worlds and all 4 made the team until Fragapane got injured.
      The rest of the World is taking a break also. GBR and CHN are not sending their Olympians. Brazil, Romania, Germany are only sending 1 gymnast. Belgium, Australia, Uzbekistan, and Spain are not sending any gymnasts at all.
      Only Japan is sending the best team possible but that is because they are at home.

      The US has several up and coming juniors eligible in 2022 and 2023.


        • Disagree.

          The USA ladies trounced the field at the Junior Pan Am Championships in June and held up under some international pressure of competition.

          Otherwise there hasn’t been much for the juniors to demonstrate as there haven’t been many major junior meets. Jesolo was cancelled and Junior Worlds were cancelled. Additionally, it is hard to compare international juniors because there was no junior Europeans this year and the ones held in 2020 had an extremely limited field.

          Kailin Chio, Madray Johnson, Katelyn Jong, Kaliya Lincoln, Ella Kate Parker, and Joscelyn Roberson are all juniors that have extreme potential to do well not only in the US but also internationally given time and experience.

          They get another opportunity in November at the 2021 Junior Pan Am Games (different than Championships).

          It’s not like we have seen a lot of Russia or China juniors, as far as I know they haven’t competed in junior international meets in quite some time. Russia declined to send a team to Turkey last year for Junior Euros.

          We also have to wait and see what the new COP brings in 2022.


  1. Do we have a precise idea of who – among the actual seniors who competed at the US Olympic Trials – has a shot at Paris 2024 ? Probably DiCello …. but then ?
    It’s too early to say ‘USA is done’ but ‘Is USA done as the indisputable leading country in the sport ?’ makes sense to me. That said I wouldn’t be surprised if they win some team competitions at world/olympic level … but nor if they loose.
    And I can’t help myself reading ‘is FIG done’ …. because the federarion is hell and mess …


  2. My biggest concern with McClain is that she made a very intentional decision to forgo the Olympics in order to focus specifically on this world championships… and she demonstrated no level of improvement or consistency. Now of course we don’t know what anyone showed during the training camp, but not being able to deliver in higher-stakes settings causes concern.


    • Yeah. I’d guess that, just because of her potential, they’ll want to see what happens with some international experience under her belt, and this year’s Worlds are a pretty low-stakes gamble, since there’s no team competition. No one’s eligible to win vault anyway, so she could compete there and on beam; and if she falls on beam, we still have DiCello and Wong up there.


      • eMjae Frazier has a second vault (allegedly) that she competed on Day 2 (during individual events). Since day 1 was All Around only, she wasn’t allowed to attempt a second vault.

        Let’s see what she shows up with in Japan. Otherwise she might just be limited to floor.


    • We’ll have to see if she improves. She said she didn’t do her best but feels calmer and happier (and isn’t vomiting into a bag before her beam routine which was apparently a thing before and her coach didn’t see this has a problem????) I think if we see improvements in her performance, we’ll start to see it more next year


  3. Getting a university scholarship in the United States today is a thousand times better than getting a medal at world championships. I’m glad they’re charting their future better without worrying about dull and irresponsible sports programs.


    • Yeah, it’s a shame college in the USA works like that – for most of the competitors from Europe, university is free or at least heavily subsidised, so there’s no pressure to go to uni while you’re still “competitive” enough for a scholarship.


  4. Am I the only one who wouldnt be surprised if the USA left this worlds with no medals? Of course this year is just crap for everyone. Of course they have the potential to medal. But I wouldnt be surprised if they walked away with nothing. Next years worlds Im more confident. more depth etc. But this year, I just wouldnt be shocked? Would anyone be if they left with nothing?


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